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And then...

Discussion in 'UO Legends' started by Danse, May 19, 2009.

  1. Danse

    Danse Guest

    *shakes head*

    'hoomans...bah...worse that sheeps...all that metal and stale cow skins gettin' stuck in me teeth...' The creature used a claw to pick a piece of SOMETHING from between greenish-yellowing teeth, and spat it out of its mouth.

    Whatever it was, it made a clunking sound as it hit the side of the dank and stuffy cave.

    'they'd follow blindly onver a clift if they thought they'd find shinies at the bottom...he he he' the creature chortled...'usually they finds me..' I watched in horror as a slimy string of salvia dropped from the great beast mouth.

    'What will you do with me?' I asked, hopeful my voice did not betray my fear.

    'huuummmm...you....you mewling pus faced speck of troll dung...are not worth the effort it would take to lick you off the end of my smallest claw...'

    I then noticed said claw poised to flick me from his sight, like I was some annoying insect

    'Master, I can be of assistance' (I crossed all of my digits)

    'Pray tell me mewling, HOW can YOU be of any help to me...for I am the greatest of all the beast, who else holds all the fortunes of all dragonkind.

    'er. well, That, hummm, well you see your grace,Not all of dragonkind agree that ye should hold all their treasures. It has come to my attention that that you are not careing for the great treasure, as the others of your race have decreed. There are those who whisper among themselves that you , my lord , this is not my thoughts I am but the messensger, that you hold portions of this treasure hidden away for your own use. That you have chosen the best and largest peices for your own treasure room' I cringed..for I knew what was now coming.... I mean one did not beard the great one in his own lair. Nor does one 'rescue items laying about as all dragons have a 'relationship' with the 'hostiages' (the treasure)

    When my adventure started it was to be a test..a test of my abilities of my skills. Now it had become a test of survival...for if I fail these next few tests I would be come a sorta burnt offering. The original test was for me to breach the dragons lair and steal the most precious item of that particular dragon..MY dragon was an old senile old creature....and his most precious items was a old stone marked with strange runes....it was never explained to me, of what use this item had, nor that the old beast that was its gardian was a crazy as a rapid dog. Or that the ITEM itself was the ENTIRE dragon.....do you dee my proplem. I was to bring this beast to the court of King Rumstumper...what was to have happened...well lets just say, there were LOTS of surprised petty nobles and one well fed dragon.

    OH!! the item!! well, it could have been the bloodred ruby he tossed about like a ball, or the hugh diamond he kept in his mount..he claimed it help speak properly. *That thinkgwas as big as a kettle*, But I have my idea...but I ain't telling...sh................its a secret

    But if ye see a once ragged urchin riding in style and you hear the name Master Mewling Slime,t'would be myself. * I never had a real name before...usualy folks just said HEY YOU! you pueling brat get out of here, and rotten fruit or som other offal woult be tossed my way.

    Good luck to ye...may the road rise up to eet ya and my all your days be ful of sunshine!!!!!