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Admirals Log Book!

Discussion in 'The Tavern' started by Calis M^N, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. Calis M^N

    Calis M^N Guest

    (this thread is the personal journal of Admiral Calis of the Moonglow Navy)
  2. Calis M^N

    Calis M^N Guest


    Well its been 12 Weeks since we built our first out post on our frozen waste land we called home... I know this because our pet parrot we named after our Home Moonglow is now 12 weeks old. I wont say it was un-kind to us... apart from the rain and snow it was a grand place to live with Orc to keep us busy between voyages...

    When we were told of our relocation it was met with mostly happiness as many of my crew didn't like the cold.

    This new place we have Dubbed 'Northern Star' is far warming and betetr suits our current missions.

    Moonglow Navy have come a long way from when they had their launching party and learned of Devante's evil plan to invade Trinsic. a few minor skirmishes have happened since then.

    The worst one during the Battle between the islands of New Haven and old Magencia when Trinsic Navy and Moonglow Navy sailed around the world to give help to the Plague in Yew.
    That was a tough voyage and even more punishing fight against the infected they are on of the reasons for our relocation.

    We can give better support to Yew from fighting the plague at their backs.

    Although it saddens me to be away from Moonglow I know we are protecting the whole world from Northern Star as the pirates hang around Jelhom just tot he north of us.

    Much work has one into this new location we seem to get on well witht he locals as well.. A Black Smith and his Daughter have visited us offering to repair items and build things we need, he also wants to join us on a voyage at some point... this might be dangerous but we shall see.

    Our New ship will be constricted soon we have to paint her and stock her up! and then we can take out for her maden voayge. She will be a fine Ship!

    well this will be the first of many enteries to this journal so i better be having some adventures!
  3. Calis M^N

    Calis M^N Guest


    Well now that i'v had time to reflect on last nights battle at the Moonglow Telescope... i realise this really is war...

    I can't help but to think... Were we right to move with all this Savage attacks at Moonglow.. but then i think.. we can be where its needed... and still have our Base in a location that will keep the Pirates at Bay.

    Although saying that i think we need more Marines! and more sailors to man the guns!

    well i better stop now.. must write my report for Nathan Hawke about last night

  4. Calis M^N

    Calis M^N Guest


    It's been a while since i updated my log book... for that I am sorry....

    Last night saw the Maiden voyage of the MNS Raptor and the party to celabrate

    It was a grand night with some very special Guests

    i will be filing a report on it soon...

    I have had some time lately to think... we much up our patrols... of the sea.. with our new ship ready to sail we need to get both our war ships manned and out ont he open waters... perhaps to give aid to Yew again!

  5. Calis M^N

    Calis M^N Guest


    Last night We went with Nathan Hawke to investigate a stone piller in yew..

    when we moved it there apeared to be a secret passage to an underground crypt..

    we weren't alone though... there was many ghoasts of people local people haunting this evil place

    when we got to what apeared to be the end of the cave some aweful looking zobie cows stood in our way and a "mysterious man" who ran away as soon as we broke through his defences! Nathan wants us to talk about what we found tonight.. i will update my log book when we have figured things out!

    Admiral Calis
  6. Calis M^N

    Calis M^N Guest


    Well Colonel Clegg wanted us to investigate Pirates at Amebe or something island

    these scum bags were harrassing merchants and event stole on of their boats!

    So The Crew and I and a heap of Vigilantes took it apon our selves to sort this out! Led by Cleg of course!

    it was gruelling but we got there!

    took them all out we did and captured one of their ship for the use of the Kingdom!

    not a bad day at all if you ask me!

  7. Calis M^N

    Calis M^N Guest


    Meeting with Nathan Hawke... well we looked like we were getting some where! and then out of No where Flynn!

    publiclly humiliated Nathan and voted against the one thing that could hold this Kingdom together!!!

    those yewish don't know whats good for them call themselves Guards of the land! then why have they just voted for Chaos! BAH
    perhaps i should write this log when im less angry by the thoughts of the Yewish!

  8. Calis M^N

    Calis M^N Guest


    well tonight started with heading to New Haven for some recruitment.. no luck tonight though!

    then at 8pm we were to meet in britain for Fynn's Guard patrol.

    i must admit i let my emotions get the better of me... but he did have the cheek to talk of stability in the kingdom and yet votedagainst the solution in favour of continuious uncertinty... as well as publicly showing that He and Nathan don't get on! if thats not a demoralizer what is.... that being said we managed to find out mor about these mystirous theives in britain and even talked to one of their Fences who sold one of the necklaces form the list that was found a couple nights ago... and now its just a waiting game to see what happens andn if we can catch this fence meeting anyone else!

    After the patrol i headed to New Hope i hadnt been there in a while.. and wow did i crash a party!

    when i arrived someone on an O...st.. i cant remeber the name the wierd lizard things... was accusing Kal Shadowhand of some very dodgy dealings... and even threatened his life... Kal being Kal took it on the chin and i get the feeling so will this lizaard riding man if he tries to take out Kal...

    i get the feeling this is all in the past so why bring it up now when we have more pressing matters to worry about! like the state of this relm!

    ah well who am i but a lowly Admirlal of the Moonglow Navy!

  9. Calis M^N

    Calis M^N Guest


    Well Duncan and I went along to Britain for Fynn's Stake out of the Salty dog... Unfortunatly that arrogant tempered Leo Masden blew our cover by starting a fight with the damn tavern Keeper! after the chaos a lot of angry customers later we met up with Tonto and Baruk and Piper from the Order and headed out to Trinsic for we heard of pirates lurking around and Fynn seemed unconcerned about the rest of the kindom stating that " it is out of his territory" here is me thinking he cared about the shard of our broken Kingdom but apprently not....

    anyway when we got to Trinsic crisis everted for they had been defeated... so we sailed back to Norther Star and we managed to secure a rather important part of land opening up Northern star greatly!

    Renovations on the new Moonglow Navy Colosseum have began!!

  10. Calis M^N

    Calis M^N Guest


    well after a more succsessful stake out we caught the Bugger red handed!

    guess what he is a bloody pirate!! he put up a chase though! luckily quick thinking Argus came up with an idea to block him off with a rowig boat as he tried to row down stream in the middle of Britain!!

    but we caught him and locked him up in the castle!

    hopfully his life on this land will be over soon! the quicker he talks the sooner we can hang him!
    of course if he says nothing we can get rid of him quicker! *smiles as he writes that last bit*