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Agapite Hammer for auction

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Alrich, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. Alrich

    Alrich Guest

    Starting at 5M.

    Bid ends tomarrow afternoon. Please bid here, thanks.
  2. Speedy Orkit

    Speedy Orkit Grand Inquisitor
    Stratics Veteran

    May 16, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I'll bid 4, if that's accepted.
  3. Alrich

    Alrich Guest

    Never gotten less then 5M for one, so thats what I am looking for. If not I'll hold onto it till someone wants to pay atleast 5.

    Thanks :)
  4. Ole Cheapy

    Ole Cheapy Guest

    I would offer 5 mil but my last 2 aggy hammers have gotten crap weps which leads me to believe EA nerfed runic hammers or it could have just been a couple of flukes. Either way I'll bid 4.5
  5. Alrich

    Alrich Guest

    I *think* they mentioned something about the chance for certain unwanted properties rolling on weapons being too high or something.

    I do know however from my personal experience on the last aggy hammer I burned, of 25 charges, 14 had mage weapon property, and 9 had useless slayer types (snow elemental slayer FTL)...

    They need to just remove the damn single-monster-type slayer properties (and just leave superslayer to roll) and also remove the stupid phys/fire/cold/poison/energy resist properties. grr to them!

    Have to say though, while not AS useful here, the gold and higher hammers make some RETARDEDLY good sammy plate runic armor, have an arm piece from a gold hammer which has LMC 7 and 87 total resists.

    All that aside, selling for 5. if noone wants to pay min. 5M, I'll just hold onto it.
  6. qqqa2

    qqqa2 Guest

    i should probably just make a post but here it goes...

    what are the different levels of hammers and more importantly about whats the normal rate of each kind.... any anyone knows.
  7. Alrich

    Alrich Guest

    -Dull copper, 1-2 mods 50 charges, 1000 or less. Usually I donate them to new or throw away

    -shadow, 2 mods 45 charges, 1-5k, ok for throwaway stuff

    -Copper, 2-3 mods 40 charges, 10-20k, "poor man's bronze hammers", good for throwaway armor IMO. Can make stuff as good as bronze hammers but you are going to use more ingots to bang out worthwhile stuff.

    -Bronze, 3 mods 35 charges, run 250-400k, good hammers, cost effective, can get some very nice things out of them

    -Gold, 3-4 mods, 30 charges, last few I sold went for 2M, good hammers.

    -Agapite, 4 mods 25 charges, 5M, great hammers can make some very very good stuff

    -Verite, 4-5 mods 20 charges, 10M+, only 3 Lbods reward this hammer

    -Valorite, 5 mods all 85-100% intensity 15 charges, mother of all runics.

    I forget intensity minimums for them all, they are in pub 51 or 52 patch notes, but the ranges on all hammers are X-100% for every hammer type.

    edit: also should be noted bronze is highest hammer that can be attained from a small bod. gold and up all are from large bods only, verite and valorite only from exceptional plate verite and valorite (7 piece) larges.

    Hence the price jump of bronze to gold and higher :)