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Addressed to Mr. Mignon...

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Hector Firebrand, May 19, 2003.

  1. Dear sir,

    I'm sure you have already heard of me but my name is Hector Firebrand. I have recently heard through several channels the details of the incident in which you made my good friend Miraz your prisoner. While I admire your ability to form an excellent plan and put into effect as flawlessly as you did I must inform you that I connot condone your behavior. If you had, for example, taken a high ranking monarch's child or a fair maiden then perhaps it would be forgivable as monarch's tend to pay very well for the return of their children and the capture of lovely fair maiden's has its own rewards but this was neither of those.

    You kidnapped a bard. And not just any bard but a rather untalented one. This will not be tolerated. Its not the kidnapping that I am against here as I understand there must be a balance between good and evil and Im not the one to condemn a man for helping to maintain the balance Im just truely disappointed with your victim selection.

    By kidnapping Miraz you could not have come out ahead no matter what the circumstances. For instance knowing Miraz the way I do I can safely assume that you spent nearly twice the amount you received solely on food and ale to keep his mouth shut in order to maintain your fragile grasp on sanity. Not only that but it is common knowledge that torture has no effect on Miraz because he is a sado masochist! I know this from going to the Serpents Hold tavern with him and watching him get thrown out for propositioning the serving wench. He likes that sort of thing. For a person like him it would be more effective to tie him to a chair and beat the wall next to him. Ive known Miraz for some time and I assure you that would be worse torture for him than anything. Not to mention the rumors Mr. McForge has been circulating about your true reasons for kidnapping Miraz in the first place. I know those cannot be true or you would have never gotton Miraz to leave! Why, my sources tell me that Miraz has been hanging around the moongates hoping youll come back and take him again! Im sure he considered it quite the vacation!

    In the future if your planning a kinapping or any other sort of crime please be sure to do your research ahead of time. This type of irresponsible criminal activity is appalling. I do admire your tenacity but I feel you have room to grow before youll truely be a villan to fear. In the future perhaps you could find someone to help you troubleshoot your ideas. Perhaps someone from DP or Golgotha. It never hurts to get a second pair of eyes on something to look for errors.

    That being said I will close with this thought. I notice a certain redeemable quality to you. The polite manner in which you carry yourself could be quite frightening if in fact you were to quell the soft heart I see inside you. Perhaps you could offer it as a sacrifice to some ancient god or something. All the really scary villans werent psycopathic monsters. They were merely people who had been pushed beyond the point of no return and were totally aware of that fact. THAT is the kind of villan I see in you. The kind that has nothing else to strive for than his final cause, whatever that is. Women make a good villan weak. Stay away from them. Theyre too sneaky. You cant count on them to react the way a sane person would. Keep that in mind as your planning your next excursion. Thank you.

    Hector Firebrand
  2. Tadriendra

    Tadriendra Guest

    He was at the Companion meeting at Darkmoor Saturday. And kept flirting with Lady Guri, However she had nothing to worry about since he was alone and she had several strong males there to protect her.
  3. Hehe

    Good insight, Hector!
  4. Pluffina

    Pluffina Guest



    Oh WOW I am happy to see you!

    hehhehe I enjored your letter to the fillet.....

  5. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Not only that but it is common knowledge that torture has no effect on Miraz because he is a sado masochist!

    <hr></blockquote>I knew that bloody whip salesman couldn't keep his mouth shut.
  6. Hey what are you people doing reading this?! This is private! Dont you know its against the law to read other peoples... what's that? This is a public what? Oh... well then... ummm... Hi Pluffy long time no see! Hope you all are enjoying yourselves. Ill just be going then... uh... see ya...