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Add An Optional Old Style 3D Container View To KR Mode

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Dungeon Master, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. I don't know about you but as a former 3D player i really miss the 3D container view in 3D mode. when the 3D mode was still available i could see every single item in any container at the same time if i wanted too. as for the 2D container view the container is so small and everything is so cluttered so it makes things hard to find and as for KR Mode none of the optional container views so far come even close to how good the 3D container view was so i hope that this will be considered as an additional optional container view in KR mode. for those who never played 3D you probably have no idea what i am talking about for those that played the 3D mode i hope and believe many of you will agree.
  2. VorteXPete

    VorteXPete Guest

    I agree 100% with you, i played 3D before and miss the expanding container view , I also miss some of the graphics like the fire steed, rune beetle and circle of transparency was way better too.
  3. Belmarduk

    Belmarduk Guest

    While I dont like certain item-graphics I find the grid-view very practical - You can scroll down your backpack with your mousewheel.
    You have the possibility to switch to old-style view and then have a container gump as large as in old 3D - only the items there look too small and horrible
    Greetings Belmarduk
  4. how i was complaining the same way after they switched of my beloved 3d client !!

    over the time that has passed, i had to and made friendship with the three KR views, while still missing the expandability of the container in the freeform view.

    all three views have their advantages, but i have switched to grid for normal gameplay and sorting of stuff in my house while using listview when looking for specific stuff or when doing tmaps. to my surprise, i only rarely use freeform anymore because of the issues with arranging the stuff and i start getting used to play without freeform somehow.
  5. I do not agree the grid can only go so big before it maxes out as for the old 3d container view there was a blue bubble you could click on and hold to stretch the container view as large as the computer screen if you wanted too and as small as you wated plus the back ground was black so it was easier to see most of the items. all i am asking is to add this as an option not to take away the other container views that way everyone is happy i dont think this is an unreasonable request.
  6. Mr Artifact

    Mr Artifact Guest

    I 100 percent agree with you i posted a very simular idea on the Ideas Den a long time ago infact its still there. all the other container gumps cant hold a candle to the 3D container gump. lets face it the 3D container gump was the only container gump in the past and now that you can view all 125 items at the same time without having to shuffle them around to find what your looking for and with the extra bank storage with that container gump you could have easily viewed all 150 items at the same time you just cant do that in grid mode.
  7. I was one of the people who had only ever used the 3D client when it was pulled. I was pretty upset over losing the expandable container views. However, if I had the ability today to chose to go back to using the 3D client, I would stick with the 2D client. Switching to the 2D client and the smaller container views forced me to get rid of a lot of junk and better organize all my stuff. I go a little nuts in my houses sometimes "containerizing" and labeling stuff, but it's cut down on the time I spend organizing and looking for things and also makes life a lot easier when I am sharing a house with someone else. I also think I tend to carry fewer items in my backpacks, which is a good thing for my hunters so they can carry more gold and loot. In short, I haven't found myself really missing the expandable container views now for probably seven or eight months.

    Someday, I will make myself spend the time to really start using the KR client because it does seem to have some nice features. However, since I'm not even sure how much longer I'm even going to continue to play UO I haven't had the motivation to put in that kind of time yet.
  8. Time Keeper

    Time Keeper Guest

    I agree the 3d container gumps where alot better then any other container gump in uo so please add them to KR mode.