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Advertise your establishment/vendor mall/vendors here!

Discussion in 'UO Oceania Trade' started by Guest, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thanks can be directed to JediSith (but not here [​IMG]) for this thread

    Please only reply to this post as I will remove posts that do not actually advertise the above or are derogatory or unnecessary.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Located on the Bloody Plains, Trammel
    East of the Compassion Shrine desert.

    74o38'N, 58o38'E

    Alternatively, there is a rune at Thunderdome (first house east of Umbra)

    House of Wax is a museum. The exhibits represent the various peoples of Sosaria, their achievements and their contributions to world history. Also, through various means of divination, something of their future is chronicled alongside their past. Many of the waxwork figures also vend goods relating to their culture, shoppers can consider them 'themed vendors'. Below is a sample of stock:

    Potions, Paint, Petals, Plants
    Resources, Runebooks, Recalls
    Arcane Clothing, Golem Parts, Music Gears
    Dragon Scale Armour, Dragon Barding
    Stoneware, Glassware
    Elven Furnishings, Decorative Items
    Engraving Tools, Repair Contracts
    Fishing Loot, Parrot Accessories
    Begged Items, Doom/Tokuno Artifacts
    Enchanted Food



    First building due East of Umbra, right outside the city gate.
    Malas: 19oN, 57oE

    Thunderdome is an event arena. It hosts a regular tournament at 2pm AEST on the last Sunday of the month (unless otherwise announced). In between events, the arena is opened to the public and people are encouraged to visit use the facility. Thunderdome's guild [-TD-] also hosts other events, some of which are located at the arena.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    IDOC Hunters Vendor

    Its on the south side of Luna city and is stocked with whatever junk i get from IDOCs [​IMG]

    I might keep this refreshed to let people know whats in stock to save them going looking around [​IMG]

    Currently i have for sale:

    Advanced Char token
    Tome of Lost Knowledge
    Rune beetle Carapace
    Swords of Prosperity
    a "green" robe (blaze colored)
    Many AoS blessed Shoes
    Hooded Shroud of Shadows
    And of course the rest of crappy junk that noone will buy [​IMG]
  5. baldra

    baldra Guest

    Tokoland vendors
    west wall tokoland!
    near the water on the southern corner, on path.

    Will be open a few a month! (to try keep good quality stuff there with out dwenderling)
  6. [/b]Takeshi's Castle Baronship of HQ [/b]
    Zento - West of Makato Gate


    Cheap Powerscrolls Bargain for new players
    Idoc Items - Stealables, ML Arties, Gift/Birthday items
    Repair Deeds [Coming Soon] - Tinker/Carpentry/Smith/Bowcrafting/Tailor 50g per deed

    Please contact me if you like to rent a vendor by pm or icq...
  7. eric23

    eric23 Guest

    Rivendale Trading Centre. Selling all things cheaper than luna.
    Scrolls, BOS- Fully charged, Pearls, Arrows & Bolts, Powder of Fort, Repair deeds all types. Arties. Recipes, Talismans, Rune Books ect. Please come by for a look.
    Located Minoc Plains, Tramm. Just north of Minoc. [​IMG]
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Luna Vendors in Black
    Bulk trans poweder and Powder of fortifying.
  9. SthCrmwll66

    SthCrmwll66 Guest

    PoC Vendor mall ...Pirate Bootie ...Open for business ..

    22+ vendors with a good assortment of commodities . transpowder . BoS . to High End goods ...Much more ...Always in stock

    Located in Luna next to the Fox emporium ...

    Thank you ...P o Cove
  10. Fink

    Fink Guest