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[Buying] A very SLICK 0/3 ring. ATL

Discussion in 'UO Trader's Hall' started by Lames, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. Lames

    Lames Guest

    I don't really have one ring set in mind. So if it has a combo of the following mods that I find sexy, I might want it.

    0/3 casting (only true requirement)
    7+ LMC
    5+ SDI
    15 DCI
    +Str or + Int
    25-50 EP (If 50 EP it has to have one more mod that is sexy)
    Any +skill for a necro mage (must have +10 skill).
    Maybe even some LRC but the other mods would have to be stacked.

  2. I've got these:

    Chiv +15
    Str 6
    SDI 12
    FCR 3
    Fire 13

    Dex 6
    DCI 15
    FCR 3
    Phys 8
  3. Lames

    Lames Guest

    The first one is definitely interesting. I'll get back to you on that one.
  4. SevenFaith

    SevenFaith Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Aug 30, 2004
    Likes Received:
    20 ep
    13 hci
    13 dci
    6 sdi
    2 fcr

  5. Cadenuo21

    Cadenuo21 Guest

    i got 1

    anatomy 8
    dci 10
    sdi 6
    fcr 3
    di 13

    got another

    7 dex
    3 fcr
    17 lrc
    23 DI
    12 phy resist
  6. Lames

    Lames Guest

    Still looking. To be more specific the ideal mods would be something like this...

    +15 Mage/med/Necro/SS/anatomy/eval/resist
    0/3 casting
    DCI 10+
    Possibly some form of resist.
    LMC welcomed

    The top three (+skill, 0/3, DCI) are the important mods. In fact, the only way I will take a ring without DCI is if it has another +skill mod on it.
  7. Lilweezybaby

    Lilweezybaby Guest

    let me introduce my ring:

    magery 11
    SDI 10
    FCR 2
    LRC 17
    Fire resist 14

    ring is sick for necro mages
  8. Lames

    Lames Guest

    The FCR 3 is a must.

    Anyway, due to multiple changes to my suit, the ring I need is getting slightly different.

    +10 or +20 Mage/med/Necro/SS/anatomy/eval/resist
    I need it to be either +10 or +20 overall skill. Anything in between is somewhat useless to me (granted I will still take it).
    DCI 15
    LRC 10 (optional)
  9. Wilde1

    Wilde1 Guest

    why dont you buy one that's close to what you want, and improve it when imbuing comes out in a couple weeks?
  10. SevenFaith

    SevenFaith Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Aug 30, 2004
    Likes Received:
    0/2 (must better than 0/3 for necros)
    15 lrc
    15 dci
    15 spirit speak
    15 poison resist.
  11. Lames

    Lames Guest

    That is so close that it hurts.

    I might take the above poster's advice and look into imbuing and thus I may be interesting in this ring. I just need to see if I can imbu 0/3 on the ring even though it already has 0/2.
  12. Maggie

    Maggie Guest

    you can or could during open beta