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Discussion in 'Holonet Chat' started by Anaireo, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. Anaireo

    Anaireo Guest

    Planet: Alderaan
    Affiliation: Independent
    System: Alderaan system
    Climate: Temperate
    Days per year: 364
    Hours per day: 24
    Moons: 0

    One of the Core world founders of the Republic, Alderaan is widely regarded as representing the best aspects of Human culture. Its cities are designed to accentuate the natural beauty of the planets flora and fauna, sitting amongst the snow covered mountains and verdant forests. Though Humans now make up about 95% of the planets population, this was not always that case.

    996,347 years before the signing of the treaty of Coruscant an insectoid race known as the Kiliks first evolved on the planet developing their own communal society. Thousands of years later this society would discover the secrets of space travel and set out to colonize other core worlds. It was during this period they would attract the attention of the mysterious Celestrials, who enslaved the Kiliks using them to consume the planets resources. On depletion of these resources the Celestrials vanished into the unknown regions taking their insect slaves with them, leaving only the petrified mounds that the Kiliks once called home.

    Humans would arrive on Alderaan around 23,819 years before the Great War, setting up their own peaceful society and would go on to become founding members of the Galactic Republic. The planet was ruled by a hereditary monarch that would be the governing head of the High Council. Alderaan was a political utopia with few upsets in its history. Then the Sith came.

    The Sith assaulted the once peaceful world in a powerful strike against the Republic; they were merciless and swift in their attack. Capturing the Royal family of a founding world, the Sith had delivered a crushing blow to the morale of the Republic. In response the Republic rallied its forces, retaliating with all its might, in hope to rescue the subjugated world. The rescue was a success and control of Alderaan was once more in the hands of the Republic, but the bitter thought of revenge still lay within the once peaceful hearts of Alderaan’s nobles.

    Feeling betrayed by the Republic’s signing of the Treaty of Coruscant the crown prince subsequently declared Alderaan an independent system, a controversial move that would upset many who still saw the Republic as a bastion of freedom and democracy, fostering a divide in its populace. The death of the crown prince by the hands of an assassin, mere days after the ruler’s bold proclamation, tipped an already tumultuous planet into civil war, starting one of the bloodiest periods of Alderaan’s history.

    The noble houses’ squabble over the true right to the throne would become the backdrop of a proxy war between the Republic and Sith interests. While House Organa, supported by the Republic, tries to bring peace to this volatile situation another house backed by the insidious Sith Empire is viciously attempting to stake its own claim. Political tensions on Alderaan are at their highest, the outcome of which may be the catalyst to another Galactic war.