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Alpha Ship Spotlight - Dominix

Discussion in 'EVE News' started by EVE Stratics, Dec 16, 2017.

  1. EVE Stratics

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    Feb 11, 2014
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    The focus of today’s Alpha Ship Spotlight is the Gallente Federation’s Dominix class battleship.

    The oldest class of battleship still in service with the Federation Navy, the Dominix is a favourite among veteran and rookie pilots alike for its sheer versatility when it comes to damage application.

    A heavy drone control platform with bonuses to drone durability and damage, the Dominix excels at applying damage, while offering the ability to engage at either close range, with a heavy tank, or at standoff range utilizing drones from a distance.

    The ability to switch damage types by deploying different types of drones, plus a compliment of turret hardpoints for additional damage makes the Dominix one of the most versatile battleships available in terms of damage application.


    In Detail:

    Class: Battleship

    Weapons: 6 Turrets

    Slot Layout:

    • 6 High Power Slots
    • 5 Medium Power Slots
    • 7 Low Power Slots
    • 3 Large Rig Slots


    (Per level of Gallente Battleship)

    • 10% bonus to Drone hitpoints and damage.
    • 7.5% bonus to Drone optimal range and tracking speed.

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