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Alliance Dropping Issues

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Slab Hardbody, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. For the past week we have had issues with our alliances dropping, regardless of which guild is the alliance leader. Our faction guild has been dropped from 4 times in less than 4 days, and our non-faction guild was dropped from it's alliance 3 times in the past week. I'm the gl of the faction guild, and also the alliance leader, yet we were dropped from our own alliance. Changing the alliance leader hasn't helped either and we still keep getting dropped.

    Is anyone else having similar issues?
  2. Picus of Napa

    Picus of Napa Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Supporter Stratics Legend

    Jun 27, 2003
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    Stop trying to make a alliance with a non-faction guild.
  3. Our alliance had this same problem with it droping..all guilds were non faction though.
  4. This problem is happening with both our faction and non-faction alliances. The two alliances are exclusively either faction guilds or non-faction guilds. I'm well aware of the faction/non-faction alliance restrictions, but this is occurring with strictly a faction alliance and a separate non-faction alliance. There is no mixing of the two.
  5. Otis Firefly

    Otis Firefly Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 17, 2006
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    ive heard of a few issues like this happening, maybe it has something to do with members in the alliance having alt chars in opposing factions on the same account?...other then that i have no clue
  6. sablestorm

    sablestorm Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran

    Aug 23, 2008
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    Here's a question regarding this issue. Was a new guild added as soon as the dropping issue occurred? What's I've found is that on some occasions, a legal addition of a guild causes a split in the alliance. The alliance controller and the new guild seem to splinter of in their own unnamed alliance while the remaining guilds are still in the original alliance.

    The fix for this, I've found, is to simply kick the guild that you previously added and wait until server up. In all the instances I've done this, my guild has returned to my original faction and I can readd the new guild again. Thus far, every time I've readded them, it's worked correctly.

    I'm not sure why this happens, but to reiterate, you basically back out of the action you just did by removing the guild you just added. Then you wait until server up for it to restore things back to normal.
  7. Cear Dallben Dragon

    Cear Dallben Dragon Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 17, 2005
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    Atl's rp community has had about 5 alliance drops for no reason this week alone. really messing up the story and the war.