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(RP) An Uneasy Alliance

Discussion in 'UO Origin' started by Lore Denin (GL), Nov 14, 2014.

  1. Lore Denin (GL)

    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 11, 2008
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    The Council had made up its mind, and Lore concurred. He looked at the official letter awaiting his signature

    " The Minocian Partisans Resistence and the XMG/OKOJ Alliance will both remain allies of the Kingdom and it will be on the shoulders of the XMG and MPR to resolve matters between themselves by whatever means and terms the guilds agreed. If terms can not be reached and war between the two groups occurs, The Kingdom will not engage or aid either side. The Kingdom will aid both guilds against guilds of evil and Vice."

    The announcement was simple enough and fair. Simply because the two groups had trouble co-existing didn't make one good and the other evil. The result of the conflict was more a matter of time then a matter of character. With the recent news of Dupre being assigned to lead the Virtue Alliance in the name of Britannia, such matters should be resolved in short order.

    However there was another problem...

    Lore looked at the two letters he had recieved, accusing one of his allies of intimidation, bullying and murder outside of the skirmishes between MPR and XMG. Regardless of current alliances and friendships, The Kingdom can not tolerate acts of aggression towards non aggressive guilds and individuals, simply because they have the power and a desire for a pocketful of silver. As with all incidents these claims would have to be investigated and Lore prayed the accusations would prove to be unfounded.
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