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An Account of the Vampire of Stonegate's Golem Invasion

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Mei Fa Lo, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. Mei Fa Lo

    Mei Fa Lo Guest

    As Mei Fa Lo, the Vampire of Stongate lay slumbering in her coffin, she hears a rapping on the wooden container.
    "Go away..." She says drowsily to no one, but alas it continues. Mei hisses in annoyance as the pestering continues an in anger she throws off the lid suddenly. "This better be important!" She sits up and looks about her room in her keep and spies a hawk with a note attached to its leg. She puts on her eye patch that has come loose in her slumber and puts her arm out for the hawk to peach on. It flies over off her bookshelf and lands on her arm holding out its leg. Mei takes the note reads it quickly and utters a feral growl.
    Quickly she sends the hawk off and recites the ninjitsu incantations in her mind to speed her to don her combat gear more quickly and then recedes into the shadows to meet her summoner in the caves outside Sanctus.

    "...it's an impervious that we check on Tokuno as we have yet to hear any word from them in quite some time. I believe now is the time." States Lord Myrddin, King of Stongate, as Mei phases from the shadows to join the ranks that Scar, Crickette, and Harlequin have formed. "I am here, my King. As requested." Mei says as she regains her solid form from the Shadows. "It's about time, Blood of Shadows. Your late. I trust you have heard the instructions?" Asks Myrddin. "Hai. We shall make haste to Zento." Mei replies. She looks to the other two who have already uttered the spell for speedy transportation to Zento, "Kal Ort Por...", and taken off. Quin smirks at Mei with her painted face, "Always late, Bloodsucker...". Mei rolls her eye at her and replies. "Shut it, Mime..." "GO!" Commands the King and they both vanish.

    When they arrive at Zento the village is ablaze and lumbering figures can be seen through the smoke. As Scar, Crickette, Quin, and Mei try to save the burning village, Scar notices..."Golems!? Made from...?" "Crystals! The same crystals that made the Oracle and the Enforcer to go mad!" Crickette screams. Mei turns to Scar. "Take Quin and Crickette to route these monstrosities while I go and warn the Lotus." He nods and Mei takes off towards the Tea House that belongs to the Iron and Blue Lotus.

    When she arrives she finds Night Crawler, the Shihan of the Clan of the Blue Lotus, in a daze staring into space. "Crawler! The village is under attack by Crystal Golems! Come quickly!" He shakes his head slowly and starts muttering to himself. Mei growls in frustration. "I have no time for this..." She runs back to the village to help Stonegate just in time to notice...

    "Ka? Ka-Kurimbo what are you doing?!" She says as he draws his blade against Scar. Piles of Golem junk lie in heaps around the two. "I might ask you the same thing..." Mei hears from behind her and she turns around to find Crawler with a drawn bow with a arrow notched ready to fly at her. "Now do you see?!" Mei shouts at him. "All I see is my village is on fire and your clan attacking mine!" He says with a crazed look in his eyes and lets the arrow loose. The arrow flies at Mei but she is too stunned to dodge the arrow and she takes arrow in the shoulder. She reaches to pull it out to counter but she notices a shadow wolf form of Myrddin in wolf form beginning to charge towards the chaos and barks excitedly towards them to follow. "Retreat!" Mei shouts and clutches her arm hisses at Crawler before she fades into the night. "We are not finished here..."

    When she phases back into the cave where Myrddin was waiting for them to come back she still has the arrow stuck deeply in her shoulder.
    "What happened!?" He questions pointedly towards her. "I don't get it...why would the Lotus attack us? We were trying to help!" Yells Crickette as she shoulders her bow. "I hardly think the Lotus would attack us they are our allies." Replies Myrddin.
    Mei hisses as she rips the arrow out of her shoulder. "I beg to differ, Sire!" She throws off to the side. "Where is Harlequin?" Asks the king. "She did not flee?" Replies Mei.

    "No, and we would like to know why you did..." Says a voice from the dark accompanying heavy clanking of the sound of Golems could be heard. Before she could turn however, a heavy object connects with the back of Mei's head knocking her out cold...

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