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Alligence to Sister town

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Eyes of Sosaria, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. from the Desk of Mayor Zanku, Nidaros Township;

    Mayor Zanku handed me this dictation and wanted me to post it as soon as possible. It has to do with a Decree from Governor Winfield passed down at the Paxlair meeting held tonight, Tuesday, 22nd.

    The Decree basically stated that the towns of DRAGON'S WATCH, PAXLAIR, PaxOku, and NIDAROS will join forces to protect the city of Skara Brea and work with the militia there as well as the local Government to try and put a rest to the upheavals taking place in the city. In short, the Pax Alliance has taken Skara Brea as a "Sister" City and will supply forces as needed to help the town, as well as clothes and food.

    Mayor Zanku of Nidaros was also appointed an "Emmissary" to Skara Brea and is to report his findings and information obtained from the locals and Government officials to Governor Winfield at each of the Paxlair meetings that take place every Tuesday Night. The meeting for the time being will be held at the Community Center in Skara Brea at 9:00 pm EST. That way, we are available immediately for assistance if needed that night to the Town.

    Mayor Zanku has also obligated one of his town officials, "Judge", to deploy ships to the outer banks of Skara Brea for any further support that might be needed or for any pirates in league with the Raiders. That deployment will soon be underway.

    So stay toon'd for further developements from the reporting desk of Nidaros as the Paxlair Alliance combineds forces to battle the un-certain times ahead.:scholar: