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An artifact lost...

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by EM Dudley, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. EM Dudley

    EM Dudley Guest

    Dudley Lightfinger pulled himself quietly through the open window. Surely this had to be the villa he'd skulked up and down the pale moonlit streets in an effort to find. Once inside the smell of incense was strong. He let his eyes adjust to the blanketing darkness. Dudley tip-toed stealthily down the hallway, keeping an eye out for any traps the owner may have put in place. He breathed deeply. The smell of spent wax was still fresh. The inhabitant of this villa had just turned in for the night. Better mind my step, he thought. Lightfinger crept along, avoiding the disturbing sounds of creaking floorboards by sticking close to the wall. A gentle, shadowy glow emerged from under a door at the end of the hall. He’d found what he’d been looking for.
    Dudley quietly knelt in front of the door. His eyes traced the doorframe, finally fixating on the lock. He reached into his backpack, removing a single lock pick, inserting it gently into the keyhole.


    He’d set the first tumbler. His nimble fingers twisted and maneuvered the lock pick some more.


    Dudley was certain this was a five tumbler lock. Two left. He wiped the sweat from his brow and gently inserted the tool deeper inside the mechanism.


    His delicate touch manipulated the final tumbler.

    Click. The doorknob turned and with a low creak the large wooden door opened slightly.


    The sudden creaking he heard behind him caused his head to spin quickly. He could see the faint glow of a candle turning the corner. With a quick tumble that was almost silent Dudley Lightfinger entered the room and quietly closed the door with a gentle thud. He looked up from his kneeling position. The room was lit by a dim shadowy iridescence, the source of which was the item Dudley had come to steal. He heard the sound of keys behind the door he’d just entered. No time, he thought. He glanced around the room. No time to search for traps. Just as he lifted the glowing crystal the door flew open.

    “Thief! I shall slay thee knave!”

    He heard the familiar incantation from his discoverer just in time to dodge the deadly result.
    “Cor Por!” A wave of electricity nearly struck his torso. Dodging it only at the last second the bolt struck the far wall, filling the room with a blinding light. His attacker screamed,

    “My eyes! AHHHHH!” The misdirected energy bolt had temporarily blinded his attacker

    “Where art thou rogue! Thou cannot escape! I shall bane thee!”

    Dudley took advantage of his attacker’s temporary paralysis and tumbled over him, landing only inches outside the door he’d skillfully entered. He dashed down the hall. Which way was out? The hallway seemed changed. He ran. He could hear his attacker gaining. A window. This is going to hurt. Dudley dove through the closed window. Shards of broken glass stung his skin as he hit the ground. He could hear his attacker screaming for guards, they would never find him. He let his hand caress the outside of his backpack, he could feel the crystal. He smirked and silently fell into the shadows.