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Advanced Mage PVP gear discussion

Discussion in 'UO Players Corner' started by asm0deus, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. asm0deus

    asm0deus Guest

    Hello all. Oldschool vet (beta to AoS) coming back to submerge myself in some UO PVP fun. I've spent the last couple days trying to find a combination of equipment that I fill is best but I just keep running into walls. PLEASE help.

    Template: Pure inscribe mage.

    Hat of Magi
    Rune Beetle Cara
    pendant of Magi
    shield in invul
    fey leggings
    ornament of the Magi
    crystalline Ring
    optional barbed leather hands
    optional barbed leather shoulders

    Haven't decided on wep (boomstick, scrapers, staff of magi? I dont know...)

    -9 Physical -8 Fire -2 Cold -21 poi +26 Energy (negative meaning less than 70 ie. need more)
    +35% LMCost
    +13 MRegen
    35% DCI
    +18 INT
    15% (capped) Spell Dam
    2 FC 3 FCR (possible more with wep)

    Now for the q's:
    1. Should I drop Fey leggings for legs with more resist? Would it be worth it to get / near 70max all resist and lose 20 DCI as a pvp mage?

    2. Should I replace crystalline ring with ring of elements (or something else) instead to hit max resist? Crystalline's magic damage is doing nothing due to cap so its just a tad of mana regen and 20+ magery 20+ focus.

    3. Do you see something that I should remove from my equipment list and replace with and why.

    Thanks in advanced and hopefully others get a good read out of the responses. :thumbsup:
  2. Desolation87

    Desolation87 Guest

    Your FCR is too low. Maybe try inquisitors ( a lil bit pricy tbh) or the 2/1 choas shield. The benefit of inquis is that you wouldn't need a shield to get max casting which is all the more nicer for pot chugging. However, being a 'pure' inscribe mage, does this mean your going with wrestle? If so you might as well throw out the crystalline as a mage weapon wouldn't be needed, and pick up a nice Scrappers. Oh and don't bother with ring of eles, you can easily make up resists in non-arty peices and if your really really bothered about resists, swap out the hat of magi for kasa of rajin..

    Also if you had armour of fortune, thats a huge load of LRC and a very nice 15dci while your at it. Of course the RBC has nice mods so it's all up to you. Don't forget your totem of void for 10lmc too!
  3. asm0deus

    asm0deus Guest

    thanks for the reply.

    Yeah Inquis is expensive but I cant find one even if anyone was selling on my shard.


    replaced shield and gained 2 FCR but lost 15% DCI
    added quiver for 5%
    removed crystalline ring for something

    what else can I do to get high DCI while maintaining good gear. Am I going to have to remove hat of magi and others just to get this?
  4. Heimi

    Heimi Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran

    May 15, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Its pretty easy to find rings with good mage mods aswell as DCI, so you can easily make up that lost DCI and add some nice mods to your suit too.
  5. Cueball

    Cueball Guest

    You need more DCI, an archer is going to own you in about 3 seconds, almost every single bow I see has hit lower defence on it, which is a mages bane, i'd try to aim for 60%+ DCI.
  6. GFY

    GFY Guest

    Personally I'm not crazy over the Pendant of the Magi. I go with a high resist gorget with a good special or 2.

    Good Luck & Good Hunting :thumbsup:
  7. asm0deus

    asm0deus Guest

    Do you have to have 100% LRC. Can't you just bring regs
    I'm having to kill certain bonuses just to obtain this.

    Here is where I am at ATM:
    folded steel glasses
    Rune Beetle Carapace
    pendant of the magi
    ornament of the mag
    fey leggings
    Shield of Invulner
    option barbedleather sle
    ring - 3 FCR +something

    significant info about this:
    2 FC 6 FCR
    55 DCI (without ring).
    way to low fire resist (43). rest fine.
    28 Lower mana cost (without potential ring bonus)
    100 LRC
    10 int
    only 5 spell damage need 10 more (from ring?)

    So I can make spell damage and add more DCI but there is no way I can fix the fire resist without replacing equipment. I do have an armor of fortune but I really like RBC for the lower mana cost.

    Is there no way to have decent LMC with a 100% LRC, 55+DCI, full resist, 2FC6FCR suit?

    You say toss the pendant. Well then I have to make up 30 more LRC, and the +5 magic damage.

    Toss the rune beetle for more DCI and LRC well im still at low fire resist and I just lost 15% LMC.

    I'm going crazy here..
  8. GFY

    GFY Guest

    I have a decent suit put together but I still have to carry regs. I just make sure I wear an arcane robe, cloak, and boots. With these 3 I'm able to get back to my corps and collect my regs without too much difficulty.

    Na your not going crazy. Putting together just the right suit can take a little while and a bit of luck. You need to decide what you want in your suit. I have 40 LMC with Rune beetle carapace, Tome of Lost Knowledge, and Totem of the Void. My resists are all 60 + and I have good mana increase and regen. I do, as I mentioned however I have to carry regs, and I'm always adding something to my suit to make it perfect.

    Just hang in there and keep plugging, you'll get yours just right.
  9. Laf

    Laf Guest

    keep the cryst
    pick up inquis

    get bomb sleeves. pure resist. Optional mr or +hp for mage.
    cryst make up for modless sleeve
    chaos shield 90 str req, meaning omen/curse drop shield if less than 115 str... not worth it

    or.. get creative.
    but be real about it. chaos shield, boomstick, bird helm, thats all junk.
    magi or pyros staff is not bad if you dont have wep skill, or use parry instead wrestle.
    but still.. naw.. junk them too. Use the cryst and -20 mage 1 hand wep. if you want that style.

    .. creative...

    dump orny

    Add cryst, inquis, arcane, void, pendant, infinity
    = 25sdi(pvp cap). +20mage for mage wep-20. 28Lmc(need 12more). 7mr. Fc1. Fcr3. 20dci

    1/3 brac w/5+dci, add lrc or lmc if you can manage. ie: I use 1/3 brac 15lrc 12 dci
    AoF 15dci 40lrc

    = 25sdi(pvp cap). +20mage for mage wep-20. 28Lmc(need 12more). 7mr. Fc2.(cap) Fcr6.(cap). 40+dci(45cap). 70Lrc.

    Optional weapon. Can use -20 Mage Weapon.
    Or Possibly clainin's spellbook. 3Mr 15Lrc

    = 25sdi(pvp cap). +20mage for mage wep-20. 28Lmc(need 12more). 10mr. Fc2.(cap) Fcr6.(cap). 40+dci(45cap). 85Lrc

    Leather Legg's, Leather Cap, Leather Arms,
    High Resist w/Total of
    12 Lmc combined(depending on Brac possibility of Lmc).
    15-30 Lrc combined(depending on Brac possibility of Lrc or Clainins Spellbook).
    Optional mod's of Mr, or Hp increase.

    This is just off top of head.. creativity.
    Would end up with

    Max pvp sdi
    Max lrc
    Max lmc
    40 Dci (45 Max)
    20 Magery
    Max Fc
    Max Fcr

    Downfall of this 3 minute idea would be you gunna need some fairly high resist's on those 3 pieces. Gunna need aprox

    65/60/40/60/40 combined.

    That can be annoying,
    You can be more creative, and use Brightsight. Mr3 Nightsight, and I think aprox 10/30/3/3/3.
    In which case you could drop the Pendant for a Leather Gorget.

    = 20sdi(pvp cap). +20mage for mage wep-20. 18Lmc(need 22more). 10mr. Fc2.(cap) Fcr6.(cap). 40+dci(45cap). 55Lrc.

    Leather Legg's, Leather Cap, Leather Arms, Leather Gorget
    High Resist w/Total of
    12 Lmc combined(depending on Brac possibility of Lmc).
    30-45 Lrc combined(depending on Brac possibility of Lrc or Clainins Spellbook).
    Optional mod's of Mr, or Hp increase.

    Possibly decreasing your downfall of this 5 minute idea would be you gunna need some fairly high resist's on those 4** pieces. Gunna need aprox

    22 Lmc combined(depending on Brac possibility of Lmc).
    45-60 Lrc combined(depending on Brac possibility of Lrc or Clainins Spellbook).
    Optional mod's of Mr, or Hp increase.

    65/60/40/60/40 combined armor. (16/15/010/15/10 Ea. 66 Ar Ea).

    ...5min idea, spend 20 on it and shouldnt be too hard.

    Basicly dont use chaos shield, boomstick, bird helm, thats all junk.
    magi or pyros staff, or tokuno sword is not bad if you dont have wep skill, or use parry instead wrestle.
    but still.. naw.. junk them too. Use the cryst and -20 mage 1 hand wep. if you want that style. And just get to it.
  10. Laf

    Laf Guest

    Keep in mind. You can balance out your mana cost with Mr or Lmc.

    Ie: I would rather have 12mr and 25lmc, Than 6mr and 40lmc.
    Or saying 30lmc and 10mr, is just as good as 40lmc and 7mr.

    Ideal mage pvp suit is fairly simple.
    <Max sdi
    <High Mr
    <25+ Lmc
    <Hp Increase
    <70Phys 85Fire 60cold 80Nox 60Energy (or as close as you can make it to that)
    :heart:5+ Dci w/Mage Wep (45 for Hld)
    <40+ Dci w/Wrestle (60 for Hld)
    And of course...
    < Lrc =p
  11. Desolation87

    Desolation87 Guest

    LMAO you recommend clainin's spellbook (3Mr 15Lrc) yet not a boomstick? Hmm, the boomstick is underrated. The only prob is you'll need 120 Macing.

    Ignore the guy saying crystalline, if you have wrestle then theres no point using a mage weapon. Pick up the scrappers instead. There you will reach your SDI cap and get 10lmc. Plus a nice FCR bonus so you would only need a ring with 2 or even only 1 tbh. And you can disarm. Holding a mage weapon, you won't be able to!

    28 Lower mana cost?? How? Toem of void for 10, onri for 10, scrappers for 10, thats 30right there, so you could keep PoM or RBC for the extra or use barbed stuff with lrc. And by you saying mittens, please don't say you mean stitchers mittens. Throw them out straight away! They only have LRC and some resists. No mr or lmc.

    My opinion - Drop PoM, Stitchers, folded steel and RBC. Pick up Armour of Fortune and kasa of rajin. Don't even bother with barbed, look at the tonnes of verite on sale. Some of the peices are really amazing. Your ring, use something with enhance pots (v. important) and fcr hopefully has some lrc but you should be able to get 40lrc between sleeves, gorget and glovces pretty easily.


    55DCI, 37SDI, 30LMC (without gloves, sleeves and gorget), enhance pots hopefully you'll find a nice 50% one. This really is important in todays pvp world, it's like having 120 extra skill points. Resists - 32,29,31,25,55 So using 3 peices of armour you will need 38,41,39,45,15 Easily obtainable!! Were talking about 10-15 resists per element per peice.
    Of course non of peices I've mentioned has mr. (Except the scrappers but this may cost afew) So you'll want 120med.

    EDIT : Try not to use a Scrappers with LRC, disarm is a pain in the ass. Don't forget snake skin boots for an easy 2 poison resists.
  12. asm0deus

    asm0deus Guest

    "or use parry instead wrestle."

    If you have parry you don't need wrestle? Also, I thought with parry you needed alot of dex now or something. Can you explain this please.

    "keep the cryst
    pick up inquis"

    I was going to do this at first but decided against it. I don't see a big benefit ATM. Yeah you gain 100 skill points but you lose out on 2 item slots pretty much. Is there any really good one handers that would make up for losing 20 magery (which is made up by ring)?

    "I would rather have 12mr and 25lmc, Than 6mr and 40lmc."
    I was thinking the LMC would be more important. 15% (extra) less of a 40 mana spell would be saved 6 mana. the other is gaining .6 mana per sec.

    It would take take 10 extra seconds to gain that mana back with +.6 mana regen compared to the 15% LMC. I would think in fast PVP cheaper spells would be better than long term regen. If you have a really long fight chances are you can just med. Can I have a 2nd opinion on this?

    thanks for advice.
  13. asm0deus

    asm0deus Guest

    Sorry for double post.

    Ok I wanted to update you on my gear.
    I'm very close and pretty excited about the outcome:

    -Totem and Quiver
    -Scrappers (version with +10LMC AND 12LRC.. I'll wear arcane to help with if i get disarmed)
    -Shield of Invul
    -Option gloves (18p, 23f, 19c, 11p, 14e 10 LRC)
    -Option Sleeve (7p,19f,17c,20p,9e 17 LRC)
    -Option Ring (2-3FCR ((don't really need 3 with scrap)) 10 DCI 10 LRC)

    62P, 70F, 75C, 58P, 88E (a little short in a few but It will do for now)
    6 ManaRegen (I would like more but whatever)
    100 LRC
    50 DCI (some say need 65, so maybe need more)
    48 LMC (too much I know)
    +10 int +10 mana (yay :p)
    +45 spell damage (so much wasted, arg...)
    0 enhanced potion (boo)

    So I got to much spell damage and LMC. I could use a tad more resist and mana regen and I still need enhanced potion.

    I see a few options. Throw out Rune beetle because of the surplus in LMC and replace with AoF for the LRC. I could then remove PoM (due to the extra LRC) for more resists but then I just lost out on my 6 mana regen (total). I could however get a little mana regen on the option sleeves and arms instead of focusing so much on LRC (due to the 40 on AoF).

    I'm sort of rambling here but my question is: looking at my setup do you see a good way to increase my resist a tad (physical needs 8 more at least and fire needs more if i get cursed) as well as gaining more mana regen at the expense of losing a tad of LMC.

    If not that's fine. I think I am pleased with this setup.. I just need to find a ring with enhanced potion on it as well and I think I got what I need...for now =)
  14. Desolation87

    Desolation87 Guest

    Thats what ya gotta do. With AoF you will only need 12 lrc from your gloves, sleeves and gorget. Plus resists and mr. Easy! (nice scrappers btw ;) ) Don't forget to use snake skin boots for 2% poison resist.