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EM Event A Tisket, A Tasket...A Noise in my Basket...

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by EMCrysania, Apr 15, 2014.

  1. EMCrysania

    EMCrysania UO Event Moderator
    UO Event Moderator Stratics Veteran

    Feb 26, 2010
    Likes Received:
    Resisting the urge to scratch her very red skin, as WildStar had explained
    after she and the others had met with the Bee Master, that it would not be
    in her best interest to do so, Grindylow herself was headed off to see the
    According to Fig, supposedly he had loaned out his queen bee, one he had
    taken very special care to create by breeding various strains of bee's,
    to a man called Roland.
    It was interesting to hear that the man known as Roland, had said he wanted
    to use the Bee Master's Queen to start a new strain of bee's. Bee's that would
    work twice as hard and twice as fast as any other bee. He had promised they
    would provide more honey, for baking and mead, than any other bee around.
    What he failed to mention, (perhaps intentionally), was that the bee's were quite
    aggressive. Grindylow was herself proof of that.
    "We surely don't need any Killer Bee's here", she thought, for surely the bee's
    if she hadn't ran and jumped into the water on the far side of the orchard in
    back of the King's Castle, would have stung her to death.
    They had been quite relentless in their pursuit and no amount of swatting
    or spells had put them off.
    Thank goodness it seemed the bee's had left the area, and none had been sighted
    since in the Orchard, but the thought remained in Grindy's mind "What if the King
    had been outside instead of me?". It would have been His Grace that would have
    suffered the brutal stings and pain, perhaps even death. That thought made Grindy shudder.
    Passing through Compassion Moongate, Grindy made her way to the back of
    the butcher's wagon in the Gypsy Camp. Stepping into the quaint sparkle, she
    found herself on a small beach. Heading east, she found the Bee Master busy
    building new Hives.
    "Hail good sir! May I have a moment of your time?" she said as she sneaked a
    small scratch on the back of her leg. Looking up from his work, the Bee Master
    did a double take at the strange sight of a very very red woman with pink glowing
    hair, and whelps the size of a shilling covering her from head to toe.
    "Ye must be that Grindylow them folks were talkin' about" he said as stared
    at the sight of Grindy (quite rudely at that, everyone knows you must not stare
    at those afflicted as such
    ),"They were tellin' me you got stung somethin' awful!"
    "Aye good sir, that I did", she replied, "I thank my lucky moons, I am alive after
    that horrendous episode!"
    "Aye lass, I kin see that, but I assure you, it were none of MY bee's that attacked ye!.
    he said quite adamantly. "My bee's are humble bee's! Quite gentle! I bred them to
    be such!"
    "I'm sure sir, but, I came to see if you had finished with the potion that would
    give me relief from this horrid itching and red skin I have now!" Grindy said.
    "Welp, lass, I started to make that potion, I surely did," he said, "But I found I
    jest ain't quite got ever'thin I need to make it....."
    "What!!?? Oh dear oh dear! I don't think I can go much longer looking or feeling
    like this", Grindy cried out.
    "Those folks that were here, the ones that KILLED my bee's,(by accident of course
    they said, *snorts*
    ), said they would help. Mayhaps you can talk them into
    helpin find these ingredients?" said the Bee Master.
    "I guess I'll have to ask them...it's my only choice", Grindy said. "Can you give
    me a list of what's needed?"
    "O' course I kin", he said. "here let me write it down fer ye.."
    Grindylow thanked the old Bee Master, and taking the list, headed off back towards
    Britain resisting the urge to scratch..

    Event: A Tisket, A Tasket..A Noise in my Basket...

    Date: 4/19/14

    Time: 7pm pst

    Meet: Grindylow at West Britain Bank