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A workaround for stacking plant resources EXISTS!

Discussion in 'UO Botany and Nutrition' started by Guest, Apr 5, 2003.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    This is definitely the gardner's tip of the month! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  2. Arianna Vane

    Arianna Vane Guest

    Geez, now ya tell me after manually stacking 2600 thorns over three days and yes I was cranky! LOL
  3. I Honor Thee!

    Very nice find, thanks. I swear I tried this a few weeks ago and it didn't work, but it could very well be that I thought about trying it and never did /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    Thanks for the great tip /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  4. Walker of LS

    Walker of LS Guest

    I've been doing both organizer agent and use once agent on plants in my bags for awhile and it totally rocks!!! I posted it on other forums, but haven't been here long enuf to know if it was common knowledge tho!! Good job on spreading the word, cuz the question seems to come up fairly often. Both of these agents are incredibly useful and only take a second or two to figure out how to use /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif.

    Cheers, Walker of LS
  5. Ciella

    Ciella Guest

    I'm not familiar with UO Assist. When you use the "Use once" agent, what exactly are you doing? Thank you
  6. warchef

    warchef Guest

    yes i as well have no clue as to what the use once feature can be ummm.. used for.. can you clarify its uses for us?
  7. FirstAid

    FirstAid Guest

    ok a few things you may or maynot have known about the gardeners miracle called "UO assist"

    use one agent - found on the agent tab.

    you first need to assign a key to use this funtion. I use the "-" key on the number pad. I"m left handed and prefer to use my right hand to work the keyboard keys and my left to work the mouse when I'm tending my plants. After you have assigned your key then go back to the agent tab and under the large white box is a key called "add all items in bag" - or some such reference. click it and then target your first bag of plants. (please make sure you ONLY have plants in it and nothing else! )
    now when you hit your use once agent key ( "-" for me) the first plant's gump appears! You can now tend your plant. Right click it to get rid of it and hit your use agent key again! The next plant gump shows up! and so on till all the items in your bag (Plants) have been "USED" (in essence what this little program does in double click on each item in a bag only once. (Hence the name use one agent!)

    Now a little known but AMAZING macro you can make is one that with just a touch of one key and a click you can water your plant. no more hunting for the water pitcher to target!

    to do this:

    1) assign a key for which ever macro number your gonna use.

    2) open up a plant gump for a plant that needs water.

    3) record your macro (click on record then click the pitcher button in the plant gump then target your pitch of water) stop recording.

    4) now delete the FIRST line of your macro. (trust me, just do it)

    now to use this macro simple open up a plant gump that needs water.
    hit your macro key FIRST then click on the pitch button. Voila your plant is watered!

    a few tips when assign keyboard keys for these two amazing macros - read them you won't regret it!

    First don't make them multi key. You will be using these keys over and over and over again you will dread tending your plants if you have to hit alt and "p" or ctrl Alt and "w" EVERY TIME YOU WANT TO OPEN YOUR PLANT OR WATER THEM! so please for your sanity use just one simple key like f1 or if your left handed try the "-" in the number pad with the num lock off! (that is what I use)

    Second put your "watering" key right next to your "use one agent" key. You will be using these keys (for the most part) one after the other, so to make your life easy put them together - you will be whizzing through your plants like there's no tomorrow! use f2 or the "*" if your left handed.

    I bet the person who posted they take 45 mins to tend all there hundreds of plants could cut another 20 mins off the time if they used these 2 macros together.

    Other little things to help make gardening easier.

    After I buy my 20 plant bowls from the provisioner find a dirt tile and record a small macro that clicks on a bowl then that particular dirt pile. I then change the use item line to use item type - later when I am at another dirt tile I simple reset the target line to the dirt tile I'm at. now I just hit my key for that macro to fill each bowl. The last step is to use the organizer agent to put all my filled bowls in one bag. which cleans up my main pack and makes them easy to use.

    I use the last obtect last target macro to wate my plant bowls ready for seeds.

    I always have some extra kegs of each potion I use so if I do empty one I can continue tending then np without having to stop and make more potions.

    I tend to keep my plants all on one char that I don't really use for anthing other then gardening - this way if I want to just go do something I don't have to worry about HAVING to tend my plants - or more to the point I don't forget that I have to tend my plants. If I don't log that char in then I don't have to worry about my plants! I have never had a plant die on me!

    I hope that this helps a few people with easier garden tending with UO assist. If anyone needs further explaination about these macro's please feel free to private message me. I don't mind helping.

    First Aid.
  8. Angella

    Angella Guest

    note for the stacking - works great, but make sure the item is assigned to 'drop on bag' (the default) because it doesn't work if you give the position as something like center (it places them there, but doesn't 'stack' them).
  9. Walker of LS

    Walker of LS Guest

    Sorry it took me so long to get back to this...I was taken away from my computer and the internet and forced to go on vacation...it was horrible *shudders* /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    So anyway, FirstAid's post covers it all really nicely and gave me a tip I hadn't thought of! Using the Use Item Type macro to fill bowls with dirt is a great idea. Wish I'd heard it before cuz I just did 112 new plants (7 bags with 16 in each). I had written the following for another forum and will copy it here. It's a short paragraph explaining how I use Use Once Agent and Organizer Agent:

    In UOA on the agents tab there is a Use Once Agent. On the Macro tab there is a macro for Use Once...set it to whatever keystrokes you like (I use Ctrl 2). On the Use Once Agent screen there is a button that says Add Items in Bag. Press that button and it will ask you to target the bag you want and come up with a list of items in the bag. The way the agent works is that when you press the macro it will "use" (read double click) the items in the bag, one at a time. I used to keep magic trapped pouches in one so I could hit a macro to break para. So if a bag is filled with plants and you hit use once macro it will "use" one (doubleclick it) and the plant menu (for one plant at a time) will open up. Then you do the usual stuff for watering and potions. I leave that plant menu up,hit use once macro again and it opens another plant in that bag, tend it and do it again and again...at some point UOA tells you there are no more items in the bag. I then right click each plant menu (closing it) while counting down. This way I double check each plant to make sure it was fully tended. I have 16 plants per container. If you have plants in more than one bag you can then use the Use Once agent to designate another bag and start over. To organize thorns or petals I put two of them in a container and set it as the organize container in UOAssist, then hit my organize macro which will then stack them for you.

    Hope this helps! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  10. Sabrina Nor

    Sabrina Nor Guest

    This is a great tip. I think it should be added to the FAQ.


    Sabrina Nor
  11. thalia

    thalia Guest

    Here's another little tip. Go to the Vesper Provisioner to buy your plant bowls then walk outside. The ground right outside the door will fill your plant bowls with dirt. No need to recall to another location. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif It saves a lot of time and reagents/scrolls that way.

    In Vesper, there are two provisioners. One is in the middle of the city and shares the same building as the tailor. The other is near the bank, just across the north bridge as you are leaving the city. You want the north provisioner. It saves a LOT of time. Then use your "fill bowl" macro and you are set.
  12. DDH

    DDH Guest

    I use Uo assist to open plants only. Watering and adding potions to plants are quick enough.

    What I do is split my plants into bags. Say 27 per bag... Open the bag with all the bowls in it. Now use uo assists macro program. It will take a few minutes to set it up but it saves time. Now double click on every plant in the bag once. Take your time so you don't get the you must wait to perform our servers can't keep up responce... Now after you have opened every plant. Stop the macro. Now edit the macro by setting a pause after every plant opened with a 1500 or 2000 pause. When your done and if you did it right. All you do now from that point on is drag the bag to your pack and play the macro. Sit back for a minute and all your plants will open up and you'll have 27 menu's to work on. All stacked nicely on top of each other. You can either move them down an inch and work on one at a time or work from where they are. That is all Lag dependent.... I have 5 bags I am working on now and it saves alot of keystrokes. Also the 5 macro's i have do not conflict with other bags when used...
  13. Magister

    Magister Guest

    Hello all-

    I harvest around 100 thorns a day and, like many of you, I developed carpal tunnel syndrome and a cranky disposition from all of the manual stacking.

    Then I discovered this morning that UOAssist's "Organize Bag" agent will do it for me!

    If this has been posted before, just flay me. If you didn't know about it, use it! Just identify the bag you want the thorns or whatever to go into, select thorns as the item type you want to organize, and run the agent. Presto.

    And, as an aside, I LOVE the fact that plants grow while in bags. Makes it much easier to care for hundreds of them at a time. Simply divide your plants into bags, and utilize the "Use once" agent in UOAssist. Pop the bags in and out of the bank and your beetle. You *DO* have a beetle full of plants, right? You can organize by type, color, age or smell to your heart's content. I do hundreds of plants in about 45 minutes, on 3 different characters. If you need help figuring it out, or if you're a skeptic, ICQ me for a demonstration.

    And they don't take up a single precious lockdown in my tiny trammel small tower! Brilliant! May this become a feature!

    Please no flames about not wanting to pay $15 for a UOAssist license. If that is your position, I support your right to free choice! For my part, it was totally worth it. Please respect my opinion as well; it's not as if I get a commission from UOA sales...

    Incidentally, I sell thorns on Sonoma if you want to put your name on the waiting list. Can't keep them stocked, so it might be a few days.

    If you need a beetle, I can help you out there to...free of charge! Or maybe for a few bits of fertile dirt or some generation one seeds and a bit of conversation - this game is all about networking and socialization people! Besides, I think I need to recreate my collection in hopes of a new plant generation!

    Hope springs eternal!

    Magister, Plant Geek - Scourge of the Vorpal Bunny
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    whoa! good info!Thanks a bunch!

    hey is this stuff in the faq up there?
  15. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Lady Magica and I are going to use some of this info to update the FAQ. It's great stuff!