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"A Wonderful Feast" by Jyslin de'Vlos (Dark Tower)

Discussion in 'The Black Library [Archives]' started by WarderDragon, Mar 17, 2010.

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  1. WarderDragon

    WarderDragon Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend BRPA

    Oct 9, 2008
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    Another dark night falls in the woods of Trinsic as the creatures of the
    night roam the land looking for prey. A deer, walking toward the pond for a
    last drink of water before it goes to seek its slumber, passes by a strange
    shadowy figure. The wind picks up a bit and the leaves of the trees and
    bushes sway. And there, in the shadowy branches of a tree not far from the
    pond, hunched on a branch, is a dark figure watching the deer. As the deer
    turns to leave the pond, the dark figure leaps out of the dark and pounces
    on the deer. As the shadowy figure pierces its fang-like teeth into the neck
    of the scared animal and rips out it's throat with its bare teeth with a sense
    of power and enjoyment.
    The dark figure stands up and places a booted foot on top of the
    animal to hold it still, draws its sword and delivers a swift blow to the animal's
    neck, chopping the head right off. As the dark figure removes its hat, locks
    of brown hair fall to her shoulders. A sinister grin appears on her face as
    she peers down at her soon-to-be dinner. She looks at her bloodstained
    gloves and licks a finger to taste the still-warm blood of the animal.
    Wiping the back of her gloved hand across her mouth, also covered with
    blood, she sheaths her sword and takes out a small dagger hidden in her of
    boot and begins to carve away the meat of the deer.
    She builds up a fire to cook the meat of her kill and can't help but savor
    little bits of the raw meat as the rest cooks. As she stares into the
    flames, waiting for her feast to be warmed, she hears the faint sound of
    riders approaching. She turns her head to the side to listen carefully. A
    disgusted look appears on her face as she whispers, "Four on horses, two on
    foot." Then turns her attention back to her meal.
    After a few minutes, four men on horses and two men on foot emerge from the
    woods to find her sitting there. "Hail to thee!," one of the men call out.
    "We were passing by and couldn't help but smell the meat cooking on your
    fire. We have not eaten anything but bread and cheese for days and were
    wondering if thou wouldst spare us some meat and we then shall be on our
    way. We would pay you for your kindness."
    The dark figure turned her head, lifted up one slab of meat and tossed it
    to them. It landed at the foot of the man who spoke to her. She turned her
    head back to the fire and said, "You have your meat, now go."
    The men seem shocked by her actions, and drew their swords. "Thou hast no
    cause to be rude! We simply asked to buy some of thee meat and you treat
    us like mere dogs?!"
    The dark figure didn't say a word; just continued to stare into the flames,
    ignoring the men behind her. The men surround her and demand an apology for
    her seemingly rude actions. As she continued to ignore the men, they begin
    to get angry with her and charged at her. She drew her sword in time to parry
    the blow. "If thou wish to continue breathing then thou should leave now," and
    kicks the man nearest her back towards the group. All six of the men charge her
    at once. She leaps high into the air and lands on a tree branch, and watches the
    stunned men to see what they will do next.
    They charge at the tree and the dark figure starts to whisper some magical
    words: "Consecrus Arma". Tiny sparkles float around her as she channels her
    energy. She then chants one more spell; "Divinum Furis" before the men reach the
    tree. Then, with the magical incantations still whispering in the air, she leaps down
    on one of the men and slices his right leg from his body. She swings around, her cloak
    circling around her and catches the breeze. She reaches for another hidden
    dagger hidden at her side, parries a blow with her sword, and then stabs the
    man in the neck. As the wounded man drops his sword to cover his neck she
    thrusts her sword in the man's chest. A man behind her swings his sword,
    aiming for her head but she ducks and spins around to stab the man in his
    gut with her dagger.
    Another man with a spear came charging at her. She dodges the spear by
    moving to the side and swiftly chops the end of the spear off. She pounces
    on the man with the spear and sinks her teeth into his neck and rips out his
    throat. "She's neither human nor beast! Run!"
    As the rest of the men run to their horses she leaps into the air and lands
    on one of them. Face down on the ground with the dark figure on top of him,
    she reaches down and grabs a handful of his hair, lifts his head up and
    slowly drags her dagger through his throat from ear to ear.
    She looks up to see the remaining men flee and decides to let them go. She
    walks back toward the man who still had her sword stuck in his chest. She
    draws her sword from him and wipes the blood off the sword with part of the
    man's shirt.
    She stops in her tracks and stands up straight. Without turning, she says
    to the man, "There is no point pretending to be dead so you can sneak off
    while I am not looking, I can hear thy heartbeat slowing down." She then
    turns around to face the man on the ground clutching his gut, the evil still
    present in her stare.
    "H-h-how did thou know I wasn't dead? W-who are you? W-what are you?"
    "I am a werewolf," she replied. "I can hear what thou canst, see what thou
    canst, and smell what thou canst." A devilishly evil grin appears on her
    face. She stands over the man and leans down to face him, so close he can
    see the evil in her eyes. "My name is Jyslin. Jyslin de'Vlos."
    She stands back up and walks over to where she threw the meat the men had
    asked for. She leans down, picks it up, walks to the fire and sits back down
    to eat the meat raw.
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