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About the explanation of HLL and HML of FoF

Discussion in 'UHall' started by imported_athos_uo, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. <blockquote><hr>

    The chance to hit on Mana and Life Leech (but NOT Stamina Leech) are scaled based on the swing speed of the weapon. First, the SSI, if any, is run through an equation to create a modifier. Then that modifier is divided by 4 and multiplied by the intensity to get the actual proc chance (capped at 100%, of course.) Then, if it's a ranged weapon, the chance is cut in half. Faster weapons will have a smaller chance, and slower weapons will have a larger one, at the exact same intensity value. (The tooltip, as near as we can tell, is correct as to the actual chance for the effect to go off. It's just not at all representative of the intensity.)

    What this means is, short of running some wacky math on every weapon you create, a crafter can't really tell what intensity he's rolled on a given weapon. I've updated the Item Properties page with a note to that effect :p

    (Again, none of this applies to Stamina Leech - its intensity is simply its chance to hit / 2.)

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Jeremy's explanation is not all incorrect, but a little ambiguous and extremely difficult to understand.

    I think some dev, supposedly Leurocian, gave to her this explanation so I'd like to ask the dev to reconsider the way to explain.

    Why do I think this explanation is ambiguous?
    It is ambiguous because the "intensity" that is used in this explanation is not the value displayed on weapon like other item properties, but the former, internal intensity used before publish 42.

    Let's take next two weapons as example for it. One weapon is a Kryss that has 30% of Hit Mana Leech, and the other is a Broadsword that has 45% of HML. These weapons have the same intensity according to the explanation above.

    That is, these weapons have the same internal "intensity" of 15. These weapons should have had "intensity" 15 of Mana Leech, i.e., Mana Leech 30% before publish 42.


    On the contrary, the current value displayed on weapons is described as "intensity" according to my explanation. I would explain that the max intensity vary according to swing speed of weapons.

    The max intensity of HML of the weapon of swing speed 2s is 50%, the max intensity of HML of the weapon of swing speed 3s is 75%, according to the wqy of my explanation.

    That is:
    the Kryss(swing speed=2s) has 30% intensity of HML under the condition of that max intensity is 50%.
    the Broadsword(swing speed=3s) has 45% intensity of HML under the condition of the max intensity is 75%.

    This means that the rate of each intensity to each max intensity is the same 0.6(30% to max 50%, 45% to max 75%).

    The "intensity" of Jeremy's explanation means the "rate of the weapon's intensity to the max intensity of weapons of that swing speed" of my explanation.

    (*)Note: According to my explanation, the max intension reaches 100% when the swing speed is 4.0s, and the weapons of slower swing speed of 4s have all max intensity of 100%.
    (*)Note 2: the max intensity = swing speed * 100 / 4
    (*)Note 3: the max amount of leeched mana will be calculated based not on Jeremy's intensity, but on my intensity:
    The total amount of Mana that gets leeched is [ 0 - (given damage * 0.4 * HML /100) ]

    The old players might prefer to Jeremy's explanation, but I think the new players after publish 42 would prefer to mine.

    If you use the word "intensity" not as the value displayed on weapons, but as the former, internal intensity of weapons, you should clarify that at least, I think.
  2. OK, I've now understood it completely, I think.

    If you'd like to understand how HLL and HML work according to MrTact, you should define the next two things: intensity and the range of intensity. It will be concretely as follows:
    1. [Definition 1] the intensity of HLL or HML = the displayed value of HLL or HML / swing speed of the weapon
    2. [Definition 2] This intensity should be within the next range: 0 &lt;= intensity &lt;= 25
    3. 0 &lt;= the actuall amount of HP leeched &lt;= given damage * 0.3 * the value of HLL displayed on the weapon / 100
      or 0 &lt;= the actuall amount of Mana leeched &lt;= given damage * 0.4 * the value of HML displayed on the weapon / 100
      [added](Note: Swing Speed above is the one that is adjusted by SSI of the weapon. Except for wooden weapons enhanced by Ash.)[/added]
    The questioner of FoF asks as follows:

    "The Life Leech and Mana Leech properties seem to be outside of the proper intensity range when I use a runic weapon. What's the deal?"

    [/ QUOTE ]
    So it is obvious that normal players think the value of HLL or HML property desplayed on weapons IS the intensity itself. But you must newly re-define the intensity in this case according to the formula above. The reason why it is as such defined, is because MrTact defined it so, because he intended so that HLL and HML work less efficient on fast weapons.

    I suppose now, that old players before publish 42 understand how HLL and HML work according to this explanation. I'm sorry for that my first post might be a little confusing for such players. But I think my first post would be still understandable for new players after publish 42.