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NEWS Adar the Juka

Discussion in 'UO Lake Austin' started by Tamais, Jun 18, 2015.

  1. Tamais

    Tamais Reporting for Lake Austin since April 2014
    Reporter Professional Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Editor Campaign Patron

    May 13, 2008
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    Arriving in Umbra, we quickly went to the stable. There a stable hand told us that Adar was outside the city.

    Adar, a Juka black as night, was waiting. "Who are you? he demanded watching us warily.


    Bowing, Demoss handed him the receipt. "Dontaine sent us. We are to help you with the goods."

    Adar took the receipt. "Good, he has learned his place. Even sending laborers to carry the goods. Minax will be pleased.

    Stepping forward, Rowan told him. "We need to see the goods. Minax wants to be sure the goods are the correct ones."

    Studying her, the Juka quickly moved away from the crowd. "I see...you don't work for him. Silly fools, you can't stop me." Turning he ran.

    "After him!" TestTube TERROR shouted, running after him. Surround him."

    Entering a clearing, Adar seemed to trip over a stone allowing us to catch up to him. "There we go.... have fun!. He gleefully clapped his hands. Suddenly strange corrupted bears attacked.

    Never had we faced such monsters. As soon as one was killed, more took its place. Driven back, our Warriors and Dragons were no match for the terror and confusion the bears created. Our mages tried spell after spell to stop them. When one died more took its place.

    "I can't believe it worked so well. Adar danced gleefully around the battle. "I have to go report to my Lady. the success to my lady."


    Kanalit attacked the Juka, "We can't let you leave!" Striking again, he saw an object fall from Adar's hand. Knocking Kanalit's hand aside, Adar caught the object. "What is that... an object to create the bears?" Kanalit asked.

    "It is for my lady, Minax, not fools like you." Adar snorted indignantly. "Even if you win this one, I can make another."

    Unnoticed, we had surrounded Adar. "You are going no where!" Demoss and Kanalit shouted grabbing his arms. "Minax, will not know of your success."

    Adar looked slyly at us, "How little you know. Do you play chess?" He laughed. "The board is being laid out while we speak".


    "Enough!' TestTubeTerror growled placing a dagger to Adar's throart., "Tell what you know or I'll cut your throat."

    "NO! nothing you can do frightens me more that betraying her...so what are you left with." before he could be stopped, Adar put a bottle of poison to his lips.

    Dahlia arrived as he fell to the ground. Picking up the object, she studied the bears. "Whatever those were...it is a good thing Minax will not get her hands on this."

    "The Juka was positive we wouldn't be able to defeat them." Demoss said. "It worries me that now she is working with Jukas. Who next?"


    "Hum...he mentioned Minax setting up a game. What is she trying to set in motion?" Dahlia sighed, For now...we can only keep putting the pieces together. She turned to leave. "I must think about this. We will meet soon."

    "May your travels be safe my lady." Demoss and Kanalit told her. Small groups gathered to discuss what had happened. Slowly they broke up, tired from the day's battles.

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