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All posters please read.

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by Sendaria, Jan 3, 2001.

  1. Sendaria

    Sendaria Guest

    Over the last week or so I have noticed a general decline in the respect given on this forum to other posters.

    I have locked 1 thread and deleted and deleted 2. This is more than in the last 6 months.

    Let me be clear in several things.

    There is NEVER an excuse for abusing a fellow poster.

    The poster might well have asked a "stupid" question, but if they did so it is because they are new to the game/new to smithing. If you cannot answer in a sensible way then don't answer. A poster might well have a view on an ingame matter that you strongly disagree with, if so respond with a well thought out argument expressing your opinions. Just remember opinions are like belly buttons- every one has one and they don't hold much water /shared/forum_images/beige/icons/smile.gif. Every poster has an equal right to post their opinions of in game topics (ludicrous as they might appear to others).

    Also remember that although this forum is in English, UO is a world wide game. Players should not be attacked because their command of English is poor- whether because it is a secondary language or because that player is not well educated. This (depending on circumstances) could well be construed as racist abuse, and I WILL BAN YOU FOR IT. Some players prefer to write their posts in "internet speak", some in roleplay "Olde-English", and others in "normal English"- each is equally valid.

    Finally I do not care if you have played UO for 5 minutes, or since alpha testing- this does not allow you to personally attack other players. DON'T DO IT.

    I have my opinions on why this is happening, there are a lot of new smiths, there are a lot of smiths disappointed that they are not making hundreds of k a day. There are a lot of questions about economics in game, and sucess rates of certain items. All these are valid topics to discuss in game, but discuss the topic- don't flame the poster.

    If you have any further questions then PM me.

    Yves st. Laurent - Royal Smith of Order of the Ebon Hand Europa Shard
    A smith with a heart and a Grandmaster at his professions.
    Favourite hangout: Trammel - Le Maison d'Yves
  2. Octopuss

    Octopuss Guest

    I agree with you, but: I don't think people are blind ! Everyone MUST see posts like "daily gains" or "read this first". I must say - I really HATE HATE HATE posts like "how many ingots from ##" appearing all the time. If it was once a week, hmm okay, but I see it nearly every day !!! Are the people so stupid?? Or lazy to read other posts??? There's no other possibility ! I highly sugest deleting posts like these.

    Octopuss from Czech Heroes on Drachen
  3. Urlik

    Urlik Guest

    Perhaps instead of letting yourself get all stressed out, you should ignore the posts that you hate so much. Nobody is forcing you to read them.

    Just a thought. :)
  4. Gollum

    Gollum Guest

    I agree with Url =)
    plus, what if youre still waiting to upgrade to a 56k modem from 28k? (*thinks about that and is greatly pained*) it can take up to a minute just to load one post... people like that want to have an easy answer, and not have to click for 10 mins to find the one they want (yes I also hate the posts, but give em some slack =+))

    Arthur The Insane Craftsman
    GM Carpenter, Now being driven insane by: Tailoring
  5. Perhaps the number of ingots required should be added to the FAQ. I know it can only be a general range but it should hopefully eliminate some of these posts.

    To Sendaria, I heard about signature limitations and a height limit of 125 pixels. Any idea if my sig is too big or maybe could be bigger?

    <center>I never figured out why people always associated me with this bird. Ah well, the name sounds cool anyway.</center>
  6. Very good idea, but take a gander over at the Spiels Board here and you will find one of the biggest abusers is the moderator of the board. Maybe Stratics needs to have a general clean-up and/or posting of what is acceptable and not. Moderators using foul language should not be allowed.

    Jacques de Molay, GM of Militia Templi Scotia, Cats
    Attila the Hun, GM Smith, Master Tailor, Cats
    Norrin the Hun, GM Mage, GM Scribe, Cats
    Abel Cain, GM Alchemist, GM Warrior, Cats

    "Welcoming newly Red Trammel Players Daily"
  7. Sendaria

    Sendaria Guest

    A quick note on how the forums are moderated.

    Each moderator is allowed a pretty free rein on the forums, subject to the rules of conduct (link above), of course. This means that each board is allowed to "develop" its own style. Perhaps pop over to thieves and have a look there for a very different forum.

    I agree that moderators should be the "cleanest of the clean" where posting is concerned- if I inadvertantly offend someone with a post (normally because it is clumsily written) I always take time to either reclarify my position, or to apologise if appropriate. Saying that, Spiels is a little different from other forums, and basically the "gloves are off" on that board, so I suppose it is fair that the moderator is given the same freedoms. But that is their board, and the settle to their own comfort level- if you read that board then make your comments on it- if 99% of the posters are happy you will soon be told!

    With regard to the posts along the lines of "how many ingots to GM!" I agree that they are pointless, but they are inoffensive. I sympathise with those who have slower connections

    *pats his adsl line* /shared/forum_images/beige/icons/smile.gif

    but as stated above, you know what they are going to say, so don't read them. Same for buying/selling ingots- if they are not relavent to you- don't read them, but they are appropriate within the forums area of concern. Personally I do not "interfere" with the board unless I really have to, which from your own experience and my initial post you can see is not very often. Mainly it is all board spams for non-UO issues or such like. I would like to keep it this way. It is a nice board to moderate (as is miners-my other board), which makes my role as a moderator a pleasure. Be aware, moderators on these boards are not paid- we are all UO players as everyone else is, and we do this because we want to.

    Yves st. Laurent - Royal Smith of Order of the Ebon Hand Europa Shard
    A smith with a heart and a Grandmaster at his professions.
    Favourite hangout: Trammel - Le Maison d'Yves
  8. RealJones

    RealJones Guest

    Its 251 pixels wide by 206 high. And its also 155Kb. The new sig limits are 600 wide and 125 high, with a 35Kb max size. So you have to cut your image's size 5-fold. This is in Kofu's locked post at the top of the mage forum if you want more info.


    Nothing like the good ole days of fishing. Fish all night and come back in the morning to find yourself dead to a mongbat ;)
  9. Vio

    Vio Guest

    Jacques, please pm me the names of any moderators on the SnR (there are 3 mods currently, myself included) that have used foul language or have violated the RoC in any way.


    'Wasted views, that's all they see Blue'

    <font color=blue>SnR Moderator</font color=blue>
  10. Sendaria

    Sendaria Guest

    From the PM's I have received it seems that everyone has read this, and taken on board the message.

    Thanks guys.

    Yves st. Laurent - Royal Smith of Order of the Ebon Hand Europa Shard
    A smith with a heart and a Grandmaster at his professions.
    Favourite hangout: Trammel - Le Maison d'Yves
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I agree with this, of course. (I've thought this to be the common sense rule of every forum)
    However, let me just say that I dearly hope that Regis Philbin recieved a warning for his offensive post toward Tapani2 and me.
    Maybe I should have gotten one, too (though I don't think so) but as long as that Regis character gets what he deserves, I'm happy.

    "Please, don't eat me! I've got a wife and kids! Eat them!"
  12. I decided to use the giant eraser tool on my sig...

    <center>The address for my picture is going to be invalid soon and it's too big for the carpenter's forum anyway. /shared/forum_images/beige/icons/frown.gif</center>