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Andrew of Moonglow and what Draconi has posted

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Vallend, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. Vallend

    Vallend Sage
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 16, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Here is what Draconi has posted over in UHall about Andrew who can be found over in Moonglow. If you do want to be surprised do not read beyond this point but go to where the rift use to be in Moonglow. For those of you who want to know more read on below the spoiler line.

    ***SPOILERS BELOW HERE! If you want to find out this information on your own do not read beyond here!***

    Fiction: Andrew
    Andrew smiled.

    They came one after another, seemingly endless, utterly unbidden and yet so... utterly welcome.

    There was a pause now, though, a break in the unending visits to his domain, and Andrew stretched out his awareness. He reached out, encompassing the slick, glassy tiles marking the boundaries of his small world. He followed the light of his candles as they shone into the darkness. Then the inevitable collision. The Ethereal Void.

    His mind reeled at the sheer power and energies playing on the borders of his creation. Yet his paradise had been... despoiled. His masters had warned him, bidding him be patient, to seek first the corruptness lurking in the unwary. To reward them. To mark them.

    He obeyed.

    Yes, Andrew thought, he obeyed the shadows, and they rewarded him in kind. Immortality, intelligence, and power. His. It was with these abilities he found himself overcoming the sheer chaos that was the Void. There was a crack; a tear - a wrongness.

    A wrongness that he knew was perfectly right. His masters had succeeded. They had found another world to consume. Now all he had to do was follow and join his brethren in service. Soon.

    With a flash another hapless mortal appeared before him, frozen, completely trapped. Andrew shuffled the deck of tarot cards laid across his desk. The panicked fool was screaming thoughts inside his head, unable to speak aloud, yet Andrew heard every word.

    He didn't know where this "Moonglow" was, but understood that soon enough it would be but one of many places where he showed himself. For now, it would serve well enough as an entrance to his realm.

    "Ah, another one," he began.

    Summary:The Moonglow rift to the Ethereal Void has closed, leaving a storm of energy in its wake. Stepping into the lightning teleports a player to the domain of Andrew, a servant of the Shadowlords, for a one time experience. They may choose to pledge their allegiance to Andrew's masters, or be killed for their defiance. Loyalty yields a reward in the form of a glass dagger.

    Go to the crater in Moonglow/Trammel
    Step into the center, where the lightning is most concentrated
    If no one else beats you, you'll be teleported to Andrew's domain
    One player at a time
    You will be frozen and initially unable to speak
    Andrew will allow you to speak twice, for Yes or No answers
    Don't add punctuation, like YES!!!
    The second question determines whether you're marked as loyal, and given a glass dagger, or marked as defiant, and sent back to Moonglow dead
    If you don't answer clearly by the time the candles are extinguished, Andrew assumes you meant No

    Glass Dagger
    Normal dagger stats, with glassy hue
    Shatters after a single successful hit
    Has a chance of doing 50 direct damage
    Rolls between 1 and 100, if the number is greater than the target's physical resist, it hits for 50DD
    If the number is less than or equal to the physical resist of the target, it shatters without special damage

    Level: 1/5
    Combat: 1/5
    Complexity: 1/5
    Reward: 2/5
    This is a test idea for rating the "level" of an event; please leave feedback!