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According to Vierna

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by ViernaHunett, May 13, 2010.

  1. ViernaHunett

    ViernaHunett Guest

    *I look up at the setting yellow orb satisfied*

    The mining of the blackrock goes better than expected despite the fact that the human slaves are dropping like flies either to contamination or to the extreme conditions to which my priestesses make them work. It does not matter; there are enough of them to replace the dead. One way or another the humans are dying to blackrock exposure and that pleases me immensely. Despite being stupid and weak, their numbers are so vast I could never hope to eradicate them by conventional killing. The sound and feel of a blade ending a life is more gratifying, but this way is quicker, more pragmatic. Time enough to enjoy the slaughter in blood when their numbers are reduced to a manageable size!

    Humans. A weak, ignorant, filthy species whose only course of survival is by breeding like vermin, for that is what they are! Unclean disease ridden vermin who have less rights to exist than the very rats from which they no doubt once spawned! A species that allows the weaker gender to dominate has lost all claims to survive. And when the last human breathes its last breath make it a female so that she can gaze upon the annihilation of her species and realise her stupidity! Oh human sister you should have studied the spider, learned its ways and followed its survival example. The strength and the purity of the bloodline lies through the female line but you will realise the truth of that all too late. And when the humans are gone, the elves will be next!

    They call me evil! *laughs* How stupid they all are. What is evil, what does it mean, too stupid to even explain the meaning of the concept. I destroy to create, I destroy to survive, is that what you call evil? Look around you, see how you tend your cattle and care for your crops. Look at your forests, your mountains and your rivers. And what do you do? The cattle and the livestock and the crops you spend time protecting and caring for you destroy to survive. The forests you fell and the mountains you quarry, destroyed for fuel and to protect yourselves. The rivers and lakes diverted or drained for survival and protection, all destroyed. Look around you human and see your destruction, see how your destruction annihilates and drives out the other species that compete in the same landscape, then call me evil!

    Ori'gato mina phlith, 'zil verve 'zil nind treemma!

    [Anyone interested in reading the previous IC ranting of Vierna can do so by following this link http://www.uoforums.com/flohlen-dlloth-public/64978-according-vierna-9.html]
  2. ViernaHunett

    ViernaHunett Guest

    *I gaze upon the setting yellow orb and consider my next move*

    Even the mightiest can struggle to lift the heaviest rock, only for it to drop immediately. And so it is for humans. It was inevitable that sooner or later entrances to our blackrock mine would be found and breeched. But at what cost humans? All you have succeeded in doing is causing extensive cave ins meaning you are no nearer the main mine shaft than before. Other exits exist and are still being exploited; a spider has many routes to its victims. You may think these are victories, how much more wrong can you be?

    Because you went blundering in, thoughtless to the consequences, you have caused more pain and suffering to your own kin than you have to mine. The main shaft still lies inaccessible to you and the slaves you came to save lie dead and broken. And how many of you died trying to get past my entrance guardians? What kind of foolish leadership allows a hundred to die to save one worthless slave? That entrances have been breeched displeases me, that hundreds of humans have died in the process pleases me immensely! Blackrock production remains unaffected!

    Vesper is beginning to mildly irritate me. The cause seems to stem from something Faeryl has become involved. That she did not inform me of her intentions annoys me but then everything she does annoys me. The day I send her soul to Lloth will be one of my most pleasurably days. Still the retaliation Vesper afflicted for whatever she had done can be turned to my advantage and after all the retaliation amounted to only one hurt male. There can be at times, advantage in a defeat. Weaknesses in the enemy can be exposed in allowing victory and this incident could prove a case in point. If my information is correct, it would appear all is not well within the leadership of the “republic”. Someone has ambition beyond his means, perhaps I can help?

    That is the trouble, the weakness, of collective leadership. Call it council, consensus, franchise, it all amounts to the same thing; inevitable dissention and overthrow. Until the humans learn to rule their kin absolutely, they will never be strong!

    Ori'gato mina phlith, 'zil verve 'zil nind treemma!