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A Young Man's Rescue

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by Valcor, Sep 14, 2015.

  1. Valcor

    Valcor Visitor

    Jun 28, 2015
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    "Hail and well met my friends. Come, sit and listen to an old knight tell the tale of one of his guild's greatest members.

    "My tale begins when I was a young lad and was new to the land. Overflowing with youthful vigor, I made a habit of jumping into portals without knowing where they would lead. As a result, I soon found myself in the lands of Felucca with no idea how I might get home. Fortunately, it wasn't long before I happened upon a young knight who told me about an order that was always looking for new members. In a matter of moments, I had joined the faction, Knights of the True Britannians. Ah, finally companionship - or so I thought. Unfortunately, I was wrong. At the time, the faction wars were raging strong. Death walked the streets of Britain, while I hid in the alleyways. I had wondered if I would be doomed to stay in these dark lands forever.

    "While I tried to avoid my demise at the hands of the Shadowlords, my friend Falstaf roamed the lands of Trammel, fighting the various beasts hidden in its forests. One day, he happened upon a knight, Highlander, who asked him to join a new guild that he declared would one day be great. Falstaf agreed and became one of the founding members of our guild.

    "As chance would have it, Falstaf heard of my troubles and decided to take action. He went to Highlander and told him of my plight. Without hesitation, Highlander called the guild to arms and a quest began. They journeyed into the dark lands of Felucca, braving the thieves and murderers for a man they had never met. Soon, they found me lost on the streets of Britain. I had long ago lost my belongings and appeared in the guise of a peasant, owning only a robe I had found in the street.

    "Highlander handed me weapons and armor. He picked me up from the trash-strewn streets and took me home to Trammel. Once there, he offered me a home in the guild house until I could move out on my own. The only thing he ever asked was my loyalty to him, which I gave, unflinching. But then, a new problem arose. I could not join the guild until I officially resigned from the faction of the True Britannians. We would have to go back.

    "My new friends, six in number, gathered at the moongate. Grim-faced and armed to the teeth, we stepped through the blue shimmering rip in the air and into the world of Felucca. Our journey was not a pleasant one. Blood ran in the streets. Peasant beggars stood on corners. I prayed that it would be over soon.

    "Highlander told me that we had to go to Lord British's castle where I would find the faction stone. So, we traveled the back alleys, always watchful for servants of Minax that roamed the streets. The guild brothers stood at the ready with weapons armed.

    "With little incident, we made it to the castle where I rushed inside and quickly resigned from my position in the faction. Upon stepping through the castle gate, my friends were glad to see me still standing, but Highlander warned us that this was not the place to celebrate, and so we headed back out of the city.

    "When we returned home, I was welcomed into the guild with open arms. Knighted, I served under Highlander until his final days. During the years, we fought and trained together. We saw brothers come and go, but Highlander remained loyal to his dream of a guild of honor. We have devoted ourselves to helping those new to the lands or in need of aide. We have followed in Highlander's footsteps and acted as he did.

    "Had it not been for the unselfish act of a new Guildmaster named Highlander, and his guild mates, I would have given up all hope and left the land. I owe all that I am to Highlander and the Knights of Day. And I pray, my friends, that the guild will always follow in his path, for he was the greatest one of us all."

    - Valcor Formally of Knights of Day Legends
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