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Alaster & Jazz Wedding

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Sophi, Mar 21, 2014.

  1. Sophi

    Sophi Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    Jan 19, 2011
    Likes Received:
    Here are a few pics from today's wedding here on Europa. Thank you to Mesanna, EM Gotan, and all our lovely friends who showed up to celebrate today with us -- and gave us really great gifts! [Also special thanks to Tiny, winner of the 2013 Holiday Deco contest who lent us her castle and spent many, many days decoing for the event.]

    Wedding site:

    wedding site.jpg

    Ceremony, EM Gotan officiating, Mesanna on guard for unruly party crashers - Thank you dear Lady!


    Site of Wedding Reception:


    Upper North Side.jpg

    SW corner.jpg

    Upper West Side.jpg

    Lower West Side.jpg

    Lower NE corner.jpg

    Hall of Stolen Undies:

    Hall of Stolen Undies.jpg

    Lower SE corner.jpg

    As you can see the place was just beautiful, here are a couple pics of the party, sry only grabbed them after the madness had quieted down a bit. If you have some pics of your own pls post them!

    After Party I.jpg
    Wanda is so nimble on her feet!

    And then the boys decided to dance, lol.
    After Party II boys dancing.jpg
  2. Aragorn

    Aragorn Journeyman

    Jan 16, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Congratulations to Jazz and Alaster.
    Laisse Les Bon temps roulez- Let the good times roll.

    Governor- New Magincia
  3. Aurelius

    Aurelius Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 26, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Really sorry I could make this one, Fridays are always a busy real life night :(

    Congratulations to the bride and groom! Presumably now Mr and Mrs 'the Mad' ? :)
  4. Alex"Drake Iron Heart"CS

    Jan 19, 2014
    Likes Received:
    What a great evening!! Full of laughter, happiness and joy!! Wish the best for the couple
    Here is some more pictures that I took:

    The reception:)

    The party just starting....

    Dont let the booze stop......:danceb::banana::party::mf_prop::pirate:

    Once again, was great to see everyone!!
  5. Scenic Nevins

    Scenic Nevins Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 2, 2008
    Likes Received:
    And a kid ensured it wouldn't be boring, so this is what went on, slightly to the side of the reception :p
    sidekick1.png sidekick.png
  6. Thimblepixie

    Thimblepixie Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    That looks lovely. Congrats all round :)
  7. Roland Of Gilead

    Roland Of Gilead Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    Dec 8, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Huge Congrats to you Both!!! My internet died Friday and just now got fixed or I would have sooo been there sorry I missed it. May you both enjoy a long an happy Marriage! :)
  8. Tame Misha

    Tame Misha Adventurer

    Nov 4, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Congratulations and all the best to you two!
  9. EM Gotan

    EM Gotan UO Event Moderator
    UO Event Moderator

    Nov 7, 2013
    Likes Received:
    [14/03/21][17:17:59] [EM Gotan]: Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen
    [14/03/21][17:18:02] [Sheer Chance]: white enough???
    [14/03/21][17:18:05] [Sheer Chance]: ROFL
    [14/03/21][17:18:05] [Alaster The Mad]: good afternoon !
    [14/03/21][17:18:06] [Sha-Naik-Kaan]: hehe
    [14/03/21][17:18:13] [EM Gotan]: I can tone it down if you require!
    [14/03/21][17:18:25] [Alaster The Mad]: if you could dye my apron...
    [14/03/21][17:18:27] [Sheer Chance]: oh man paperdoll looks awesome
    [14/03/21][17:18:37] [EM Gotan]: he he
    [14/03/21][17:18:44] [EM Gotan]: Now where's this deco you need a-fixing?
    [14/03/21][17:18:57] [Sheer Chance Baroness Of Ye]: got it in a bag
    [14/03/21][17:19:00] [Sheer Chance Baroness Of Ye]: will set it out now
    [14/03/21][17:19:11] [Viskyn Zoda]: hey jazz
    [14/03/21][17:19:18] [Viskyn Zoda]: u getting married
    [14/03/21][17:19:25] [Sheer Chance]: yes!!
    [14/03/21][17:19:53] [Sheer Chance Baroness Of Ye]: can you lift stuff and turn it?
    [14/03/21][17:20:26] [Alaster The Ma]: awesome candelabras jazzy cutie !
    [14/03/21][17:20:35] [Sheer Chance Baroness Of Ye]: move honey
    [14/03/21][17:20:37] [Viskyn Zoda]: 40 mins
    [14/03/21][17:20:45] [Sheer Chance Baroness Of Ye]: alaster
    [14/03/21][17:20:54] [Sheer Chance Baroness Of Ye]: can you move sweety?
    [14/03/21][17:21:24] [Sheer Chance]: can you turn it?
    [14/03/21][17:21:30] [Sheer Chance]: woot!
    [14/03/21][17:21:53] [Alaster The Ma]: sorry !
    [14/03/21][17:21:55] [Alaster The Ma]: i was on icq :)
    [14/03/21][17:22:00] [Sheer Chance Baroness Of Ye]: lol
    [14/03/21][17:22:05] [Sha-Naik-Kaan]: this?
    [14/03/21][17:22:13] [Alaster The Mad]: yeah !!
    [14/03/21][17:22:16] [Alaster The Mad]: u rock
    [14/03/21][17:22:18] [Sha-Naik-Kaan]: haha
    [14/03/21][17:22:19] [Sha-Naik-Kaan]: :D
    [14/03/21][17:22:25] [Alaster The Mad]: norwegians are awesome !
    [14/03/21][17:22:29] [Sha-Naik-Kaan]: indeedo!
    [14/03/21][17:22:56] [Sheer Chance]: gotan, this is tiny
    [14/03/21][17:23:06] [Tiny]: hello
    [14/03/21][17:23:10] [Tiny]: nice to meet you
    [14/03/21][17:23:10] [Sheer Chance]: she's been AWESOMELY helping with wedding
    [14/03/21][17:23:19] [EM Gotan]: A pleasure Tiny!
    [14/03/21][17:23:19] [Sha-Naik-Kaan]: this?
    [14/03/21][17:23:28] [EM Gotan]: If I take a moment to respond forgive me
    [14/03/21][17:23:36] [Tiny]: hehe its ok
    [14/03/21][17:23:41] [Sheer Chance Baroness Of Ye]: arg i took a screenshot last night, 1 sec
    [14/03/21][17:23:46] [Viskyn Zoda]: Gotan u like my outfit in alasters style p:
    [14/03/21][17:23:58] [Viskyn Zoda]: what about u ara
    [14/03/21][17:23:59] [ARAGORN]: like a betazoid wedding ;p
    [14/03/21][17:23:59] [Viskyn Zoda]: P:
    [14/03/21][17:24:07] [EM Gotan]: It's lovely
    [14/03/21][17:24:11] [Sheer Chance Baroness Of Ye]: LOL
    [14/03/21][17:24:14] [Alaster The Mad]: omg thanks a lot kaan
    [14/03/21][17:24:14] [EM Gotan]: Although a clothed wedding doesnt seem right for this couple
    [14/03/21][17:24:15] [Viskyn Zoda]: :)
    [14/03/21][17:24:18] [Sha-Naik-Kaan]: anytime mate
    [14/03/21][17:24:23] [EM Gotan]: is everything locked as you need?
    [14/03/21][17:24:25] [Viskyn Zoda]: LOL
    [14/03/21][17:24:32] [Sheer Chance Baroness Of Ye]: not quite yet
    [14/03/21][17:24:33] [EM Gotan]: You'll get all of this back after the event
    [14/03/21][17:24:35] [Alaster The Mad]: jazzy cutie look my outfits !
    [14/03/21][17:24:46] [ARAGORN]: gotan when ur done decoin can i talk with u a second plz? no rush tho :)
    [14/03/21][17:24:50] [Viskyn Zoda]: gotan nice robe
    [14/03/21][17:24:53] [Viskyn Zoda]: u selling it?
    [14/03/21][17:24:56] [Viskyn Zoda]: P:
    [14/03/21][17:24:59] [Sha-Naik-Kaan]: can EM's take off robe?
    [14/03/21][17:25:00] [Sha-Naik-Kaan]: :p
    [14/03/21][17:25:06] [Alaster The Mad]: thanks a lot Tiny really
    [14/03/21][17:25:06] [EM Gotan]: It'll not be this white after these two have finished i am sure
    [14/03/21][17:25:12] [Viskyn Zoda]: pass it 2 me ill take good care of it P:
    [14/03/21][17:25:17] [ARAGORN]: lol will be brown ;p
    [14/03/21][17:25:18] What do you want to use this item on?
    [14/03/21][17:25:28] [EM Gotan]: and yes Aragorn, but I need to set this up first please
    [14/03/21][17:25:43] [ARAGORN]: as aforementioned..when ur done :)
    [14/03/21][17:25:59] [Sheer Chance]: kaan could you budge a bit pls?
    [14/03/21][17:26:14] [Sheer Chance]: ty
    [14/03/21][17:26:22] [Sheer Chance]: LOL
    [14/03/21][17:26:26] [Sheer Chance]: ??
    [14/03/21][17:26:38] [Viskyn Zoda]: weding gift
    [14/03/21][17:26:40] [Sheer Chance]: whats this hon?
    [14/03/21][17:26:41] [Viskyn Zoda]: just dont tell alaster
    [14/03/21][17:32:32] [EM Gotan]: What needs locking?
    [14/03/21][17:32:42] [Sheer Chance]: these roses
    [14/03/21][17:32:46] [Sheer Chance]: and that candle
    [14/03/21][17:32:54] [Sheer Chance]: and this candle
    [14/03/21][17:33:04] [Sheer Chance]: also the pink podiums?
    [14/03/21][17:33:09] [Sheer Chance]: oops
    [14/03/21][17:33:18] [Sheer Chance]: can you turn that one?
    [14/03/21][17:33:26] [Sheer Chance]: nono
    [14/03/21][17:33:27] [Sheer Chance]: sry
    [14/03/21][17:33:30] [Sheer Chance]: other ways
    [14/03/21][17:33:37] [Viskyn Zoda]: *mumbles*
    [14/03/21][17:33:40] [EM Gotan]: that way?
    [14/03/21][17:33:43] [Sheer Chance]: yes
    [14/03/21][17:33:49] [Viskyn Zoda]: these em ppl think they own the place......oh hi Gotan
    [14/03/21][17:33:49] [Sheer Chance]: and the other one facing out too
    [14/03/21][17:33:50] [Viskyn Zoda]: P:
    [14/03/21][17:33:57] [Sheer Chance]: tyvm
    [14/03/21][17:34:02] [EM Gotan]: Anything else?
    [14/03/21][17:34:07] [Sheer Chance]: ok looks good
    [14/03/21][17:34:13] [Sheer Chance]: nope that's it
    [14/03/21][17:34:15] [Viskyn Zoda]: yah just 2 say u r the best em i think weve had
    [14/03/21][17:34:16] [EM Gotan]: have a pull at stuff to see if I've missed anything
    [14/03/21][17:34:20] [Sheer Chance]: ok
    [14/03/21][17:34:28] [Annix]: voilaa qui est faut
    [14/03/21][17:34:31] [EM Gotan]: No no, our prior EMs were great, they just weren't asked for weddings :)
    [14/03/21][17:34:35] [EM Gotan]: They could have done this too
    [14/03/21][17:34:44] [Annix]: mom
    [14/03/21][17:34:45] [Viskyn Zoda]: but u seem nicest P:
    [14/03/21][17:34:58] [Sha-Naik-Kaan]: Viskyn, stop flirting
    [14/03/21][17:34:59] [Sha-Naik-Kaan]: :p
    [14/03/21][17:35:00] [EM Gotan]: I just talk more :p
    [14/03/21][17:35:08] [Viskyn Zoda]: P:
    [14/03/21][17:35:09] [Viskyn Zoda]: lol
    [14/03/21][17:35:12] [Sheer Chance]: oops rune
    [14/03/21][17:35:15] [Sheer Chance]: pls
    [14/03/21][17:35:16] [Viskyn Zoda]: Grrrr P:
    [14/03/21][17:35:18] [Sha-Naik-Kaan]: hahaha
    [14/03/21][17:35:19] [EM Gotan]: Ok loving couple. are you wanting me to say anything too?
    [14/03/21][17:35:28] [Sha-Naik-Kaan]: this fire wont be put out once started
    [14/03/21][17:35:29] [Sha-Naik-Kaan]: !!
    [14/03/21][17:35:30] [EM Gotan]: I have your vows, would you like some waffle from me?
    [14/03/21][17:35:33] [Viskyn Zoda]: lol
    [14/03/21][17:35:40] [Annix]: brb
    [14/03/21][17:35:43] [Sheer Chance]: sure whatever you'd like to ad
    [14/03/21][17:35:44] [Alaster The Mad]: *steals undies*
    [14/03/21][17:35:46] [Annix]: ec client is the ****
    [14/03/21][17:35:47] [Viskyn Zoda]: lol
    [14/03/21][17:35:47] [ARAGORN]: you're serving waffles?
    [14/03/21][17:35:50] [ARAGORN]: yum
    [14/03/21][17:35:50] [Viskyn Zoda]: hes an em
    [14/03/21][17:35:52] [Viskyn Zoda]: alaster
    [14/03/21][17:35:56] [Viskyn Zoda]: u cant steal
    [14/03/21][17:35:57] [Viskyn Zoda]: an ems
    [14/03/21][17:35:59] [Viskyn Zoda]: undies
    [14/03/21][17:36:07] [Viskyn Zoda]: ahh
    [14/03/21][17:36:11] [EM Gotan]: Thats right! Nothing under this robe!
    [14/03/21][17:36:11] [Viskyn Zoda]: mind u
    [14/03/21][17:36:12] [Sheer Chance]: wow!!!
    [14/03/21][17:36:17] [Viskyn Zoda]: *steals undies*
    [14/03/21][17:36:18] [EM Gotan]: pretty
    [14/03/21][17:36:20] [EM Gotan]: ARGH
    [14/03/21][17:36:20] [Sheer Chance]: how cool was that!
    [14/03/21][17:36:20] [Viskyn Zoda]: *steals undies*
    [14/03/21][17:36:24] [Alaster The Mad]: ahaha
    [14/03/21][17:36:24] [Viskyn Zoda]: *steals undies*
    [14/03/21][17:36:27] [Viskyn Zoda]: *steals undies*
    [14/03/21][17:36:30] [Alaster The Mad]: heeeey
    [14/03/21][17:36:31] [Viskyn Zoda]: *steals undies*
    [14/03/21][17:36:33] [Alaster The Mad]: come back chi !
    [14/03/21][17:36:33] [Viskyn Zoda]: *steals undies*
    [14/03/21][17:36:36] [Viskyn Zoda]: ok
    [14/03/21][17:36:40] [Sheer Chance]: this bench
    [14/03/21][17:36:44] [Viskyn Zoda]: *steals socks*
    [14/03/21][17:36:49] [Alaster The Mad]: * gets undies back*
    [14/03/21][17:36:49] [Sheer Chance]: needs locking
    [14/03/21][17:36:52] [Viskyn Zoda]: *steals socks*
    [14/03/21][17:39:28] [Sheer Chance]: kk :)
    [14/03/21][17:39:37] [Viskyn Zoda]: did u say all?
    [14/03/21][17:39:40] [Viskyn Zoda]: P:
    [14/03/21][17:39:51] [Mesanna]: Congrats Alaster
    [14/03/21][17:39:57] [Alaster The Mad]: thanks a lot mesanna :)
    [14/03/21][17:40:06] [Annix]: il pepeon
    [14/03/21][17:40:09] [Annix]: :$
    [14/03/21][17:40:09] [Mesanna]: Anytime for my favorite little thief
    [14/03/21][17:40:10] [Alaster The Mad]: thank you for coming !!
    [14/03/21][17:40:11] [Annix]: pepon
    [14/03/21][17:40:14] [Viskyn Zoda]: LOL
    [14/03/21][17:40:17] [Alaster The Mad]: no no i'm innocent
    [14/03/21][17:40:20] [EM Gotan]: Quick! Run off with him, like at the end of The Graduate!
    [14/03/21][17:40:21] [Viskyn Zoda]: i like that line Messana P:
    [14/03/21][17:40:21] [Alaster The Mad]: it's just a legend
    [14/03/21][17:40:30] [Mesanna]: since when
    [14/03/21][17:40:32] [Viskyn Zoda]: LOL
    [14/03/21][17:40:40] [Alaster The Mad]: since the beginning !
    [14/03/21][17:40:45] [Viskyn Zoda]: 2004?
    [14/03/21][17:40:47] [Annix]: gate a luna stp
    [14/03/21][17:40:49] [Mesanna]: was not born yesterday
    [14/03/21][17:40:51] [Annix]: please
    [14/03/21][17:40:51] [Alaster The Mad]: i never stole any und.... ok no one trust me ?
    [14/03/21][17:40:53] [Annix]: anyone gate to
    [14/03/21][17:40:54] [Annix]: luna :)
    [14/03/21][17:40:55] [Annix]: bank
    [14/03/21][17:40:59] [Viskyn Zoda]: nop none does P:
    [14/03/21][17:41:05] [Alaster The Mad]: damn
    [14/03/21][17:41:05] [Mesanna]: lol
    [14/03/21][17:41:08] [Viskyn Zoda]: P:
    [14/03/21][17:41:10] [Mesanna]: *hugs*
    [14/03/21][17:41:10] [EM Gotan]: This gold on my robe is a special chastity belt to keep you off mine Alaster
    [14/03/21][17:41:10] [Alaster The Mad]: thanks a lot for coming :)
    [14/03/21][17:41:13] [Alaster The Mad]: * hugs !*
    [14/03/21][17:41:17] [Mesanna]: I will be over here watching
    [14/03/21][17:41:19] [Mesanna]: have fun
    [14/03/21][17:41:23] [Alaster The Mad]: thank you :)
    [14/03/21][17:41:29] [Viskyn Zoda]: bye Messana
    [14/03/21][17:41:36] [Alaster The Mad]: je gate !
    [14/03/21][17:41:38] [Annix]: une tite gate luna en vitesse
    [14/03/21][17:41:39] [Annix]: rouilla
    [14/03/21][17:41:40] [EM Gotan]: You have Mesanna to thank for the final rings too, so cherish them
    [14/03/21][17:41:48] [Viskyn Zoda]: ty 2 Messana
    [14/03/21][17:41:51] [Alaster The Mad]: she rocks !
    [14/03/21][17:41:57] [Alaster The Mad]: Vas Rel Por
    [14/03/21][17:41:57] [Viskyn Zoda]: but also ty 2 u Gotan i like Alaster
    [14/03/21][17:42:04] [Viskyn Zoda]: the guy has taught me alot about the game P:
    [14/03/21][17:42:24] [EM Gotan]: It's mostly a fine community, I'm honoured to be EM for all of you
    [14/03/21][17:42:31] [Viskyn Zoda]: P:
    [14/03/21][17:42:33] [Annix]: u rock gotan
    [14/03/21][17:42:34] [Viskyn Zoda]: yah
    [14/03/21][17:42:39] [Annix]: we need the things go forward
    [14/03/21][17:42:40] [Annix]: :)
    [14/03/21][17:42:44] [Viskyn Zoda]: but u 1 of best em weve had i can remember
    [14/03/21][17:42:56] [Viskyn Zoda]: when did u become e last year or this year?
    [14/03/21][17:43:23] [Annix]: ET KOI L'ENTEREMENT DE VIE DE GARCON
    [14/03/21][17:43:29] [Lien Ragus]: wahooo
    [14/03/21][17:43:32] [Annix]: tu t'es fait dégommer a yew
    [14/03/21][17:43:33] [Viskyn Zoda]: LIEN
    [14/03/21][17:43:34] [Lien Ragus]: romantique et tout et tout
    [14/03/21][17:43:34] [Annix]: au moin
    [14/03/21][17:43:34] [Alaster The Mad]: on la fait en live à bruxelles !
    [14/03/21][17:43:36] [Viskyn Zoda]: !
    [14/03/21][17:43:44] [Annix]: aarf
    [14/03/21][17:43:44] [Alaster The Mad]: toi et moi !
    [14/03/21][17:43:46] [Annix]: :p
    [14/03/21][17:43:48] [Annix]: hehe
    [14/03/21][17:44:04] [Annix]: roxxance
    [14/03/21][17:44:04] [Viskyn Zoda]: Alaster b4 u get married
    [14/03/21][17:44:08] [Lien Ragus]: *waves to Gotan*
    [14/03/21][17:44:11] [EM Gotan]: I came online early December
    [14/03/21][17:44:25] [Lien Ragus]: :)
    [14/03/21][17:44:25] [Alaster The Mad]: yes ?
    [14/03/21][17:44:27] [EM Gotan]: And again, our prior EMs had their own strengths, they were much better at events, he he
    [14/03/21][17:44:28] [Willow Wolfe]: lol
    [14/03/21][17:44:30] [Willow Wolfe]: hi
    [14/03/21][17:44:32] [Willow Wolfe]: sedc
    [14/03/21][17:44:33] [Viskyn Zoda]: P:
    [14/03/21][17:44:34] [Willow Wolfe]: sec
    [14/03/21][17:44:38] [Viskyn Zoda]: u
    [14/03/21][17:44:42] [Viskyn Zoda]: r one of the players
    [14/03/21][17:44:45] [Viskyn Zoda]: who have
    [14/03/21][17:44:48] [Viskyn Zoda]: lets say
    [14/03/21][17:44:57] [Viskyn Zoda]: *made me who i am in the game*P
    [14/03/21][17:44:59] [Willow Wolfe]: from Lien and I
    [14/03/21][17:45:00] [Viskyn Zoda]: and i wanna say
    [14/03/21][17:45:02] [Alaster The Mad]: omg thank you willow !!
    [14/03/21][17:45:06] [Viskyn Zoda]: thanks
    [14/03/21][17:45:11] [Willow Wolfe]: you are welcome
    [14/03/21][17:45:14] [Viskyn Zoda]: and enjoy
    [14/03/21][17:45:14] [Alaster The Mad]: hey no probs bro :)
    [14/03/21][17:45:19] [Viskyn Zoda]: your rleationship P:
    [14/03/21][17:45:24] [Alaster The Mad]: ooh yeah
    [14/03/21][17:45:25] [EM Gotan]: Remember folks, you can leave your memories at the UOEM page too
    [14/03/21][17:45:26] [Viskyn Zoda]: so ty Alastr :)
    [14/03/21][17:45:29] [Alaster The Mad]: Jazz is awesome !
    [14/03/21][17:45:35] [Viskyn Zoda]: and u r awesome
    [14/03/21][17:45:39] [Willow Wolfe]: hi Mim
    [14/03/21][17:45:40] [Viskyn Zoda]: perfect couple
    [14/03/21][17:45:40] [Alaster The Mad]: no no
    [14/03/21][17:45:41] [Viskyn Zoda]: :)
    [14/03/21][17:45:42] [Lien Ragus]: a naked wedding then ?
    [14/03/21][17:45:45] [Alaster The Mad]: i'm a regular undies stealing
    [14/03/21][17:45:46] [Willow Wolfe]: lol
    [14/03/21][17:45:52] [Willow Wolfe]: my clothes stay on
    [14/03/21][17:45:53] [Viskyn Zoda]: true
    [14/03/21][17:45:58] [EM Gotan]: http://europa.uoem.net/an-invitation-to-the-wedding-of-alaster-the-mad-and-jazz/
    [14/03/21][17:45:59] [Willow Wolfe]: lol
    [14/03/21][17:46:00] [Viskyn Zoda]: P:
    [14/03/21][17:46:01] [Lien Ragus]: hope they made some rooms
    [14/03/21][17:46:11] [Viskyn Zoda]: we on stratics P:
    [14/03/21][17:46:13] [Viskyn Zoda]: ?
    [14/03/21][17:46:18] [Willow Wolfe]: Chi...
    [14/03/21][17:46:20] [EM Gotan]: You can post there too of course!
    [14/03/21][17:46:25] [Willow Wolfe]: clothes
    [14/03/21][17:46:29] [Viskyn Zoda]: where have u posed it?
    [14/03/21][17:46:30] [Viskyn Zoda]: :)
    [14/03/21][17:46:35] [Kalimana Zuya]: Gotan u taking pictues of the event?
    [14/03/21][17:46:51] [Willow Wolfe]: not with you naked
    [14/03/21][17:46:52] [Willow Wolfe]: no
    [14/03/21][17:46:55] [Viskyn Zoda]: alaster
    [14/03/21][17:46:57] [Viskyn Zoda]: 14 min
    [14/03/21][17:46:58] [Viskyn Zoda]: s
    [14/03/21][17:46:59] [Viskyn Zoda]: P:
    [14/03/21][17:47:08] [EM Gotan]: I cannot I'm afraid, due to accidental revealing of what's under my robe
    [14/03/21][17:47:10] [Lien Ragus]: last minutes to decide
    [14/03/21][17:47:17] [Lien Ragus]: lol
    [14/03/21][17:47:17] [Annix]: après 10 ans il était temps :)
    [14/03/21][17:47:25] [Annix]: enfin 14 ans de jeu ?
    [14/03/21][17:47:30] [Alaster The Ma]: name ?
    [14/03/21][17:47:43] [dqwdqdqw]: no guards here ?
    [14/03/21][17:47:46] [Alaster The Mad]: ouais 14 ans !
    [14/03/21][17:47:50] [Lien Ragus]: do we need any ?
    [14/03/21][17:47:59] [dqwdqdqw]: what if someone lured a scalis while the mariage any1 thought about that
    [14/03/21][17:48:06] [Viskyn Zoda]: Gotan
    [14/03/21][17:48:07] [Lien Ragus]: would be fun
    [14/03/21][17:48:08] [Lien Ragus]: indeed
    [14/03/21][17:48:10] [Viskyn Zoda]: will dispel it
    [14/03/21][17:48:12] [Viskyn Zoda]: plus
    [14/03/21][17:48:12] [Alaster The Mad]: si tu fais ca
    [14/03/21][17:48:15] [Viskyn Zoda]: messana watching
    [14/03/21][17:48:18] [Willow Wolfe]: for you
    [14/03/21][17:48:18] [Alaster The Mad]: je te prends par les narines !
    [14/03/21][17:48:20] [dqwdqdqw]: lol
    [14/03/21][17:48:21] [Willow Wolfe]: maybe
    [14/03/21][17:48:22] [Viskyn Zoda]: :)
    [14/03/21][17:48:23] [Willow Wolfe]: lol
    [14/03/21][17:48:24] [Annix]: lol
    [14/03/21][17:48:24] [EM Gotan]: Also Scalis will lose his pants
    [14/03/21][17:48:28] [Viskyn Zoda]: lol
    [14/03/21][17:48:29] [dqwdqdqw]: ahah
    [14/03/21][17:48:31] [Willow Wolfe]: oh no
    [14/03/21][17:48:33] [Viskyn Zoda]: alaster will face it
    [14/03/21][17:48:35] [ARAGORN]: he doesnt wear pants ;p
    [14/03/21][17:48:38] [Lien Ragus]: he wont show up
    [14/03/21][17:48:39] [Viskyn Zoda]: and then get eaten
    [14/03/21][17:48:41] [Viskyn Zoda]: P:
    [14/03/21][17:48:42] [Lien Ragus]: Scalis is too shy
    [14/03/21][17:48:42] [dqwdqdqw]: we would eat crab for diner after?
    [14/03/21][17:48:45] [EM Gotan]: it's too cold to go swimming without them, he'll soon be off if he tries it here
    [14/03/21][17:48:49] [Willow Wolfe]: good
    [14/03/21][17:48:55] [Viskyn Zoda]: lol
    [14/03/21][17:49:02] [Viskyn Zoda]: in other terms
    [14/03/21][17:49:03] [Lien Ragus]: i wish i could lend of of mine
    [14/03/21][17:49:04] [Viskyn Zoda]: gotan
    [14/03/21][17:49:08] [Viskyn Zoda]: will dispel it P:
    [14/03/21][17:49:11] [Lien Ragus]: but i just dont wear any since i know Alaster
    [14/03/21][17:49:12] [Viskyn Zoda]: with his magical powers
    [14/03/21][17:49:22] [Willow Wolfe]: lol
    [14/03/21][17:49:23] [Viskyn Zoda]: dispel high seas boss spell
    [14/03/21][17:49:28] [Viskyn Zoda]: 9th circle in mager
    [14/03/21][17:49:29] [EM Gotan]: Or wait and see if it catches the bouquet at the end; it could be Mrs Scalis if I play my cards right
    [14/03/21][17:49:34] [Viskyn Zoda]: 130 mage need P:
    [14/03/21][17:49:37] [Willow Wolfe]: lol
    [14/03/21][17:49:37] [Lien Ragus]: hehe
    [14/03/21][17:49:44] [Lien Ragus]: he surely deservers it
    [14/03/21][17:49:46] [Viskyn Zoda]: P:
    [14/03/21][17:49:48] [Lien Ragus]: good idea
    [14/03/21][17:49:49] [Kalimana Zuya]: When can we arrange for me to marry Drake?
    [14/03/21][17:50:04] [EM Gotan]: Kali, you can ask at any time
    [14/03/21][17:50:09] [Lien Ragus]: love is in the air
    [14/03/21][17:50:14] [Annix]: de la roxxance
    [14/03/21][17:50:14] [Kalimana Zuya]: okok
    [14/03/21][17:50:15] [Annix]: à l'état pur
    [14/03/21][17:50:16] [Alaster The Mad]: ma femme est partie en courrant je crois !
    [14/03/21][17:50:23] [Willow Wolfe]: hi Kali
    [14/03/21][17:50:24] [EM Gotan]: I need character names, ring inscriptions (gold/silver) location, any vows you wish read
    [14/03/21][17:50:29] [Kalimana Zuya]: Hi
    [14/03/21][17:50:30] [Annix]: il lui reste 10 minutes
    [14/03/21][17:50:38] [dqwdqdqw]: ta femme est en train de smettre sur son 36?
    [14/03/21][17:50:44] [EM Gotan]: You can marry anywhere that doesn't have mob spawn
    [14/03/21][17:50:45] [Kalimana Zuya]: By the way, what side we on Groom or the other?
    [14/03/21][17:50:47] [Alaster The Ma]: gotan, it's a really stupid question but
    [14/03/21][17:50:52] [EM Gotan]: ask away
    [14/03/21][17:50:57] [Alaster The Ma]: you gave the other ring to jazz ?
    [14/03/21][17:51:00] [Viskyn Zoda]: Gotan
    [14/03/21][17:51:02] [Viskyn Zoda]: .......
    [14/03/21][17:51:02] [EM Gotan]: Yes, she has it
    [14/03/21][17:51:04] [Viskyn Zoda]: will
    [14/03/21][17:51:04] [Sha-Naik-Kaan]: omg a despise island wedding would be fun tho
    [14/03/21][17:51:04] [Alaster The Ma]: or you're waiting her
    [14/03/21][17:51:06] [Alaster The Ma]: ok :)
    [14/03/21][17:51:08] [Viskyn Zoda]: *bluches*
    [14/03/21][17:51:09] [ARAGORN]: hehe
    [14/03/21][17:51:12] [Viskyn Zoda]: will u marry me?????????
    [14/03/21][17:51:18] [dqwdqdqw]: lol
    [14/03/21][17:51:18] [EM Gotan]: Yes Zoda? Alas I have to stay single
    [14/03/21][17:51:29] [dqwdqdqw]: ou est Jazz
    [14/03/21][17:51:36] [Annix]: tkt bro
    [14/03/21][17:51:37] [Viskyn Zoda]: im not gonna rage log or anything
    [14/03/21][17:51:39] [Viskyn Zoda]: P:
    [14/03/21][17:51:41] [Annix]: elle te fera pas un plan foireu
    [14/03/21][17:51:47] [EM Gotan]: I know, it's frustrating at times, hence why Osireadon looks sexier by the moment
    [14/03/21][17:51:49] [Alaster The Mad]: elle va pas tarder je pense :)
    [14/03/21][17:51:52] [dqwdqdqw]: oki
    [14/03/21][17:51:54] [Viskyn Zoda]: lol
    [14/03/21][17:51:56] [Annix]: elle se maquille
    [14/03/21][17:51:58] [Viskyn Zoda]: u wearing glasses
    [14/03/21][17:52:00] [Viskyn Zoda]: ?
    [14/03/21][17:52:04] [dqwdqdqw]: ouais elle s'fait une beauté
    [14/03/21][17:52:08] [EM Gotan]: Big, big beer glasses yes
    [14/03/21][17:52:08] [dqwdqdqw]: héhé
    [14/03/21][17:52:12] [Annix]: tu la annoncé à l'émission hier
    [14/03/21][17:52:12] [Viskyn Zoda]: lol
    [14/03/21][17:52:14] [Annix]: au moin ?
    [14/03/21][17:52:34] [Alaster The Mad]: pas eu d'emission hier !
    [14/03/21][17:52:38] [Alaster The Mad]: j'etais super malade
    [14/03/21][17:52:39] [Annix]: arf
    [14/03/21][17:52:40] Looking for: "Sheer Chance"
    [14/03/21][17:52:45] [Lien Ragus]: Hello Wnada
    [14/03/21][17:52:47] [Lien Ragus]: and Gareth
    [14/03/21][17:52:50] [Lien Ragus]: :))
    [14/03/21][17:52:55] [wanda]: hello :)
    [14/03/21][17:52:58] [G'reth]: Hello
    [14/03/21][17:52:59] [Lien Ragus]: *hugs*
    [14/03/21][17:53:04] [wanda]: *hugs*
    [14/03/21][17:53:08] [Willow Wolfe]: sorry hi Wanda
    [14/03/21][17:53:11] [Annix]: c koi le nom
    [14/03/21][17:53:12] [Willow Wolfe]: lool
    [14/03/21][17:53:12] [Annix]: d'ici
    [14/03/21][17:53:18] [wanda]: :)
    [14/03/21][17:53:20] [Annix]: justice
    [14/03/21][17:53:20] [Willow Wolfe]: typing terrible today
    [14/03/21][17:53:21] [Annix]: island?
    [14/03/21][17:53:22] [Willow Wolfe]: sorry
    [14/03/21][17:53:32] [wanda]: my typing is bad every day hehe
    [14/03/21][17:53:36] [Willow Wolfe]: lol
    [14/03/21][17:53:40] [Willow Wolfe]: how is Mike?
    [14/03/21][17:53:44] [Viskyn Zoda]: hi wanda
    [14/03/21][17:53:46] [wanda]: good he is here
    [14/03/21][17:53:50] [Viskyn Zoda]: ""
    [14/03/21][17:53:53] [wanda]: hello :)
    [14/03/21][17:53:54] [Willow Wolfe]: hi Mike
    [14/03/21][17:53:56] [Willow Wolfe]: lol
    [14/03/21][17:54:04] [Willow Wolfe]: how are you ?
    [14/03/21][17:54:39] [Jazz]: hello :)
    [14/03/21][17:55:14] [G'reth]: afk too
    [14/03/21][17:55:27] [wanda]: Hi EM Gotan
    [14/03/21][17:55:39] [Willow Wolfe]: i hope you feel better soon
    [14/03/21][17:55:40] [EM Gotan]: It's not going to be THAT boring a wedding! Cease thy Afk'ing!
    [14/03/21][17:55:49] [wanda]: hehe
    [14/03/21][17:56:00] [EM Gotan]: And good afternoon wanda, and all who have come to give blessings to this virtuous union
    [14/03/21][17:56:02] [Kalimana Zuya]: Gotan, are you the Reverand?
    [14/03/21][17:56:06] [Annix]: sha naik kaan
    [14/03/21][17:56:09] [dqwdqdqw]: Nivarius nice Torch
    [14/03/21][17:56:11] [Annix]: between M3 and amg 6
    [14/03/21][17:56:12] [Jazz]: Kal Ort Por
    [14/03/21][17:56:15] [Annix]: which would u choose
    [14/03/21][17:56:20] [Sha-Naik-Kaan]: smg
    [14/03/21][17:56:20] [Viskyn Zoda]: the ciuple r all here
    [14/03/21][17:56:21] [Sha-Naik-Kaan]: always
    [14/03/21][17:56:21] [Jazz]: hi
    [14/03/21][17:56:23] [Annix]: ehe
    [14/03/21][17:56:24] [Sha-Naik-Kaan]: amg even
    [14/03/21][17:56:27] [EM Gotan]: I'm afraid I was roped in to taking legal responsibility for what happens next, yes
    [14/03/21][17:56:27] [Alaster The Mad]: omg
    [14/03/21][17:56:30] [Jazz]: just wanted to see how things are coming along
    [14/03/21][17:56:33] [Annix]: c63 is way forward
    [14/03/21][17:56:35] [Willow Wolfe]: lol
    [14/03/21][17:56:35] [Viskyn Zoda]: why is van here
    [14/03/21][17:56:35] [Kalimana Zuya]: okok
    [14/03/21][17:56:36] [Alaster The Mad]: you are more beautiful than beautiful
    [14/03/21][17:56:36] [wanda]: :)
    [14/03/21][17:56:38] [ARAGORN]: neither im a porsche and chevy man ;p
    [14/03/21][17:56:40] [Willow Wolfe]: sorry Gotan
    [14/03/21][17:56:42] [Jazz]: awww :)
    [14/03/21][17:56:43] [Jazz]: sweety
    [14/03/21][17:56:43] [Sha-Naik-Kaan]: beemers eat donkey droppings
    [14/03/21][17:56:45] [Lien Ragus]: aye sorry to hear
    [14/03/21][17:56:49] [Alaster The Mad]: like
    [14/03/21][17:56:56] [Annix]: ehe
    [14/03/21][17:56:58] [Alaster The Mad]: a clean undies with gold on it !
    [14/03/21][17:57:01] [Jazz]: LOL
    [14/03/21][17:57:02] [Willow Wolfe]: it is so beautiful here though
    [14/03/21][17:57:04] [Jazz]: Kal Ort Por
    [14/03/21][17:57:07] [dqwdqdqw]: lol
    [14/03/21][17:57:09] [wanda]: It is :)
    [14/03/21][17:57:11] [EM Gotan]: Alaster has written an invite for the uoem page too, please feel free to leave wishes there as well as Stratics
    [14/03/21][17:57:12] [Alaster The Mad]: hehehe
    [14/03/21][17:57:13] [Lien Ragus]: yes really a nice place
    [14/03/21][17:57:14] [Sha-Naik-Kaan]: im a ford and merc guy
    [14/03/21][17:57:26] [wanda]: Oh nice, I will check it out
    [14/03/21][17:57:29] [Sha-Naik-Kaan]: got 3 fords, a merc and a chevy :p
    [14/03/21][17:57:31] [ARAGORN]: ooh bad taste there sha the ford i mean ;p
    [14/03/21][17:57:38] [Willow Wolfe]: hi T
    [14/03/21][17:57:40] [wanda]: Hi T
    [14/03/21][17:57:43] [Sha-Naik-Kaan]: its just cos i evovled
    [14/03/21][17:57:46] [Viskyn Zoda]: hi T
    [14/03/21][17:57:46] [ARAGORN]: and the ford and chevy dont fight?
    [14/03/21][17:57:49] [Sha-Naik-Kaan]: most of u got stuck
    [14/03/21][17:57:51] [Vindex]: inter
    [14/03/21][17:57:52] [Vindex]: breading
    [14/03/21][17:57:53] [Vindex]: !
    [14/03/21][17:57:59] [T Hunter]: hi all
    [14/03/21][17:58:01] [a crazy old fool]: Sanctum Viatas
    [14/03/21][17:58:03] [Viskyn Zoda]: hi Alex
    [14/03/21][17:58:05] [Viskyn Zoda]: :)
    [14/03/21][17:58:09] [Annix]: chaz & friend are doing the show tonight
    [14/03/21][17:58:15] [Sha-Naik-Kaan]: chevy is for riding the dirst :p
    [14/03/21][17:58:20] [Sha-Naik-Kaan]: dirt
    [14/03/21][17:58:24] [Viskyn Zoda]: P:
    [14/03/21][17:58:32] [ARAGORN]: got a GMC myself..close enough ;p
    [14/03/21][17:58:32] [Viskyn Zoda]: Gotan tell van 2 get off stage
    [14/03/21][17:58:36] [Sha-Naik-Kaan]: hehe
    [14/03/21][17:58:37] [Viskyn Zoda]: pls
    [14/03/21][17:58:37] [T Hunter]: he he
    [14/03/21][17:58:41] [Sha-Naik-Kaan]: expencive to drive tho :p
    [14/03/21][17:58:50] [Viskyn Zoda]: rubbish entertainment
    [14/03/21][17:58:54] [ARAGORN]: yep Vortec V-8 4.9
    [14/03/21][17:58:54] [dqwdqdqw]: no valium this morning?
    [14/03/21][17:58:56] [Willow Wolfe]: lol
    [14/03/21][17:59:00] [Vindex]: can you dance
    [14/03/21][17:59:00] [Vindex]: like this
    [14/03/21][17:59:01] [Vindex]: huh
    [14/03/21][17:59:01] [Fake Morganna]: Rel Wis
    [14/03/21][17:59:02] [EM Gotan]: Well chaps, could you step down please?
    [14/03/21][17:59:10] [G'reth]: More like ridlin
    [14/03/21][17:59:11] [Vindex]: Freedom
    [14/03/21][17:59:12] [Fake Morganna]: Rel Wis
    [14/03/21][17:59:13] [Willow Wolfe]: hi Rey
    [14/03/21][17:59:16] [Fake Morganna]: ban those trouble makers!
    [14/03/21][17:59:25] [Viskyn Zoda]: Van
    [14/03/21][17:59:27] [Sha-Naik-Kaan]: their from GOD
    [14/03/21][17:59:30] [Sha-Naik-Kaan]: whats to expect
    [14/03/21][17:59:30] [Viskyn Zoda]: stu and just get down
    [14/03/21][17:59:31] [T Hunter]: An Lor Xen
    [14/03/21][17:59:34] [Sha-Naik-Kaan]: :p
    [14/03/21][17:59:36] [Viskyn Zoda]: u guys r worse than pro
    [14/03/21][17:59:39] [T Hunter]: An Lor Xen
    [14/03/21][17:59:45] [Viskyn Zoda]: lol
    [14/03/21][17:59:48] [T Hunter]: An Lor Xen
    [14/03/21][17:59:48] [Viskyn Zoda]: and chaz
    [14/03/21][17:59:50] [Fake Morganna]: Rel Wis
    [14/03/21][17:59:51] [Willow Wolfe]: lol
    [14/03/21][17:59:51] [Viskyn Zoda]: ..........
    [14/03/21][17:59:52] [Fake Morganna]: hey gwen
    [14/03/21][17:59:57] [Fake Morganna]: prd
    [14/03/21][18:00:00] [ChazTheAwesome-]: r
    [14/03/21][18:00:07] [Vindex]: Sanctum Viatas
    [14/03/21][18:00:12] [T Hunter]: An Lor Xen
    [14/03/21][18:00:12] [Viskyn Zoda]: Gotan make it fel rule set pls
    [14/03/21][18:00:15] [Viskyn Zoda]: wanna own
    [14/03/21][18:00:16] [Viskyn Zoda]: em
    [14/03/21][18:00:16] [Viskyn Zoda]: P:
    [14/03/21][18:00:20] [ChazTheAwesome-]: we r pirates
    [14/03/21][18:00:24] [ChazTheAwesome-]: r
    [14/03/21][18:00:35] [ChazTheAwesome-]: r
    [14/03/21][18:00:35] [Viskyn Zoda]: they would b a ****** out 2 spoil it though
    [14/03/21][18:00:45] [wanda]: Hi Tiny
    [14/03/21][18:00:50] [ChazTheAwesome-]: i am pirate r
    [14/03/21][18:00:50] [Willow Wolfe]: that would be aweful
    [14/03/21][18:00:54] [Viskyn Zoda]: *Alaster and Jazz*
    [14/03/21][18:00:55] [G'reth]: Mesanna will have to come put them in jail for a bit I guess.
    [14/03/21][18:00:58] [ARAGORN]: u are annoying
    [14/03/21][18:01:01] [Viskyn Zoda]: Gotan
    [14/03/21][18:01:02] [G'reth]: Thank you Tiny
    [14/03/21][18:01:04] [Viskyn Zoda]: can u call messana
    [14/03/21][18:01:06] [Tiny]: hello
    [14/03/21][18:01:07] [Mesanna]: Chaz
    [14/03/21][18:01:07] [Viskyn Zoda]: yah
    [14/03/21][18:01:08] [wanda]: ty
    [14/03/21][18:01:08] [Tiny]: for after ty
    [14/03/21][18:01:09] [G'reth]: LOL
    [14/03/21][18:01:09] [ChazTheAwesome-]: YOU HAVE NO POWERS HERE
    [14/03/21][18:01:10] [G'reth]: HA!
    [14/03/21][18:01:13] [G'reth]: I called it!
    [14/03/21][18:01:14] [Mesanna]: one more chance ok
    [14/03/21][18:01:17] [Sha-Naik-Kaan]: what an idiot
    [14/03/21][18:01:18] [Mesanna]: please get down
    [14/03/21][18:01:19] [Viskyn Zoda]: lol
    [14/03/21][18:01:23] [Viskyn Zoda]: messana has powers
    [14/03/21][18:01:24] [Viskyn Zoda]: LOL
    [14/03/21][18:01:26] [Tiny]: yw
    [14/03/21][18:01:30] [Willow Wolfe]: thank you
    [14/03/21][18:01:30] [EM Gotan]: one second, calling in Mesanna
    [14/03/21][18:01:31] [ARAGORN]: oh ur screwed chaz
    [14/03/21][18:01:35] [Tiny]: yw
    [14/03/21][18:01:36] [dqwdqdqw]: gwin lol go kill genesis on atl more inteteresting
    [14/03/21][18:01:41] [Alaster The Ma]: we arriving :)
    [14/03/21][18:01:43] [Fake Morganna]: Rel Wis
    [14/03/21][18:01:50] [Viskyn Zoda]: chaz u 4 real?
    [14/03/21][18:01:58] [ChazTheAwesome-]: messana
    [14/03/21][18:01:58] [dqwdqdqw]: Ty
    [14/03/21][18:02:01] [ChazTheAwesome-]: i still havn't
    [14/03/21][18:02:01] [Mesanna]: yes?
    [14/03/21][18:02:05] [ChazTheAwesome-]: got any info about my account
    [14/03/21][18:02:05] [Tiny]: yw
    [14/03/21][18:02:09] [Viskyn Zoda]: ty Tiny
    [14/03/21][18:02:10] [ChazTheAwesome-]: its been like
    [14/03/21][18:02:12] [Tiny]: yw
    [14/03/21][18:02:12] [ChazTheAwesome-]: 4 months
    [14/03/21][18:02:15] [Mesanna]: Chaz you going to behave?
    [14/03/21][18:02:17] [Viskyn Zoda]: hi Shaun
    [14/03/21][18:02:18] [Eberulf]: ty
    [14/03/21][18:02:19] [ChazTheAwesome-]: i dunno
    [14/03/21][18:02:21] [Reywind]: Vas Rel Por
    [14/03/21][18:02:22] [ChazTheAwesome-]: i want my account back
    [14/03/21][18:02:25] [Reywind]: An Grav
    [14/03/21][18:02:30] [ChazTheAwesome-]: i think i deserve to misbehave
    [14/03/21][18:02:32] [Mesanna]: not the place for that here
    [14/03/21][18:02:34] [ARAGORN]: not here
    [14/03/21][18:02:41] [Mesanna]: then I think I deserve to take you away
    [14/03/21][18:02:42] [ChazTheAwesome-]: but 4 months
    [14/03/21][18:02:48] [ChazTheAwesome-]: is a bit of a joke
    [14/03/21][18:02:55] [Mesanna]: you will not disrupt this event
    [14/03/21][18:03:03] [Mesanna]: I am asking you nicely
    [14/03/21][18:03:07] [Mesanna]: once
    [14/03/21][18:03:15] [Reywind]: thank you Tuny =]
    [14/03/21][18:03:15] [Willow Wolfe]: hey lady
    [14/03/21][18:03:16] [Vindex]: Divinum Furis
    [14/03/21][18:03:16] [Viskyn Zoda]: chaz hust go if u wanna cause trouble or just b happy 4 Alaster and Jazz
    [14/03/21][18:03:18] [Willow Wolfe]: lol
    [14/03/21][18:03:18] [Tiny]: yw
    [14/03/21][18:03:19] [Viskyn Zoda]: oh van
    [14/03/21][18:03:21] [Viskyn Zoda]: seriously?
    [14/03/21][18:03:23] [Mesanna]: also Chaz
    [14/03/21][18:03:26] [Viskyn Zoda]: u guys r just
    [14/03/21][18:03:29] [ARAGORN]: can we kill him mesanna? plz?
    [14/03/21][18:03:29] [Viskyn Zoda]: ott
    [14/03/21][18:03:31] [Nivarus]: ty
    [14/03/21][18:03:34] [Tiny]: yw
    [14/03/21][18:03:36] [Mesanna]: we have moved and our systems were wiped
    [14/03/21][18:03:38] [Kalimana Zuya]: Looking pretty Mim
    [14/03/21][18:03:41] [TWISTYBUTT]: hugs
    [14/03/21][18:03:44] [Willow Wolfe]: hugs
    [14/03/21][18:03:50] [Madam Mim]: ty
    [14/03/21][18:03:52] [Nivarus]: :)
    [14/03/21][18:03:52] [Mesanna]: I will have to ask you to resend me the email
    [14/03/21][18:03:52] [ChazTheAwesome-]: well who do i need to contact now
    [14/03/21][18:03:53] [Reywind]: Hi Willow
    [14/03/21][18:03:54] [Reywind]: =]
    [14/03/21][18:03:54] [Mesanna]: to make sure
    [14/03/21][18:03:54] [Willow Wolfe]: too funny
    [14/03/21][18:03:55] [Viskyn Zoda]: Gotan body guard P:
    [14/03/21][18:03:59] [ChazTheAwesome-]: because i resent another email
    [14/03/21][18:04:02] [Mesanna]: that support relooks into it
    [14/03/21][18:04:03] [Willow Wolfe]: the message
    [14/03/21][18:04:04] [ChazTheAwesome-]: and now my house will fall soon
    [14/03/21][18:04:06] [Willow Wolfe]: lo
    [14/03/21][18:04:09] [ChazTheAwesome-]: and i will lose a lot
    [14/03/21][18:04:09] [G'reth]: I have one Thank you
    [14/03/21][18:04:11] [Mesanna]: if you do I will make sure you get an answer
    [14/03/21][18:04:15] [Tiny]: hehe you moved
    [14/03/21][18:04:16] [Madam Mim]: had this made today for the ocation :)
    [14/03/21][18:04:16] [Reywind]: Vas Rel Por
    [14/03/21][18:04:17] [ChazTheAwesome-]: i sent one
    [14/03/21][18:04:19] [ChazTheAwesome-]: last week
    [14/03/21][18:04:19] [ARAGORN]: u mean support might actually do something now? wow ;p
    [14/03/21][18:04:20] [ChazTheAwesome-]: no reply
    [14/03/21][18:04:21] [EM Gotan]: Just waiting for the drama to end, the groom is nervous enough already ;)
    [14/03/21][18:04:21] [Vindex]: marriage
    [14/03/21][18:04:22] [Vindex]: owah
    [14/03/21][18:04:23] [Reywind]: An Grav
    [14/03/21][18:04:28] [Fake Morganna]: ty
    [14/03/21][18:04:29] [Tiny]: after guys
    [14/03/21][18:04:30] [Tiny]: hehe
    [14/03/21][18:04:31] [Slappyjipper]: thanks!
    [14/03/21][18:04:34] [Fake Morganna]: k
    [14/03/21][18:04:35] [Viskyn Zoda]: slappy
    [14/03/21][18:04:35] [wanda]: could not hear everything on other side
    [14/03/21][18:04:36] [Viskyn Zoda]: van
    [14/03/21][18:04:38] [Viskyn Zoda]: and chaz
    [14/03/21][18:04:39] [Viskyn Zoda]: as per
    [14/03/21][18:04:41] [Slappyjipper]: In Por Ylem
    [14/03/21][18:04:42] [Viskyn Zoda]: causing trouble
    [14/03/21][18:04:43] [Slappyjipper]: Vas Flam
    [14/03/21][18:04:44] [Slappyjipper]: In Por Ylem
    [14/03/21][18:04:46] [Slappyjipper]: Vas Flam
    [14/03/21][18:04:48] [Tiny]: did everyone get a wanda?
    [14/03/21][18:04:52] [Annix]: -Omg
    [14/03/21][18:04:53] [Viskyn Zoda]: yes ty tiny
    [14/03/21][18:04:54] [Kalimana Zuya]: yeah
    [14/03/21][18:04:56] [TWISTYBUTT]: all guard me
    [14/03/21][18:04:56] [Annix]: *clap*
    [14/03/21][18:04:56] [Annix]: *clap*
    [14/03/21][18:04:56] [Annix]: *clap*
    [14/03/21][18:04:56] [TWISTYBUTT]: no
    [14/03/21][18:04:56] [Annix]: *clap*
    [14/03/21][18:04:56] [ARAGORN]: no
    [14/03/21][18:04:57] [Reywind]: no, I only got a wand!
    [14/03/21][18:05:00] [wanda]: yes ty
    [14/03/21][18:05:01] [Vindex]: Uus Corp
    [14/03/21][18:05:01] [Reywind]: I want a wanda!
    [14/03/21][18:05:01] [G'reth]: *dum dum dee dummmm*
    [14/03/21][18:05:02] [ARAGORN]: lol
    [14/03/21][18:05:05] [Annix]: *clap*
    [14/03/21][18:05:05] [Annix]: *clap*
  10. EM Gotan

    EM Gotan UO Event Moderator
    UO Event Moderator

    Nov 7, 2013
    Likes Received:
    [14/03/21][18:05:05] [EM Gotan]: *starts humming wedding march*
    [14/03/21][18:05:10] [Vindex]: Uus Corp
    [14/03/21][18:05:13] [Vindex]: Uus Corp
    [14/03/21][18:05:13] [Slappyjipper]: In Por Ylem
    [14/03/21][18:05:16] [Slappyjipper]: In Por Ylem
    [14/03/21][18:05:17] [Vindex]: Uus Corp
    [14/03/21][18:05:17] [Slappyjipper]: Vas Flam
    [14/03/21][18:05:19] [Viskyn Zoda]: Van
    [14/03/21][18:05:21] [Vindex]: Uus Corp
    [14/03/21][18:05:22] [Viskyn Zoda]: u cant b doing this
    [14/03/21][18:05:24] [EM Gotan]: Ladies and gentlemen, I see the approach of the two lovers
    [14/03/21][18:05:26] [Vindex]: Uus Corp
    [14/03/21][18:05:26] [Viskyn Zoda]: r u 4 real
    [14/03/21][18:05:28] [ChazTheAwesome-]: i cant
    [14/03/21][18:05:30] [Vindex]: Uus Corp
    [14/03/21][18:05:33] [Viskyn Zoda]: and chaz
    [14/03/21][18:05:33] [Vindex]: Uus Corp
    [14/03/21][18:05:37] [Vindex]: Uus Corp
    [14/03/21][18:05:38] [Annix]: *clap*
    [14/03/21][18:05:39] teleporting
    [14/03/21][18:05:39] [Fake Morganna]: Rel Wis
    [14/03/21][18:05:39] AMG SIXTYTHREE transferred.
    [14/03/21][18:05:39] AMG SIXTYTHREE transferred.
    [14/03/21][18:05:41] [Vindex]: Uus Corp
    [14/03/21][18:05:42] [Viskyn Zoda]: Messana pls just ban em untill its over
    [14/03/21][18:05:42] teleporting
    [14/03/21][18:05:43] [Fake Morganna]: send them to jail
    [14/03/21][18:05:46] [wanda]: *claps*
    [14/03/21][18:05:51] [Viskyn Zoda]: *claps*
    [14/03/21][18:05:51] [Vindex]: Uus Corp
    [14/03/21][18:05:52] [Viskyn Zoda]: LOL
    [14/03/21][18:05:53] [Vindex]: you cant
    [14/03/21][18:05:54] [Vindex]: see me
    [14/03/21][18:05:55] [Annix]: *clap*
    [14/03/21][18:05:56] [Vindex]: Uus Corp
    [14/03/21][18:05:56] [Annix]: *clap*
    [14/03/21][18:05:56] [Annix]: *clap*
    [14/03/21][18:05:59] [Lien Ragus]: ta da da dam
    [14/03/21][18:06:00] [Vindex]: Uus Corp
    [14/03/21][18:06:05] [Willow Wolfe]: lol
    [14/03/21][18:06:08] [TWISTYBUTT]: Dispiro Malas
    [14/03/21][18:06:09] [TWISTYBUTT]: all guard me
    [14/03/21][18:06:11] [TWISTYBUTT]: where u get wands from??
    [14/03/21][18:06:11] [Vindex]: Uus Corp
    [14/03/21][18:06:15] [Vindex]: Uus Corp
    [14/03/21][18:06:15] [Eberulf]: :)
    [14/03/21][18:06:15] [Viskyn Zoda]: Alaster u r great
    [14/03/21][18:06:23] [Viskyn Zoda]: Jazz u r totally awesome
    [14/03/21][18:06:24] [Nivarus]: Kal Por Ylem
    [14/03/21][18:06:26] [TWISTYBUTT]: tkz
    [14/03/21][18:06:29] [Vindex]: least she had the deceny to become a lady
    [14/03/21][18:06:29] [Tiny]: yw
    [14/03/21][18:06:30] [Jazz]: oh ty chi!!
    [14/03/21][18:06:31] [Slappyjipper]: Rel Sanct
    [14/03/21][18:06:31] [Viskyn Zoda]: alaster u r totally awesome
    [14/03/21][18:06:31] [Slappyjipper]: Des Mani
    [14/03/21][18:06:32] [Slappyjipper]: *cheers*
    [14/03/21][18:06:35] [Viskyn Zoda]: Jazz u r great P:
    [14/03/21][18:06:39] [Vindex]: Uus Corp
    [14/03/21][18:06:42] [Viskyn Zoda]: all is great u r best coupe
    [14/03/21][18:06:45] [Vindex]: Uus Corp
    [14/03/21][18:06:47] [EM Gotan]: It's normal to be flustered on such a big day
    [14/03/21][18:06:53] [Vindex]: Uus Corp
    [14/03/21][18:06:55] [Jazz]: eek
    [14/03/21][18:06:55] [EM Gotan]: But are you ready to take the final step?
    [14/03/21][18:06:59] [Vindex]: Uus Corp
    [14/03/21][18:07:03] [Alaster The Mad]: * takes jazz' hand*
    [14/03/21][18:07:06] [Vindex]: Uus Corp
    [14/03/21][18:07:07] [Nivarus]: Kal Ort Por
    [14/03/21][18:07:08] [Viskyn Zoda]: ahh
    [14/03/21][18:07:08] [Alaster The Mad]: * and not undies omg*
    [14/03/21][18:07:11] [Jazz]: *holds hand*
    [14/03/21][18:07:12] [Viskyn Zoda]: lol
    [14/03/21][18:07:18] [EM Gotan]: Then let the ceremony begin!
    [14/03/21][18:07:20] [Viskyn Zoda]: *follows lien and cries aswell*
    [14/03/21][18:07:32] [Vindex]: Dispiro Malas
    [14/03/21][18:07:35] [EM Gotan]: Friends, family, guildies and all inhabitants of Sosaria here represented,
    [14/03/21][18:07:39] [Reywind]: omg I'm getting veclemped
    [14/03/21][18:07:44] [Viskyn Zoda]: lol
    [14/03/21][18:07:46] [EM Gotan]: Welcome!
    [14/03/21][18:07:47] [Annix]: *grins*
    [14/03/21][18:07:53] [Eberulf]: *crying*
    [14/03/21][18:07:56] [Vindex]: Uus Corp
    [14/03/21][18:07:57] [Viskyn Zoda]: lol
    [14/03/21][18:07:57] [Nivarus]: Kal Ort Por
    [14/03/21][18:08:01] [EM Gotan]: We are gathered here to bear witness to Alaster & Jazz
    [14/03/21][18:08:01] [Jazz]: :)
    [14/03/21][18:08:07] [Vindex]: Uus Corp
    [14/03/21][18:08:10] [Annix]: omfg
    [14/03/21][18:08:22] [EM Gotan]: who have stated their intention of joining their uo lives in virtual wedded bliss.
    [14/03/21][18:08:28] [Vindex]: Uus Corp
    [14/03/21][18:08:44] [EM Gotan]: And I have been honoured to be asked to perform the act joining them so
    [14/03/21][18:08:57] [Vindex]: Uus Corp
    [14/03/21][18:08:59] [EM Gotan]: This will in fact be my first wedding
    [14/03/21][18:09:04] [Jazz]: :D
    [14/03/21][18:09:09] [Alaster The Mad]: ahaha
    [14/03/21][18:09:13] [EM Gotan]: And I'm proud to share it with so many great members of our community
    [14/03/21][18:09:36] [EM Gotan]: They have prepared their own vows to speak before you all.
    [14/03/21][18:09:45] [Vindex]: Sanctum Viatas
    [14/03/21][18:09:55] [Viskyn Zoda]: lol
    [14/03/21][18:10:02] [EM Gotan]: So... if they could just step forward, and repeat after me?
    [14/03/21][18:10:17] [Viskyn Zoda]: Jazz?
    [14/03/21][18:10:36] [TWISTYBUTT]: all guard me
    [14/03/21][18:10:37] [TWISTYBUTT]: lol
    [14/03/21][18:10:41] [EM Gotan]: Alaster the Mad, do you take Jazz to be your uo wife, forsaking all others,
    [14/03/21][18:10:44] [Tiny]: go
    [14/03/21][18:10:46] [Tiny]: hehe
    [14/03/21][18:10:46] [TWISTYBUTT]: Bank,Guards
    [14/03/21][18:10:47] [Mesanna]: stop please
    [14/03/21][18:10:48] [T Hunter]: Vas Rel Por
    [14/03/21][18:10:49] [TWISTYBUTT]: baahaahaa>>
    [14/03/21][18:10:53] [Mesanna]: that was driving me nuts
    [14/03/21][18:11:03] [EM Gotan]: even when she hasnt had her coffee and is a bit bitchy and doesnt want to cuddle?
    [14/03/21][18:11:04] [ARAGORN]: oh no
    [14/03/21][18:11:05] [Viskyn Zoda]: pro :(
    [14/03/21][18:11:11] [Viskyn Zoda]: lol
    [14/03/21][18:11:12] [Alaster The Mad]: totally ! i agree !
    [14/03/21][18:11:13] [wanda]: hehe3
    [14/03/21][18:11:16] [Kalimana Zuya]: *smiles*
    [14/03/21][18:11:18] [Alaster The Mad]: i'll make coffee
    [14/03/21][18:11:19] [G'reth]: :)
    [14/03/21][18:11:20] [Annix]: lol
    [14/03/21][18:11:25] [Viskyn Zoda]: P:
    [14/03/21][18:11:25] [Jazz]: :)
    [14/03/21][18:11:25] [EM Gotan]: And Jazz...?
    [14/03/21][18:11:27] [Kalimana Zuya]: *begins to shed tear*
    [14/03/21][18:11:30] [Reywind]: Scarce*
    [14/03/21][18:11:33] [Jazz]: yes?
    [14/03/21][18:11:35] [EM Gotan]: do you take Alaster to be your uo husband,
    [14/03/21][18:11:41] [Mesanna]: Tell you what you stop and I won't put you in the middle of the water
    [14/03/21][18:11:49] [Reywind]: no!! do it!
    [14/03/21][18:11:54] [EM Gotan]: forsaking all others, even in his pantsless and shirtless state
    [14/03/21][18:12:00] [Jazz]: lol
    [14/03/21][18:12:00] [Reywind]: I heard him saying nasty things Mesanna
    [14/03/21][18:12:03] [Mesanna]: shhh
    [14/03/21][18:12:04] [Reywind]: I heard him say your mom
    [14/03/21][18:12:05] [EM Gotan]: and knowing full well that he will continue his
    [14/03/21][18:12:05] [Reywind]: !
    [14/03/21][18:12:05] [Jazz]: absolutely i do
    [14/03/21][18:12:05] [Viskyn Zoda]: LOL
    [14/03/21][18:12:06] [TWISTYBUTT]: all guard me
    [14/03/21][18:12:07] [Mesanna]: respect
    [14/03/21][18:12:08] [TWISTYBUTT]: all guard me
    [14/03/21][18:12:11] [TWISTYBUTT]: Bank,Guards
    [14/03/21][18:12:12] [TWISTYBUTT]: all guard me
    [14/03/21][18:12:12] [TWISTYBUTT]: Bank,Guards
    [14/03/21][18:12:13] [TWISTYBUTT]: all guard me
    [14/03/21][18:12:13] [TWISTYBUTT]: Dispiro Malas
    [14/03/21][18:12:14] [TWISTYBUTT]: at least no all frozen here maybe wont be cold
    [14/03/21][18:12:14] [EM Gotan]: undies-stealing ways?
    [14/03/21][18:12:15] [Jazz]: oops
    [14/03/21][18:12:15] [Reywind]: *okay sorry*
    [14/03/21][18:12:21] [Jazz]: yes i do
    [14/03/21][18:12:28] [EM Gotan]: *nods*
    [14/03/21][18:12:39] [Reywind]: An Lor Xen
    [14/03/21][18:12:41] [EM Gotan]: then it gives me great pleasure
    [14/03/21][18:12:43] [Reywind]: shhh
    [14/03/21][18:12:44] [EM Gotan]: in blessing and honor, under the light of both chaos and order, i now pronounce
    [14/03/21][18:12:46] [Reywind]: have some respect
    [14/03/21][18:12:49] [TWISTYBUTT]: all kill
    [14/03/21][18:12:53] [EM Gotan]: *dan dan daaaa*
    [14/03/21][18:12:54] [ChazTheAwesome-]: are you not supposed to ask if there is anyone who aposes?
    [14/03/21][18:12:57] [Reywind]: Vas Ort Flam
    [14/03/21][18:13:00] [Reywind]: Kal Vas Flam
    [14/03/21][18:13:02] [TWISTYBUTT]: all kill
    [14/03/21][18:13:03] [Reywind]: Kal Vas Flam
    [14/03/21][18:13:06] [Alaster The Mad]: no one does !!
    [14/03/21][18:13:07] [EM Gotan]: pronounce
    [14/03/21][18:13:07] Layin on yo mumma
    [14/03/21][18:13:08] [TWISTYBUTT]: *claps*
    [14/03/21][18:13:15] [EM Gotan]: you virtual husband and wife!
    [14/03/21][18:13:20] [Viskyn Zoda]: LOL
    [14/03/21][18:13:20] [Annix]: *clap*
    [14/03/21][18:13:21] [Annix]: *clap*
    [14/03/21][18:13:21] [Annix]: *clap*
    [14/03/21][18:13:21] [Jazz]: woot!!!
    [14/03/21][18:13:21] [Annix]: *clap*
    [14/03/21][18:13:21] [Annix]: *clap*
    [14/03/21][18:13:22] [Annix]: *clap*
    [14/03/21][18:13:23] [Viskyn Zoda]: *CHEERS*
    [14/03/21][18:13:25] [Alaster The Mad]: awesome !!
    [14/03/21][18:13:25] [Annix]: *clap*
    [14/03/21][18:13:25] [Eberulf]: clap
    [14/03/21][18:13:26] [Annix]: *clap*
    [14/03/21][18:13:26] [Annix]: *clap*
    [14/03/21][18:13:26] [Annix]: *clap*
    [14/03/21][18:13:27] [G'reth]: *claps*
    [14/03/21][18:13:29] [ARAGORN]: woohoo!
    [14/03/21][18:13:29] [Jazz]: hurray!!
    [14/03/21][18:13:29] [G'reth]: WOOT
    [14/03/21][18:13:30] [TWISTYBUTT]: *claps*
    [14/03/21][18:13:31] [Annix]: *clap*
    [14/03/21][18:13:32] [Annix]: *clap*
    [14/03/21][18:13:32] [Annix]: *clap*
    [14/03/21][18:13:32] [Eberulf]: clap clap
    [14/03/21][18:13:36] [EM Gotan]: You may now steal the pants of the other
    [14/03/21][18:13:37] [Annix]: *clap*
    [14/03/21][18:13:40] [Jazz]: LOL
    [14/03/21][18:13:42] [Kalimana Zuya]: HURRAY!!!
    [14/03/21][18:13:42] [Viskyn Zoda]: lol
    [14/03/21][18:13:44] [Annix]: *T'ES LE MEILLEUR ALASTER*
    [14/03/21][18:13:44] [TWISTYBUTT]: all follow me
    [14/03/21][18:13:45] [TWISTYBUTT]: Bank,Guards
    [14/03/21][18:13:45] [TWISTYBUTT]: Dispiro Malas
    [14/03/21][18:13:45] [Annix]: *T'ES LE MEILLEUR ALASTER*
    [14/03/21][18:13:45] [TWISTYBUTT]: Bank,Guards
    [14/03/21][18:13:46] [TWISTYBUTT]: all guard me
    [14/03/21][18:13:48] [TWISTYBUTT]: zHi bad boy
    [14/03/21][18:13:48] [Mesanna]: behave ok
    [14/03/21][18:13:48] [Jazz]: *steal alaster's undies*
    [14/03/21][18:13:52] [Alaster The Mad]: *steals undies*
    [14/03/21][18:13:56] [Jazz]: LOL
    [14/03/21][18:13:58] [Alaster The Mad]: * steals jazz' undies !!*
    [14/03/21][18:14:04] [Annix]: *T'ES LE MEILLEUR ALASTER*
    [14/03/21][18:14:04] [Annix]: *T'ES LE MEILLEUR ALASTER*
    [14/03/21][18:14:13] [Fake Morganna]: Rel Wis
    [14/03/21][18:14:14] [EM Gotan]: I believe you both had a few little things to say to the crowd?
    [14/03/21][18:14:15] [Eberulf]: BRAVO !!
    [14/03/21][18:14:20] [Alaster The Mad]: * big mad kiss !*
    [14/03/21][18:14:21] [Fake Morganna]: a poil alaster
    [14/03/21][18:14:28] [ARAGORN]: u actually want pvp'rs to behave mesanna? bit like asking the pope to turn in his hat isnt it? ;p
    [14/03/21][18:14:28] [Jazz]: *big kiss*
    [14/03/21][18:14:30] [Tiny]: wooooooooot
    [14/03/21][18:14:32] [Annix]: *T'ES LE MEILLEUR ALASTER*
    [14/03/21][18:14:35] [Annix]: *clap*
    [14/03/21][18:14:36] [Annix]: *clap*
    [14/03/21][18:14:36] [Annix]: *clap*
    [14/03/21][18:14:36] [Annix]: *clap*
    [14/03/21][18:14:37] [dqwdqdqw]: woaa
    [14/03/21][18:14:42] [Mesanna]: now you can streak all you want
    [14/03/21][18:14:44] [Willow Wolfe]: beautiful
    [14/03/21][18:14:44] [Eberulf]: VIVE LA MARIEE
    [14/03/21][18:14:46] [Reywind]: Mesanna was holding out on us
    [14/03/21][18:14:46] [Alaster The Mad]: yeah i'd like !
    [14/03/21][18:14:51] [Reywind]: She's got the good fireworks and she's not sharing
    [14/03/21][18:14:56] [Lien Ragus]: AAAPPPWWWAAALLLL !!
    [14/03/21][18:14:58] [TWISTYBUTT]: all follow me
    [14/03/21][18:14:59] [TWISTYBUTT]: Dispiro Malas
    [14/03/21][18:14:59] [TWISTYBUTT]: u wished
    [14/03/21][18:15:01] [Alaster The Mad]: to thank the crowd to my left who been here also !
    [14/03/21][18:15:03] [Kalimana Zuya]: cONRATULATIOSN TO THE COUPLE!!
    [14/03/21][18:15:04] [Willow Wolfe]: lol
    [14/03/21][18:15:13] [Alaster The Mad]: Lien and Mim and Willow etc :)
    [14/03/21][18:15:15] [Annix]: gang bang tonight
    [14/03/21][18:15:19] [Jazz]: OMG
    [14/03/21][18:15:21] [Alaster The Mad]: and you all for coming !
    [14/03/21][18:15:22] [Jazz]: woot!!!
    [14/03/21][18:15:22] [ARAGORN]: nice
    [14/03/21][18:15:28] [EM Gotan]: *sniffles*
    [14/03/21][18:15:33] [Viskyn Zoda]: and chi P:
    [14/03/21][18:15:43] [Vindex]: can i go hump the stage now?
    [14/03/21][18:15:43] [Jazz]: i want to thank all our friends for coming today
    [14/03/21][18:15:43] [Alaster The Mad]: now i propose we all go get drunk quickly, so mesanna forgets to kill me omg
    [14/03/21][18:15:46] [Aykoft]: In Vas Mani
    [14/03/21][18:15:47] [Lien Ragus]: *congrats the nice couple*
    [14/03/21][18:15:50] [Aykoft]: An Nox
    [14/03/21][18:15:52] [Aykoft]: An Lor Xen
    [14/03/21][18:15:54] [Vindex]: all stay
    [14/03/21][18:15:55] [Viskyn Zoda]: *hugs*
    [14/03/21][18:15:56] [Aykoft]: An Lor Xen
    [14/03/21][18:15:57] [Alaster The Mad]: merci mon pote :)
    [14/03/21][18:15:57] [Jazz]: as well as Gotan for doing a great job
    [14/03/21][18:15:58] [Aykoft]: An Lor Xen
    [14/03/21][18:16:00] [Viskyn Zoda]: *steals undies*
    [14/03/21][18:16:02] [Eberulf]: à partager
    [14/03/21][18:16:03] [ARAGORN]: here here
    [14/03/21][18:16:03] [EM Gotan]: Wait, did I hear "Mesanna should kill me?"
    [14/03/21][18:16:04] [Reywind]: no W for whine
    [14/03/21][18:16:04] [Aykoft]: In Vas Mani
    [14/03/21][18:16:04] [Jazz]: and dear Lady Mesanna
    [14/03/21][18:16:07] [Reywind]: 'cause that's all you're doing
    [14/03/21][18:16:07] [Reywind]: !
    [14/03/21][18:16:07] [Alaster The Mad]: Gotan thanks a lot !
    [14/03/21][18:16:11] [Aykoft]: In Bal Nox
    [14/03/21][18:16:13] [Kalimana Zuya]: *hugs*
    [14/03/21][18:16:13] [Jazz]: for dealing with the troublemakers
    [14/03/21][18:16:17] [Willow Wolfe]: are we for Brit now?
    [14/03/21][18:16:18] [Alaster The Mad]: no nonononon
    [14/03/21][18:16:19] [Kalimana Zuya]: *hugs*
    [14/03/21][18:16:20] [Jazz]: lol
    [14/03/21][18:16:20] [Viskyn Zoda]: actually
    [14/03/21][18:16:27] [Viskyn Zoda]: *steals socks*
    [14/03/21][18:16:29] [Lien Ragus]: Vas Rel Por
    [14/03/21][18:16:33] [Madam Mim]: congratz you beutyfull people :)
    [14/03/21][18:16:33] [TWISTYBUTT]: LOL
    [14/03/21][18:16:40] [Alaster The Mad]: thanks a lot :)
    [14/03/21][18:16:45] [Viskyn Zoda]: *steals T's undies*
    [14/03/21][18:16:45] [EM Gotan]: I hope you will have many long and loving years together
    [14/03/21][18:16:46] [Viskyn Zoda]: P:
    [14/03/21][18:16:48] [TWISTYBUTT]: LOL
    [14/03/21][18:16:50] [Kalimana Zuya]: Wish you the best
    [14/03/21][18:16:52] [Jazz]: i hope you all will come back with us to the reception party
    [14/03/21][18:16:54] [Alaster The Mad]: ooooh yes
    [14/03/21][18:16:55] [ChazTheAwesome-]: Allaster your wife is fat
    [14/03/21][18:16:58] [Alaster The Mad]: it's for ever now !
    [14/03/21][18:17:00] [Viskyn Zoda]: 3 cheeres? P:
    [14/03/21][18:17:00] [Alaster The Mad]: no !
    [14/03/21][18:17:03] [TWISTYBUTT]: LOL
    [14/03/21][18:17:03] [Alaster The Mad]: she is hmm
    [14/03/21][18:17:04] [Tiny]: Vas Rel Por
    [14/03/21][18:17:06] [Aykoft]: Rel Sanct
    [14/03/21][18:17:07] [Aykoft]: rofl
    [14/03/21][18:17:08] [wanda]: *hugs*
    [14/03/21][18:17:12] [wanda]: congrats
    [14/03/21][18:17:13] [Aykoft]: An Lor Xen
    [14/03/21][18:17:14] [Aykoft]: jail him
    [14/03/21][18:17:15] [G'reth]: *shakes hand*
    [14/03/21][18:17:17] [TWISTYBUTT]: LOL
    [14/03/21][18:17:19] [Alaster The Mad]: thanks for all those hugs !
    [14/03/21][18:17:20] [G'reth]: *hugs*
    [14/03/21][18:17:23] [Jazz]: oh ty wanda!!
    [14/03/21][18:17:23] [TWISTYBUTT]: LOL
    [14/03/21][18:17:23] [G'reth]: Congrats you two
    [14/03/21][18:17:27] [wanda]: yw :)
    [14/03/21][18:17:29] [Vindex]: Uus Corp
    [14/03/21][18:17:29] [Aykoft]: Rel Sanct
    [14/03/21][18:17:31] [Aykoft]: An Nox
    [14/03/21][18:17:32] [Jazz]: OMG
    [14/03/21][18:17:32] [Aykoft]: In Vas Mani
    [14/03/21][18:17:35] [Aykoft]: Vas An Nox
    [14/03/21][18:17:35] [Viskyn Zoda]: lol Shaun P:
    [14/03/21][18:17:35] [Aykoft]: prob he would be laughing at u
    [14/03/21][18:17:36] [Annix]: *poignée de main*
    [14/03/21][18:17:38] [Alaster The Mad]: thanks a lot you all :)
    [14/03/21][18:17:40] [Jazz]: that's WONDERFUL!!
    [14/03/21][18:17:41] [TWISTYBUTT]: LOL
    [14/03/21][18:17:43] [dqwdqdqw]: thi s is a day you will remember mon pot alaster
    [14/03/21][18:17:44] [Jazz]: ty so much
    [14/03/21][18:17:45] [G'reth]: :)
    [14/03/21][18:17:48] [G'reth]: Glad you like it
    [14/03/21][18:17:50] [wanda]: yw hun
    [14/03/21][18:17:52] [Tiny]: Vas Rel Por
    [14/03/21][18:17:53] [Jazz]: :)
    [14/03/21][18:17:53] [dqwdqdqw]: congrats both of you
    [14/03/21][18:17:54] [TWISTYBUTT]: all guard me
    [14/03/21][18:17:54] [Alaster The Mad]: totally :)
    [14/03/21][18:17:56] [TWISTYBUTT]: Dispiro Malas
    [14/03/21][18:17:56] [TWISTYBUTT]: you scared her
    [14/03/21][18:17:59] [Viskyn Zoda]: Alaster u rock
    [14/03/21][18:18:00] [dqwdqdqw]: :)
    [14/03/21][18:18:04] [Viskyn Zoda]: Jazz
    [14/03/21][18:18:06] [Viskyn Zoda]: u Jazz
    [14/03/21][18:18:07] [Viskyn Zoda]: P:
    [14/03/21][18:18:07] [EM Gotan]: But Alaster... where is your ring?
    [14/03/21][18:18:10] [TWISTYBUTT]: LOL
    [14/03/21][18:18:17] [TWISTYBUTT]: LOL
    [14/03/21][18:18:20] [Alaster The Mad]: * seeking in his non existant pocket*
    [14/03/21][18:18:24] [Viskyn Zoda]: HAHAHAHA
    [14/03/21][18:18:24] [EM Gotan]: We shall have no polyamory now, I do not approve of open marriages with Daemon Bridles!
    [14/03/21][18:18:30] [Jazz]: LOL
    [14/03/21][18:18:31] [Viskyn Zoda]: lololololol
    [14/03/21][18:18:35] [Fake Morganna]: lol
    [14/03/21][18:18:38] [Alaster The Mad]: here !
    [14/03/21][18:18:42] [Viskyn Zoda]: was cleaner P:
    [14/03/21][18:18:42] [Tiny]: Vas Rel Por
    [14/03/21][18:18:42] [Alaster The Mad]: on my finger !
    [14/03/21][18:18:46] [Mesanna]: can you move now
    [14/03/21][18:18:47] [Jazz]: have to take your gloves off
    [14/03/21][18:18:50] [Reywind]: no I wanna watch
    [14/03/21][18:18:52] [Jazz]: so peeps can see it
    [14/03/21][18:18:52] [Alaster The Mad]: true !
    [14/03/21][18:18:53] [ChazTheAwesome-]: So when you getting divorced?
    [14/03/21][18:18:56] [TWISTYBUTT]: LOL
    [14/03/21][18:18:58] [Aykoft]: prob he would be laughing at u
    [14/03/21][18:19:07] [Alaster The Mad]: never !
    [14/03/21][18:19:09] [Jazz]: come on guys lets go party!!!
    [14/03/21][18:19:12] [Vindex]: sb
    [14/03/21][18:19:12] [Vindex]: strong
    [14/03/21][18:19:13] [Vindex]: troll
    [14/03/21][18:19:15] [EM Gotan]: <---
    [14/03/21][18:19:15] [Vindex]: is strong
    [14/03/21][18:19:16] [Alaster The Mad]: let's go get drunk !
    [14/03/21][18:19:17] [ARAGORN]: thats an improvement then chaz
    [14/03/21][18:19:18] [TWISTYBUTT]: LOL
    [14/03/21][18:19:19] [G'reth]: That'll teach ya to mess around. Now you are broken!
    [14/03/21][18:19:22] [Tiny]: Vas Rel Por
    [14/03/21][18:19:25] [Alaster The Mad]: wait
    [14/03/21][18:19:26] [Tiny]: I cannot gate travel from that object.
    [14/03/21][18:19:28] [Alaster The Mad]: one thing first
    [14/03/21][18:19:28] [Mesanna]: now?
    [14/03/21][18:19:28] [Tiny]: Vas Rel Por
    [14/03/21][18:19:33] [Vindex]: /ban
    [14/03/21][18:19:34] [Alaster The Mad]: *steals undies*
    [14/03/21][18:19:40] [Viskyn Zoda]: Messana hes been trying 2 trouble make through the whole event
    [14/03/21][18:19:49] [EM Gotan]: *gasps*
    [14/03/21][18:19:50] [Mesanna]: you have reactive paralyze on yourself silly
    [14/03/21][18:19:50] [Alaster The Mad]: * hands mesanna's undies*
    [14/03/21][18:19:54] [Mesanna]: not from me!
    [14/03/21][18:19:54] [ARAGORN]: *hands mesanna a flamethrower* cook him where he stands ;p
    [14/03/21][18:19:57] [Aykoft]: In Jux Mani Xen
    [14/03/21][18:19:58] [Alaster The Mad]: keep them :)
    [14/03/21][18:19:58] [Aykoft]: muhahahaha
    [14/03/21][18:19:59] [Jazz]: Mesanna has the patience of a saint
    [14/03/21][18:20:06] [Alaster The Mad]: totally !
    [14/03/21][18:20:13] [Annix]: Mesanna z Axis haxx
    [14/03/21][18:20:14] [Annix]: !!!
    [14/03/21][18:20:15] [EM Gotan]: he he
    [14/03/21][18:20:15] [Mesanna]: leave him there to rot
    [14/03/21][18:20:15] [Viskyn Zoda]: LOLOLOL
    [14/03/21][18:20:23] [Alaster The Mad]: rofl
    [14/03/21][18:20:26] [G'reth]: hehe
    [14/03/21][18:20:28] [Tiny]: Vas Rel Por
    [14/03/21][18:20:29] [Vindex]: mark a rune
    [14/03/21][18:20:29] [Vindex]: newb
    [14/03/21][18:20:31] [ARAGORN]: lol
    [14/03/21][18:20:32] [Jazz]: we can ban them from the premises at party
    [14/03/21][18:20:35] [Mesanna]: so congrats you two
    [14/03/21][18:20:40] [Jazz]: tyvm!
    [14/03/21][18:20:43] [Alaster The Mad]: thanks a lot mesanna for coming omg
    [14/03/21][18:20:43] [Vindex]: #winnar
    [14/03/21][18:20:44] [wanda]: Hi Ara
    [14/03/21][18:20:48] [ARAGORN]: hi wanda :)
    [14/03/21][18:20:51] [EM Gotan]: Short but sweet ceremony, thank you
    [14/03/21][18:20:55] [Mesanna]: *waves*
    [14/03/21][18:20:56] [Alaster The Mad]: thanks a lot to you all !
    [14/03/21][18:20:57] [ARAGORN]: An Nox
    [14/03/21][18:20:57] [Aykoft]: An Lor Xen
    [14/03/21][18:21:01] [Aykoft]: An Nox
    [14/03/21][18:21:03] [Jazz]: yes thank you Gotan
    [14/03/21][18:21:04] [Aykoft]: In Vas Mani
    [14/03/21][18:21:05] [ARAGORN]: is this the side show? 2 pvp'rs stuck in the water/?
    [14/03/21][18:21:05] [ChazTheAwesome-]: no your too fat
    [14/03/21][18:21:06] [ChazTheAwesome-]: to move
    [14/03/21][18:21:06] [Viskyn Zoda]: ty 4 invite Mr Mad
    [14/03/21][18:21:09] [Reywind]: I think you have to grab her butt
    [14/03/21][18:21:10] [Viskyn Zoda]: and Mrs Mad
    [14/03/21][18:21:12] [EM Gotan]: And Jazz must be quite the women to comepete with the Dark Pants of power
    [14/03/21][18:21:16] [Kalimana Zuya]: Lovely wedding
    [14/03/21][18:21:16] [Alaster The Mad]: no probs viskey soda !
    [14/03/21][18:21:19] [Sha-Naik-Kaan]: speeder!
    [14/03/21][18:21:20] [Tiny]: Vas Rel Por
    [14/03/21][18:21:23] [Aykoft]: In Bal Nox
    [14/03/21][18:21:23] [Viskyn Zoda]: Jazz have new name P:
    [14/03/21][18:21:24] [Jazz]: ???
    [14/03/21][18:21:26] [Viskyn Zoda]: Jazz Mad
    [14/03/21][18:21:28] [Alaster The Mad]: now i'll stop asking mesanna to marry
    [14/03/21][18:21:30] [Jazz]: lol
    [14/03/21][18:21:34] [Annix]: haha
    [14/03/21][18:21:38] [ARAGORN]: lol
    [14/03/21][18:21:40] [Annix]: belle bague
    [14/03/21][18:21:43] [Jazz]: not saying one thing, lol
    [14/03/21][18:21:43] [Annix]: alaster
    [14/03/21][18:21:43] [Viskyn Zoda]: what a great last name P:
    [14/03/21][18:21:46] [Alaster The Mad]: ouais hein !
    [14/03/21][18:21:49] [Viskyn Zoda]: lol
    [14/03/21][18:21:51] [Tiny]: Vas Rel Por
    [14/03/21][18:22:03] [Tiny]: party party party
    [14/03/21][18:22:12] [Tiny]: Vas Rel Por
    [14/03/21][18:22:17] [Jazz]: thank you tiny
    [14/03/21][18:22:23] [EM Gotan]: to the party!
  11. EM Gotan

    EM Gotan UO Event Moderator
    UO Event Moderator

    Nov 7, 2013
    Likes Received:
    [14/03/21][18:22:42] [Reywind]: WHERE'S THE BOOZE?
    [14/03/21][18:22:45] [Reywind]: WHERE'S THE BOOZE?
    [14/03/21][18:22:47] [EM Gotan]: Partaaaaayyy
    [14/03/21][18:22:57] [Jazz]: hi everyone
    [14/03/21][18:22:58] [Viskyn Zoda]: Gotan
    [14/03/21][18:23:03] [Viskyn Zoda]: there is a seat next 2 me
    [14/03/21][18:23:05] [Eberulf]: nice house
    [14/03/21][18:23:05] [Vindex]: did
    [14/03/21][18:23:06] [Vindex]: you try
    [14/03/21][18:23:07] [Viskyn Zoda]: i tut at u !
    [14/03/21][18:23:07] [Vindex]: recall
    [14/03/21][18:23:08] [Vindex]: to that rune?
    [14/03/21][18:23:10] [Jazz]: whole caslte is available for partying and whatnot
    [14/03/21][18:23:11] [wanda]: Hello Mrs. Alaster
    [14/03/21][18:23:11] [EM Gotan]: Someone sat on me!
    [14/03/21][18:23:18] [Kalimana Zuya]: Jazz unlock the book so we can write in it
    [14/03/21][18:23:18] [Viskyn Zoda]: YAY
    [14/03/21][18:23:20] [Lea]: Kal Vas Flam
    [14/03/21][18:23:22] [Lea]: Vas An Ort
    [14/03/21][18:23:22] [Viskyn Zoda]: i got an em
    [14/03/21][18:23:24] [Lea]: Vas Ort Flam
    [14/03/21][18:23:26] [Viskyn Zoda]: sitting next 2 me
    [14/03/21][18:23:28] [Lea]: Vas An Ort
    [14/03/21][18:23:28] [EM Gotan]: or set security to Anyone
    [14/03/21][18:23:29] [Vindex]: Uus Corp
    [14/03/21][18:23:30] [Lea]: In Nox Grav
    [14/03/21][18:23:31] [Lea]: An Lor Xen
    [14/03/21][18:23:32] [Vindex]: Uus Corp
    [14/03/21][18:23:33] [Lea]: Vas Ort Flam
    [14/03/21][18:23:33] [Viskyn Zoda]: Alaster
    [14/03/21][18:23:34] [Alaster The Mad]: there's a nice undies collection to look at, in the right wing...
    [14/03/21][18:23:35] [Viskyn Zoda]: can u ban
    [14/03/21][18:23:35] [Lea]: other way around, and u liked it u naughty EM
    [14/03/21][18:23:37] [Vindex]: thats what i think
    [14/03/21][18:23:38] [Vindex]: of
    [14/03/21][18:23:38] [Jazz]: 1 sec sry
    [14/03/21][18:23:39] [Vindex]: your pvp
    [14/03/21][18:23:39] [Viskyn Zoda]: Van from the castle
    [14/03/21][18:23:40] [Vindex]: events
    [14/03/21][18:23:40] [Viskyn Zoda]: pls
    [14/03/21][18:23:41] [Vindex]: Uus Corp
    [14/03/21][18:23:43] [EM Gotan]: dont get frisky, I'm not that sort of EM!
    [14/03/21][18:23:46] [Vindex]: Uus Corp
    [14/03/21][18:23:48] [wanda]: haha
    [14/03/21][18:23:54] [Lea]: :(
    [14/03/21][18:23:56] [Aykoft]: In Vas Mani
    [14/03/21][18:23:57] [Aykoft]: Lea
    [14/03/21][18:23:59] [Aykoft]: An Lor Xen
    [14/03/21][18:23:59] [Reywind]: *gets frisky*
    [14/03/21][18:24:01] [Aykoft]: In Vas Mani
    [14/03/21][18:24:03] [Aykoft]: Rel Por
    [14/03/21][18:24:04] [Aykoft]: take ur ass away
    [14/03/21][18:24:05] [Aykoft]: please
    [14/03/21][18:24:05] [EM Gotan]: Argh! I said...!
    [14/03/21][18:24:05] [Annix]: PIZZA HERE
    [14/03/21][18:24:07] [Alaster The Mad]: as long he doesn't drink all the booze !
    [14/03/21][18:24:07] [Aykoft]: An Lor Xen
    [14/03/21][18:24:09] [Viskyn Zoda]: lol
    [14/03/21][18:24:10] [Aykoft]: Vas An Nox
    [14/03/21][18:24:10] [Aykoft]: its so weight
    [14/03/21][18:24:12] [Viskyn Zoda]: Kajypoose
    [14/03/21][18:24:17] [Vindex]: Uus Corp
    [14/03/21][18:24:17] [Shivani Dark]: Congradulations
    [14/03/21][18:24:17] [EM Gotan]: *becomes a wallflower*
    [14/03/21][18:24:18] [Lea]: In Nox Grav
    [14/03/21][18:24:19] [Reywind]: *continues getting frisky*
    [14/03/21][18:24:20] [Lea]: In Nox Grav
    [14/03/21][18:24:20] [Vindex]: Uus Corp
    [14/03/21][18:24:21] [Lea]: Rel Por
    [14/03/21][18:24:22] [Annix]: une gordon
    [14/03/21][18:24:23] [Lea]: In Sanct Grav
    [14/03/21][18:24:24] [EM Gotan]: noooo!
    [14/03/21][18:24:25] [G'reth]: Put your spellbooks in a bag so we can acutally read what you type
    [14/03/21][18:24:25] [Annix]: plz
    [14/03/21][18:24:25] [Lea]: hes PRO he should be banned..lol
    [14/03/21][18:24:26] [Viskyn Zoda]: Gotan thats Jazz' seat
    [14/03/21][18:24:26] [Viskyn Zoda]: P:
    [14/03/21][18:24:26] [Jazz]: ok house owner coming to unlock them
    [14/03/21][18:24:29] [Reywind]: huehuehuehue
    [14/03/21][18:24:30] [Shivani Dark]: HUgs
    [14/03/21][18:24:34] [Viskyn Zoda]: u r guildest
    [14/03/21][18:24:39] [Tiny]: stable downstairs
    [14/03/21][18:24:39] [wanda]: lets go dance
    [14/03/21][18:24:39] [Jazz]: there is booze available upstairs
    [14/03/21][18:24:41] [Tiny]: stable downstairs
    [14/03/21][18:24:46] [Jazz]: and food down here
    [14/03/21][18:24:52] [Aykoft]: An Nox
    [14/03/21][18:24:54] [Aykoft]: In Bal Nox
    [14/03/21][18:24:55] [Reywind]: *friskiness intensifies*
    [14/03/21][18:24:59] [Aykoft]: An Lor Xen
    [14/03/21][18:25:01] [Aykoft]: In Vas Mani
    [14/03/21][18:25:03] [Aykoft]: why i should be banned?
    [14/03/21][18:25:13] [Aykoft]: An Lor Xen
    [14/03/21][18:25:14] [EM Gotan]: help! I only came to eat wedding cake!
    [14/03/21][18:25:22] [Vindex]: lol
    [14/03/21][18:25:28] [Reywind]: I was told there would be liquor
    [14/03/21][18:25:33] [Reywind]: and cake
    [14/03/21][18:25:39] [Lea]: so im guest if honor :) that means u all pay me 1mill each
    [14/03/21][18:25:42] [Brooke]: upstairs in bar
    [14/03/21][18:25:50] [Reywind]: *yay*
    [14/03/21][18:25:52] [Brooke]: hehe
    [14/03/21][18:25:55] [Aykoft]: Rel Sanct
    [14/03/21][18:25:56] [Alaster The Mad]: hey jazzy cutie
    [14/03/21][18:25:59] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:25:59] [Alaster The Mad]: omg
    [14/03/21][18:26:00] [Jazz]: ?
    [14/03/21][18:26:04] [EM Gotan]: wow, lovely dance floor
    [14/03/21][18:26:06] [Alaster The Mad]: i love you !
    [14/03/21][18:26:15] [Viskyn Zoda]: ahh
    [14/03/21][18:26:18] [Shivani Dark]: ahhh
    [14/03/21][18:26:19] [Kalimana Zuya]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:26:24] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:26:30] [wanda]: It is awesome
    [14/03/21][18:26:30] [Viskyn Zoda]: alaster is so romantic
    [14/03/21][18:26:32] [EM Gotan]: *tries to dance*
    [14/03/21][18:26:33] [Shivani Dark]: holds glass up
    [14/03/21][18:26:34] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:26:34] [Alaster The Mad]: seems it froze her !
    [14/03/21][18:26:36] [G'reth]: *Does the Curly Shuffle*
    [14/03/21][18:26:36] [wanda]: haha
    [14/03/21][18:26:39] [Viskyn Zoda]: Wanda
    [14/03/21][18:26:43] [Viskyn Zoda]: will u dance with me?
    [14/03/21][18:26:44] [Annix]: start to be drunk
    [14/03/21][18:26:45] [wanda]: yes hi
    [14/03/21][18:26:46] [wanda]: sure
    [14/03/21][18:26:55] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:27:05] [Viskyn Zoda]: *pants*
    [14/03/21][18:27:07] [G'reth]: *glares at Viskyn*
    [14/03/21][18:27:12] [Viskyn Zoda]: LOL
    [14/03/21][18:27:17] [Shivani Dark]: would you like to dance
    [14/03/21][18:27:17] [Annix]: *touch ass of wanda*
    [14/03/21][18:27:20] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:27:20] [G'reth]: *bows ups*
    [14/03/21][18:27:29] [Annix]: *touch ass of wanda*
    [14/03/21][18:27:30] [Kalimana Zuya]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:27:46] [Viskyn Zoda]: *ambushses ARAGON*
    [14/03/21][18:27:50] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:27:51] [Shivani Dark]: *Dances with EM Gotan
    [14/03/21][18:27:55] [Kalimana Zuya]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:28:01] [Viskyn Zoda]: P:
    [14/03/21][18:28:12] [wanda]: phew
    [14/03/21][18:28:15] [Kalimana Zuya]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:28:15] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:28:18] [EM Gotan]: I hope we'll see the happy couple dance together, it's not a wedding without that
    [14/03/21][18:28:20] [Kalimana Zuya]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:28:23] [Viskyn Zoda]: P:
    [14/03/21][18:28:24] [wanda]: indeed
    [14/03/21][18:28:25] [Kalimana Zuya]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:28:34] [Annix]: il est temps de traire le cubi
    [14/03/21][18:28:35] [Kalimana Zuya]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:28:36] [Jazz]: LOL
    [14/03/21][18:28:40] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:28:41] [wanda]: wow Gotan you got da moves baby
    [14/03/21][18:28:43] [Shivani Dark]: ty for the dance
    [14/03/21][18:28:43] [Alaster The Mad]: ahahaha
    [14/03/21][18:28:45] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:28:53] [EM Gotan]: Why thank you Miss...?
    [14/03/21][18:28:56] [Shivani Dark]: yw
    [14/03/21][18:28:56] [wanda]: hehe
    [14/03/21][18:29:02] [Shivani Dark]: hi
    [14/03/21][18:29:09] [Shivani Dark]: so happy for you
    [14/03/21][18:29:10] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:29:14] [Jazz]: ty :)
    [14/03/21][18:29:15] [Shivani Dark]: for you both
    [14/03/21][18:29:20] [Alaster The Mad]: thank you :)
    [14/03/21][18:29:22] [Shivani Dark]: just made the reception
    [14/03/21][18:29:23] [EM Gotan]: I hope it's just the first of many summer weddings
    [14/03/21][18:29:26] [Annix]: *poignée de main*
    [14/03/21][18:29:31] [Shivani Dark]: thx for the mesg
    [14/03/21][18:29:31] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:29:34] [Jazz]: that would be nice
    [14/03/21][18:29:41] [Annix]: Hey everyone. Listen to my song!
    [14/03/21][18:29:41] Lady Annix begins to sing Yew (Positive)
    [14/03/21][18:29:46] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:29:47] [Jazz]: aha!
    [14/03/21][18:29:49] [Jazz]: music
    [14/03/21][18:29:51] [Madam Mim]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:29:52] [wanda]: Undie collection is AWESOME
    [14/03/21][18:29:54] [Alaster The Mad]: ahahaha
    [14/03/21][18:29:56] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:29:57] [Jazz]: LOL
    [14/03/21][18:30:01] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:30:08] [wanda]: great job you two!!
    [14/03/21][18:30:11] [Madam Mim]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:30:11] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:30:14] [Jazz]: ty, Alaster's top collection
    [14/03/21][18:30:16] [ARAGORN]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:30:16] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:30:17] [Viskyn Zoda]: who wants 2 feel Europas biggest muscles
    [14/03/21][18:30:18] [Alaster The Mad]: oh, Jazz made everything !
    [14/03/21][18:30:19] [Viskyn Zoda]: *flex*
    [14/03/21][18:30:21] [ARAGORN]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:30:22] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:30:26] [ARAGORN]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:30:27] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:30:27] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:30:27] [G'reth]: *plays chop sticks*
    [14/03/21][18:30:28] [EM Gotan]: Let's see them strut some stuff on the floor!
    [14/03/21][18:30:31] [Madam Mim]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:30:37] [ARAGORN]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:30:39] [wanda]: *claps*
    [14/03/21][18:30:39] [Alaster The Mad]: ahaha
    [14/03/21][18:30:42] [ARAGORN]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:30:42] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:30:47] [ARAGORN]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:30:47] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:30:49] [Alaster The Mad]: jazzy cutie
    [14/03/21][18:30:51] [Shivani Dark]: *holds glass up*
    [14/03/21][18:30:52] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:30:55] [Alaster The Mad]: would me accord you this dance ?
    [14/03/21][18:31:02] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:31:02] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:31:07] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:31:07] [Madam Mim]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:31:10] [ARAGORN]: *pulls out his sax and starts playing some Glen Miller tunes*
    [14/03/21][18:31:12] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:31:12] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:31:12] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:31:12] [Shivani Dark]: *claps*
    [14/03/21][18:31:17] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:31:22] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:31:24] [Viskyn Zoda]: Ara play AB
    [14/03/21][18:31:27] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:31:27] [Madam Mim]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:31:32] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:31:32] [Kalimana Zuya]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:32:33] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:32:38] [Tiny]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:32:38] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:32:41] [Viskyn Zoda]: P:
    [14/03/21][18:32:48] [Jazz]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:32:48] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:32:48] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:32:48] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:32:53] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:32:55] [Jazz]: you passed out invites honey
    [14/03/21][18:32:57] [EM Gotan]: it's easy to see how he won her heart with moves like that
    [14/03/21][18:32:57] [Viskyn Zoda]: *takes off pants*
    [14/03/21][18:32:58] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:32:58] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:33:03] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:33:03] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:33:06] [Jazz]: lol
    [14/03/21][18:33:08] [Alaster The Mad]: hehe
    [14/03/21][18:33:08] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:33:11] [Viskyn Zoda]: Gotan
    [14/03/21][18:33:18] [Jazz]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:33:18] [Tiny]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:33:19] [ARAGORN]: *starts playing when a man loves a woman by percy sledge*
    [14/03/21][18:33:20] [Viskyn Zoda]: wanna dance?
    [14/03/21][18:33:21] [Shivani Dark]: beautiful job well done
    [14/03/21][18:33:21] [Viskyn Zoda]: P:
    [14/03/21][18:33:23] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:33:23] [Jazz]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:33:23] [Kalimana Zuya]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:33:24] [Alaster The Mad]: * takes jazzy cutie to the dance floor*
    [14/03/21][18:33:26] [Jazz]: lol
    [14/03/21][18:33:26] [Lea]: *yummie bacon*
    [14/03/21][18:33:28] [Jazz]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:33:28] [Tiny]: ...I'm not wasted...
    [14/03/21][18:33:28] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:33:28] [Annix]: Oops.
    [14/03/21][18:33:33] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:33:33] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:33:43] [wanda]: awwww
    [14/03/21][18:33:43] [Kalimana Zuya]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:33:48] [Jazz]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:33:49] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:33:49] [Tiny]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:33:49] [Kalimana Zuya]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:33:49] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:33:50] [Jazz]: lol
    [14/03/21][18:33:51] [Viskyn Zoda]: best dancers ever
    [14/03/21][18:33:53] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:33:57] [Annix]: any tamers?
    [14/03/21][18:33:58] [Tiny]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:34:02] [wanda]: *claps*
    [14/03/21][18:34:03] [Viskyn Zoda]: yeah
    [14/03/21][18:34:04] [wanda]: ...I'm not wasted...
    [14/03/21][18:34:04] [Kalimana Zuya]: I am
    [14/03/21][18:34:06] [Madam Mim]: yes
    [14/03/21][18:34:06] [Alaster The Mad]: * cuddles !*
    [14/03/21][18:34:07] [Jazz]: tyty
    [14/03/21][18:34:07] [Lea]: ty
    [14/03/21][18:34:09] [Jazz]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:34:10] [Viskyn Zoda]: im a tamer
    [14/03/21][18:34:11] [Annix]: go tame mongbats
    [14/03/21][18:34:12] [Jazz]: *big hug*
    [14/03/21][18:34:12] [Viskyn Zoda]: what u need m8?
    [14/03/21][18:34:14] [Tiny]: ...I'm not wasted...
    [14/03/21][18:34:14] [Kalimana Zuya]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:34:15] [EM Gotan]: An enchanted twirl above the stars
    [14/03/21][18:34:15] [wanda]: yayyy Alaster and Jazz
    [14/03/21][18:34:16] [Annix]: and give to alaster
    [14/03/21][18:34:19] [ARAGORN]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:34:19] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:34:19] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:34:19] [Tiny]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:34:20] [Annix]: he need a gang bang
    [14/03/21][18:34:21] [Jazz]: LOL
    [14/03/21][18:34:22] [Annix]: tonight
    [14/03/21][18:34:24] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:34:24] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:34:24] [G'reth]: ...I'm not wasted...
    [14/03/21][18:34:24] [Viskyn Zoda]: lol
    [14/03/21][18:34:25] [wanda]: ty :)
    [14/03/21][18:34:29] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:34:29] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:34:34] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:34:34] [Jazz]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:34:34] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:34:34] [Kalimana Zuya]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:34:34] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:34:39] [ARAGORN]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:34:39] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:34:39] [Kalimana Zuya]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:34:39] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:34:40] [Alaster The Mad]: let's have some cuddles outside jazzy cutie !
    [14/03/21][18:34:44] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:34:44] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:34:44] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:34:44] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:34:46] [G'reth]: ty'
    [14/03/21][18:34:46] [Jazz]: nono not yet
    [14/03/21][18:34:49] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:34:49] [Jazz]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:34:49] [Annix]: It's hot in here...
    [14/03/21][18:34:50] [Alaster The Mad]: *steals undies*
    [14/03/21][18:34:52] [Jazz]: have to hang with the guests first
    [14/03/21][18:34:54] [Viskyn Zoda]: P:
    [14/03/21][18:34:54] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:34:59] [Jazz]: cuddles later!
    [14/03/21][18:34:59] [ARAGORN]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:35:02] [Viskyn Zoda]: LOL
    [14/03/21][18:35:04] [Annix]: beggings to take off my undis :$^
    [14/03/21][18:35:04] [Jazz]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:35:04] [Kalimana Zuya]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:35:04] [Annix]: Hey everyone. Listen to my song!
    [14/03/21][18:35:04] Lady Annix begins to sing Trinsic (Positive)
    [14/03/21][18:35:07] [Annix]: *omfg*
    [14/03/21][18:35:07] [Viskyn Zoda]: Alaster
    [14/03/21][18:35:08] [Alaster The Mad]: was just to tell you one thing :)
    [14/03/21][18:35:09] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:35:09] [ARAGORN]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:35:09] [Jazz]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:35:14] [Jazz]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:35:16] [Jazz]: ew
    [14/03/21][18:35:18] [EM Gotan]: When does the slow dance that makes everyone weep into their drink occur?
    [14/03/21][18:35:19] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:35:19] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:35:24] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:35:29] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:35:32] [Kalimana Zuya]: zz.. Zzz...
    [14/03/21][18:35:34] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:35:34] [ARAGORN]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:35:34] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:35:34] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:35:34] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:35:35] [Kalimana Zuya]: Zzzzzzzzz....
    [14/03/21][18:35:37] [Kalimana Zuya]: Zzzzzzzzz....
    [14/03/21][18:35:38] [Alaster The Mad]: * puts slow music*
    [14/03/21][18:35:38] [wanda]: *claps*
    [14/03/21][18:35:39] [ARAGORN]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:35:39] [Jazz]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:35:39] [Kalimana Zuya]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:35:39] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:35:39] [Annix]: ...I'm not wasted...
    [14/03/21][18:35:43] [Viskyn Zoda]: P:
    [14/03/21][18:35:44] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:35:44] [Shivani Dark]: It's hot in here...
    [14/03/21][18:35:44] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:35:44] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:35:44] [Alaster The Mad]: everyone come !
    [14/03/21][18:35:49] [Viskyn Zoda]: Kajypooose
    [14/03/21][18:35:49] [Shivani Dark]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:35:49] [ARAGORN]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:35:49] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:35:51] [Jazz]: everybody
    [14/03/21][18:35:54] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:35:54] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:36:00] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:36:05] [Shivani Dark]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:36:05] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:36:05] [Kalimana Zuya]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:36:06] [Jazz]: group dance and group big hug!!
    [14/03/21][18:36:07] [Shivani Dark]: omg
    [14/03/21][18:36:07] [Viskyn Zoda]: *shows muscles*
    [14/03/21][18:36:10] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:36:10] [ARAGORN]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:36:10] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:36:10] [Kalimana Zuya]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:36:10] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:36:13] [Jazz]: lol
    [14/03/21][18:36:15] [Shivani Dark]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:36:15] [ARAGORN]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:36:15] [ARAGORN]: ...I'm not wasted...
    [14/03/21][18:36:15] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:36:15] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:36:19] [Shivani Dark]: my leather came off with all this drinking
    [14/03/21][18:36:20] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:36:20] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:36:25] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:36:25] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:36:25] [ARAGORN]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:36:30] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:36:30] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:36:30] [Kalimana Zuya]: It's hot in here...
    [14/03/21][18:36:35] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:36:39] [Kalimana Zuya]: sorry for goign naked
    [14/03/21][18:36:40] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:36:40] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:36:40] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:36:41] [Jazz]: ooo wanda's a terrific dancer
    [14/03/21][18:36:44] [Viskyn Zoda]: lol
    [14/03/21][18:36:45] [Viskyn Zoda]: lol
    [14/03/21][18:36:45] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:36:45] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:36:46] [Alaster The Mad]: that's the point !
    [14/03/21][18:36:50] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:36:55] [Jazz]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:36:55] [Tiny]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:36:55] [Kalimana Zuya]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:36:56] [Annix]: *Steal undie @Shivani Dark*
    [14/03/21][18:37:00] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:37:00] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:37:00] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:37:01] [Jazz]: uh ojh
    [14/03/21][18:37:01] [Viskyn Zoda]: whoose got more muscles
    [14/03/21][18:37:03] [Viskyn Zoda]: me
    [14/03/21][18:37:05] [Viskyn Zoda]: alaster
    [14/03/21][18:37:06] [Jazz]: lol
    [14/03/21][18:37:06] [Fake Morganna]: In Mani
    [14/03/21][18:37:08] [Shivani Dark]: your a married man now
    [14/03/21][18:37:09] [Viskyn Zoda]: or Jazz
    [14/03/21][18:37:10] [Viskyn Zoda]: P:
    [14/03/21][18:37:10] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:37:10] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:37:10] [Kalimana Zuya]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:37:10] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:37:12] [Shivani Dark]: no more of that fun
    [14/03/21][18:37:15] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:37:15] [Shivani Dark]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:37:15] [Kalimana Zuya]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:37:15] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:37:20] [Viskyn Zoda]: who wins
    [14/03/21][18:37:20] [ARAGORN]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:37:20] [Kalimana Zuya]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:37:24] [Viskyn Zoda]: me alaster or jazz
    [14/03/21][18:37:25] [ARAGORN]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:37:28] [Tiny]: leave it to me to place a harpsichord with no music
    [14/03/21][18:37:30] [Tiny]: lol
    [14/03/21][18:37:30] [ARAGORN]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:37:30] [Jazz]: *hic*
  12. EM Gotan

    EM Gotan UO Event Moderator
    UO Event Moderator

    Nov 7, 2013
    Likes Received:
    [14/03/21][18:37:31] [Alaster The Mad]: jazz !
    [14/03/21][18:37:32] [wanda]: NEMO
    [14/03/21][18:37:34] [Viskyn Zoda]: lol
    [14/03/21][18:37:35] [Nemo Herringwary]: yaargh matey, I was told there was some matrimonial madness ahoy!
    [14/03/21][18:37:36] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:37:36] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:37:36] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:37:36] [Shivani Dark]: hmm who stole my undies
    [14/03/21][18:37:40] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:37:41] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:37:44] [Alaster The Mad]: nemo omg !!!
    [14/03/21][18:37:46] [Kalimana Zuya]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:37:46] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:37:50] [EM Gotan]: Dont look at me, I just took the paycheck
    [14/03/21][18:37:51] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:37:51] [Kalimana Zuya]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:37:51] [wanda]: good to see you
    [14/03/21][18:37:51] [Alaster The Mad]: i knew it smelt good fish !
    [14/03/21][18:37:53] [Viskyn Zoda]: iver fond nemo
    [14/03/21][18:37:54] [Viskyn Zoda]: P:
    [14/03/21][18:37:56] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:37:56] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:37:56] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:38:00] [Jazz]: hello
    [14/03/21][18:38:06] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:38:06] [Lea]: ...I'm not wasted...
    [14/03/21][18:38:06] [Viskyn Zoda]: lol
    [14/03/21][18:38:09] [Jazz]: did you get a drink hon?
    [14/03/21][18:38:10] [Alaster The Mad]: how are you pal
    [14/03/21][18:38:11] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:38:11] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:38:11] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:38:15] [Viskyn Zoda]: u r wasted Kaj P:
    [14/03/21][18:38:16] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:38:20] [Nemo Herringwary]: Always the bridesmaid, naarrgh
    [14/03/21][18:38:21] [Tiny]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:38:25] [wanda]: hehe
    [14/03/21][18:38:26] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:38:26] [Shivani Dark]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:38:26] [Tiny]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:38:26] [Kalimana Zuya]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:38:29] [Alaster The Mad]: strange to see you not on the see !
    [14/03/21][18:38:31] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:38:31] [Shivani Dark]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:38:32] [Nemo Herringwary]: ye both look happy though!
    [14/03/21][18:38:34] [Lea]: drinking is for the weak..lol
    [14/03/21][18:38:35] [Alaster The Mad]: sea
    [14/03/21][18:38:36] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:38:41] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:38:41] [ARAGORN]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:38:41] [Kalimana Zuya]: Oops.
    [14/03/21][18:38:43] [EM Gotan]: Dont talk to me about the sea
    [14/03/21][18:38:46] [Kalimana Zuya]: Hey everyone. Listen to my song!
    [14/03/21][18:38:46] Kalimana Zuya begins to sing City Night
    [14/03/21][18:38:46] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:38:50] [EM Gotan]: I deny any knowledge of what happens at sea
    [14/03/21][18:38:50] [Jazz]: ack
    [14/03/21][18:38:51] [Shivani Dark]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:38:54] [Viskyn Zoda]: hows the sea
    [14/03/21][18:38:55] [Jazz]: LOL
    [14/03/21][18:38:56] [Lea]: Hey everyone. Listen to my song!
    [14/03/21][18:38:56] Lady Lea begins to sing Yew
    [14/03/21][18:39:01] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:39:01] [Kalimana Zuya]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:39:04] [Viskyn Zoda]: oohhh didnt c what u typed
    [14/03/21][18:39:05] [Viskyn Zoda]: P:
    [14/03/21][18:39:11] [Shivani Dark]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:39:11] [Alaster The Mad]: * steals nemo's undies*
    [14/03/21][18:39:16] [Lea]: only water we need is is thise barrels
    [14/03/21][18:39:16] [Jazz]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:39:16] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:39:16] [Shivani Dark]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:39:16] [Tiny]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:39:16] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:39:16] [Annix]: Shivani may i ask you'r phone num... ?
    [14/03/21][18:39:21] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:39:21] [Shivani Dark]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:39:21] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:39:21] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:39:22] [Nemo Herringwary]: me pants!
    [14/03/21][18:39:26] [ARAGORN]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:39:27] [wanda]: haha
    [14/03/21][18:39:30] [Nemo Herringwary]: Ye rascal, marriage hasnt changed ye a bit
    [14/03/21][18:39:31] [Jazz]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:39:31] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:39:31] [Shivani Dark]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:39:31] [Kalimana Zuya]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:39:36] [Jazz]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:39:36] [Shivani Dark]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:39:36] [Tiny]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:39:37] [Annix]: Are you alone ?
    [14/03/21][18:39:41] [Alaster The Mad]: ahaha
    [14/03/21][18:39:41] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:39:41] [Shivani Dark]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:39:44] [wanda]: nice moves hehe
    [14/03/21][18:39:46] [Shivani Dark]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:39:46] [ARAGORN]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:39:47] [Kalimana Zuya]: I am feeling a little naughty and my husband is nt aroud.....
    [14/03/21][18:39:51] [Jazz]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:39:51] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:39:52] [Kalimana Zuya]: Hey everyone. Listen to my song!
    [14/03/21][18:39:52] Kalimana Zuya begins to sing Dragons (Low)
    [14/03/21][18:39:54] [Jazz]: uh oh
    [14/03/21][18:39:54] [wanda]: oh my
    [14/03/21][18:39:55] [Kalimana Zuya]: *wink*
    [14/03/21][18:39:56] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:40:01] [Alaster The Mad]: omg
    [14/03/21][18:40:02] [Tiny]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:40:02] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:40:03] [G'reth]: hers is...
    [14/03/21][18:40:07] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:40:07] [Shivani Dark]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:40:07] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:40:09] [Nemo Herringwary]: I havent had time to get ye a gift matey, just got back to me docks
    [14/03/21][18:40:09] [Tiny]: wnada where is Mike
    [14/03/21][18:40:12] [Jazz]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:40:12] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:40:12] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:40:12] [Nemo Herringwary]: Have a wedding Haddock
    [14/03/21][18:40:17] [Tiny]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:40:17] [Jazz]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:40:17] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:40:22] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:40:23] [Jazz]: alaster did you see the hall of stolen undies?
    [14/03/21][18:40:24] [Alaster The Mad]: don't worry, your presence is ahaahah roflmao nemo
    [14/03/21][18:40:27] [Kalimana Zuya]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:40:27] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:40:30] [Annix]: *When she's not around, she use da fing..... =p*
    [14/03/21][18:40:32] [Shivani Dark]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:40:34] [Alaster The Mad]: i go see it now :)
    [14/03/21][18:40:37] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:40:37] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:40:42] [Shivani Dark]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:40:42] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:40:47] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:40:47] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:40:52] [G'reth]: ...I'm not wasted...
    [14/03/21][18:40:57] [Tiny]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:40:57] [Kalimana Zuya]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:41:02] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:41:02] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:41:12] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:41:22] [Tiny]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:41:22] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:41:27] [Tiny]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:41:27] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:41:27] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:41:38] [Tiny]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:41:38] [Kalimana Zuya]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:41:38] [Kalimana Zuya]: ...I'm not wasted...
    [14/03/21][18:41:38] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:41:38] [G'reth]: Hey! Ocifer you're drunk!
    [14/03/21][18:41:43] [Kalimana Zuya]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:41:45] [Lea]: yay shake that booty
    [14/03/21][18:41:47] [Nemo Herringwary]: r
    [14/03/21][18:41:53] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:41:55] [Nemo Herringwary]: dont ye be dancin with my Wanda mr EM!
    [14/03/21][18:41:58] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:41:58] [Kalimana Zuya]: ...I'm not wasted...
    [14/03/21][18:42:03] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:42:03] [Tiny]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:42:03] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:42:08] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:42:08] [Lea]: ...I'm not wasted...
    [14/03/21][18:42:09] [EM Gotan]: Your Wanda...? I'm so sorry, I didn't know!
    [14/03/21][18:42:11] [Viskyn Zoda]: Kajypoose
    [14/03/21][18:42:13] [Kalimana Zuya]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:42:14] [Viskyn Zoda]: will
    [14/03/21][18:42:15] [Viskyn Zoda]: u dance
    [14/03/21][18:42:17] [Viskyn Zoda]: with me?????
    [14/03/21][18:42:18] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:42:18] [Tiny]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:42:18] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:42:18] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:42:21] [Nemo Herringwary]: Yaaargh, too damn right matey!
    [14/03/21][18:42:23] [G'reth]: MY Wanda!
    [14/03/21][18:42:23] [Kalimana Zuya]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:42:32] [G'reth]: *bows up*
    [14/03/21][18:42:33] [Lea]: only if u get dressed
    [14/03/21][18:42:33] [Tiny]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:42:35] [Lea]: lol
    [14/03/21][18:42:39] [Viskyn Zoda]: LOL
    [14/03/21][18:42:43] [Nemo Herringwary]: Wait what be this?! Scuppered!
    [14/03/21][18:42:43] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:42:43] [Tiny]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:42:43] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:42:48] [Lea]: ...I'm not wasted...
    [14/03/21][18:42:53] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:42:55] [G'reth]: hehe
    [14/03/21][18:42:58] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:42:58] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:42:58] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:42:58] [Shivani Dark]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:42:59] [Nemo Herringwary]: *steps off floor in shame*
    [14/03/21][18:43:03] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:43:03] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:43:07] [Kalimana Zuya]: Dont you dance Gotan?
    [14/03/21][18:43:08] [EM Gotan]: So... do you come here often?
    [14/03/21][18:43:08] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:43:13] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:43:13] [Tiny]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:43:16] [wanda]: haha
    [14/03/21][18:43:18] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:43:20] [Viskyn Zoda]: dont feel like dancing
    [14/03/21][18:43:21] [Viskyn Zoda]: P:
    [14/03/21][18:43:22] [EM Gotan]: That rather aggressive young man forced me off
    [14/03/21][18:43:23] [Lea]: i only dance with guys in undies..lol
    [14/03/21][18:43:23] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:43:23] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:43:23] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:43:28] [Viskyn Zoda]: LOL
    [14/03/21][18:43:28] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:43:28] [Tiny]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:43:32] [Nemo Herringwary]: cheek o'it
    [14/03/21][18:43:33] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:43:33] [Tiny]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:43:38] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:43:39] [Tiny]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:43:39] [Viskyn Zoda]: ALASTER KAJYPOOSE WANTS A DANCE WITH U lol
    [14/03/21][18:43:41] [Viskyn Zoda]: :)
    [14/03/21][18:43:43] [Kalimana Zuya]: Did he get jelous you stealing Wanda of him?
    [14/03/21][18:43:43] [Fake Morganna]: Kal Ort Por
    [14/03/21][18:43:43] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:43:48] [Shivani Dark]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:43:48] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:43:54] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:43:54] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:43:57] [wanda]: did who get jealous?
    [14/03/21][18:43:59] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:43:59] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:44:04] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:44:04] [EM Gotan]: Shhh... community relations! I can't interfere :p
    [14/03/21][18:44:09] [G'reth]: ...I'm not wasted...
    [14/03/21][18:44:09] [Shivani Dark]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:44:10] [Kalimana Zuya]: lol
    [14/03/21][18:44:14] [wanda]: hehe
    [14/03/21][18:44:19] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:44:19] [Shivani Dark]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:44:24] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:44:24] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:44:29] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:44:34] [Shivani Dark]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:44:34] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:44:39] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:44:39] [Shivani Dark]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:44:39] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:44:44] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:44:44] [Shivani Dark]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:44:44] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:44:46] [EM Gotan]: Nice long party though!
    [14/03/21][18:44:49] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:44:49] [wanda]: ...I'm not wasted...
    [14/03/21][18:44:49] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:44:58] [Annix]: *look in Gotan pokets*
    [14/03/21][18:44:59] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:44:59] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:45:02] [Annix]: *pocket**
    [14/03/21][18:45:03] [wanda]: It's awesome! They did a great job on the decorations
    [14/03/21][18:45:04] [Kalimana Zuya]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:45:04] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:45:04] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:45:04] Shivani Dark begins to sing Yew (Positive)
    [14/03/21][18:45:04] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:45:09] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:45:14] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:45:19] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:45:19] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:45:20] [EM Gotan]: I do love the lilac colour
    [14/03/21][18:45:24] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:45:24] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:45:29] [Kalimana Zuya]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:45:29] [Kalimana Zuya]: ...I'm not wasted...
    [14/03/21][18:45:29] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:45:36] [wanda]: indeed
    [14/03/21][18:45:39] [Kalimana Zuya]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:45:39] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:45:39] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:45:39] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:45:39] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:45:44] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:45:45] [Kalimana Zuya]: come
    [14/03/21][18:45:49] [Kalimana Zuya]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:45:49] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:45:55] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:46:00] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:46:09] [wanda]: Did you read the Hall of Undies?
    [14/03/21][18:46:10] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:46:15] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:46:15] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:46:21] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:46:21] [EM Gotan]: I've not seen them yet, I'll go look!
    [14/03/21][18:46:46] [Shivani Dark]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:46:49] [Alaster The Mad]: see i got your undies chi !
    [14/03/21][18:46:51] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:46:52] [Viskyn Zoda]: BOTH OF MINE
    [14/03/21][18:46:52] [Viskyn Zoda]: An Lor Xen
    [14/03/21][18:46:53] [Alaster The Mad]: yeah gotan too
    [14/03/21][18:46:53] [Jazz]: hello there guys
    [14/03/21][18:46:59] [wanda]: haha love these
    [14/03/21][18:47:01] [Jazz]: and wanda's
    [14/03/21][18:47:06] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:47:06] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:47:08] [wanda]: aww
    [14/03/21][18:47:10] [Alaster The Mad]: ahahaha
    [14/03/21][18:47:14] [EM Gotan]: OI! What's this?!
    [14/03/21][18:47:16] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:47:17] [wanda]: warm undies?
    [14/03/21][18:47:20] [Jazz]: LOL
    [14/03/21][18:47:20] [Alaster The Mad]: ahahah gotan
    [14/03/21][18:47:21] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:47:23] [Viskyn Zoda]: call the cops Gotan
    [14/03/21][18:47:26] [Kalimana Zuya]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:47:29] [Alaster The Mad]: noooo
    [14/03/21][18:47:31] [Jazz]: hey alaster named them
    [14/03/21][18:47:31] [Kalimana Zuya]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:47:35] [wanda]: haha too funny
    [14/03/21][18:47:36] [Nemo Herringwary]: Yaaargh, I knew that bloke in the robe was shifty, but turns out he's shiftless too
    [14/03/21][18:47:36] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:47:38] [Alaster The Mad]: i'm innocent !
    [14/03/21][18:47:41] [Shivani Dark]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:47:44] [EM Gotan]: Quite outrageous
    [14/03/21][18:47:51] [Alaster The Mad]: wasn't me !
    [14/03/21][18:47:51] [Kalimana Zuya]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:47:54] [EM Gotan]: I'm sure this isn't in my contract
    [14/03/21][18:48:03] [Jazz]: lol
    [14/03/21][18:48:06] [Kalimana Zuya]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:48:07] [Alaster The Mad]: tell mesanna too
    [14/03/21][18:48:09] [Alaster The Mad]: <<
    [14/03/21][18:48:17] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:48:22] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:48:35] [Alaster The Mad]: that was jazz' idea !
    [14/03/21][18:48:37] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:48:37] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:48:42] [Kalimana Zuya]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:48:42] [EM Gotan]: The dark lady writes her own contract, we lesser mortals do not have that power :p
    [14/03/21][18:48:54] [Viskyn Zoda]: An Lor Xen
    [14/03/21][18:48:57] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:49:02] [Kalimana Zuya]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:49:12] [Viskyn Zoda]: thats why u wanted 2 kow
    [14/03/21][18:49:16] [Viskyn Zoda]: ho 2 spell my name
    [14/03/21][18:49:16] [Alaster The Mad]: tell her to have a look someday :)
    [14/03/21][18:49:17] [Viskyn Zoda]: lol
    [14/03/21][18:49:17] [Lea]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:49:20] [Alaster The Mad]: ahahahah yes
    [14/03/21][18:49:22] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:49:29] [Viskyn Zoda]: ol
    [14/03/21][18:49:34] [Viskyn Zoda]: brb a sec loo
    [14/03/21][18:49:42] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:49:46] [Lea]: so many famous undies in 1 place
    [14/03/21][18:49:50] [Lea]: lol
    [14/03/21][18:49:52] [wanda]: hehe indeed
    [14/03/21][18:50:19] [Alaster The Mad]: ok :)
    [14/03/21][18:50:28] [Alaster The Mad]: thanks for managing the engravement
    [14/03/21][18:50:39] [EM Gotan]: My pleasure!
    [14/03/21][18:50:50] [EM Gotan]: I hope my introduction was ok? Wasn't sure what to say!
    [14/03/21][18:50:55] [EM Gotan]: The service wasn't very long
    [14/03/21][18:50:58] [Alaster The Mad]: it was really cool :)
    [14/03/21][18:50:58] [wanda]: it was great!
    [14/03/21][18:51:11] [Nemo Herringwary]: *grumbles he isn't important enough to have lost his pants*
    [14/03/21][18:51:13] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:51:15] [Alaster The Mad]: yeah really it was great
    [14/03/21][18:51:33] [wanda]: was perfect :)
    [14/03/21][18:51:37] [Viskyn Zoda]: it was great 4 2 greal ppl
    [14/03/21][18:51:46] [Alaster The Mad]: ahaha thank you :)
    [14/03/21][18:51:48] [wanda]: yes indeed :)
    [14/03/21][18:51:48] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:51:52] [Viskyn Zoda]: P:
    [14/03/21][18:51:53] [Viskyn Zoda]: well
    [14/03/21][18:51:56] [Viskyn Zoda]: Jazz is great
    [14/03/21][18:52:02] [Viskyn Zoda]: i thought alaster was
    [14/03/21][18:52:04] [G'reth]: Aye it was. Congrats again
    [14/03/21][18:52:09] [Viskyn Zoda]: BUT I WANT MY UNDIES
    [14/03/21][18:52:15] [Alaster The Mad]: never !!
    [14/03/21][18:52:18] [wanda]: haha
    [14/03/21][18:52:19] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:52:20] [EM Gotan]: Goodness knows what Mesanna thought of those vows though!
    [14/03/21][18:52:20] [Viskyn Zoda]: lol
    [14/03/21][18:52:27] [Viskyn Zoda]: he has 2 of my characters P:
    [14/03/21][18:52:28] [Alaster The Mad]: hehehe
    [14/03/21][18:52:29] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:52:39] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:52:44] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:52:49] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:52:50] [G'reth]: hehe she may have missed them.
    [14/03/21][18:52:51] [wanda]: well time to go cut up a rug
    [14/03/21][18:52:54] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:52:54] [wanda]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:52:58] [Viskyn Zoda]: P:
    [14/03/21][18:53:04] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:53:04] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:53:04] [G'reth]: Was busy dealing with streakers
    [14/03/21][18:53:06] [EM Gotan]: Aye! To the floor!
    [14/03/21][18:53:24] [ARAGORN]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:53:26] [wanda]: aww pretty cake
    [14/03/21][18:53:29] [ARAGORN]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:53:29] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:53:30] [Tiny]: hehe
    [14/03/21][18:53:30] [Alaster The Mad]: I missed!
    [14/03/21][18:53:30] [EM Gotan]: The bottle thrown by Alaster The Mad has hit my head and liquid in the bottle has spilled out!
    [14/03/21][18:53:34] [Alaster The Mad]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:53:34] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:53:36] [Jazz]: arg
    [14/03/21][18:53:38] [wanda]: come on lets dance
    [14/03/21][18:53:39] [Alaster The Mad]: woops
    [14/03/21][18:53:39] [EM Gotan]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:53:39] [Alaster The Mad]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:53:39] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:53:40] [Jazz]: lol
    [14/03/21][18:53:49] [Jazz]: no bottle throwing!!
    [14/03/21][18:53:49] [Alaster The Mad]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:53:54] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:54:00] [EM Gotan]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:54:00] [Alaster The Mad]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:54:00] [Alaster The Mad]: i wanted to make like in cocktail movie
    [14/03/21][18:54:04] [EM Gotan]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:54:04] [ARAGORN]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:54:10] [EM Gotan]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:54:10] [Alaster The Mad]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:54:10] [ARAGORN]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:54:10] [Jazz]: mine?
    [14/03/21][18:54:15] [Alaster The Mad]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:54:15] [Annix]: ...I'm not wasted...
    [14/03/21][18:54:16] [EM Gotan]: aye
    [14/03/21][18:54:20] [Alaster The Mad]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:54:20] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:54:25] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:54:25] [EM Gotan]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:54:25] [Alaster The Mad]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:54:30] [EM Gotan]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:54:30] [Alaster The Mad]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:54:30] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:54:30] [Annix]: ...I'm not wasted...
    [14/03/21][18:54:35] [Alaster The Mad]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:54:39] [Jazz]: ??
    [14/03/21][18:54:40] [EM Gotan]: You feel sober.
    [14/03/21][18:54:40] [Alaster The Mad]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:54:40] [Annix]: ta carrément gérer
    [14/03/21][18:54:41] [Annix]: bro
    [14/03/21][18:54:45] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:54:49] [Nemo Herringwary]: Yaaargh, not content with the sexy bridesmaids, he wants the bride now! Gotta get me a robe
    [14/03/21][18:54:52] [wanda]: hehe
    [14/03/21][18:54:56] [EM Gotan]: hush you
    [14/03/21][18:55:00] [Alaster The Mad]: ahaha
    [14/03/21][18:55:00] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:55:03] [Alaster The Mad]: no way !
    [14/03/21][18:55:05] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:55:05] [ARAGORN]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:55:05] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:55:07] [Alaster The Mad]: i'll protect her !
    [14/03/21][18:55:10] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:55:10] [ARAGORN]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:55:20] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:55:25] [ARAGORN]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:55:30] [Alaster The Mad]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:55:30] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:55:40] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:55:45] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:55:46] [Alaster The Mad]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:55:46] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:55:46] [Annix]: ...I'm not wasted...
    [14/03/21][18:55:50] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:55:50] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:55:51] [Tiny]: need date on rings
    [14/03/21][18:55:56] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:55:56] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:56:11] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:56:12] [wanda]: brb
    [14/03/21][18:56:19] [Jazz]: kk hon
    [14/03/21][18:56:21] [Jazz]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:56:21] [Alaster The Mad]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:56:24] [EM Gotan]: I'm afraid you'll need to email Mesanna to request changes
    [14/03/21][18:56:26] [Jazz]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:56:26] [Alaster The Mad]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:56:31] [Jazz]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:56:31] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:56:31] [Annix]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:56:36] [Jazz]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:56:36] [Alaster The Mad]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:56:41] [Tiny]: they are perfect
    [14/03/21][18:56:46] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:56:48] [Tiny]: alaster will just have to remember
    [14/03/21][18:56:49] [Tiny]: lol
    [14/03/21][18:56:52] [Jazz]: LOL
    [14/03/21][18:56:56] [Tiny]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:57:00] [Alaster The Mad]: ahaha
    [14/03/21][18:57:02] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:57:03] [Alaster The Mad]: i will !
    [14/03/21][18:57:06] [Alaster The Mad]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:57:12] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:57:12] [Shivani Dark]: ahh
    [14/03/21][18:57:13] [EM Gotan]: Even I can't ensure that... there's no "Sober Alaster" flag, or even "Dress Alaster", and I've asked many times for that one
    [14/03/21][18:57:14] [Shivani Dark]: very nice
    [14/03/21][18:57:15] [Jazz]: did you like yours honey?
    [14/03/21][18:57:16] [Jazz]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:57:18] [Shivani Dark]: back in your pack
    [14/03/21][18:57:21] [Jazz]: your ring?
    [14/03/21][18:57:22] [Tiny]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:57:22] [Jazz]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:57:22] [Alaster The Mad]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:57:27] [Jazz]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:57:27] [Jazz]: Hey everyone. Listen to my song!
    [14/03/21][18:57:27] Lady Jazz begins to sing Trinsic (Positive)
    [14/03/21][18:57:27] [Tiny]: yes for sure
    [14/03/21][18:57:27] [Alaster The Mad]: totally !
    [14/03/21][18:57:30] [Nemo Herringwary]: Im just glad I could catch this after work, ye look a lovely couple
    [14/03/21][18:57:31] [Alaster The Mad]: what a surprise omg
    [14/03/21][18:57:32] [Tiny]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:57:32] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:57:32] [Jazz]: :)
    [14/03/21][18:57:37] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:57:42] [Tiny]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:57:42] [Jazz]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:57:44] [Viskyn Zoda]: can some1
    [14/03/21][18:57:45] [Alaster The Mad]: remember i told you "i let you choose, surprise"
    [14/03/21][18:57:49] [Jazz]: yes
    [14/03/21][18:57:49] [Alaster The Mad]: i was right :D
    [14/03/21][18:57:52] [Alaster The Mad]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:57:52] [Jazz]: :D
    [14/03/21][18:57:53] [Viskyn Zoda]: take a picture of me and alaster pls
    [14/03/21][18:57:57] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:57:57] [Jazz]: LOL
    [14/03/21][18:58:00] [Jazz]: go dance and i will
    [14/03/21][18:58:02] [Tiny]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:58:03] [Viskyn Zoda]: *puts arm around*
    [14/03/21][18:58:07] [Jazz]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:58:10] [Alaster The Mad]: come viskey soda
    [14/03/21][18:58:10] [Viskyn Zoda]: llol
    [14/03/21][18:58:12] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:58:12] [Alaster The Mad]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:58:17] [Jazz]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:58:22] [Tiny]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:58:22] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:58:27] [Tiny]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:58:33] [Viskyn Zoda]: *swingds staff*
    [14/03/21][18:58:37] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:58:42] [Jazz]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:58:42] [Jazz]: ...I'm not wasted...
    [14/03/21][18:58:42] [Alaster The Mad]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:58:44] [Viskyn Zoda]: *ducks*
    [14/03/21][18:58:46] [Jazz]: omg
    [14/03/21][18:58:48] [Jazz]: lol
    [14/03/21][18:58:55] [Nemo Herringwary]: *keelhauls the dancefloor*
    [14/03/21][18:58:57] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:58:58] [Viskyn Zoda]: lol
    [14/03/21][18:58:59] [Alaster The Mad]: omg omg
    [14/03/21][18:59:03] [Alaster The Mad]: nemo is on fire !
    [14/03/21][18:59:15] [Jazz]: nice dancing guys!!
    [14/03/21][18:59:19] [Viskyn Zoda]: *grabs extinguisher*
    [14/03/21][18:59:22] [Shivani Dark]: *whistles*
    [14/03/21][18:59:23] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:59:26] [Jazz]: woot!!
    [14/03/21][18:59:28] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:59:28] [Nemo Herringwary]: that be enough o'that
    [14/03/21][18:59:33] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:59:38] [Jazz]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:59:40] [Alaster The Mad]: damn i used all my fireworks !
    [14/03/21][18:59:43] [Jazz]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:59:43] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:59:46] [Jazz]: solol
    [14/03/21][18:59:47] [Viskyn Zoda]: take a photo Jazz P:
    [14/03/21][18:59:48] [G'reth]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][18:59:55] [Alaster The Mad]: merci bro :)
    [14/03/21][18:59:58] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][19:00:02] [Viskyn Zoda]: *puts arm around*
    [14/03/21][19:00:03] [Jazz]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][19:00:08] [Jazz]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][19:00:10] [Viskyn Zoda]: *makes face*
    [14/03/21][19:00:11] [Annix]: tu as bien
    [14/03/21][19:00:12] [Kalimana Zuya]: Ok back
    [14/03/21][19:00:13] [Eberulf]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][19:00:16] [Kalimana Zuya]: what did I miss
    [14/03/21][19:00:17] [EM Gotan]: I so glad i was here to see this; I need to go offline now though
    [14/03/21][19:00:18] [Annix]: reçu mon petit
    [14/03/21][19:00:19] [Annix]: cadeau
    [14/03/21][19:00:20] [Annix]: l'autre fois?
    [14/03/21][19:00:21] [Jazz]: got it
    [14/03/21][19:00:29] [Alaster The Mad]: omg tu l'as posé où ?
    [14/03/21][19:00:33] [Nemo Herringwary]: Good, an' keep ya mitts off the bridesmaids
    [14/03/21][19:00:33] [Jazz]: ...I'm not wasted...
    [14/03/21][19:00:34] [Kalimana Zuya]: Ok Gotan, goodluck
    [14/03/21][19:00:35] [Shivani Dark]: *waves Bye to EM Grotan
    [14/03/21][19:00:40] [Annix]: j'ai envoié quelqu'un
    [14/03/21][19:00:44] [Annix]: pour te filer
    [14/03/21][19:00:46] [EM Gotan]: I look forward to seeing all the write ups :)
    [14/03/21][19:00:48] [Annix]: la flute magique
    [14/03/21][19:00:50] [Alaster The Mad]: bye Gotan and thanks a lot again !
    [14/03/21][19:00:53] [Viskyn Zoda]: bye bye Gotan
    [14/03/21][19:00:53] [Alaster The Mad]: aaaaaah oui :)
    [14/03/21][19:00:53] [EM Gotan]: *shakes hand*
    [14/03/21][19:00:56] [Jazz]: ty so much!!
    [14/03/21][19:00:58] [Annix]: ezz bruv
    [14/03/21][19:00:58] [Eberulf]: bye gotan
    [14/03/21][19:00:58] [Jazz]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][19:00:59] [Kalimana Zuya]: I will post the pics tonite
    [14/03/21][19:01:02] [Annix]: see ya next time ma hommie
    [14/03/21][19:01:02] [Viskyn Zoda]: nice seeing u m8
    [14/03/21][19:01:03] [Jazz]: *big kiss*
    [14/03/21][19:01:06] [EM Gotan]: To you my lady, I wish you many nights of pantsless passion
    [14/03/21][19:01:09] [Tiny]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][19:01:10] [Alaster The Mad]: thank you pantsless em !
    [14/03/21][19:01:11] [Jazz]: awww
    [14/03/21][19:01:13] [Alaster The Mad]: ahaha gotan
    [14/03/21][19:01:16] [Jazz]: *blushes*
    [14/03/21][19:01:18] [Jazz]: ty
    [14/03/21][19:01:28] [Alaster The Mad]: *steals socks*
    [14/03/21][19:01:30] [EM Gotan]: And to you sire, many nights of ensuring that panstlessness
    [14/03/21][19:01:36] [Jazz]: lol
    [14/03/21][19:01:39] [Alaster The Mad]: oooh yeah, count on me !
    [14/03/21][19:01:42] [Nemo Herringwary]: *applauds*
    [14/03/21][19:01:45] [Viskyn Zoda]: lolol
    [14/03/21][19:01:49] [Jazz]: *hic*
    [14/03/21][19:01:52] [EM Gotan]: *bows* Goodnight!

    The party continued for a while after I went off duty, so I don't have a chat log for that I'm afraid ;)
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    rofl, been so messy, i'm proud of it :D