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(Player Event) American Pickers Auction SUNDAY May 31st

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Larisa, May 31, 2015.

  1. Larisa

    Larisa Publishing Manager, Stratics Leadership Team
    Editor Reporter Moderator Professional Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Editor Fallen Lords

    Sep 8, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Get ready for the first American Pickers Auction!

    Conveniently located just East of Luna, American Pickers is proud to host it's first auction here on Atlantic.

    The fun begins at 5 PM Eastern so bring your wallets and come join the bidding!

    Here is a list of the items we'll have up for auction - Yes the list is long so we'll probably see how far we can get through this list and save the rest for next week!

    1. Orc Chieftan Helm
    2. Lot of Sandals and Talons
    3. 10 Snowy Scenes
    4. 50 Blackthorn Artifacts
    5. Lucky's Pot O' Gold
    6. 10 Potted Plants
    7. 4 Fur
    8. 4 Totem Poles
    9. 120 Bushido Scroll
    10. Dread Spider
    11. 3 AOS Roses
    12. Davies Locker - 15 Mil Reserve
    13. Valorite Hammer/Ancient Hammer +60
    14. Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini/Pilots Wheel
    15. Ethy Cu Sidhe - 10 Mil Reserve
    16. Ethy Polar Bear - 9 Mil Reserve
    17. Ethy Hiryu- 12 Mil Reserve
    18. Ethy Llama
    19. Bracelet of Health - NON-Vendorable
    20. Helm of Insight - NON-Vendorable
    22. Cyclone - NON-Vendorable
    23. Spirit of the Totem "Escaflowne's Might" - NON-Vendorable
    24. Mystic Bloodblade of Vampire - NON-Vendorable
    25. Jackal's Collar - NON-Vendorable
    26. Peg Leg
    27. Mel Hair Dye
    28. Splintering Axe
    29. Doublet Bearing the Crest if Minax
    30. Mel Hair Dye
    31. Blaze Hair Dye - 30 Mil Reserve
    32. Luna White Hair Dye
    33. Blessed Crimson Cincture - 25 Mil Reserve
    34. Hooded Blackthorn Robe - 20 Mil Reserve
    35. Rare Small Black/Red Easter Plant
    36. Ethy Swamp Dragon
    37. Cold Eater Sandals
    38. Energy Eater Sandals
    39. Shroud of the Condemned
    40. 120 Resisting Spells Scroll
    41. Cold Wings
    42. Cloak of Death
    43. Gladiators Collar
    44. Gladiators Collar
    45. Damage Eater Sandals - 8 Mil Reserve
    46. Gladiators Collar
    47. 120 Tactics Power Scroll
    48. Obsidian Earrings
    49. Mace/Ninjitsu/Anatomy/Parry Power Scroll Bundle
    50. 120 Magery Powerscroll

    Auction House Rules:

    -Please park your rides outside and refrain from casting spells while inside the Auction House

    Winning Bids-
    -If you win an item, a book will be placed on a vendor with the item name and your name. Purchase the book off the vendor for the amount of the winning bid. If you do not wish to remain until the end of the auction, you may bring the book up to the counter to claim your item. This is to deter others from purchasing your item off the vendor, and to help us keep track of items sold and not sold.

    You can also wait until the end of the auction to claim your item if you so chose.

    Hope to see you there!