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All Shards Tavern Night (11/10/09)

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Ado the Theif, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. All Shards Tavern Night

    Tonight we will be hosting the Wake the Dead Ritual. Show up at the Iron Bandit Inn for a quick drink and a few words and we'll head out to the Kijustsu Anei Graveyard where we will attempt to wake a spirit and attempt to speak with it. If we are successful and everyone votes it might even be possable to revive the spirit. Theres a very slim chance of it being revived though. Make sure to bring instruments and any other objects that makes lots of noice in attempt to bring the spirits out. ​

    Dont forget that this event is open to anyone on any shard.

    For further information on Wake the Dead Ritual please go to the thread posted here:http://www.uoforums.com/village-inhabitants-chatter/64057-wake-dead-day-tba.html

    When: The All Shards Tavern Night will start at 6pm pst, 9pm est.
    Where: The Iron Bandit Inn, Kijustsu Anei, Located in homare-jima.


    We hope to see you there at the Iron Bandit Inn!