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Anatomy and Healing FAQ (Updated July 5)

Discussion in 'UO Crime' started by Your_Friend, Jul 15, 2001.

  1. Your_Friend

    Your_Friend Guest

    great methods, but which one is the least time consuming?
  2. sherkborg

    sherkborg Guest

    <font color=purple> Milking the Sqaure is definatlly fastest.
  3. Just to make sure I've got this right...

    You stop your boat when you get a HEALING gain and then lock healing and keeping healing yourself to get ANATOMY gains, right?

    If I've got to sail around until I get an anatomy gain, it's gonna be a long trip! :)
  4. sherkborg

    sherkborg Guest

    I personally do this. Lock healing. Float around till I gain anatomy then stop and milk the spot.

    You dont wait till you gain healing.. you want anatomy dont you?
  5. Your_Friend

    Your_Friend Guest

    now i find a nice run, does low healing make it faster to gain anat?
  6. sherkborg

    sherkborg Guest

    <font color=purple> Your healing does matter to a extent. Since you want to heal as much as possible you want to fail and not heal so you can keep healing for more gains. But really it does not matter cause you will gm but low healing makes ya gm faster cause you fail more and wont heal
  7. Madeleine

    Madeleine Guest

    Thanks a lot for the info Sherkborg. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

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  8. sherkborg

    sherkborg Guest

    <font color=purple> =)
  9. Flagg (GL)

    Flagg (GL) Guest

    Here's a little tip for damage. Get you a tinkerer (non gm) to make you a dart box then pick the box. Mine was made with about 80 skill does 10-40 points of damage.

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  10. peralex

    peralex Guest

    Hmm..I gm'ed anatomy a LOOONNG time ago.(and 3 fighting skills as well). My healing is stuck around 95 and I get maybe .1 a week. While fighting, I go through about 200 bandaids an hour and still can't get any stats ( and yes I have a stat going down). I have 93 resist so I'm always fighing magical beasts and getting the bejesus zapped out of me and still no stats. What do you recommend?

    If only I could rez myself.
  11. Flagg (GL)

    Flagg (GL) Guest

    I tried this with the boxes, on my warrior and could not get the trap to spring. It worked on my miner (was getting healing up to play with val else). I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that my miner made the box. Sorry if this and the above post was a waste. *goes to tinkers forum* If I find anything out I'll post it.

    <center> Commodore Of the Great Lake fleet of<a target="_blank" href=http://www.thefcb.com/> The Fishing Council Of Britania</a> </center>
    <center> & </center>
    <center> <a target="_blank" href=http://uo.stratics.com/thb/>Treasure Hunters of Britania</a> Member Since 5/9/2001 </center>
  12. sherkborg

    sherkborg Guest

    <font color=purple> I would not suggest the box idea..,.. but you would hae to lock it and then pick it to have it explode on ya.
    However for a note on this thread I did GM healing in 3 and a half hours from 89.8

    I rezzed a ghost going from east of serpents to vesper sailing slow forward and working 8x8 when i got a gain and went from 89.8 to GM in 3 and a half hours rezzing a ghost using 3000 aids almost exactly. So for a healing info you can just macro heal in any spot till 80, then 8x8 it till GM , I however fought lichs and healed till 89.8 then 8x8'ed it and GM'ed rather quickly.

    Madaline? Didn't ya say you were gonna check this thread and maybe make it sticky?
  13. TyraOfBaja

    TyraOfBaja Guest

    I GMed Anatomy a while back using this method, and just GMed healing, but with a slight variation. I found a spot where I gained healing and worked the 8x8 method. When I stopped gaining, I turned around and went slow forward, back and forth, back and forth, over and over again. I never stopped gaining from that strip until my power hour was over. This variation doens't seem to work on all skills, but it sure worked for me on healing.
  14. sherkborg

    sherkborg Guest

    <font color=purple> So you sailed back and then 8x8'ed again? or just "run";ed it back and then 8x8'ed it agaibn?
  15. Stoopid

    Stoopid Guest

    OK...can't seem to get milking to work...my healing is set down and is around 22...anatomy is about 64...every time i get an anatomy gain, i only gain like .2 in that spot, and that's all. i've tried using a magic wizards hat to keep my life down a bit and also tried using animals and get the same results. also, i've tried leaving healing marked up until i gained, then marked it down and it still didnt help....am i doing something wrong? any ideas?
  16. sherkborg

    sherkborg Guest

    <font color=purple> My idea is that since your low anatomy you are gaining overtime gains, meaning not the real milking type... you will eventually hit one, but i think the most that are .2 are just from over use.
  17. Stoopid

    Stoopid Guest

    I think you were right...I got it to work a couple times, but after a long while I would stop gaining at my spot...I'm currently at 90.0 anat now and hopefully my next spot will be my last one.
  18. Stoopid

    Stoopid Guest

    found my spot and GMd....thanks for the help =)......now I have to start working on healing, heh
  19. sherkborg

    sherkborg Guest

    <font color=purple> Im here to help =)
    To gain in healing 50+ wont matter if your in power hour or not if your doing 8x8.

    I gm'ed out of ph and the skill gains just as good 8x8 in as well as out.
    Healk till about 80 macroing (attended of corse) and then 8x8 on boat nonstop till gm outside and inside ph to maximize gains.

    If your not looking for power gamer gains then fight lichs till about 90. Its benfical and resist gains and healing seems to gain very well even up until 90 (I never gained natrually over 90)
  20. sherkborg

    sherkborg Guest

    <font color=purple>Time to update this and keep it fresh, enjoy the redone version with all of it relevent information about it also.
    </font color=purple>

    <font color=red><center>ANATOMY:</font color=red></center>

    Stratics Anatomy Information

    <font color=blue> There are many different ways to gain in anatomy, most will not require any primary gaining of it, but will gain to the level you choose along with other skills. The most common method is using a golem, or fighting any creature to gain your fighting skill up to the level you choose. Anatomy IS based on hits so if your gaining in your fighting skill, you will gain in anatomy. Another way people gain it is from healing. Healing also does a passive check on anatomy. If you 8x8 Healing you will notice that anatomy gets gains as well and you can even milk a sqaure for your anatomy gains.

    This section will describe each way to gain it, facts and myths about each method as well in order of easiest/common method of gaining it.

    Method 1: Passive Fighting skill gains.

    To do this, it requires nothing more to gain in anatomy. Several fighting skills require creatures at different levels to be attacked in order to gain, example at 10 swordsmanship you may want to fight chickens, goats, pigs and birds. Doing this will raise your anatomy. Once your skill is higher to around 90 you can fight fighters in Jhelom fighting fits, lichs, lich lords, ogre lords or any creature of high combat skills and your anatomy will gain also. Anatomy is passivly checked EACH hit, so every hit has a possible gain on it.

    -You CAN gain in anatomy if your fighting skill is already maxed out, gains in your fighting skill will NOT effect your anatomy gains at all.

    Method 2: 8x8 but milking sqaures apon a gain.

    This method will gain your anatomy the easiest if you havent already maxed out your anatomy from the above method or if you are going for a healer mage, this is how you would go about maxing your anatomy.

    What you need for this is:
    -a boat
    -a way to heal yourself *see below*
    -alot of bandages

    * To heal yourself there are several ways to do this. With the new Hit Point increase items you can set yourself to take off, and put a peice on then use healing on yourself. If you regenerate your hit points too fast, you may have to take it off and put it back on before and close to the end of your heals. You can also find lesser creatures such as pigs, cows, goats, hinds, dogs etc... to bring onto your boat and let them attack you. They should only deal minor damage enough to let you heal. Things such as trapped boxes can also be used, the key here is to let yourself heal yourself anyway possible.

    Now, to start this, what you need to do is place your boat, get onto it and start healing yourself *see above how to do this*. Now that you are healing yourself you need to pretype stop and get ready to stop your boat. Once you gain in anatomy you MUST STOP THE BOAT ON THE SQUARE you gained on. This square will give you a massive amount (anywhere from 1-50 percent has been recorded) of anatomy. You can pass the square, and move back onto it incase your connection is unable to do a fast stop. Now, you are on the spot you just gained on, heres what has to happen. You must keep healing yourself on this spot, and the simple part is, keep doing this until you are done (maxed your skill) or until it runs out (no more gains come).

    -Locking healing is NOT required to milk the square.
    -It can run out at the worst time (I was 99.9 and it ran out and I was 1 gain from hitting 100)
    -You will gain EVERY attempt on this square, and yes sometimes you wont, but that doesn't mean your square is dried up yet. About 90% of the attempts will give you a gain.
    -The square you are on is infact the gain square, not the square your npc/creature/friend is on, the square you heal from is the golden square.
    -You CAN 8x8 off your square for another square that will produce massive gains!
    -It can take up to a hour or more to find a gain square, they are out there... just sometimes not that many.
    -You can do this with 0 healing, ressurecting a ghost with 0 healing, or anyway possible. The key is to be using healing, because you are milking its passive anatomy gains, so no matter HOW healing is being used, it does not matter, as long as you are using it.

    Method 3: The Magic Creature.

    This method is probally not known widely but has worked a bit for me until I accidently crashed and killed the creature I was gaining off of. The trick here is to fight creatures of any type, size and amount until you gain anatomy off of one. So, lets start in on this one. You need to find a creature that gives you a gain, you can check places like moonglow graveyard (hot spot) or any hunting place you choose, there is no limit, no rules about this. Simply kill creatures until you gain, and then once you find the magic creature that gave you a gain you need to heal it (if in felucca and if its possible!) or switch to a lower damage weapon and keep hitting it for as little damage but for the max amount of times to get as many gains as you can. There is no reports as to how many or how little you can get off of this method.

    -It took about 60-100 creatures in the Moonglow Graveyard to find my personal magic creature.
    -Any creature from a mongbat to a dragon can give you your special gains.

    Method 4: Gaining through direct use.

    You can infact go up to 120 using anatomy through its direct use. This is definatly not the wisest choice, nor the fastest. The trick here is to use it on as many targets as possible. Anatomy as a direct use is based on targets, so if you could use it on every creature you killed, you might actually get some fast gains out of this method. Some people have found it very useful to use macros to use it on bank sitters while they sit there. This can be effective at lower levels and can give gains at higher levels also. In short: The more targets its used on, the more gains you have.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Can I max my Anatomy off one creature by fighting it forever?

    A: Yes. I have done it many times, it is not the fastest but it does work. Since you fight the creature and are using combat, anatomy is checked passively every hit and there is no anti macro code for it.

    Q: Does this skill (anatomy) give damage bonus?

    A: On each successful hit with a weapon during combat, a passive check is made to your anatomy skill. If successful, you add up to 65% to the damage depending on your skill level. The formula is: (Anatomy รท 2) + 5. This means at 100 you receive 55% damage bonus of your BASE damage from anatomy. If you are at 120 you get 65% of your BASE damage extra. This applies to monsters and humans.

    Q: What skill level do I need to resurrect? And what will my percent be?

    A: You need 81.0 anatomy with 81.0 healing in order to ressurect. The difference between 81.0 and 100 or 120 anatomy for resurrecting success rate does not exist. It will not affect your success rate since healing is the factor and a check for 81.0 or higher anatomy is only done to verify a resurrection can happen. When at 81.0 your success rate will be 25%. Im not sure but I believe at 120 healing your rate to resurrect is 100%.

    Q: Is gains in anatomy better on land or water?

    A: You can max anatomy on land and on water. The plain fact is more people like to boat it because there is less trees, buildings and such to block the squares, plus you dont have to run and move. So the gains are equal but the water has more access to squares since there is less blocking objects.

    Q: Do you need anatomy to cure poison?

    A: Yes. At 61.0 you can cure poison and eventually at 100 anatomy and healing you can cure even 5th level tinker poison.

    Q: Does anatomy effect your chance to successfully heal?

    A: No. It only allows you to heal more damage. You are also able to cure poison and resurrect at higher levels. Other then that, 0 anatomy is as effective as GM anatomy for healing attempts.

    Q: Does anatomy have any other use then just for fighting?

    A: It does! If you use this skill on a person/monster/creature it will tell you there str, dex in phrases Click here for references
    It will also tell you how much stamna they have left in a percent. (EG. This creatures has 10% stamina)

    Q: Is it possible to GM anatomy without healing?

    A: Yes! You will never be able to cure/resurrect but all the methods will still work the same and they wont be harder/easier.

    Q: What are the benfits of 120 anatomy vs 120 healing?

    A: Well! Healing skill does this for you: It allows you to heal, resurrect and cure poison and the more allotted to it allows you to heal with more success. So if you raise it to 120 you will have a higher minimum amount healed, you will resurrect with great success, your chance to cure 5th level poisons and such is greatly increased, and you will heal more on a healing attempt.

    Heres what Anatomy does for you: Allows you to heal more, gives you more combat damage bonus and on mages allows you to not need wrestling because with eval int it gives you a defence bonus equal to the average of your anatomy and eval, it also determines your concussion blow rate, your stun and disarm rate.

    You choose!

    <center><font color=red>HEALING:</font color=red></center>

    Stratics Healing Information

    <font color=blue>This is skill is not like anatomy and is increasingly harder above 85. This skill can be taken up to 120 by doing 8x8 or in about 10 years and half by just in-game healing (not really) and using GGS.
    First off you can visit the mage forum for how to 8x8 from this link
    Mage forum FAQ with 8x8 included
    About 3/4 down the post you will see "How do I do 8x8?"
    Now, you can either sail any open sea and 8x8 for your gains or you do in-game healing by actually playing. You can roughly gain up to 80-85 or so by healing in one spot over time. This method works very well and all you need to do is this. I did this from 63 and reached 80 in under 6 hours. Take your warrior or character to the Moonglow forest just south of the Moonglow graveyard. Hold a weapon to which you have low or no skill in and attack a brown bear. Tab out so you dont hurt it and begin attended macroing!
    It took me just under a day of 6 or so hours to reach 80 healing. Now heres where the hard part in healing comes in. It is now difficulty and movement based you can either fight lichs and get resist and healing or you can 8x8. Not much choice but you need to move and heal and heal alot or resurrect alot to gain above 80-85.
    Recently I have taken Healing to 100 on a character doing this method.
    Before 90 healing I recommend lichs as they do bring in income, fame and resist. Once at 90 you can 8x8 it. (This is not needed, you can 8x8 healing as low as 30 or less but its your choice to how you gain in it)
    Heres what you need to do to GM healing from 90:
    -3000 or so Bandaids
    -a boat
    -a ghost
    -3-4 hours

    If you decide to go above 100 skill for healing you must consider the new challange ahead! You can go to 120 healing from resurrecting ghosts but it will take along time and alot of 8x8! Keep in mind gains will be extremely hard. Now if you try to reach 120 a good method is to cure 5th level poison as anything else is too easy to cure/do and takes a long time to do. A method for this is to create a tinkered trap to poison, so when opened you are poisoned and can cure it.

    Now that you are setup with a way to effectively heal at your level, you must sail the open seas and gain away. Once you get a gain you must use 8x8 and keep those gains coming. Continue using 8x8 until you are at your desired skill level.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Can you get to 100 only by ressing a ghost?

    A: First off, healing is hard and you do NOT need to rez a ghost to get to 100 in it. You can now get to 100 from healing yourself or resurrecting ghosts. To get to 120 will require GGS or the use of 5th level poison or resurrecting ghosts.

    Q: What ways can I gain healing?

    A: It has been found that you can get to 100 healing by healing yourself. This can be done in a few ways. Fighting and healing through normal play (will take time), Using a magical wizards hat and healing yourself while ready to 8x8. Another way is by resurrecting a ghost and 8x8'ing. All ways are will take you to 100 but going to 120 will require GGS or 8x8.

    Q: Whats the difference of 120 or 100 healing or 81.0?

    A: The difference from 81.0 healing and higher is quite a bit. First off you heal more damage, can cure 5th level poison (at higher rates) and your percentage to ressurect increases from 25 to 50 to eventually 75% percent. You also get a higher minimum damage healed with 100 and 120, you never fail either at 100 or higher. So I would say 120 or 100 healing vs 81.0 is quite major.

    Q: Will 100 or 120 healing lower my healing time?

    A: No. Your healing time is based apon you dex, healing times can be found here: Healing Times

    Q: Why should I take healing to 100?

    A: So you can heal more! You can also cure poisons mages cant, you get a higher minimum heal average and it looks nice on a 7xGM!

    Q: Im at a wall what do I do?

    A: Heal lots of people and move around! Movement seems to help every skill so if you move alot such as lich hunting and heal lots of people you should eventually get past that darn wall!

    Q: What is the success rate for 100 skill healers?

    A: 100%! I dont belive that at 90 you heal 90% of the time however you succeed from 0-99% of the time.. once 100 you never fail.

    Q: Can you take healing to 100 or higher without anatomy?

    A: Yes! You can even do the ghost method too! You will never resurrect them however you can still try and gain off of it. It wont impact the difficulty either... just act as if you had 100 anatomy.. all the methods are the same and just as easy with or without.

    Q: What are the benfits of 120 healing vs 120 anatomy?

    A: Well! Healing skill does this for you: It allows you to heal, resurrect and cure poison and the more allotted to it allows you to heal with more success. So if you raise it to 120 you will have a higher minimum amount healed, you will resurrect with great success, your chance to cure 5th level poisons and such is greatly increased, and you will heal more on a healing attempt.

    Heres what Anatomy does for you: Allows you to heal more, gives you more combat damage bonus and on mages allows you to not need wrestling because with eval int it gives you a defence bonus equal to the average of your anatomy and eval, it also determines your concussion blow rate, your stun and disarm rate.

    You choose!
  21. sherkborg

    sherkborg Guest

    <font color=purple> Madeleine, can you lock this thread at the top?
  22. uomct

    uomct Guest

    gotta ask a newbie question. if you lock the chest again after it blasts you, does it explode again the second time?
  23. Dragoon

    Dragoon Guest

    Use a lockpick on the trapped chest. If you have no lockpicking skill, the trap will go off and you will take damage. The trap will automatically re-set and go off again every time you attempt to pick it with the lockpick.

    Dragoon<font color=blue>(Seige Perilous)</font color=blue>; <a target="_blank" href=http://my.uo.com/cgi-bin/my_chars.pl?52616e646f6d4956ada8052880226f0a4e52c6c345d55adabaae834ce8ddfbe1c84a0a489b021169b020f72c5cc9996e>Smythe</a> <font color=blue>(Chessy)</font color=blue>
  24. Flagg (GL)

    Flagg (GL) Guest

    Ok the facts on the boxes are. To attemp to pick the box you have to be the one to make it. For some reason if you have your mule make, or buy one, the game will check the picking before springing the trap. If you make the box then it will go off when you try to pick it. All you need is 34 (you can buy about 32) or so skill in tinkering to make a dart trap, at this level the box will do 1-20 points or so. All you do is attempt to pick the box and you take damage, the trap will always be on the box so just rinse and repeat. You are still better off finding a ghost friend to 8x8 with, but this is at least an option.

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  25. Fluffy_Duck

    Fluffy_Duck Guest

    Ok you don't have to pick any type of box. Head over to the tinker forum and find out how to make a trapped box which goes off as soon as you double click it.
    I would do what Flagg suggested and not let your GM tinker make the trap especially if you don't have 100hps, i've had some freak dart traps with a GM tinker box which has done over 80hps.
  26. Ice Dragon

    Ice Dragon Guest

    i am currently at 92.8 anatomy and am trying to GM it for the bonis i have tryed to do the 8x8 but have not gained an anatomy point while on my boat is there a way i could get a quick anat point from raising another skill or whould it be good to take my anat down to say 80 and try to get a point then and GM from there. just trying to find a way so i wont have to spend days trying to get my one anatomy point on a boat. and then spend a couple hours gitting to GM.
  27. Bustywench

    Bustywench Guest

    Well I got my anatomy GM by the fighting monsters method.

    Thank you all for your advice, today I finally GM'd healing!


  28. Kbar

    Kbar Guest

    Ran into a problem. Got my anatomy up from the low 30s to 92.4 in about 2 hours using your method :) worked great and thanks for the tip! After the spot ran dry i tried to 8x8 it and it did not work. Spent about 40 min roaming around until i found a gain , but it was only for .2 then dried up and 8x8 yielded nothing.

    I had healing locked and my skill is 50. One question about finding a spot though.
    Should i set my boat to sail in one direction and try healing as the boat continuously moves? or go one space at a time and try healing to look for gains?

    Any suggestions on what to do next? I have 2 accounts so getting a ghost is no prob, but with 50 healing and 92.4 anat i wasnt getting decent gains in healing. Pleas any help will be appreciated and thanks in advance.

  29. dudemanjack

    dudemanjack Guest

    i've just tried this and i have some questions. i'm trying to GM anatomy...i bought it up to 32 or so. can i gain just by standing in one spot or do i have to move around?

    also, how can you go from the 30's all the way to 90 in two hours??? it takes me 15 seconds to heal with bandies and i don't even gain every time even though i'm in the low 30's in healing & anatomy

  30. rebel12763

    rebel12763 Guest

    thanks, I used milking the square to gm

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  31. CorpusDeus

    CorpusDeus Guest

    GM Anatomy is not massively fun to get, I managed it in due course just after GMing parrying (did the fel blade spirit bashing trick, although it works on tram if you're guilded), they do masses of damage and poison you so are good for healing/anatomy gains for a while. Then bounced around loads from the cotd in the lost lands and the orc fort near Cove, eventully GM'd anatomy against an ettin of all things. It's not the quickest way to GM, but is perhaps the least boring, (and I KNOW about boring skills to GM, I've got a GM Miner/Smith/Carpenter/Tinker/Tailor).

    Still working on healing on and off (at 83 real) but I've got 5 characters and don't use my warrior a huge amount.

    Europa Player and 2nd in command of CXE /php-bin/shared/images/icons/sgrin.gif
    <a target="_blank" href=http://www.xenotaph.net/cxe/>CXE Guild Site</a>

    Clemence: 4xGM Warrior
    Vernus Shidhe: 5xGM Mega Mule
    Elsabeth Noir: Mage/Tamer/Scribe
    Fenrir Thorsveld: GM Fisherman (lvl2 T-hunter/Bard)
    Angmar Foulblade: alchemist/fencer/poisoner
  32. strum

    strum Guest

    Just to let everybody know that it still works good: I just "milked the square" using a dart box I bought from a 75 tinker. Went from 85 Anatomy to GM in a little over an hour. Healing was at 85 and locked.

    Sailed East to West picking the box (0 real lockpick) and then healing as I continued sailing. The second I gained .1 anatomy, I stopped and continued gaining .1 with each heal. I gained 14.9 points on that *same* square.
  33. Finegold

    Finegold Guest

    Don't forget you can also set a macro up for assessing everyone and everything's anatomy at the bank. I did this for a while and got quite a few points from it. I'm still at 94 tho.

    Just do it while you are looking to buy stuff.

    Here Serpy, Serpy, Serpy....
  34. GwennivereGL

    GwennivereGL Guest

    Ok I Got A 3x Gm, She's Got Gm Anat/Swords/Tacts...I'm trying to gm lumber, what's the fastest and best way? Oh Btw Thx For The Gm Heal Advice I Need To Use It Muhahahah

  35. sherkborg

    sherkborg Guest

    <font color=purple> take 2000 gold, 2000 aids, 1 hachet and full plate armor on.

    Now go hire a npc fighter who is a wrestler. Now lure them someplace quite and tell them to guard you, then tell them to attack you. Now you can spar them all day and gain lumber. Set a macro to heal them twice, then heal you. Works best with a dull hachet so you lessen the chance to kill them whikle you heal. I had hachets ready to break that literally did no damage to them. they worked the best cause it almost never hurt them.
  36. SpOoN-Eu

    SpOoN-Eu Guest

    Ack... I'm starting a new dexer, anat before was easy with just plain locking healing when sparing.

    But this square milking didn't work... I sailed for around 1 and a half hours, with a polar bear whacked me, and did not get 1 single anat gain (anat is at 92). Although I did get to 92 from fighting lizard men in despise, i estimated i gained .1 every other lizard man, which is quite good going since they're easy, anyway, can someone else verify that this square milking doesn't work anymore, or did I just have a really really bad day?

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  37. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Really bad day. This method of skill gain will be around for a while simply due to the fact that they'd have to re-work the way a lot of skill gains are figured to get rid of it. OSI has deemed it frowned upon, but legal, since you're consuming resources to do it.

    Try getting a dead friend aboard your boat and ressing him instead of healing yourself with a bear hitting you. If they don't respond to the prompt then they'll stay dead no matter how many times you successfully ressurrect them. If you've got healing locked you will eventually come across an anat gain, stop on that spot, back up to it if you have to ... keep ressing, you will get gains.

    - Random Player: Hey, thanks man. Where have you been all this time I've been playing?
    - Me: In hell.
    - Random Player: Nah, I've been there... never saw you.
    - Me: That, my friend, is because you were never in the throne room.
  38. Gumous Flap

    Gumous Flap Guest

    Ok, my dexer runs around the world killing everything in sight, and using all manner of weapons. Anat stuck at 95 so I broke down and bought a boat. I've read a lot of posts here stating that 8x8 does not work, and I'm inclined to agree. Here's what I do.

    I sail slow forward, healing myself until I get a gain in either healing or anatomy. I then stop the boat, lock healing, and continue. If I stopped the boat for a healing gain, then I may gain one more time. If I stopped the boat for an anat gain, I will gain twice at most, perhaps none at all.

    My finger is poised to stop the boat as sson as I see the gain, but I swear that the boat continues on for a square. Does it ruin the "trick" if I back up into the square that triggered the gain? Should I be stopping the boat only for anat gains?

    I realize that these questions have probably been answered a time or two, but any helpful response would be greatly appreciated.

  39. sherkborg

    sherkborg Guest

    <font color=purple> Since lag, time to send the signal and all that good stuff interfers, almsot all the time you go ahead 1-2 sqaures. Sometimes ive had good gains where i stopped but you should go back to where you "gained" and try. If no gains then go ahead one or two and gain. I use the first gain as a "Your 8x8 run is here" and as a guildline mostly. Use it just to tell you your VERY near a 8x8 run but thats just me. I all the time just go back to where i gained and just go forward one sqaure, heal, forward one, heal etc... That way i dont miss gains.
  40. kevcolin

    kevcolin Guest

    This is simply one of the best posts I've ever visited. This post ought to be rewarded or something!
  41. sherkborg

    sherkborg Guest

    <font color=purple> Heh, I wish. I update it whever i see anythiong changed or such and hell, This forum never moved and had no faq, so i wrote a complete one. Just watching its veiws grow is enougjh for me! who do ya know has a post with 5400 veiws? I personally dont even know modswith them (mods i know as friends) I have seen some with more but I dont know those mods.
  42. Crazy-Coffee

    Crazy-Coffee Guest

    Why am I gettign such CRAPPY CRAPPY GAINS
    i get a max of like 3.0 anatomy from this trick is it freaking broken? did they change something? Change server line?!
    I am in Fel
    I am sailing near th right of moonglow
  43. Milking squares is like a godsend. It "does" work. If your not getting anything, try exercising a skill that most people use, fewer yet even realize. (Meaning, in your case.)

    The skill is called, "Patience."
  44. Well just to let everyone know how I just GMed Anatomy.. I was at 92.6 Anatomy and 95.6 Healing.. first locked down healing and got on boat with lots of Sulf Ash and Bandies... made macro in UOA.. Cast Magic Arrow.. Target Self.. Pause 3000 Use Bandaid Target Self Pause 13000.. started running macro and sailing slow left(and right after I got to server line.. just kept going back and forth till I got a gain) when I got my first gain I stopped boat and kept running macro and lucky me I went all the way to GM Anatomy on that one tile... WOOT.. so I can say milking definitly stills works.. BTW took about 1 our to find first gain but was worth it for sure..
  45. Aekold

    Aekold Guest

    Just a funny story i have atm...
    I gmed anat like 1 year ago with locking healing and gaining anat at jhelom, so that is all good.

    Now im trying to gm healing. 8x8 all the way from 96.5, but got stuck at 99.9.
    So now i am here on my boat sailing around the world rezzing a friend outside of PH... its quite funny since i dont have to do 8x8 anymore... /php-bin/shared/images/icons/laugh.gif
  46. Aekold

    Aekold Guest

    the second i clicked the post button i got to gm /php-bin/shared/images/icons/laugh.gif

    wooo, gm healing! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/laugh.gif
  47. Does your DEX level affect gains in Healing at 90+ ?

    I recently decided to turn my GM Fisher/Archer into a Fisher/Archer/Healer - 'cos he'd already got high Anatomy &amp; Healing from fighting "scaly-backs" of the sea and wanted to "round him off".

    He has DEX of 110 (good for Archery) - GM'ing Anatomy using the 8X8 as described was no problem (thanks for that !), but I appear to be stuck at 90.6 Healing and have had no gains for three to four days of 'intensive' training - even under GGS.

    Pre patch 16 a trick to use (on Vet, Provo, Lockpicking etc) was to set your DEX as low as possible to continue to gain past 90 - is this relevant to Healing as well?
  48. An update on this........

    I appear to have got over my "block". After offering Healing/Ressing services at Destard and getting a few gains to 91.2 i I went back onto the boat 8x8'ing.

    I've just finished a single run of gains, off a Ghost, which has taken me to 97.4 !!!

    GM here I come !
  49. Another Update.....

    I logged back on a couple of hours later, moved one track East, and found another run of gains that took me to GM using only about 60 bandies !!!

    Hows that for the luck of the Irish (Well Celtic anyway !!)
  50. sherkborg

    sherkborg Guest

    <font color=purple> So then I take it now when you get a wall its even harder to get over?