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Alchemy Mini-FAQ

Discussion in 'UO Botany and Nutrition' started by Fenwick, May 29, 2002.

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  1. Fenwick

    Fenwick Guest

    All information taken from Stratics and these boards. Information compiled by MinostheMiner and maintained by Fenwick


    <font color=blue> Which potions to make at which level.
    </font color=blue>

    Method 1:

    Skill Regeant Number of Regs

    0-25 Train from NPC Alchemist (Guildmaster)
    25-45 Strength potions (2 Mandrake Root)
    45-55.1 Greater Strength (5 Mandrake Root)
    55.1-65.1 Greater Poison (4 Nightshade)
    65.1-90.1 Greater Cure (6 Garlic)
    90.1-100 Deadly poison (8 Nightshade)


    It cost's roughly 60k and 5 hours.

    Regs used :

    about 1000 Mandrake Root
    about 4000 Garlic
    about 7000 Nightshade

    Thanks to Davey P for this method.

    Method 2 -- <font color=blue> after pub 16 </font color=blue> (Thanks to Dorian):

    35%-45%: Agility
    45%-55%: Total Refresh
    55%-65%: Greater Agility
    65%-75%: Greater Strength
    75%-85%: Greater Heal oder Greater Poison
    85%-98%: Greater Cure
    98%-100%: Deadly Poison

    My usage of regs and the number of created potion kegs from 50.0 alchemy:

    used regs:
    945 Black Pearl
    1175 Blood Moss
    3457 Mandrake
    8297 Ginseng
    26947 Garlic
    6793 Nightshade


    <font color=purple>Greater Explosion Macro</font color=purple> (submitted by Vidala):

    This macro will essentially "double click" the potion, hold it for a few seconds, and throw it at your last target where it should explode instantly. The delays are a bit tricky to do this as it depends on your connection, but once you get it down in the general area it's a lot of fun This is only a macro to throw one PP, so if you wanna do your suicide bomber stunt you're gonna have to do it manually or figure out a UOA macro for that ;p

    1. Double-click PP.

    2. When the cursor appears to select a target, hit Escape. Let the potion go off.

    3. Double-click another PP, and toss it anywhere on screen (ground or person).
    *Stop Recording

    Your macro should look like this:

    Use Item
    Use Item

    Now to do the "after macro editing". It's very easy and painless.

    1. Change the two "Use Item" lines to "Use Item Type" (right-click it) (lines 1 and 3).

    2. Change the second "Target" to "Target Last Target" (lin 4). DO NOT CHANGE LINE 2!

    3. Add a delay after the first "Target" between line 2 and 3 (it should appear between them). To do this, highlight line 2, click the "Delay" button on the left side of the UOA interface, and insert the delay in milliseconds. Start with a delay of 3200. Depending on your connection, play around with it. If the potion is thrown too late and it explodes on you, reduce the delay time by 50 or 100 milliseconds. If you play the macro and you see the potion land on the ground, then the delay is too short; try bumping it up by 50 or 100 milliseconds. Toy with it until you reach perfection. I often have to change it from a day-to-day basis, since some days I'm laggier than others.

    Last but not least, be sure to set whoever or wherever you plan on throwing the potion at is set as your last target.


    <font color=blue> Where do I store my potions? </font color=blue>

    Kegs. You can only find these on player vendors or players (carpenters/tinkers) themselves. Try looking at West Britain Bank for such a person. If you can get some of these then your life will be alot easier /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif.

    <font color=blue> How do I make potion kegs? </font color=blue>

    The Open Keg

    To create an open keg you need the following materials :

    3 Barrel Staves (requires 00.0 carpentry to make) 5 boards
    1 Barrel Lid (requires 11.0 carpentry to make) 4 boards
    1 Barrel Hoop (requires 00.0 tinkering to make) 5 ingots

    You need 57.8 carpentry to successfully create an open keg.

    To turn the materials into a keg go to the carpenters menu - containers - keg

    The Potion Keg

    To turn the open keg into a fully functioning potion keg you need the following materials :

    The previsously made open keg
    10 empty bottles
    1 Barrel Lid
    1 Barrel Tap (requires 35 tinkering to make) 2 ingots

    You need 75 tinkering to successfully create a potion keg.

    To turn the materials into a potion keg go to the tinkers menu - assemblies - potion keg

    Congratulations! Your now the owner of a working potion keg waiting to be filled,

    <font color=blue> Can I grind straight into kegs? </font color=blue>

    Yes, due to a new publish you can here are my own directions.

    In your pack you'll need :
    1 Empty Keg
    Mortar and Pestle
    5 Empty Bottles
    A lot of your required regs

    First grind one potion of your choice into a bottle and place the bottle onto the empty keg to "prime" it. Then happily grind away and your potions should go straight into the keg.

    NB. The keg must be in the top level of your backpack for this to work.

    <font color=blue> What skill/regeant is needed to make each potion? </font color=blue>

    Potion Min. Skill No. Regs needed

    Strength 25.1 2 Mandrake Root
    Greater Strength 45.1 5 Mandrake Root

    Lesser Poison 00.0 1 Nightshade
    Poison 15.1 2 Nightshade
    Greater Poison 55.1 4 Nightshade
    Deadly Poison 90.1 8 Nightshade

    Refresh 15.1 1 Black Pearl
    Total Refresh 25.1 5 Black Pearl

    Nightsight 00.0 1 Spider's Silk

    Lesser Heal 00.0 1 Ginseng
    Heal 15.1 3 Ginseng
    Greater Heal 55.1 7 Ginseng

    Lesser Cure 00.0 1 Garlic
    Cure 25.1 3 Garlic
    Greater Cure 65.1 6 Garlic

    Lesser Explosion 5.1 3 Sulphurous Ash
    Explosion 35.1 5 Sulphurous Ash
    Greater Explosion 65.1 10 Sulphurous Ash

    Agility 15.1 1 Bloodmoss
    Greater Agililty 35.1 3 Bloodmoss </pre>

    <font color=blue> What each type of potion does. </font color=blue>

    Potion Effect

    Agility +10 to MAX Stamina (for 2 min)
    Agility (Greater) +20 to MAX Stamina (for 2 min)
    Cure (Lesser) Cures Poison
    Cure Cures Poison
    Cure (Greater) Cures Poison
    Explosion (Lesser) 1-5 damage (area effect)
    Explosion 6-10 damage (area effect)
    Explosion (Greater) 11-20 damage (area effect) **
    Heal (Lesser) + 3-10 Health (once every 10 sec)
    Heal + 6-20 Health (once every 10 sec)
    Heal (Greater) + 9-30 Health (once every 10 sec)
    Nightsight normal light until next dawn
    Poison (Lesser) loss of approx. 2.5% Health every 2.5 sec (max 30 hp)
    Poison loss of approx. 5% Health every 2 secs (max 60 hp)
    Poison (Greater) loss of approx. 8% Health every 5 secs
    Poison (Deadly) loss of approx. 15% Health every 5 secs
    Refresh +25% Stamina
    Refresh (Total) FULL Stamina
    Strength +10 to MAX Health (for 2 min)
    Strength (Greater) +20 to MAX Health (for 2 min) </pre>

    **be sure to check out the damage change to Greater Explosion on Test Center, and let us know the results (if they ever get published to the main servers)

    <font color=blue>% Success Comparison </font color=blue>


    Type Skill @GM

    Agility 1 BM 15.1 100
    Agility (G) 3 BM 35.1 100
    Cure (L) 1 Gar 00.0 100
    Cure 3 Gar 25.1 100
    Cure (G) 6 Gar 65.1 70.0
    Explosion (L) 3 Ash 5.1 100
    Explosion 5 Ash 15.1 100
    Explosion (G) 10 Ash 55.1 70.0
    Heal (L) 1 Gin 00.0 100
    Heal 3 Gin 15.1 100
    Heal (G) 7 Gin 55.1 90.0
    Nightsight 1 SS 00.0 100
    Poison (L) 1 NS 00.0 100
    Poison 2 NS 15.1 100
    Poison (G) 4 NS 55.1 90.0
    Poison (D) 8 NS 90.1 20.0
    Refresh 1 BP 15.1 100
    Refresh (T) 5 BP 25.1 100
    Strength 2 MR 25.1 100
    Strength(G) 5 MR 45.1 100 </pre>

    <font color=blue> Average cost per keg at GM </font color=blue>

    Type Avg Reagent Cost* Keg** Total

    Agility 500 175 675
    Agility (G) 1500 175 1675
    Cure (L) 300 175 475
    Cure 900 175 1075
    Cure (G) 1950(1929) 175 2225
    Explosion (L) 900 175 1075
    Explosion 1500 175 1675
    Explosion (G) 3600 175 3775
    Heal (L) 300 175 475
    Heal 900 175 1075
    Heal (G) 2200 175 2375
    Nightsight 300 175 475
    Poison (L) 300 175 475
    Poison 600 175 775
    Poison (G) 1250(1233) 175 1425
    Poison (D) 4800 175 4975
    Refresh 500 175 675
    Refresh (T) 2500 175 2675
    Strength 600 175 775
    Strength (G) 1500 175 1675 </pre>

    * Avg Reagent cost (BM/BP = 5gp | Garlic/Ginseng/MR/Ash/NS = 3gp)
    ** Keg = 175gp (Boards 23 @3per / Ingots 7 @8per / Bottles 10 @5per)

    <font color=blue> Glassblowing </font color=blue>

    Here's some general information on glassblowing :

    [*]Glassblowing is a skill that can only be learned by Grandmaster Alchemists [*]This skill does not cost any skill points, and has no effect on the skill cap [*]To learn how to craft glass a GM Alchemist must read the book "Crafting Glass with Glassblowing"
    [*]The book "Crafting Glass with Glassblowing" can be bought from Gargoyle Shopkeepers
    [*]The book costs about 11,000 gold
    [*]The book will be destroyed after it has been read by a GM Alchemist
    [*]To create glass items, you need to use a tool called 'Blow pipe'
    [*]Blow pipes can be bought from Gargoyle Shopkeepers for a few gold pieces
    [*]Blow pipes do wear out, just like most tools.
    [*]Some items can be changed in color by using an interior decorator tool on them
    [*]Objects made with Glassblowing do not carry a maker's mark
    [*]You need sand to create glass items.

    Pictures of each item craftable by Glassblowing

    <font color=blue> Sand Information </font color=blue>

    Here's some general information about sand :

    [*]Sand can only be found on beaches, deserts and along some coast lines
    [*]Sand weighs 1 stone and does not stack
    [*]There appears to be roughly a 9% chance (9.04 to be more precise) to successfully dig up sand per attempt
    [*]The distribution of sand seems to occur in 8x8 resource grids that can be emptied out
    [*]You can expect 6-13 samples per resource grid area (8x8)
    [*]Respawn times range from 10-20 minutes.

    All information taken from Stratics and these boards. Information compiled by MinostheMiner and maintained by Fenwick
  2. Credit goes to:


    Alchemy Skill gain *AOS*

    I saw that the skill gain guide was very, very, very much outdated and I also saw that Lord Abernathy is looking for some new info to add to an updated FAQ. So, here ya go Abernathy.

    This here skill gain method is optimized for the best skill gain first and foremost. After that fact I have done my best to keep it as cheap as possible; but as I said this list is made to get the best gains possible not save the most money. To use this list simply make the potions listed under your current skill level. Goodluck!

    *Alchemy Skill Gain*

    0.0 - 30.0
    -Buy it from a NPC

    30.0 - 40.0
    -Lesser Explosion

    40.0 - 50.0

    50.0 - 60.0

    60.0 - 70.0
    -Greater Agility

    70.0 - 80.0
    -Greater Strength

    80.0 - 90.0
    -Greater Posion

    90.0 - 100.0
    -Greater Cure

    *Written by: Nick of Lake Austin*

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