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a way to set last target without using a skill timer?

Discussion in 'UO Crime' started by majorwoo, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. majorwoo

    majorwoo Guest

    First of all, I'm a siege thief. So yes I could use scissors or something, but I am looking for a way that doesn't require anything I may lose and not notice I don't have on me. For example, one thing I can do currently is snoop them, and then animal lore the item I want to steal. I can then last target steal it - but I have to wait the skill timer before I can do it. Anyone have a way of setting last target without requiring anything external on my person (scissors,e tc) that wont invoke the skill timer? I think I've tried the virtues, I'll try them again.
  2. You just said it. Use some scissors or dagger and make it a one line macro in UOA to get the targeting cursor up with one key.
  3. majorwoo

    majorwoo Guest

    Yeah, I'm looking for a way that doesn't require scissors/dagger. Something I can do if i'm totally naked/just got dry looted.
    (remember this is Siege, no insurance)
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    theres probably some newbie daggers floating around still. I just use itemID or if i need to be quick just hit the my steal macro and click directly on the item
  5. Yeah, someone just handed me a newbie dagger. Someone who used to play Napa. I guess there are some floating around.

    Or you can try one of the low level spells from a necro or spellweaving that needs a target. I don't know. I haven't tested it.

    edit: Ignore what I said about spells. They would reveal you. I don't know what I'm talking about. The pile of snow sounds like a good idea.
  6. ShadowJack

    ShadowJack Guest

    I use item id or armslore.
  7. Jason619

    Jason619 Guest

    Pile of snow or arms lore(don't need any skill to target the item)

    -both of these can't be lost upon death.
  8. Ru Atl

    Ru Atl Guest

    i've never had a problem using the anatomy skill.

    but you could look for some newb bladed weapons. i think i may have a few katanas somewhere. i'll look around for them.
  9. majorwoo

    majorwoo Guest

    newbie bladed weapons work, except on siege double clicking a blade reduces it's uses by one. This will eventually destroy the item.

    anatomy/arms lore/etc all work the same as animal lore. I must then wait out the skill timer before I can actually steal the item.

    The snow sounds like a great idea, I'm off to try it!
  10. majorwoo

    majorwoo Guest

    Snow works, except instead of a delay before I can steal the item, I have a delay before I can use the snow to target again. So for now, I can use both, but it's still not 100%. Might be the best I can get, thanks for the input!
  11. Jason619

    Jason619 Guest

    I carry 6 piles on my thief, helps a lot to avoid the timer.
  12. I got an idea. Try using the honor virtue.
  13. majorwoo

    majorwoo Guest

    No good at all, virtues reveal you.
  14. Jason619

    Jason619 Guest

    6-10 piles of snow, seriously, I never have any trouble.
  15. By far the best way i think is one of them valentine cards, piles of snow have timer on them to but the valentine card doesnt. Works great [​IMG]
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    there's at least two quests that give you blessed daggers, but you can only do them if you are blue.
  17. majorwoo

    majorwoo Guest

    The blessed daggers are fixed on siege (not blessed anymore).
    besides which, every time you double click a weapon on siege it gets one less use till it breaks into nothingness.

    The snow works, a few piles is what im doing atm.
    Valentine cards... I'm going to try one, good idea!
  18. dabears

    dabears Guest

    there is that blessed dagger u get from i think the sea serpents or something like that inside of the prism were u get keys

    i beleive it says.. someone's dagger
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest


    there's at least two quests that give you blessed daggers, but you can only do them if you are blue.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Which are these? I could really do with a blessed dagger, my newbie ones seem to have gone AWOL
  20. majorwoo

    majorwoo Guest

    I don't know if standard shards still give blessed daggers or not. On Siege, they patched that.
  21. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Isnt There A Delay Option In Actions List. Will That Work