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Ack! Ingame Chicken...pox?

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Dor of Sonoma, Oct 4, 2003.

  1. I am playing on Siege...just logged in, wandered outside Skara to pick some provender for my horse from the fields there, and came across 'a chicken corpse' laying in the plowed dirt. I plucked the feathers and wandered on hunting, closer to the Hedge Maze.

    A chicken was ambling around in front of me, clucking to itself. It neared the edge of a dirt patch...uttered a shrieking 'baGAWK!' and fell down dead! Right in front of me! I tracked and listened...no sign of another player, nor any animal or monster.

    What is killing the chickens? *shivers*
  2. jat

    jat Guest

    Maybe someone had poisoned him earlier and left it to die? Takes awhile sometimes for the poison to kill something. =P
  3. Chap

    Chap Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2003
    Likes Received:
    poisoning on chicken takes max 4 seconds to kill it hehe

    from 0 poisoning GM magery that is
  4. It`ll be those meat eating Vorpal Bunnies /php-bin/shared/images/icons/laugh.gif
  5. jat

    jat Guest

    Ok how about a long range archer hitting it?
  6. There was no sound whatsoever, save for the chicken wandering around, mumbling to itself...and then shrieking its death cluck.

    I think I may have been emotionally scarred.
  7. uohamster

    uohamster Guest

    Maybe it was an undead demon possessed chicken.

    A poultrygeist?
  8. jat

    jat Guest

    There there now....here take this blankee and hold it close. Now doesn't that feel better? *Pats on back* Mama's right here and nothings going to get you like it did that chicken!
  9. ...poultrygeist...

    Hahahaha...! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/biggrin.gif

  10. Erskyne

    Erskyne Guest

    or a really slow bleed attack by "The Dread Lord Colonel Sanders" as he hid behind a tree salivating with anticipation.....
  11. try to avoid mirrors if at all possible - hehe
  12. Rob L

    Rob L Guest

    You guys crack me up /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif.

    'Twas the chickens way of greeting you methinks?
  13. Handel

    Handel Guest

    OK my guess, an exploding mushroom, I have seen a lot more of these recently.
  14. Kra'Za'Li

    Kra'Za'Li Guest


    Maybe it was an undead demon possessed chicken.

    A poultrygeist?


  15. Guest

    Guest Guest

    poor joke, very poor joke :p
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    *dons her detective cap, cranks up her forensic eval. skill*

    It does appear the chicken in question originally hailed from the hedgemaze area judging from the soot and leafing of hedgings, upon its claws and imp dust in its feathers.

    *wanders over to the hedgemaze area*

    Oh interesting the house within the maze area hath dramatically changed. I shall enter it to...........investigate.

    There is a new blackened orb within the house in the Ballroom. I shall check that out in a few moments.

    I have stumbled over the body of Mrs. Winners in the Library. *investigates*

    It appears Mrs. Winners was pkd by her lusting after the secret ingredients to someones egg drop soup and hot wings. Said chef feining co operation gaveth Mrs. Winners a sampling of his eggdrop soup and hot wings. BUT he laced them with hemlock. Apparently SHE had bashed a chicken with a candlestick in order to make a new batch of Mrs. Winners chicken and Bisquits but she did not quite kill the chicken. ENTER Colonial Hot MUSTARD from WongBoys,whom offed Mrs. Winners and took the chicken from the cold dead clutches of Mrs Winners hands.

    I stumbled into the body of Colonial Hot MUSTARD in the Dining Room. *investigates*

    It appears that Colonial Hot Mustard had thus proceeded to further smack down said unconscience chicken with a wrench, in the Dining ROOM for his famous hot wings and egg drop soup menu items. Whilst layeth the smacketh down on same said chicken with a wrench that Mrs. Winners previously hit with the CANDLESTICK,
    enter ...DREAD LORD COLONIAL SANDERS. HE pkd Colonial HOT MUSTARD with a butcher KNIFE of 80% resists coated in 16 of his special seasonings ! Dread Lord Colonial Sanders then abscounded with the still barely alive chicken..into the KITCHEN.

    stumbles into the body of Dread LORD Colonial Sanders in the KITCHEN. *Investigates*

    AH Colonial Sanders was strangle pkd by Sire Chili's with a chicken cavity ROPE seasoned with margaritta lime juice, whom then took the chicken and attempted to marinate and grill it still alive, upon the hearth in the conservatory, *go figure*.

    Stumbles into the body of Sire Chili's in the Conservatory. *investigates*

    It appears Sire Chili's was pkd upside his head, by a blackened seasoned cajun WRENCH.

    Moseys back to the BALLROOM where suddenly a body is found that was NOT there before. TIS the body of Mr. BACKYARD BURGERS. *investigates*

    OH my !! MR BACKYARD BURGERS was pkd by a LEAD PIPE in the BALLROOM there right by that mysterious blackened orb in the room. Apparently he stole the chicken off of SIRE Chili's to make his famous blackened chicken sandwich with the chicken, but he too has been killed. *enters the blackened orb*

    THE blackened orb has taken me to Umbra. Stumbles into the body of DOR OF SONOMA ! OH NO Dor is dead !!! GASPS ! yet *investigates*

    OMG the said chicken indeed hath become as the prior poster stated a poultrygiest. IT has been smacked down once too often and refuses to become anybodys secret receipe again. IT has poly'd into some horrific BEAST like some HUGE gigantic RAGIN ROOSTERS with sharp spurs on their feets and more ! The body of DOR of Sonoma was found to be looted by a lady named CHICK FILET. IT has been found out that Dor really is ... CHICK FILET whom was tryin to loot her own body FULL of chicken corpses but CHICK FILET was pkd as well then res killed endlessly and mercilessly by CHICKENS raging like Alfred Hitchcocks movie THE BIRDS. She DOR has been killing the innocent chickens, as her alter ego, Missy Chick filet for years to make her famous chick filets. AND due to her and all the other chicken hunters we must now all SUFFER RAGING ROOSTER CHICKEN REVENGE.

    NOW it seems the chickens were revolting and feining fake deaths, to mess over Dor's mind and to retailiate and to drive her INSANE and to do so to every one else whom has ever eaten chicken meat of any sort, in any receipes. I hath seen a BIG horrific beast, a poultrygiest if ye will,with a gm guild master tag over its head, strutting ,clucking and uttering chicken talk at will, talkin trash, bout how the chickens are now the largest organised guild on SIEGE...and beyond. THEY even can cackle like a doll named CHUCKY and have metal spurs on their feets..BEWARE of the hauntings of chickens, fakin death before our eyes, they will pwn us all, before halloween ever hits destroying our sanity and more ! SHUDDERS !

    I myself have acquired the flu running about doing all this investigating, and really needeth a warm tasty bowl of Campbells Chickey noodle soup but ummm nm.., SHUDDERS !
  17. Heh...

    *sloooowly backs away, never once taking eyes off QueenZen*

    Thank you...I think...


    Hey! What's that up in the sky?!!

    *points up*

    *skeedaddles while QZ is squinting at the heavens*

    Feet don't fail me now!
  18. thepiper

    thepiper Guest

    Imma have to get my friends to read this. They don't understand why I come to the boards. It's people like you all!!! Reminds me of just about any time that we get at least 4 of us together for any hunt...cept we have a tendency to die a lot more....lol
  19. Rob L

    Rob L Guest

    'The dread lord colonel sanders'... That cracked me up. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  20. cherub

    cherub Guest

    aye i know the reson why. due to the fact that there has been loads of attacks on our country. orcs , savages, and such, all animals have had a hard time of finding food to feed them selfs with.

    more and more i have seen rabbit animals around my home , having to kill them at long range with an arrow or spell, then very carefully digging a hole and putting them in it..

    bewarned rabbit animals are around this fair land and it is spreading. it is getting harder of feed the poor now , since i must make sure the animal is not infected before eat or feed someone.

    signs of a rabbit animal are running in circles, feathers,fur, glazed eyes, a look of skin and bones, where they have not eatten.. etc...

    good luck and be warey of such an animals.
  21. Guest

    Guest Guest

  22. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Maybe shadow striked by an assassin following you... :p
  23. jat

    jat Guest

    LOL Queen! You crack me up!
  24. Guest

    Guest Guest

    OOOOOOOOH, i thought they removed this. But do you rember when wheat fields used to POISON anyone/anything that went in them? Like in delucia the one by the bank used to and people would gate newbies in there and let them die! Maybe thats how the chickens died =P
  25. jglide

    jglide Guest


    I would go to a healer if I were you. Just in case. He could of died from the lich monster, i mean lice monster.
  26. hijii

    hijii Guest

    I was looking through old threads... and this one caught my attention... Has the mystery of the dead chicken ever been solved?? It happened in 2003!! We need some kind of closure - think of the chicken's poor family!
  27. brianfreud

    brianfreud Guest

    You know, way to ressurrect a dead thread.. and I do really actually mean it! This is one of the funniest threads I've ever seen... Zen is classic [​IMG]
  28. mjolnir131

    mjolnir131 Guest

    you forgot to say to make a long story short......

    so we could have said to late
  29. Babble

    Babble Guest

    My guess would be a chicken running over an exploding mushroom and getting killed.
  30. Greatfellow

    Greatfellow Guest

    Funny Funny, thanks for bringing it back.
  31. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Bird Flu has reached the shores of Sosaria. WE MUST KILL ALL THE CHICKENS! o_O
  32. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Maybe it was an undead demon possessed chicken.
    &lt;br&gt;A poultrygeist?

    [/ QUOTE ]
    ahhhahahaha too freaking funny!! lolol
  33. mjolnir131

    mjolnir131 Guest

    i don't know an archer that can walk past a chicken without killing it 25 feathers is 25 arrows
  34. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I suspect fowl play...
  35. I fear that the mystery remains unsolved.

    *shivers slightly*

    On an unrelated note: I had forgotten how long ago (prior to the original post, of course) I began playing on Siege Perilous. Thank you for the timestamped reminder! *grins*

    Oh! And on an unrelated shard: Not an hour ago, the same thing happened with a bird as I was hunting in the woods outside of Vesper, Felucca Sonoma. It gave a tiny lil' bird shriek, and in mid-flight, plummeted to the ground in front of me - dead! I am a Ranger there, quite skilled in Tracking and deduction, but could not find a solitary clue nor hint as to what caused its demise.

    *considers developing a complex*
  36. Guest

    Guest Guest

    The answer is a simple one. Upon your arrival, the chicken realized that it was not in fact a mighty dragon but a simple chicken. Having its reality destroyed and soul crushed by this new found true, its heart gave in and thus the chicken died.
  37. Wisty

    Wisty Guest

    I had that same thing happen with a cow, before Christmas, a day or two after the snow began to fall. But it wasn't an exploding mushroom. Nothing happened, I was standing there.

    Y'see, one of my chars was running about the edges of Brit looking for regs and wool (not fighting or killing anything),just because she's so familiar with that area and is relatively safe. She stopped at a distance from the cow that was just standing there. No monsters, not even a bat.

    Suddenly the cow screamed bloody murder and fell right over, blood splattered. I waited, saw no one. Went over to it, and took the leather. I wondered if maybe it froze to death, though why the blood. Then wondered if someone had stealthed and killed it somehow?

    What was even funnier was, at the time I was again telling myself how stupid I was to create a tailor who refuses to kill domestic animals, and like how is this char going to get any LEATHER to fill the bajillion leather bods she has been given by npc's... when *voila'* *sound of dying cow* *free leather*. lol

    Then again, maybe it was just a stong case of e.s.p.? *creepy feeling*

    Or maybe my char AI has acquired some secret skills that no one knows about. *sounds of eery music*

    And maybe she's really a killer at heart, and was trying to give me a clue as to how SHE wants to play HERSELF -- to phooey with how *I* want her to play. [​IMG]