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[Selling] All Your Fishing Needs!!!

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake Trade' started by A Stoned Mariner, Sep 18, 2010.

  1. Stop by the Seafarmers Collegium of Merxmere (town of Merxmere accessible via teleport hub) for all your fishing needs at affordable prices!

    Colored Nets

    Ancient Nets!!!
    White Pearls!!!
  2. BUMP!!!!

    Items Stocked Daily!!! Prices below!!!

    Scales 10k per (bulk available)
    Pearls 40k per (bulk available)
    Colored Nets 50k per (random colors available day-to-day)
    White Sunken Chests 50k each (bulk available)

    Ancient Nets 300k per (bulk available)!

    Regular SOS 500gp each (massive bulk quantity available)
    Paintings 5-25k (depending on size - bulk available)
    Pillows 1k each (random variety day-to-day)

    Keep a poor fisherman clothed and well fed!!!
    BUY [SCM] Seafarmers Collegium of Merxmere

    Located in the town of Merxmere - SW of Trinsic Gate
    Accessible from the teleport hub!