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Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by Malimus, Mar 9, 2010.

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  1. Malimus

    Malimus Guest

    I have done pretty much everything in UO that i could possibly want to do and it is now time for me to say Fare thee well. I am selling my 2 accounts and everything i have accumulated over the years. Totally un-stripped. FOR UO GOLD.

    Im not selling anything off in pieces. Its all or nothing if anyone one can afford it. lol. Please PM me with your ICQ number and offers. I will most likely keep this on the market for a week or so until i get a offer i like. Otherwise it will be sold to a broker or one of those UO web sites.

    Everything Located On Pacific

    Characters & Skills Account #1 (Account was activated in 2000) 86 moths old ingame *Comes with registered UOAssist* Is SA Upgraded

    Character #1: (Gargoyle)

    Stats: Str 132 (119 Hp) - Dex 31 (31 Sta) - Int 97 (Mana 97) / [235 Cap]
    Arms Lore - 100
    Blacksmith - 120
    Carpentry - 100
    Imbuing - 120
    Magery - 109.1 (59.1 real)
    Tailoring - 120
    Tinkering - 100

    Suit: 70/70/70/45/70 Resists, 100% Lrc, 6 MR, 4 HP regen

    Character #2: (Elf)

    Stats: Str 110 (120 Hp) - Dex 20 (20 Sta) - Int 132 (152 Mana) / [245 Cap]
    Evaluate Int - 115
    Magery - 115
    Meditation - 100
    Necromancy – 105 (100 real)
    Resisting Spells – 105
    Spellweaving – 85
    Spirit Speak – 110 (100 real)

    Suit : 70/70/70/70/75 Resists, 100% LRC, 42% LMC, 58%DCI, MR7, Luck 340, HPR 3, 37% SDI, 4 FC, and 7 FCR

    Character #3: (Elf)

    Stats: Str 120 (126 Hp) - Dex 150 (166 Sta) - Int 21 (51 Mana) / [255 cap]
    Swordsmanship - 120
    Bushido – 115
    Parry - 115
    Tactics - 100
    Anatomy – 100
    Healing – 100 (90 real)
    Chivalry – 75
    Focus – 25 (5 real)

    Suit: 68/70/70/38/68 Resists, 30% HCI, 70% DCI, 45 DI, MR 7, HPR 9, LMC 38,

    Character #4: (Human)

    Stats: Str 107 (112 Hp) - Dex 150 (158 Sta) - Int 41 (55 Mana) / [255 Cap]
    Archery – 115
    Tactics – 115
    Bushido – 115
    Anatomy – 100
    Healing – 100
    Focus – 95
    Chivalry – 80

    Suit: 70/70/70/31/70 Resists, 56% DCI, 36% HCI, MR 8, HPR 7, LMC 25%, 87% DI

    Character #5: (Human)

    Stats: Str 125 (112 Hp) - Dex 18 (18 Sta) - Int 95 (103 Mana) / [230 Cap]
    Animal Lore – 115
    Animal Taming – 115 (86.0 Real)
    Magery – 110 (85.0 real)
    Meditation - 100
    Musicianship – 110 (100.6 real)
    Peacemaking – 115 (102.9 real)
    Veterinary – 115 (105.3 real)

    Suit: 70/70/56/70/62 Resists, 100% LRC, MR 4, 20% DCI, 969 Luck, FC1, FCR 2

    Character #6: (Human)

    Stats: Str 100 (100 Hp) - Dex 95 (95 Sta) - Int 55 (79 Mana) / [250 cap]
    Alchemy – 100
    Fencing – 106.4
    Hiding – 97.4
    Lumberjacking – 100
    Meditation – 100
    Magery – 110 (84.3 real)
    Mining – 100

    Suit: 70/70/70/70/70 Resists, 100% LRC, MR 6, 35% LMC, 24 Mana increase, 1FC, 4 FCR, 14 DCI, 28 DI

    Soulstone Frag on Account # 1

    1. Snooping - 100
    2. Bowcraft/Fletching – 100
    3. Poisoning – 100
    4. Inscription – 100
    5. Focus – 100
    6. Begging – 100
    7. Parrying – 110
    8. Resisting Spells – 92.9
    9. Tracking – 92.1
    10. Mace Fighting – 87
    11. Wrestling – 82.3
    12. Lockpicking – 85.6
    13. Stealing 81.3
    14. Swordsmanship – 85
    15. Spirit Speak – 83.3
    16. Tactics – 70
    17. Stealth – 65.7
    18. Ninjitsu – 58.3

    Characters & Skills Account # 2 (Account was activated in 2002) 79 moths old ingame Has access to all content except Stygian Abyss.

    Character #1: (Human)

    Stats: Str 118 / dex 10 / Int 113 (230 Cap)
    Animal Lore – 92.1 (66.1 Real)
    Animal Taming – 90.5 (64.5 Real)
    Evaluate Intel – 100
    Focus – 100
    Magery – 110 (102.5 Real)
    Meditation – 110
    Necromancy – 100 (80.2 Real)
    Spirit Speak – 92.2

    Suit: 66/67/70/53/58 Resists,100% LRC, 4 MR, HPR 2, LMC 10%, DCI 18, 29% SDI

    Character #2: (Human)

    Stats: Str 111 / Dex 91 / Int 51 (235 Cap)
    Anatomy – 100
    Bushido – 85.9
    Chivalry – 85.1 (74.1 Real)
    Fencing – 110.0 (109.8 Real)
    Healing – 92.5
    Parrying – 93.8
    Tactics – 100

    Suit not worth mentioning… Has personal Bless deed

    Character #3: (Human)

    Stats: Str 139 / Dex 81 / Int 38 (230 cap)
    Arms Lore – 50
    Blacksmithing – 100
    Fishing – 65.2
    Focus -53.7
    Hiding – 93.3
    Mace fighting – 108
    Magery – 68.9 (42.9 Real)
    Mining – 100

    Suit: 70/70/70/53/69 Resists, 100% LRC, MR 6, HPR 6

    Other Skills On Rest of characters

    Tactics – 97.1
    Anatomy – 84.2
    Focus – 76.2
    Parry – 63.5
    Tailoring – 63.1
    Hiding – 50

    Skills on soulstone frags

    Wrestling – 92.9
    Anatomy – 92.5
    Veterinary – 56.4
    Alchemy - 50

    Plus many runebooks with many runes to almost everywhere in UO

    All items listed below are located in A felucca Castle in its very own Clearing in Yew forest only 20 second run South from the Moongate, and a felucca Keep located in its very own clearing (the only clearing) at the western tip of the Shame Mountain Range surrounded by forest and water on 3 sides. Both very desirable spots.

    Please keep in mind I have not listed everything included with the accounts because it would take me forever. So I have compiled a list of the most valuable items and what I could remember to add. Many things are not on the below list.

    -A Guildstone (Guild Name: The Alliance [T!A])
    -Bucket (x2) These ones are not filled with water
    -Golden Chessboard
    -Item Bless Deed (From the very first clean up Britannia. Will bless any item)
    -Light (x4) From Khaldun Dungeon
    -Blood (From red mage camp years ago)
    -Skull Candle Lit (facing East) Server birth
    -Skull Candle Un-Lit (facing East) Server birth
    -Gold Coin (Pile of 65535 gold coins weight 1 stone)
    -Unused tile (x2) Not stuck in bag and moveable/lockable
    -Darkfather Slaying bow (Old double slayer Earth/Dragon slayer does double dmg to DF)
    -Skull Of Lord HobGoblin
    -Skull Of Harley Quin
    -Skull Of Lord Darious Stormbrew
    -Skull Of Lord Deadly Greed
    -Insured Yellow Potion
    -Hay (x14)
    -Ethereal Cloak (Blessed)
    -Blue Robe (Blessed)
    -Double Blessed Sandals (x4) One pair is pure black.
    -A deed for a vendor named Estelle (Weight 90 stones)
    -A deed for a vendor named Daria (Weight 90 stones)
    -17 Bolt of Cloth (Dread Spider White Cloth)
    -32 balls of yarn (Dread spider silk yarn. Use 4 regular yarn on a loom and finish with one spider silk ball of yarn for bright white dread spider cloth)
    -An Interior House Door Key
    -Runebook Made By Alia Of Trinsic [Exceptional]
    -Runebook Made By HKX [Exceptional]
    -A Heater Shield Made by SMellyMel [Exceptional] Exceptional
    -Lantern Crafted By Lord TMellyMEL (This lantern cant be turned on or off and is black in color)
    -Sigil Colored items – Lantern, Spellbook, Heater Shield, Metal Shield, Ringmail Sleeves, Bardiche, & Hammer Pick
    -Blackrock Pillar
    -A piece of blackrock (x14) (8 different graphics of the first blackrock in UO) Not "A small piece of blackrock" from mining
    -A Large piece of Blackrock (x6) 3 different graphics
    -Tree Ornament Bracelet
    -Tree Ornament Earrings
    -Potted Plants (x20) 10 are the tall potted tree
    -Green Mug (x3) (From St Patrick’s day 1998 or 99)
    -Strongbox (x2) The kind that only hold 25 items not 125
    -An Unmarked Recall Rune (Felucca) Pre-dates tram.
    -Talisman Of Vorpal Bunny Summoning
    -Set of Green Haven Guard Platemail Armor.
    -Studded Ranger Armor Set (x2) Original color and resists
    -A Painting Recovered From a Shipwreck (When turned with house tool it turns into a static object with grey label)
    -Rare Snow globes – Exodus’ Lair, Shrine of Chaos (x3), Twin Oaks tavern, Empath Abbey, Blackthorns Castle.
    -Fur (x5
    -Dying Tub (Pure Black) Not vet reward tub but same color.
    -Verite Skullcap Crafted by Armani (This is a cloth item with a metal tag)
    -Cut Leather (8 different Colors)
    -Also a collection of the old semi rare daily’s that no longer spawn. E.g. Full Jars, rocks, whips, tool box’s, shafts, 3pc lockpicks, fruit baskets ect…
    -HORN (New rare that is the word HORN you can pickup/lockdown ect..)
    -Pre-patch Wildfire Bow x2 (Damage is 19-22 instead of today’s 12-16 and it can be imbued)
    -Pre- patch Windsong Bow (Damage is 14-16 instead of today’s 9-13 and it can be imbued)
    -Pre-Patch quiver of Rage (x2)
    -Full Apron Of Exceptional Quality (Mare Cloth)
    -Europa Gold Half Apron
    -Tattered Youthful Treasure map
    -Skill Tutor Statuette (Looks like a female NPC as a reward statue)
    -A Wrist Watch
    -Old Charged Armor, clothes, and jewelry (over 120 items) E.g. Necklace Bless Charges: 70, Body Sash Invisibility Charges: 15, Ring Teleport Charges: 8, Chainmail Tunic Spell Reflection Charges: 34 ect…
    -Large collection of “Of Exceptional Quality” Furniture, Containers, clothing, tools ect…
    -A Magic Bow – Ophidian/Terathan double slayer
    -A Magic Bow – Earth Elemental/Spider double slayer
    -5 other weapons with “A magic” tag
    -Com Crystal (Receiver) Inactive Receiver – Very old tagged communication crystal
    -Bone Arms Daemon Bone (x2) (Rare White)
    -Bone Armor Daemon Bone (Rare White)

    Event/Holiday Rare's
    -Big Orange Spider web
    -A Spider Web Deed (x2)
    -Thigh Boots Crafted By Pirate Outfit Suppliers (™)
    -Explosive Fire Ant Liquor (x3) Around 10 were dropped
    -Halloweenie Armor (Orange bone helm) About 5 sets exist
    -Defender of The Virtues (Wearable Talisman) only 10 dropped
    -I Participated In Savage Crisis And All I Got Was Deathrobes (Orange colored event robe)
    -Corrupted Exodus Energy Cells (x1) Only 6 exist
    -Rem Glor Aur Trak Tokuno Pri-Lem (Labeled uniquely colored bag with 4 different types of rare-
    colored gems inside and 3 of each of the gem)
    -A badly damaged scroll that reads: Se..ret Entr..nce ... Zen..o's Tre..sury.
    -Agent of Corruption Communication Device
    -For The Best Of The Best, From Bran The Blade (Light orange Deed Graphic)
    -The Grim Reapers Scythe
    -Pan Of Cookies Crafted By EM Cyno Razik (x2)
    -Blue Crystallized Essence (x42) (Going to be used to heal Magincia?)
    -Gold Crystallized Essence (x31) (Summons Harbringer that’s drops Conjurer Robe)
    -Red Crystallized Essence (x1)
    -31 piece complete Costume Collection (Includes the turn in costumes and the Halloween masks! Plus an extra Dream wraith, shadow wyrm & zombie costume!)
    -Conjurer’s Garb 140 Luck (x6)
    -Conjurer’s Garb with no luck (x1)
    -A Giant Turkey Feather (x154) Instantly turns you invisible.
    -Cornucopia (x54) Rare chance to give Corn Stalks and recharges itself.
    -Nest (x2)
    -Berserker’s Bardiche
    -Berserker’s Scythe (x2)
    -Glass Dagger (x3)
    -Portrait of Casca
    -Broken Crystal (x2) Red
    -Messena's CreamPie (x2)
    -Lerocian's Mempo of Fortune (x 2)
    -Cloak Of Silence (x4) +10 stealth
    -A Magical Lockbox (x2) (Light blue metal box dropped by "The Six")
    -Eggs (x15) These are the eggs graphic but are 6 different colors. They are Easter eggs from 98 or 99. Not to be confused with “Brightly colored eggs” that drop on vorpal bunny.
    -A Certificate Of Capture (x2) (Redeem for Reward Title: Slime Hunter)
    -Conjurer's Trinket (x5)
    -Conjurer's Grimmoire (x6)
    -Melissa's Cloak (x10) 5% fire resist
    -One Complete Cloak Set including Cloak Of Command, Life, Power, Death, and Silence.
    -Cloak Of Life (x3)
    -Cloak Of Death (x4)
    -Cloak Of Power (x4)
    -Cloak Of Corruption (x15
    -Blue Soulstone (x2)
    -Charger Of The Fallen (x2)
    -Hooded Shroud of Shadows (x2)
    -Hooded Shroud of Umbra (x2)
    -Valeks Diamond
    -Heart Of Compassion
    -A Heart Blackened By Despise
    -Tear Of Sacrafice
    -Quill Of Justice
    -Venom Sac (x2)
    -Obsidian Sword (x3) Shield (x3)
    -Planesword (x4) Two are imbued into very high end mage weapons and un-used
    -Planeshield (x6)
    -Coin Set – A Gold Sovereign, A Silver Crown, & A Copper Shilling
    -April 1st Gift Box (x1) IOU Cake (x5)
    -9th Anniversary Cookies, Milk, & Wine
    -300th Anniversary Bags - Complete (x3)
    -Happy Valentines Day! Bag containing 11 colored/named candy’s (Muffin graphic) some only say muffin one says Two Of Hearts ect... Also 6 old deed graphic valentines cards diff colors as well.
    -Plucked Turkey (x2)
    -Harrow (x3)
    -Tattered Map fragment SET (All four corners)
    -Harvester’s Blade (x3)
    -A Holiday Bell From Bulldoz, A Holiday Bell From T-Bone, A Holiday Bell From Oaks (All white)
    -A mini House Deed – Thatched Roof Cottage
    -Icy Patch (Rare round version)
    -Icicles (x125) 6 different types to hang around the edge of your roof!
    -Tie-dye multicolor giftbox's (x3) all 3 are different colors
    -Pure black giftbox (x2) (black dye tub black)
    -Angle Gift Box (x3) Red, Blue, Gray
    -A Note from Casca (x2) Blessed and un-blessed versions
    -A Deed For A Reindeer [Raised by Darkscribe] from 2005
    -A Deed For A Sleigh [Pieced Together By Darkscribe]
    -Holiday Gift ticket 2009 (x13) Anyone can redeem
    -Halloween Ghoul Statuette (Black x 2)
    -Shadow Banner Deed (4+)
    -A Bloodied Parchment (x8) 4 are blessed and 4 are not.
    -A Soggy Parchment (x2) Blessed and Un-Blessed version
    -A Scrap Of paper (x12)
    -A Corroded Box (x10) Darker yellow metal box you had to dig up at brit cemetery for the event.
    -A Damaged Book (x10)
    -Gossamer (x103)
    -Web (Fits around the artifact cocoon)
    -Medium sized spider webs (x3) Dropped by a spider boss for event. I think…
    -Daemon Blood (x10) All diff shapes and sizes
    -Spellbook: Mana regen 3 / Spell Damage increase 30% / Lower Reagent Cost 10% (The best-you could get off an Invasion General)
    -Wooden Cow (Blessed)
    -Mystic Two Handed Axe
    -Mystic Katana
    -Mystic Black Staff
    -Mystic Bladed Staff
    -Mystic Scepter
    -The Redeemer
    -Vorpal Blade (x3)
    -Staff Of Pyros (x2)
    -Armor Engraving Tool (30 Charges) Full
    -Wooden Box [Blackrock Infected] (x16) Rarest being from A Dark Wisp, White Wyrm, & Azmodaeus
    -Slime Dyed House Add-ons (60+ assorted house add-ons dyed at slimes event mostly the cool blues and some greens) *Not the Asian server colors*
    -Thread of Fate (x39)
    -Thread of Life (x14)
    -Thread of Thought (x104)
    -Veracity’s Treasure Box (x4)
    -Veritae’s Music Box Gear
    -Cursed Artifacts (x27) E.g. Cursed Orny (x2), Cursed AoF (x2), ect…
    -12th Anniversary Items (x80+) Examples are Mailbox’s, Ultima Banners, Silver Saplings, Codex Of Virtue Deeds.
    -12th Anniversary Gift Ticket (x26) Anyone can redeem
    -Grim Warning (x10)
    -Skulls on Pike (x12)
    -Full trick or treating sets form past Halloweens.
    -Ask and Answer Crystal Ball (x4+) Some vendor bugged with double description and some Originals.
    -AoS Clothing/Footwear (x18+)
    -Many previous years holiday items as well but just too much to keep listing…

    Scrolls Of Alacrity (Used for 15 minutes of accelerated skill gains)
    -Mace Fighting
    -Stealth (x2)
    -Swordsmanship (x2)
    -Resisting Spells (x2)
    -Remove Trap
    -Evaluate Intelligence
    -Animal Lore

    Gems dropped by "The Six"
    -Amethyst (x15) 4 different graphics
    -Citrine (x18) 3 different graphics
    -Ruby (x14) 3 different graphics 2 diff colors
    -Diamonds (x5)
    -Star Saphire (x11)

    Invasion Spellbooks, weapons & armor
    -Over 250 items from the town invasions (Example) 35-50 ssi bows and weapons, rare colored armors, generals spellbooks ect..

    Special Solstice Stag X-mas Stuff
    -Holiday Fruitcake
    -Gingerbread Cookie Crafted By Solstice Of The Winter Stag (GREEN)
    -Gingerbread Cookie Crafted By Solstice Of The Winter Stag (RED)
    -Festive Sugar Cookie (x2)
    -Chocolate Rum Balls (x2)
    -Holiday Pudding (x2)
    -A Large Holiday Festival Cookie (GREEN)
    -Holiday Treat Cookies Baked By Little Elves
    -Naughty Switches
    -Holiday Coconut Macaroons
    -Spiced Eggnog
    -Buttery Eggnog (x2)
    -Spearmint Gummies Shaped Like Mistletoe
    -Eggnog with Rum

    2009 Easter Eggs
    -Fake Fabrege Easter Egg (Luna White)
    -A Festively Painted Easter Egg (Christmas GREEN)
    -A Curiously Decorated Easter Egg (Dark purple/bluish)
    -Special Lord British Castle Egg (Light Purple)
    -Elf-Decorated Easter Egg (Baby Blue)
    -Roc Easter Egg (Orange)
    -Cracked Egg (Medium dark purple)
    -Impeccably Crafted Easter Egg By EM Cyno Razik (Pacific 2009) (Reddish Orange)
    -Impeccably Crafted Easter Egg By EM Cyno Razik (Pacific 2009) (Light Purple)
    -Sickly Egg (Medium dark purple)
    -A Creamy Chocolate Easter Egg (Brown)
    -A Easter Egg Lovingly Decorated By Omo Trovy (Dark Pink)
    -An Eyesore Of An Easter Egg (Pale dark orange)
    -An Eyesore Of An Easter Egg (Blue)
    -An Orcish Easter Egg (Dark reddish orange)
    -Autographed Specially By Easter Bunny! (Pacific 2009) (Light Purple) - Around 25-30 of these ones were handed out on the Brit Library roof.
    -Cracked Egg (Yellow)

    -Rubble Fire
    -Rubble broken planks
    -Rubble blood (x3)
    -Rubble Sandstone Cube
    -Rubble Mushroom patch (x4) 3 totally different graphics
    -Rubble Display Case
    -Rubble Bed (Tan color 2 pc facing south)
    -Rubble Garbage Pile (x3)
    -Rubble Table (5 pc's) Facing East
    -Rubble Tapestry
    -Rubble Sea Shell
    -Rubble Rock (About 6-7 different rock graphics)
    -Rubble logs burnt (1 full 3 piece burnt gray/black colored rubble log)
    -Rubble Logs Natural (3 full logs consisting of 2 pieces each)
    Around 30+ more pieces of rubble varying in price from 250k-3mil or so ea

    Spring cleanup turn in rewards
    -Shadowlords Are #1 (Fancy Shirt)
    -I Survived The Snakes On The Plains (Fancy Shirt)
    -I Saved The Day And All I Got Was This Fancy Shirt (Fancy Shirt)
    -I Survived The Ophidian War (Fancy Shirt)
    -Royal Britannian Guard Sash (Blaze europa gold)
    -Novo Bleue & Etoile Bleue Set
    -Scout's Armor Set (6pc) Male
    -Sorcerer's Armor Set (6pc) Male
    -Knight's Armor Set (6 pc) Male
    -Fire Pit (x3)
    -Horse Barding
    -Chaos Tile Deed (x2)
    -Beehive (x2)
    -Archery Butte (x2)
    -Nest with eggs
    -Bamboo (x2)
    -Yucca (x2)
    -Sherry the mouse statue x2 (Works as a town crier when lock down and you say news)
    -Snake Skin Boots (x2)
    -Nocturne Earrings (x6)
    -103000 points in Un-used spring cleaning ticket's (4 tickets are 25k point tickets)

    Veteran Rewards
    -House Teleporter Set - 12th year reward
    -Crystal Portal - 1st year reward
    -Banner Deed (x6) - 2nd year reward
    -Flaming Head Deed (x2) - 2nd year reward
    -Brazier (Tall) - 6th year reward
    -Brazier (Short) - 6th year reward
    -Hanging Skeleton Deed - 4th year reward
    -Ice Green Cloak - 4th year reward
    -Dark Gray Robe - 4th year reward
    -A Golden Cloak (x2) - 2nd year reward
    -Ethereal Llama (x3) - 3rd year reward
    -Ethereal Horse (x1) - 3rd year reward
    -Ethereal Ki-Rin (x1) - 4th year reward
    -Ethereal Ostard (x1) - 3rd year reward
    -Wolf Statuette - 5th year reward
    -Fire Elemental Statuette - 5th year reward
    -Earth Elemental Statuette (x2) – 1st year reward
    -Gorilla Statuette - 1st year reward
    -Lich Statuette - 1st year reward
    -Gargoyle Statuette - 1st year reward
    -Dragon Statuette - 1st year reward
    -Ettin Statuette - 1st year reward
    -Daemon Statuette - 1st year reward
    -Lizard Man Statuette - 1st year reward
    -Runebook Dye Tub - 4th year reward
    -Leather Dye Tub – 2nd year reward
    -Leather Dye Tub - 1st year reward (Rare – Only dyes cloth leather dye tub colors)
    -Furniture Dye Tub - 1st year reward
    -Special Dye Tub - 1st year reward
    -Red Soulstone (x2) - 1st year reward

    -Fountain Of Life (x13)
    -Ladder (x7)
    -Wall Torch (x6+)
    -Decorative Rug (x12)
    -Dragon Brazier (x2)
    -Talisman Of Vorpal Bunny Summoning
    -Metal Box (x30+) Golden metal box
    -90+ assorted Power Scrolls ranging from 110’s-115’s

    Tokuno Dye's

    -Full set of all 10 diff ToT1 dyes. (All have 50 charges each) Plus the remnants of another set and a couple extra doubles with 50 charges.
    -40+ assorted ToT2 dyes (these were gold's, ash, light rose colors ect... and came in 1 charge and 10 charge)
    -110+ Assorted ToT3 Dye's (Fresh Rose, Pale Blue, Fresh Plum, Burnt Brown ect...)
    -18 ToT3 Chaos Blue Dyes (The most desirable of the ToT3 dyes)


    Major Tokuno Arti's
    -Rune Beetle Carapace (x5)
    -Kasa Of the Raj-In (x5)
    -Tome Of Lost Knowledge (x2)
    -The Horselord
    -Stormgrip (x4)
    -Winds Edge
    -Sword Of The Stampede
    -Swords Of Prosperity (x2)
    -Darkened Sky (x2)
    -Complete Flute of Renewal Set

    Minor Tokuno Arti's
    -Chest Of Heirlooms (Un-opened) (x5)
    -Tome of Enlightenment (x13)
    -Gloves Of The Sun (x12)
    -Pilfered Dancer Fans (x3)
    -Daimyo’s Helm (x11)
    -Legs Of Stability (x3)
    -Ancient Samurai Do (x8)
    -Demon Fork’s (x3)
    -Ancient Farmer’s Kasa (x4)
    -Black Lotus Hood (x6)
    -Arms Of Tactical Excellence (x9)
    -Dragon Nunchaku (x3)
    -Exiler (x6)
    -Hanzo’s Bow (x6)
    -The Destroyer (x2)
    -Flute of renewal (x15) Not including the full set
    -Peasant’s Bokuto (x6)
    -Ancient Urn (x16)
    -Honorable Swords (x18)

    Faction Arti’s
    -Inquisitor’s Resolution
    -Ornament Of The Magician
    -Crystalline Ring
    -Crimson Cincture
    -Kasa Of The Raj-in

    Doom Arti's
    -Armor Of Fortune (x2)
    -Inquisitor’s Resolution (x1)
    -Ornament Of The Magician (x1)
    -Spirit Of The Totem (Blessed)
    -Ring of The Vile (x2)
    -Arcane Shield
    -Jackal’s Collar (x3)
    -Legacy Of The Dread Lord
    -Tunic Of Fire (x2)
    -Helm Of Insight (x2)
    -Hat Of The Magi (Blessed)
    -Staff Of The Magi
    -Ornate Crown
    -Dryad Bow (x3) +10 resist spells, +10 Ninjitsu, and +5 resist spells.
    -Blade Of Insanity
    -The Taskmaster
    -Bracelet Of Health

    -Crimson Cincture x2

    And about 70+ ML/Ilsh Artifacts as well as many peerless ingredient crafted items, token claimed artifacts and collection rewards. For example: Mace & Shield reading Glasses, Library Talisman – Birds of Britannia, Jesters Hat of Chuckles, Primer on arms damage removal, Chaos Shield – Museum of Vesper Replica, Blackthorns Kryss (x2), Full Darkwood Set made with Bloodwood boards, Bramble Coat, Dread Pirate Hat, Faerie Fire, Spell woven Britches (x2), Fey Leggings (human), Pendant of the magi (x2), Heart Of The Lion(x2), Soulseeker(2), Boomstick (x2), Royal Leggings of embers (x2), Ancient Samurai Helm (x2), & Ossian Grimoire ect ect ect... As Well as about 5 of the new SA Gargoyle only artifacts.

    (I’ve weeded out the junk twice recently to free up storage)
    High End Rings/Bracelets of all kinds (Over 145 pieces)
    High End Runic made/Enhanced armor (Over 200 pieces)
    High End Runic Made/Loot weapons (Over 350 pc's) Fencing/Archery/Swords/maces. LOTS of everything ranging from Very good to Uber as well as lots of great PvP weapons and armor.
    High end Shield's (About 30 or so) Lots have HCI
    Talismans Slayers and Killers (x60+)
    100% Poison Weapons (x20+) Assorted weapon types. Some rare like 100% poison/UBW/Mage weapon/SC.


    -Around 35+ Imbued High End Bow’s and Swords weapons (PvP & PvM) most were very expensive to make
    -Some armors, rings and jewelry in the chest as well as those that are incorporated into some of the characters suits.

    Runics & Resources
    Valorite Runic Hammer (x1)
    Verite Runic Hammer (x1)
    Bronze Runic Hammer (x7)
    Copper Runic Hammer (x8)
    Shadow Iron Runic Hammer (x5)
    Dull Copper Runic Hammer (x32)
    Spined Runic Sewing Kit (x9)
    Horned Runic Sewing Kit (x1) 17 uses remaining
    Yew Runic Fletcher’s Tools (x1)
    Ash Runic Fletcher’s Tools (x8)
    Oak Runic Fletcher’s Tools (x13)
    Oak Runic Dovetail Saw (x1)

    +10 AH (x8+)
    +15 AH (x4+)

    REAGENTS (Forgot about these lol)

    Black Pearl - 122000
    Mandrake Root - 76000
    Spider Silk - 88000
    Ginseng - 81000
    Blood Moss - 61000
    Sulfurous Ash - 89000
    Nightshade - 21000
    Garlic - 9000

    Nox Crystal - 1827
    Grave Dust - 4500
    Daemon Blood - 5220
    Pig Iron - 4220
    Batwing - 4082

    Lumber and Such
    Frostwood Boards - 100000
    Heartwood Boards - 118000
    Bloodwood Boards - 21000
    Yew Boards - 49000
    Ash Boards - 63000
    Oak Boards - 50000
    Logs - 120000

    Luminescent Fungi - 500+
    Switch - 1400+
    Parasitic Plant - 700+
    Bark - 7000+

    Leather & Scales
    Dragon Scales (Assorted Colors) - 5000+
    Leather - 9200
    Spined Leather - 2200
    Barbed leather - 6300
    Horned leather - 2700
    Bolt of Cloth - 1869

    Ingots & ML Gems
    Iron ingots - 460000+
    Shadow iron ingots - 44000
    Dull copper ingots - 66000
    Gold Ingots - 23000
    Copper Ingots – 31000
    Bronze Ingots – 11650
    Agapite Ingots – 7200
    Verite Ingots - 6000
    Valorite Ingots - 50000

    Powder Of Fortification - 15

    Brilliant Amber – 72
    White Pearl – 90
    Dark Saphire – 241
    Fire Ruby – 242
    Turquoise – 217
    Blue Diamond – 195
    Ecru Citrine – 269
    Perfect Emerald - 168

    Peerless Ingredients
    Taint – 22
    Putrefaction – 92
    Scourge – 33
    Muculent – 109
    Corruption – 75
    Blight – 104
    Diseased Bark – 5
    Eye Of The Travesty – 2
    Grizzled Bones – 6
    Lard of Paroximus – 1
    Horn of Dread Horn – 1

    Imbuing Resources
    Relic Fragments – 90+
    Magical Residue – 818
    Enchanted Essence – 1010
    Void Orb – 33
    Undying Flesh – 64
    Delicate Scales – 126
    Slith Tongue – 52
    Crystalline Blackrock – 22
    Crushed Glass – 10
    Fairy Dragon Wing – 13
    Seed Of Renewal – 5
    Void Essence – 176
    Toxic Venom Sack – 177
    Silver Serpent Venom – 49
    Faery Dust – 39
    Goblin Blood – 211
    Daemon Claw – 7
    Bottle of Ichor – 99
    Elven Fletching – 46
    Reflective wolf eye – 21
    Acid Sac – 36
    Silver Snake Skin – 18
    Crystal Shards – 5
    Chaga Mushroom – 57
    Fey Wings – 76
    Lodestone – 64
    Vial of Vitriol – 25
    Boura Pelt – 20
    Essences – Control (x2), Precision (x2), Passion (x2), Achievement (x28), Direction (x46), Balance (x9), Feeling (x128), Diligence (x7), & Singularity (x4)

    Ruby – 4900
    Citrine – 5700
    Amber – 6700
    Amethyst – 1000
    Star Saphire – 900+
    Emerald – 1668
    Tourmaline – 4400
    Diamond – 2900
    Saphire – 3400

    Scrolls Of Transcendence
    Begging – 0.4
    Wrestling – 1.7
    Anatomy – 1.1
    Fishing – 4.8
    Lockpicking - 3.0
    Blacksmithy – 3.0
    Hiding – 3.0
    Remove Trap – 0.9
    Stealth – 3.0
    Arms Lore – 3.0
    Parrying – 3.0
    Tailoring - 3.0

    BOD Collection
    Valorite Bod Book -13 Bod’s inside
    Verite Bod Book – 43 Bod’s inside
    Agapite Bod Book – 61 Bod’s inside
    Golden Bod Book – 118 Bod’s inside
    Bronze Bod Book – 231 Bod’s inside
    Copper Bod Book – 278 Bod’s inside
    Shadow Iron Bod Book – 357 Bod’s inside
    Dull Copper Bod Book (x3) – 620+ Bod’s
    Lesser Colored Bod Book – 300 bod’s inside (Un-sorted colored bod’s)
    Exceptional Iron Bod’s – 353 Bod’s inside
    Normal Iron Bod’s – 420 Bod’s inside
    Barbed Bod Book – 14 Bod’s inside
    Horned Bod Book – 14 Bod’s inside
    Spined Bod Book – 34 Bod’s inside
    Cloth Bods Book (x2) – 150 Bod’s inside
    Footwear Bods Book – 136 Bod’s inside
    Bone Bod Book – 19 Bod’s inside
    Leather Bod Book – 34 Bod’s inside

    Stygian Abyss Statue token (x3)
    Race Change (x3)
    Heritage Token (x6)
    Soulstone Fragment Token (x3)
    A Shadow Token (x2)
    A Crystal Token (x2)
    A Promotional Token (Personal Attendant) (x2)

    RARE Pets

    -Chief Paroximus’s Swamp Dragon

    -Black Horse (Anyone can ride, black like nightmare, doesn’t spawn now)

    -Dread Warhorse – Hp 601 – Stam 125 – Mana 125 – Str 520 – Dex 125 – Int 125
    Barding Difficulty 117.1 – Resists 67/34/39/57/46
    Wrestle 98.5 – Tactics 100 – Resist 100 – Anat 100 – Magery 99.7 – Eval 100 – Med 100.

    -Clan Ribbon Plague Rat (x4) (Unique color and sings like a bird when commanded) Cannot be tamed anymore.

    NORMAL Pets
    -Greater Dragon – Hp 940 – Stam 125 – Mana 579 – Str 579 – Dex 125 – Int 572
    Barding Difficulty 147.3 – Resists 81/80/51/59/60
    Wrestle 118.6 – Tactics 115.5 – Resist 112.2 – Anat 100 – Magery 117 – Eval 90.2 – Med 100.

    -Nightmare – Hp 300 – Stam 125 - Mana 125 – Str 510 – Dex 125 – Int 125
    Barding Difficulty 103.5 – Resists 58/38/40/34/27
    Wrestle 100 – Tactics 100 – Resist 100 – Anat 100 – Magery 100 – Eval 100 – Med 100

    -Rune Beetle – Hp 335 – Stam 158 - Mana 429 – Str 405 – Dex 158 – Int 429
    Barding Difficulty 119.1 – Resists 43/44/47/82/54
    Wrestle 99.8 – Tactics 96.4 – Resist 100 – Anat 95.3 – Poisoning 113.1 – Magery 99.5 – Eval 100 – Med 100

    -White Wyrm - Hp 449 – Stam 125 – Mana 410 – Str 751 – Dex 125 – Int 410
    Barding Difficulty 114.9 – Resists 62/20/84/49/46
    Wrestle 99.5 – Tactics 99.9 – Resist 89.7 – Anat 86.9 – Magery 90.6 – Eval 94.2 – Med 100

    -Ice Blue Cu - Hp 527 – Stam 81 – Mana 269 – Str 608 – Dex 81 – Int 102
    Barding Difficulty 102.8 – Resists 58/38/73/34/73
    Wrestle 77.1 – Tactics 76.1 – Resist 100 – Anat 79.7 – Healing 81.2

    -White Wyrm - Hp 445 – Stam 113 – Mana 415 – Str 729 – Dex 113 – Int 415
    Barding Difficulty 107.5 – Resists 66/24/83/41/47
    Wrestle 90.9 – Tactics 89.3 – Resist 89.4 – Anat 34.7 – Magery 89.8 – Eval 90.4 – Med 49.5

    -Fire Steed - Hp 236 – Stam 95 - Mana 297 – Str 377 – Dex 95 – Int 297
    Barding Difficulty 84.7 – Resists 34/70/22/33/32
    Wrestle 90.0 – Tactics 90.0 – Resist 93.6 – Anat 14.6
  2. SupSoc

    SupSoc Lore Keeper
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    Jun 24, 2008
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    Re: My 2 Accounts LOADED with Rares,event items, +++ For Sale - See inside for detail

    How are you going to take the UO gold when you sold the accounts?

    Since you are quitting, you have no use for the gold, and no even way to take the gold. This is why selling accounts on stratics (when quitting) is a bad way. You have no use for "UO Glold" anymore.

    Not hatin on you, just wish stratics would allow cash sales.

    This goes for the same when startin up and buying an account. If you don't have an account already, how can you pay with gold? Just doesn't make sense...

    Sorry for the little rant (Remember, it's not on you)

    The accounts you are selling are very nice, and worth a lot of "gold" I can see you easily getting into the billions total. You have nice characters that are fully suited. Not to mention the amount of rares/event items you have.

    From looking at what you have posted, I would not take an offer less than 3 billion. Have to keep in mind the age of the account, fully decked out characters, the time you put into it all, the upgrades, etc. I am hoping you get more than this though, as it is very worth it.

    When it comes time to sell the account, I would like to offer my brokering service to you. I'm very trustworthy and have been a reputable broker for roughly 7 years now. Many will vouch for me. ICQ is in the sig. Hope to hear from you soon!!

    Good luck

  3. UOFree

    UOFree Guest

    Re: My 2 Accounts LOADED with Rares,event items, +++ For Sale - See inside for detail

    I think the problem is that if Stratics allowed it, then they are actually breaking the rules. Since its not allowed to sell for cash, nor is it allowed to advertise ingame for any site that does so.

    But I do agree with you that it should be allowed, but since we dont own the accounts nor do we really own the items. We don't have much to say about that subject I guess :)
  4. Slickjack

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    Jul 20, 2008
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    Re: My 2 Accounts LOADED with Rares,event items, +++ For Sale - See inside for detail

    MAYBE....... that's why he said PM with offers and ICQ #?

    Back on topic: AMAZING account my friend. Couple weeks from now I'd be in the bidding on this one for sure. As it is, I can not meet your "one-week" qualifier.
    Good luck on the sale, I hope that someone here bids correctly to get this and you don't have to turn to the brokers.

    Sup is right on price as well, imho, 3 B. sounds very close to the sweet spot for your acct.
  5. shalanria

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    May 12, 2008
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    Re: My 2 Accounts LOADED with Rares,event items, +++ For Sale - See inside for detail

    Hate to see you go :( Good luck on the sales.
  6. Malimus

    Malimus Guest

    Re: My 2 Accounts LOADED with Rares,event items, +++ For Sale - See inside for detail

    Thank you SupSoc And Slickjack for your appraisals. Very much appreciated :)

    And dont worry Shalanria... Ill be back some day. With the challenge of a fresh start. I hope its on a new classic pre-AoS server though. Thanks for the luck :)

    Oh and the current bid is 1.25 billion for those wondering.

    And for those of you that are wondering... yes i did say i will try to keep this up for a week or so meaning it could be 1,2, or 3 weeks even. Or until someone makes the right offer. Thank you all for your time and good hunting
  7. Malimus

    Malimus Guest

    Re: My 2 Accounts LOADED with Rares,event items, +++ For Sale - See inside for detail

    ** New high bid ** 2 billion
  8. Malimus

    Malimus Guest

    Thank you Lord Nabin for the smooth quik easy trade. No brokers were needed.
  9. Restroom Cowboy

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    Jul 1, 2008
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    Good luck to you on all your future ventures Malimus!
  10. shalanria

    shalanria Seasoned Veteran
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    May 12, 2008
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    Good luck Mal, hope to see you back :)
  11. Malimus

    Malimus Guest

    Thanks all!

    Wish ya all luck a good hunting in the lands of Sosaria! Real life to :)
    Ill be back when they make that classic server... woot
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