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Active Player Cities and Roleplay Guilds

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Merik, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. Merik

    Merik Guest

    Here you will find a list of active Player run cities and Roleplay guilds.
    Not all are listed here but, those wishing to be listed. If you wish for
    your player run city to be listed you may PM me. If you wish for
    your RP guild to be listed you may PM me as well. Please send me
    basic information on your city or guild. Please attempt to keep
    it brief. You will be able to supply a link to your website for more
    detailed information.

    Player Run Cities Of Chesapeake

    Town of Gyldenfeld-

    The town of Gyldenfeld was founded July 23, 2004 as a community had taken root around the Red Wolf Cafe in the preceding year. Gyldenfeld is a very relaxed community with few rules and it's residents have reportedly been known to RP, especially after a few too many drinks. All are welcome in the town and leaving fresh fish in someone's front yard as a gift is a popular local custom. Gyldenfeld is located at the Britain/Skara Brae crossroads just west of Britain in Trammel.

    Guardians Gate City-

    Awaiting information from GG Government

    Kijustsu Anei Village-

    Established on August 20, 2007. Kijustsu Anie Village village is a place for Savages, Orcs, Undead, Drow and other darker walks of life.

    PaxLair Statehood-

    PaxLair is a Statehood of several cities: PaxLair City, Dragons Watch, and PaxOku. PaxLair started as one of the first player towns on Felucca, Chesapeake created by the guild The Band (TB). PaxLair is no longer a single town and the original town was renamed to "PaxLair City". PaxLair is open to all where many citizen-guilds and citizens have a variety of interests to include PvP combat, commercial ventures, adventure PvM, events, housing, government service, community development and interaction, diplomacy, news reporting, and quests.

    PaxOku City-

    PaxOku City is located on Homare-Jima, Tokuno Islands (Chesapeake shard). The city was founded as an outpost of PaxLair city on Nov 3rd, 2004. PaxOku is an open door roleplaying city. All are welcome to come to the city and partake in anything from events to roleplay story lines.

    PaxLair City-

    The primary purpose of PaxLair as a community service is to create, operate, and maintain a realistic "virtual" city within the UO gaming environment. That in-game city is called "PaxLair". Through this mission, PaxLair seeks to add to fellow players' enjoyment of UO and foster a sense of community. Established January 19, 1998

    Dragons Watch City

    Awaiting information from DW Government

    RP Guilds Of Chesapeake

    Kaar Barashalu-
    The Kaar Barashalu Orc Clan [Orc] is feared by humans and elves across the Realm. They eat horsie stew and love to tangle with the locals. Stay upwind though. They may be able to smell you, but you don't want to smell them. Kaar Barashalu is a very old Orc clan led by Ga'kuct. When you talk to an orc, you best bring your orc translation book.

    Youkaiko Guild-

    United Sosarian Navy-

    Tonkaweya Tribe-

    Arg'nath Og'nar-

    PaxOku Blue Guard-
    The Oku Blue guard was created by Lady Sarberius. It is run by the chancellor of defense for
    PaxOku. It was created due to the undead city to the South-West and the ronians to the
    North East. The Oku Blue Guard also extends into fel from time to time.