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[Archery] An archer's guide to necessary items for Doom

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Seismic, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. Seismic

    Seismic Guest

    I've just finished my ABC archer and am about to bring him Doom. However, before actually getting down there, I made a list of items I will need.

    I was hoping to get feedback on any of the items, including the quantity (arrows, bandages, etc), from experienced Doom archers.

    Undead Bow ("Mischief Maker" or similar)
    Demon Bow ("The Night Reaper" or similar)
    General Cold or Fire Damage (> 40% for either) bow
    Quiver of Infinity with 500 arrows or bolts, etc
    Extra elven quivers filled with 500 arrows or bolts, etc (I am taking 3)
    Grandmaster Fletcher repair deeds (Quantity: 10-15)
    10th Anniversary Statue (for that quick luck increase!)
    Bag Of Sending (charged)
    Minimum 100k in bank for res's and insurance
    Bonded Pack Horse/Llama
    Bonded mount (in my case, a simple horse)

    Your thoughts?
  2. lham52

    lham52 Guest

    I wouldn't bother with the bag of sending. They won't work from Doom.

    I like to use all bows or all crossbows so I don't have to take both arrows and bolts. I also take an elemental slayer as it works on the Dark Father as well as a demon slayer does. Its not better, it just means my demon slayer wears out more slowly.

    I also take a bow with high dispel on it to deal with Revnants. Frostbringer is great for this if you have one.

    Take a 100% fire or cold for the bugs in the second room. I use Wildfire but Frostbringer works too.

    You may not have one but an etherial mount or Charger of the Fallen is infinitely preferrable to a bonded mount that you might have to get resurrected. Sometimes tamers are there, sometimes they aren't.

    I take 500 bandies and 2500 arrows. I loot to replenish them at Nix's. Even at the outrageous prices (53gp/arrow last night on GL), I can generally keep replenished until my armor wears out.

    Don't stiff yourself on ammo. If there is a fair sized crowd there to generate more spawn - and if you try to get looting rights on all the spawn - it is not unusual to use 500 arrows on a complete round of all five rooms and the Dark Fathers, especially if you have fast-shooting bows.
  3. GFY

    GFY Guest

    I personally don't like the night reaper. IMHO it doesn't do enough damage.

    I bring a blue beetle because I can ride it into DOOM with out much chance of it dying on me. I park him in Nix room and ride out to do battle with an ethereal mount. I leave all my extra stuff on the beetle.

    Can you use a fletcher's deed anywhere but an archery shop?

    Remember to collect gold as you run around in doom. Store it on the beetle and you can buy up the arrows, bandages, etc... that Nix has for sale. The more you buy the more he respawns up to 999 in each item.

    If you have Bushido you really can leave the 10 Anniversary statue at home. (less to insure)

    Lastly there is a little know method of getting gold OUT OF doom that can keep your insurance money up. (PM for more info) My last time in doom I sent over 300k to my bank!
  4. Seismic

    Seismic Guest

    I don't have a tamer to get a blue beetle and my account is only 33 months old, so ethereal mount is out until month 36. But thank you for the advice/suggestions - very cool!

    Oh and I forgot about the requirement of the fletcher deed of being in an archery shop - crud!
  5. Seismic

    Seismic Guest

    So any elemental slayer? Like Earthie, Fires, etc? Just making sure..
  6. jelinidas

    jelinidas Guest

    repair deeds wont work but POF will. It can help extend visits although pricy.
  7. Sir Kenga

    Sir Kenga Guest

    Don't bother with undead slayers, ABC archers do more damage than almost any other template. I'd advice good damage bow or crossbow with SSI + mana leech. EoO + LS, all u need. Use it as main bow agains everything.

    I do similar damage with The Night Reaper and crossbow (10SSI, 45 mana leech, 40DI, 15HCI, no slayer). But with crossbow i'm always full on mana.

    Don't bother with it. Use Consecrate.

    I would say a giant beetle. At least it won't die to some weak skeleton.
  8. lham52

    lham52 Guest

    I refer to the super slayer "elemental slayer." I don't know if any sub-elemental slayer works against the DF.
  9. GFY

    GFY Guest

    You should be able to beg, borrow, or buy a blue beetle. You don't need taming to control them. My miner uses a blue and a fire beetle all the time when he's mining.
  10. JJMcClure

    JJMcClure Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 6, 2006
    Likes Received:

    I cant PM you for some reason. Could you PM me how to do this?
  11. GFY

    GFY Guest

    It sais you have PM's turned off. Please turn PM's on and I'll be happy to send the info.
  12. JJMcClure

    JJMcClure Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 6, 2006
    Likes Received:
    I cant seem to find where to enable PMs
  13. Here are my suggestions per item on your list:

    If you can find a different Undead slayer other than the Mischief Maker, then do. What would be ideal is one with Mana Leech and SSI, and if you can find one, one that has very high fire damage so you don't have to use Consecrate Weapon. My Undead slayer bow has 70% Fire/30% Cold, so maintains high damage if I'm out of mana on Undead creatures, and also doubles as my bow for Flesh Renderers.

    Again, the same as the Mischief Maker, if you can find a different Demon slayer that has Mana Leech, then you'd be better off with that. IMO, both the Mischief Maker and Night Reaper are ok for starting bows, but are far from ideal for either Undead or Demons. They're basically a beginner's bow until you can find something better. You're also better off if all of the bows you use for Doom use the same ammo, ie, all use bolts or all use arrows. It helps to only have to worry about one ammo type.

    You want either 100% Fire or 100% Cold, or a combination of ONLY Fire and Cold damage on the bow. Again, it helps if the bow has Mana Leech. DO NOT count on Consecrate Weapon for your damage type, as it's very easy to run out of mana very quickly, which leaves you SOL for damage. Keep in mind that one of the keys for an Archer to be successful in Doom is the conservation of mana to maximize your damage potential. Anything you can do toward this end will put you that much higher on the top damager's list, and as a result, land you more artifact drops.

    Definitely have a Quiver of Infinity equipped, but do not use it for arrow/bolt storage. If you don't already have them, get yourself 4 or 5 Quiver of the Elements. Quiver of Infinity, along with every other quiver, only has 30% weight reduction, where the Quiver of the Elements has 50%. This means you can carry more ammo and stay for longer periods of time.

    Repair Deeds will not work in Doom. Repair TOOLS however, will work for anyone with 0 skill in Bowcrafting/Fletching, as long as you don't let your bow drop any farther than 20% of it's total durability. I'd also suggest using PoF to take all of your bows up to 255 durability. This would mean that as you've lost up to or close to 50 Durability, or 205, you use the tool to repair the bow. Don't let it get all the way to 205 or whatever the 20% durability is, becuase you can and will fail to repair, and if your failures push you past that 20% limit, then you'll have no chance to succeed at repairing it. I usually use a 10 durability leeway to account for failures.

    Yes, this is a good thing to bring. You can't always depend on being able to Honor the boss for the Bushido luck bonus, so the extra luck is always a benefit.

    No. These don't work in Doom.

    I'd say that since this is your first time, that you have 250k in loose gold piles in the bank. Once you get in the groove of things, you can judge better how much to have compared to how long you spend down there and how much you end up dieing.

    Find a Tamer that will tame a blue beetle for you. They'll usually get one for you for about 10k. You'll also want a bonded swamp dragon, or a Parosysmus' Swamp Dragon. If you bring a regular swamp dragon, make sure to have at least 3 or 4 spare dragon barding deeds (make sure to insure them) so you can replace it's armor after it's been destroyed. To get both the beetle and the swampy into Doom with you, here's a little trick:

    Before you head to the bell with a loaded beetle, take a trip there on your swampy first and make sure the area is clear for you to recall in and drop your skull, then wait for Nix. The last thing you want is to recall in and find a skeletal dragon waiting for you that you have to kill before Nix can be summoned again, and you on a fully loaded beetle that can't run. Once you've made sure the area is clear, load up your beetle with everything you're going to bring, then mount the beetle. This is the mount you will take with you when you first head to Doom. Have both your beetle and swampy out of the stables. Park the swampy at a bank or your house, wherever is a safe place you can leave it. Tell the swampy to stay, then run a few screens away from it. Once you're away from the swampy, recall to the bell, drop your skull, and head into Doom. Since you were away from the swampy when you recalled, it stayed where you left it and did not recall with you. Ride into NNix's room, then log out and back in again. When you're logged back in, your swampy will be right there with you. Park the beetle, mount the swampy, then head on out and start collecting arties.

    Get a swamp dragon or a Paroxy swampy. Every warrior, and even non warriors, benefit from the 20% damage reduction (10% in the case of the Paroxy swampy), and yes, you do want it to be bonded. You'll also want to get yourself a Charger of the Fallen in the event your swampy dies so you can still stay mobile until it's rezzed. Unlike ethy mounts, these can be used by any character regardless of account age.

    I'd add these things to your list:

    Stack of 20-30 Invisibility Potions - These can be invaluable to save you from death when you're low on hp's and have a couple of DF's, a rev or 2, Lich Lords, and a few Rotting corpses following you around.

    Stack of raw meat for your beetle and swampy- You will be out of sight of your beetle, so it will lose happiness levels quickly. You'll want to feed it regularly so it doesn't go wild on you while you're not around, leaving everything you had on it on the ground for someone else to pick up. Also, if you're going to be staying for extended periods of time, you'll want food for your swampy too.

    Bow/Crossbow with Hit Dispel- You'll want a bow or crossbow with 40-50% Hit Dispel to get rid of any revenants you may get cast on you. As with all of your bows, have macros set up to arm and disarm quickly. If you end up with a revenant on you, swap bows real quick to the Hit Dispel so you can get rid of it. It's always much easier to Dispel a revenant than it is to kill one, and gets you back in the fight that much quicker.

    A few extra Bowyer/Fletcher repair tools- In case the one you have on you gets looted by something, it's good to have spares on your beetle. I'd suggest keeping a tool on you at all times so you can repair on the fly.

    Extra Bandages- Keep a ready supply of bandages on your beetle for resupply. One those run out you can supplement by buying them from Nix, and always, ALWAYS, loot mummy's. They give bandages as loot, and will stretch your bandage supplly out. As you loot gold from monsters, store it on your beetle so you'll have a stash set aside for buying bandages once you do finally run out.

    A jar of PoF with 2 or 3 uses left on it- Just in case you fail too many times in a row on repairing your bows, you'll have another chance by using PoF on it. Since there's only a couple of uses on the jar, it won't hurt if something happens and you end up losing it.

    That's about all I can think of off the top of my head. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a PM, or ask here. Good luck and good hunting!