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[Alert]The Save Maginca Event Battle of the Rift! {This Is Finished Now!}

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Lord Sir Scott, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. Lord Sir Scott

    Lord Sir Scott Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    Nov 15, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Come kill the Rift Guardians!
    There are 6-10 rift guardians at the Maginca Gate! Tram and most likely in Felluca as well.
    They can not be gotten close to, and when attacked spawn
    a Demon Berserker, I believe these be can be killed best with those weapons you found when fighting the first part. IE the mystic, Power & Vanquishing Weapons.
    Seems Elemental Slayers Are Damaging Rift Guardians, hard to say though...
    as it turns out when a Guardian Is killed he spits out a Powerful Blast
    Surfer Dudes & Wolfie and To x ic and a few others worked hard to kill it.
    Heh we died endlessly too btw...
    Bravo to the team out at the sakra gate too! Good job indeed!
    Anyone recall that spell to drop the fire in T Keep. "An Sanct Flam" does not seem to work although I thought that was it but I can't be sure what that spelling was...
    Maybe it did work because later I saw some one use it and now the flames are gone
    but they returned soon after. Maybe you need many mages chanting that?
    Some crazy flames here at this gate that need to be put out hehehe.
    Also as I watch a group fight some used the words to drop the flames and then EV's where able to hit the guardians.
    As it turns out there are items to be had. See UO hall and the main thread for more information
    Beware when entering The Maginca area Via the Sakra Gate!
    A lot of Bzerkers are getting drug to the bank area because we have blow up our own defenses for Cannon rubble.
    You Defenders of Maginca were right!!!
    Sorry about that because I helped destroy it but I did not think of the ramifications...
    Small groups are starting to form to take out these wild bzerkers now...
    Thank you lady Pandora Spocks for the Black rock test. Watched her blow up next to me doing a little research.

    Sorry no Pictures as I have no place to store them.
    Post your awesome battle pictures and stories here.
    And that’s the latest news; I am tired now so good luck Sonoma and good night.
  2. Well, I don't have anything to offer to all your information except to say I was in Magincia Felucca last night.... it was a mad house --- mostly because I appeared to be the ONLY person on the whole island! The whole northern & north-western parts of the island are literally over run with demons and baddies. I didnt get a chance to note much more than that while trying to keep myself alive.

    I see that Harris' Tavern by the Sea .... the Seer Blessed building on the northern most end of the Island on the beach was destroyed. Draconi had promised that these types of places wouldnt be -- they'd be spared the invasion destruction. Winston Erndell's place, just to the west-south of the tavern seemed intact though. I posted about it in the stickied post on UHall. I hope they can fix it -- though I hear Draconi is missing in action right now.

    Anyhow -- happy hunting!
  3. <font color=00008B>We have our pet, people, and faction healers/rezzers available on the Trinsic dock (Tram) along with first aid supplies/repair deeds to help with defending our land against the inhabiting spirit of evilness .... CHARGE!!! [​IMG]