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About the FAQ

Discussion in 'WoW General Discussion' started by imported_Kalibek, Jul 13, 2006.

  1. <blockquote><hr>

    Q. What is a Warrior?

    A. A Warrior is a damage taker. In MMORPGs they are know as “tanks” because of this ability to take damage.

    [/ QUOTE ]
    They are also extremely capable damage dealers and have some of the highest sustained dps in game.


    Q. What does a Warrior do?

    A. A Warrior's job is to attack an enemy and to make sure it stays on them and not to attack anyone else.

    [/ QUOTE ]
    That's more or less the role of a tank, but other classes can be supplemented to do this as well (for example druid)


    Q. What race makes the best Warrior?

    A. All races make good Warriors but some have abilities that “dovetail” with the role of a Warrior. Read my Warrior guide linked above to get a detailed list of abilities and the pros and cons of each for a Warrior.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    For pvp, all warriors for the most part will do equally well. However for pve purposes, orc for horde and human for alliance are far and away the best due to their +weapon skill and the humans +10% rep bonus.


    Q. What armor can Warriors use?

    A. All types but there is no real reason for a Warrior to wear cloth or leather armor. From level 1-39 Warriors use mail and from 40 and up Warriors wear plate armor.

    [/ QUOTE ]
    There are times when having the ability to wear all types of armor really helps, especially in pve with resist fights. I personally wear a lava belt (leather fire resist belt) as a part of my tanking gear due to its high allocation of fr/stam/armor. And for dps purposes, there are individual pieces which will increase dps much higher for a dual weild warrior than plate bracers (qiraji execution bracers).


    Q. Can Warriors use two weapons at the same time?

    A. Yes. You can use two one-hand weapons but the weapon in the “off-hand” will miss more than the one in the “main-hand”. Talent points can improve the miss chance of the off-hand weapon.

    [/ QUOTE ]
    There is no +hit talent for warriors in any tree as of yet. There is a rumor for a +hit talent in the protection tree in the near future, but nothing is confirmed. The dual weild specialization for warriors increases the damage of the offhand by 25%, but there is not any +hit%. All +hit is currently gained through gear, and in the expansion the racial bonus of the Dranaei will grant +1% hit aura.

    The current miss rate for dual weild for a level 60 character against a level 60 mob will be 24%. Increase by 1% miss rate per level (27% miss rate against end game bosses, all of which are currently lvl 63). For a 2h, the missrate is 5% against a level 60 mob and 8% against lvl 63.

    There is also a large dps decrease from glancing blows which affects dual weild much more than 2h. A glancing blow occurs when you hit a mob that is higher level than you and it reduces the amount of damage by a %. The glancing blow rate against a level 63 mob is currently 40% and the amount of damage that is reduced is 30%. Also glancing blows CANNOT crit, and will heavily reduce your dps (damage per second) if you do not have sufficient weapon skill and +hit gear. For every +1 weapon skill you have, you will have +.04% hit/crit and 3% damage increase on glancing blows. It will also lower the chance that your strike will be parried/dodged/blocked by a mob.

    Ideally you will want 310 weapon skill to completely negate the glancing blow damage on a level 63 mob and 15% hit to negate the critical strike reduction due to level difference.


    Q. How do I get rage?

    A. By doing damage to an enemy and having damage done by an enemy to you.

    Note that you do not gain rage by attacking a target that is shielded such as a Priest that is using their shield but you still gain rage from their attacks to you. Also you do not gain rage from being attacked when you are shielded by a Priest but still gain rage by attacking.

    Also rage gained in combat will slowly be lost when out of combat.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    The formula for rage is as follows

    rage = (damage dealt) * 2 / level

    rage = (damage taken) * 2 / (level * 3)

    Also there are talents you could take that will increase your rage generation. Unbridled Wrath is a tier 2 talent in the fury tree that will generate 1 rage for every white hit you land. A white hit is auto attack, it will not work with specials such as heroic strike or mortal strike. This is far better for a dual weild warrior and will significantly increase your dps.

    Another talent called Anger Management also generates rage in combat. It was originally put in to slow the degeneration of rage by 1 point (33%) when out of combat. But rather than code it so it alters the rage degeneration, they left the current formula of -3 rage every 2 seconds and added in +1 rage every 2 seconds. Thus giving them the -2 rage every 2 seconds they were after, but the side effect was the +1 rage every 2 seconds IN combat. This was noted as a bug, but no fix is slated as the devs stated that they are actually pleased with how it turned out and it is not game altering.

    Q. What is this “off-tank” I keep hearing about?

    A. An off-tank is a character that will keep enemies off others in the group when the “main-tank” is overwhelmed. See my Warrior guide for more information about off-tanks.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    And offtank is also the designated warrior to take aggro should the main tank die. They are also in place to take the threat reduction abilities of mobs (wing buffet).


    Q. What is “aggro”?

    A. “aggro” is short for aggression. In general the more damage someone does to an enemy the more that enemy will focus on them.

    Note that it takes someone gaining 10% more aggro than the enemy's current target for the enemy to change targets and attack them. For example a Warrior attacks an enemy and does 100 damage and stops attacking and just stands there, someone else will have to do 110 damage for the enemy to stop attacking the Warrior and attack them.

    It is more complex than this but this example is generally true.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Also the ability taunt does NOT generate threat, but simply equalizes your threat with the player who has the highest threat. Taunt is also a "snap aggro" ability allowing the mob to strike the warrior to generate rage to build threat with. Some of the highest threat abilities a warrior has are sunder armor, shield slam (protection only), shield bash, heroic strike, and revenge.


    Q. What are stances?

    A. Warriors have different stances available to them which determine what abilities can be used during combat. There are special stance buttons located above your action bar to switch stances. If you switch stances during battle you lose all your Rage so keep that in mind. Typically you don't switch stances during battle. Stances are for different situations.

    Battle Stance is used mainly for soloing, adding different state changing attacks and high damage moves.

    Defensive Stance offers fewer types of offensive special attacks but gives the Warrior more defensive specials plus a bonus to your defense rating. This is primarily meant for acting as a group's main tank.

    Berserker Stance allows for more critical strikes but the Warrior takes more damage. This is best used when the Warrior is a secondary tank in a party.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    That's not entirely accurate, as a warriors greatest ability is to switch stances on the fly. The talent in the arms tree called Tactical Mastery is far and away the most used and needed talent a warrior could get. It will allow you to retain up to 25 rage while switching stances and will allow for much faster reaction time with abilities. Should you not have tactical mastery, you will still be able to switch stances, however any rage you currently have will be completely lost.

    Also each stance has a different threat modifier built in. Defensive stance generates 10% more threat (modified by defiance for an additional 15%) and will reduce all incoming damage by 10% and reduce any damage you deal by 10%.

    Battle stance and Berserker stance both have a -20% threat modifier, allowing dps warriors the ability to push a bit harder. Berserker stance will also increase your critical strike ability by 3%, but increase all incoming damage, physical and magical by 10%. Berserker is far and away the best dps stance for any warrior, whether it be in pve or pvp. The ability called Berserker rage will break fear/sap/gouge and even remove the blastwave affect from mages (unless they fixed that last patch).

    Should there be an offtank, he/she will always want to be in defensive stance for its threat bonus, but if there is any type of area of effect damage (aoe) then switching to berserker stance and back into defensive stance will increase rage generation by a great deal. For every 1 point of rage they would normally generate when struck, it would be increased to 2.5 when modified by berserker rage.

    For pvp, you will always want the ability to switch stances. The ability to charge, switch to berserker stance mid charge and retain the +15-21 rage is incredible. It also allows for you to switch from zerk stance when you see your opponent dodge and be able to overpower and switch back. You never want to be caught without rage and immobile in pvp, if you do, you will die and be deemed "a noob". The bare minimum rage needed in pvp to be retained is 10 (or 2/5 tactical mastery). This allows you to switch stances to intercept should you be in combat in a different stance. It will also allow a tank the ability to switch from defensive stance to battle stance to mocking blow, which can save a healers life should taunt be resisted.
  2. Thanks for the reply.

    I would have added what you did but this is just a very basic FAQ for new players. I have a link to my Warrior guide in the FAQ for more detailed information.

    The part about the off weapon I got messed up with Rogues and will change that shortly.

    The last part about stances I took from the WoW site as I was falling asleep at the keyboard and was not really looking at it. As you point out only a fool stays in one stance all the time.