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Allowing X-ferring of your Vet Rewards to match Account

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by glorypaxson, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. glorypaxson

    glorypaxson Guest

    I agree that X-fers of characters would be a dumb idea...

    But what about giving us a box where we can trade our vet rewards from 1 shard to another?

    Example: I am mainly on Atlantic. I used 6 of my Vet Rewards on Soulstones, and then some on Robes and Ethys.

    I am saying they should make something where you can transfer your accounts limit in vet rewards to Siege.
    This would encourage people like me to come as we wouldnt have wasted our vet rewards on shard we cant transfer it too when we can transfer them anywhere else.

    You would only be allowed to transfer your accounts vet rewards. meaning if your account could choose 3....you could transfer 3.

    Also, the soulstones cant have skill on them when they transfer.
  2. Nico-SP

    Nico-SP Guest

    Too much manpower too much time and too much headache too many code problems wakeup it took them two yrs too change the pbd coding this xfering stuff is a waste of time quit dreaming wakeup keep it simple and easy...

    FIX ROT...
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

  4. i have 10 stones rotting on GL and i am against this. stones are only 2 mil gold on seige and i have about 10 here now too
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Only way I would allow X-fers of your reward soulstones would be as emty.
    I doubt it will happen, to much dev time.
  6. That is already easily arranged.

    Simply save some of your veteran reward picks for Siege Perilous, instead of selecting them all elsewhere.

    Works for me :)
  7. glorypaxson

    glorypaxson Guest

    No offense...but you are all siege based players....and so its coming from your Siege perspective. I dont have any rewards left. I used mine.

    2 million gold for a noobie isnt exactly easy to get man. It takes 4-6 months just to build a character. You do realize I dont pay for a game monthly only to be allowed to play in 6 months.

    I know many people that if this was added ..would increase their likelyhood of coming over.

    You are already only allowed 1 character...another negative....it should be 2 characters atleast.

    I would agree this idea would not be necessary if they allowed 2 chars
  8. Cleopatra

    Cleopatra Guest

    I see nothing wrong with your own vet rewards coming with you to Siege (providing soulstones had 0 skills stored) if character transfers were allowed on but not off the shard. It's rather a good idea actually.
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Vet Rewards were the first things I missed when I came here 4 yrs. ago this spring. When you have had all those and come here, until the time comes along for that year's vet gump, ya stuck with the vast nothingness in vet rewards and one surely can miss having those around, be it simple silly dragon statues, or dye tubs, or any of those ie one's ethereals.

    I was very lucky, friends I had made early on possibly sitting an idoc maybe get a dragon or daemon statue, heard I was sorely missing those silly things here, and gave me a dragon, a daemon statue. I was given a few more vet rewards at my Knighting ceremony, vet cloak, vet robe, ethereal beetle, etc. as gifts.

    But until the gump came up, *and a home to put them in* yes, missing our vet rewards is often the first thing we ......miss. [​IMG] Once the timer for that gump comes back up, then you finally claim a vet reward HERE and no doubt have a home to put it into also.

    They are pretty much non combat items, I too had wished they let us bring some with us somehow without even the chr. to come here, but I knew that could not be. So I waited and waited for that gump, claimed the silly cow statue, too young of a reward even, for that acct., but no where ever felt like *home* for me, till I had that silly COW statue mooing in my houses. [​IMG] So comically that 3 yr. vet cow statue was my first vet reward that I actually claimed HERE.

    Since then, I claimed an ethereal unicorn HERE, other missing dye tubs like the runic dye tub and claimed it HERE..etc. but I did pick my polarbear vet ethereals on Chesapeake..it just belongs with them OLDIES and same acct. here has no need for ethereals at all.

    But yes that is probably the first *withdrawl* symptom we get when we do come here, missing all our vet rewards claimed wherever we hailed from. Some we can buy, some we may get at some abandoned unfound idoc, where we actually get something, [​IMG] some we just have to wait till our gump for a vet reward comes up again that year or the next to get what we want or miss most in vet rewards accumulated to the max elsewhere, but we will miss them HERE, till we regain those we treasure or need most HERE. [​IMG]
  10. <blockquote><hr>

    No offense...but you are all siege based players....and so its coming from your Siege perspective. I dont have any rewards left. I used mine.

    [/ QUOTE ]Well, please don't take this the wrong way, but, thats your problem for choosing to redeem them elsewhere. I did the same. I used all my picks on chessy. When I came here I had none. My fault. I should have played here from the start. I am NOT a vetern of siege and thus did not earn vet rewards here. I am forced to purchase them or trade for them.

    I suppose I could sell items on chessy, then xshard transfer money to here. then buy vet rewards. That will put into account the different value of vet rewards too. A vet reward on chessy is worth less than a vet reward on siege. For obvious reasons. So allowing transfer would undermine that.

    Not to mention the only vet rewards of actual value are the +resist cloak/robe (buyable for 200k each), the ethys (buyable for 200k, or get as many chargers as you want from EA), and the soulstones (buyable for gold or from EA).
    All of these are purchaseable either cheaply (resist stuff) or in unlimited quantity from EA.

    There is no reason to need vet reward transfers.
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest



    [/ QUOTE ]

    Hmm, wonder how to pronounce that... [​IMG]
  12. Khaza

    Khaza Guest

    In a few days I shall receive my first Vet Reward earned as a player on Seige

  13. glorypaxson

    glorypaxson Guest

    Alas....I understand the robes, ethys and stuff....I could atleast sell those for gold and do some sort of x-fer...

    I cannot sell my Vet Reward Soulstones.....

    Those are stuck on this account....I dont see how bringing over my vet reward soulstones would be bad...