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A War is Raging in Moonglow Cemetery

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Richtor Darkbane, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. The action seemed to go in waves, massive hordes of undeads clashed with less massive hordes of Pixies. I stopped by only to see a close friend but once I got there I realized this was no ordinary day in Fort Despair, a small outpost located inside Moonglow cemetery. Many undead were walking among the area, and strangely enough they were fighting Pixies coming from inside the fort! Many Pixies were already slain when I arrived on scene, but that didn't discourage myself or the other Gypsies of Karnaugh from assisting in the frey.


    Unfortunately we were to late on this day and many more Pixies fell to the undead despite all the help we could give. The waves seemed endless, for every one skeleton we fell, two zombies took his place.


    We finally retreated to the fort, with what few Pixies were left, we can hold the fort with arrows and spells, but who knows for how long, if the walls are to be breached this battle will be over along with all of our lives.


    What could these undead beings want? Why this cemetery? I knew the undead had been a problem from time to time in this area but never like this. Why are the Pixies involved? More to come as I discover it.
  2. Sam the Scribe

    Sam the Scribe Visitor

    Mar 10, 2007
    Likes Received:
    A messenger arrives at the home of Lord Raven. Breathless, he describes a scene of carnage at the Moonglow Cemetary.

    "Men trapped inside a timber fort... Pixies fighting and dying M'lord!"

    Raven leads the man to a table with food and wine. "Eat lad. You have made your report, take food and rest. I am grateful for the news."

    Taking note of the movement of a shadow in the corner, Raven steps outside... the shadow follows.

    "Akira, you are my eyes, ears and one of my most capable warriors. Go to Moonglow and investigate this report."

    Akira steps from the shadows. A quick nod of her head then she assumes the form of a wolf. Her padded feet make little sound as she races off through the woods.


    Arriving at the Moonglow Cemetary, Akira moves unseen past the tombstones. Only a few ghouls roam at the North fence. Arriving at the fort, she tugs on the door. At first it moves open readily, but then halfway... the hinges let out a hideous shriek! Wails and moans rise in volume as the hoardes of undead stream towards the fort.

    "Hello! Hello anyone!" Akira looks around. Except for the howling of the ghouls and the clacking of the skeleton's bones there is no sound.

    "Where is everyone?"

    Akira draws her bow and fits an arrow... taking aim at a Wraith.
  3. The sounds of endless fighting had stopped, it was all over, the fort had fallen. Not for lack of trying, the undead were to large in numbers, as they overran the fort I opened several gates to a safe location, I managed to get all of the remaining Pixies out safely, along with myself and the other gypsies, but the fort has fallen, it's still being guarded by a few lone scouts, but nothing like the massive hoard that overtook it.


    I'm not sure what's next for Moonglow graveyard but what I do know is that it is no longer safe for travelers, Fort Despair has fallen.
  4. Jermosh

    Jermosh Guest

    Man I have such found memories of that spot.
    I remember finally getting a sliver cutless of ruin and I was finally able to revoke my revenge on those evil Liches, that laugh would make me crazy mad and I would have dreams of that laugh. I still to this day kill every lich I come accross.