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[Selling] account 4 sale

Discussion in 'UO Trader's Hall' started by badacestang08, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. account is on atl
    icq 476768281
    27 month old account. havent used any rewards.
    all blue chars
    1 char
    anat 120
    archery 120
    chiv 90
    focus 120
    healing 113
    tactics 120
    char 2
    bushido 120
    chiv 35
    healing 90
    parry 120
    swords 120
    anat 100
    char 3
    has glacial blue hair and glacial blaze beard
    necro 120
    spirit speak 120
    resisting spells 120
    and is powerscrolled to 120 in magery eval int meditation etc.
    char 4
    glacial blue hair
    magery 120
    eval int 120
    animal taming 100
    animal lore 120
    mediation 105
    char 5
    120 blacksmith
    120 tailor
    100 bowcraft fletching
    100 tinkering
    100 arms lore
    95 item ident
    stoned skills
    120 mace fighting
    100 inscription
    120 wrestling
    reasons for selling is im quiting need to let someone else use and enjoy it