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Algenon's Grotto is Found By Sleuths

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Queen Mum, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. Queen Mum

    Queen Mum Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    May 13, 2008
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    *Posted with permission from the author Shadow Riter

    Good evening all Daniel began as I was taking my usual seat. His greeting was echoed back by Galadriel, Buck, Ansatsu and Moxxi, while Garot, Kaylor and I nodded..

    “Good to see you all here.” He began” have any of you found Algenon yet? Has there been any signs of Algenon? Did any of the prodigies find out anything?”

    Galadriel shook her head nay but Cuttles was excited about her find.


    “I found a bottle in Ter Mur. It was over by the bouras” She was bouncing in her seat.

    Daniel Ravens was curious too “ A bottle? Cuttles tell us about it. Why is it unusual?

    Cuttles began to tell us “something unstopped bottles: never heard of a unstopped bottles”

    Daniel Ravens nodded and added “ Well they are unstopped when we open to drink them. You will have to show us after”

    Cuttles was more than willing. She had carefully marked the spot on a map. “ yeah The question is what was in it though.”


    “ hmm did you taste it?” Daniel frowned

    Cuttles*shrugs and shook her head no* “you know never thought of that”

    Giving a sigh of relief he remarked with approval “It would be wise to be careful what you drink. These potions are different than any I have seen before.”

    Realizing what might happen she she agreed “yea turning into a puddle of water”


    Daniel Ravens nodded “might not be how you wish to spend the rest of your life.” Then Daniel got back to business.*with a furrowed brow thinks*”we need to ask Algenon's students a bit more, hmmm aggressively. Not that I think we need to hurt them; they are just students. How can we convince them to talk? What should we ask them?”


    We all thought about it for a while then gingerly threw out all types of suggestions.

    Queen Mum: give them a reward of some type?

    Neptune: bribe them?

    Galadriel: give em q'mum cookies

    Moxxi: Oh we hide the serum in mum's cookies! No one could resist!

    Daniel Ravens: I think we have some options, they are young rewards might work. I like Moxxi's idea. Let’s go back and talk to these young alchemists

    Neptune: *smiles* *waves dagger around*

    Daniel Ravens thought about it “ well Neptune, be sure to bring your dagger we may need it.”

    We took a gate to Nujel’m as that was the last place we had seen the students.

    We found one of the young women near the Mystic Inn. We greeted her in a kind fashion. She looked up at us and smiled. “Oh Hello. I am very busy today.”


    “Busy with what?” inquired Moxxi

    “I am trying to make a difficult potion. I Just cannot seem to get the hang of it.”

    Moxxi wanted more information “what type of potion would that be?”

    She frowned and looked at Daniel

    Remember me? I am Daniel. We have come back to help Algenon. Can you enlighten us?


    She shook her head no and snapped “I do not know any Algenon! I have told you so before!”

    Daniel Ravens was shocked at the outburst “you nippy girl, I mean the Legendary Master!”

    “Oh!” Her eyes were wide and she seemed worried. “He is not well. I think he is abed”

    “Really where is this bed?” Queen Elf Sandy jumped in hoping to get a clue.

    The prodigy shrugged “I have never been there. One must complete the Water breath potion to be invited.”

    Daniel looked to us and asked “ have any of you been invited?”


    Galadriel,Cuttles,Miriam, Moxxi, Alchemy Mianda all piped up “ no” but the youngling answered “Yes the others have both been successful.”

    Cuttles looked about “Others? I see no others. Where are they??”

    She thought for a moment, “I think Sarah is eating. Seems potions make her hungry.”

    It felt like we had to prod her for every bit of information “Where is SHE DINING?”

    She seemed to think the answer was obvious. “At the house near the North beach.”

    “Oh I think I remember her there before. Thank you. We will go speak to her now”

    Moxxi was the first to enter the dining room. She recognized Sarah right away. “hello Sarah, you seem to come here often”


    Sarah nodded and answered with her mouth still full. “The food here tastes good. How can I help you?”

    “We need to find Algenon. We think he is ill.”


    “Oh there is something going around then, Master Teacher is also not well.” She stated with an alarmed tone.

    Daniel decided to take a different approach “Yes Master Teacher. Do you know where I can find him?”

    She scratched her head and seemed to notice Daniel for the first time. “Are you the Daniel also known as Ravens?”


    Daniel Ravens let out a big *sigh*” I will never live that down: Hrmm! Yes! Why?”

    “Then you likely cannot. You must be able to make water breath.” She said matter of fact.

    He looked at us “ Can any of you make this unusual potion?”

    Galadriel and Cuttles looked at each other “Water breath pot? no sorry”

    Daniel Ravens *looked at the girl prodigy* “Perhaps I could buy some from you?”

    “Absolutely not! WE must maintain our levels of excellence.”

    Feeling frustrated he shot back “ What good will that be if *cough* Master Teacher dies?”

    “Do you think he is that ill?” the girl was filled with concern now.

    “It is possible he is very sick. Have you ever known him to ail before?”

    Alchemy Prodigy got very curt in her replies “ Then you must hurry and talk to Emily. She is by the pool.”

    “The one near covetous?” Ansatsu asked

    “Just make a gate and go! Don't waste time.”

    “Wow! these ladies are grumpy today.” Observed Neptune

    “I suppose we must talk to Emily then. Let’s all head toward covetous. We can assemble at the grave yard and take it from there.”

    We walked through the woods together but did not see Emily near the pool. The water looked murky and a bit ominous. I hoped nothing had happened to her. Sea weed seemed to be growing all over. We continued our search and came to a small river.

    “Here she is. Hello Emily”


    Emily teared up “Oh it is about time you are here. He is very sick”

    “What has happened? How did he get ill?”

    “I know not. He has been coughing and very tired. Even refresh does not help”

    “How can we Help?”

    She seemed indignant “You must ask him. I am just a prodigy of alchemy. I am no healer!”

    I spoke up then “Well we will aid you- Where do we find him?”


    “In his grotto.” She spat then realized we could not get there.” Oh drink what is left of the potion.”

    “What potion?” we all wondered. None of us had seen any.

    “It was bobbing on the water. It must have sunk.” She seemed alarmed now “ You should jump in the

    “Will you come too?” asked Ixtab

    “No I will stay here and make sure no one else goes in the pool. There has been dangerous seaweed in the pond of late.

    Daniel Ravens motioned for us to jump into the pool “Careful” The sea weed was thick and seemed to pull us under. I took a big gulp of air and pulled out my dagger. Neptune already was slashing at the wild plants. Every few moments, I had to surface for another breath of air. I could see the heads of others as the bobbed to the surface for their oxygen fix. Finally the sea weed had all been pruned back. We took turns diving tio see if we could find the potion Emily told us about.


    “Here it is. “ Neptune shouted and pointed to the north east corner. ”It is almost empty.” He lifted it so we could all see. “ Is it safe?” *smells* “don't smell good”

    Daniel Ravens answered, “Emily says to drink this potion so I believe it is safe. Everyone hold your nose and Drink up”

    We all took very small amounts. Just as the liquid touched our lips we got the sensation of a great eddy whirling us away. I landed face first on solid ground.

    “Oh my this is a wonderful place. Find the Master Teacher. Er Algenon” demanded Daniel


    Neptune who had been the first to drink ran to us. “this is odd no one’s home it seems”

    Daniel Ravens: did you find the teacher?

    “We found no one” added Satari

    “ hmm” pontificated Daniel, “ not like him. shhh do not let him know you are here

    Oh My! Shouted Snowflake” there is blood in the water over there.

    Daniel was busy inspecting the furnishings. “ That must be his bed but Sarah the prodigy was wrong. He is not bed ridden.


    “ That you boy?” the voice came from the bed. Daniel Ravens: *looked around*

    Moxxi exclaimed oh my! As Neptune pointed to the pillow “That pillow just talked”

    Daniel whispered near the bed “it is indeed”

    “You come alone?” the pillow was authoritative. I felt compelled to answer but held my tongue.Mirriam blurted out, “yes we came alone”

    Daniel *looked at everyone and motioned to hide * we quickly followed his suggestion and listened carefully as the pillow and Ravens conversed.


    Yes of course I did!

    :You used to be a better liar.

    Talking about lying, I thought you were sick in bed. Where are you?

    : I am sick. So I took precautions. I poured some of my ink on me. Works better than invisibility pot


    I see or rather Don’t see. *grin* You Called?

    :Yes. I suppose you noticed Nasty Natasha?

    She goes by Knavish now

    : call it as you like she is still nasty. You must find her and deal with her.

    : *faint chuckle* She is trouble. Only person I have ever known to successfully *trails off*

    *whispers so others do not hear* How ill are you? We do not get sick

    : I am tired boy. I was old when I taught you.

    Ha First time you admit to teaching me.

    : You were a poor alchemist boy. So when did you take students?

    When did YOU take students?

    : Someone will have to guard my work. I had hopes with Emily but she is weak of heart

    Emily? The girl who meditates by the pool?

    : Nice girl. Very talented.

    What shall we do Algenon? This sounds dire *sighs*

    : Natasha has something of mine. Get it back for me.


    Queen Mum could hold back no longer “oh dear Natasha again. She is a snippy one.”

    Queen Mum: What are we looking for?

    : You will know it when you see it.

    *looked about to be sure no one was looking and tucked in the blanket*

    Moxxi came out of hiding “sir, what do you think she has? We must get it back!”

    He shrugged and turned to us “do any of you know what Natasha has taken other than potions?”

    queen elf sandy Neptune and Cuttles all replied at once “no clue”

    Neptune: *shakes head*

    Ansatsu was snooping about and found a long desk. “ What about his books on his table? Does it offer clues?”

    Neptune: note's maybe?

    Mianda: work

    Daniel Ravens: looks like his personal things

    Garot Tongarth: Very interesting books, no doubt.

    Daniel Ravens: perhaps we should go with Cuttles to Ter mur maybe there is a clue there. She did say she saw something there.”

    Cuttles had not been paying attention. She was deep in thought about possibilities. She gasped, “Maybe a student

    Daniel Ravens considered “ oh I hope not! Kidnapping is very evil.”

    Galadriel: added “I bet she drank the potion!! : I bet she drank it and morphed!

    Clym of Clough nodded “Maybe she has the recipe”

    Daniel Ravens agreed, “She was dealing with gargoyles at the dock in Ter Mur”

    Moxxi: *shivers*

    Cuttles nodded “smuggling?”

    Lets take a look. Stay together. We travelled to the Gargoyle city and then set off North along the path.

    As we passed by the big rock Daniel commented “isn't this where the stone gargoyl bodies were?”

    Cuttles looked “ were! They are gone now”

    Ansatsu kicked a pile of something “The bodies have turned to sand”


    Daniel Ravens *nodded*

    Moxxi ran out from the little hut panting “ Daniel?? I saw a note within the building about a new meeting location in ilsh? Ilsh is a large uncharted land and quite dangerous!Where shall we even start to look?!” Tika Waylan, Clym and Neptune also had investigated the hut “there is a book Daniel. Inside take a look at this hidden book a note to Natasha also under the bed. They were talking in short sentences because they were excited.


    Daniel Ravenshad a strange expression “ hmmI wonder when the meeting will be? Mayhaps we should get Amonos and the guard to check it out. “


    We checked out the strange potion Cuttles had found.


    It did not smell like the water breath we had found earlier but it did not smell any better either.. Daniel picked it up to bring to his study. He made a note to ask Algenon about it.




    We were all tired so we head back to the meeting hall. Daniel then Dismissed us.


    “Sleuths am well please with the progress we have made tonight we talked Emily into sharing her water breath potion and we have found Algenon’s grotto: I believe it was he who was laying on the pillow that ink is very effective I must get me some of that as well as truth serum.


    Algenon has hired us And we will get Amonos to do the work. *grins* some thought it may be a student that is missing but he said it get it back and we would know it when we saw it. I believe it is some type of Item. Hopefully not a student.

    I think natasha is meeting with that gargoyle who was performing the rite what was his name?

    Cuttles: lem kelp?

    Daniel Ravens: *shakes head*something greystone not Lem: haven't the guard arrested Lem yet

    queen elf sandy: not sure

    Ansatsu: no he keeps slipping away


    Daniel Ravens: I must speak with Bob and Amonos about that

    Daniel Ravens: I will meet with Amonos: tell him about the book we found.

    Galadriel: *nod*

    Daniel Ravens: then I shall call it a night and slip back into the shadows*backs away*


    ~Shadow Riter