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[Alchemy] Alchemy Template for New Players

Discussion in 'UO Botany and Nutrition' started by Xvim, Mar 4, 2015.

  1. Xvim

    Xvim Adventurer

    Dec 27, 2014
    Likes Received:
    I searched for a forum but some different templates i saw, i wish to share this template and informations for new players, who tried to understand Alchemy.

    What is Alchemy?

    Alchemy is semi crafting/semi fighting skill. For crafting side, you will create various potions for players and yourself and some usefull items for different classes such as smoke bomb and elixir of rebirths.For fighthing side, a GM Alchemy passively adds %30 to Enchance potion capasity (doesnt adds directly, tested).

    What is Enchance Potion?

    Enchance Potions ability determines how effectively your potions when using them.For example, if you have 0 EP, Greater Healing Potion will heal you 30-35 ish, for %50 EP, 45-55 points for %80 ep 60-68 hp it will heal. It is very usefull for in combats if you become combat alchemist like mine.


    For very first character, I should recommend this template.

    100 Alchemy/Glassblowing
    100 Mining/Stone/Sand/Gem
    100 tinkering
    100 lumberjack
    100 carpentry/Masonry
    120 imbuing
    100 magery(it will go 115 if you have Treatise on Alchemy and Alchemist Bauble with 115 Ps scroll of Magery)

    You will mine for making perfect mortars and pestles, barrel parts and golems for tinkering, you will lumber for obtaining fungis, lumbers, parasitic plants for carpentry and poison making, and you will imbue and jewelery for you self-using or your friends/costumers.

    Carpentry and tinkering is essential for making potion barrels and various thinks which helps alchemy,
    Also mining can be usefull for obtaining sand which needs for secondary part of Alchemy; Glassblowing.

    Now all of your skills are combined, you become perfect Alchemist in your dreams!

    Tips for Combat Alchemist

    Opening a human alchemist will help you a lot because you will not only get passive benefits also huge carrying capasity.Greater Explosion Potion has no cooldown and higher EP can override most mages DPS.Combining it with Greater Conflagration can be deadly to most units in Sosaria. For PvM Self defence, use greater confusion blast for breaking aggro and use invisibility potion for safety in most situations (like navrey webs).

    For pvp, you will do nothing... Lol nope! Use shatter potions for destroy your targets potions. Exploding tar potion will perfect with EP, it sticks your target on the ground, so go on and land greater explosion potions on him/her. If you trying to deal with melee characters, use greater conflagration potions and super nova potions, show them a single 'crafter' how to deal damage. Fear Potions are can be usefull if you are chased by one or more players.

    Since you are using potions, you need to use your hands quickly for healing/curing/buffing etc.

    Now you are ready to find Philosophers Stone. Happy Transmutations!

    From Xvim of Europa, Arsonist of RAA.
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  2. Diomedes Artega

    Diomedes Artega Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 9, 2008
    Likes Received:
    So I'm an alchemy newbie so to speak. What would you recommend as somewhat of a more advanced template if you recommend the above for your first character (kinda beyond that at this point). I know I can use the search function, just wondered your thoughts since I like what you wrote here.