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[Announcement]The Imperium Herald is ready to launch!

Discussion in 'Imperium News Service' started by Ethereal Void Imperium, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. Ethereal Void Imperium

    Stratics Veteran

    Dec 29, 2009
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    The Imperium Herald is ready to launch!

    The Imperium Herald has the ability to cover all Imperium Townships Outposts, Guilds, Events Recap/Announcements, Hunt Recap/Announcements, Government, Auctions, RP Storylines, Wanted Ads and EM Event Storylines.

    As Imperium Herald issues come out, you will be able to find them posted in the following locations:

    Ethereal Void Imperium Forum [Stratics]
    UO Chesapeake Shard Forum [Stratics]
    Chesapeake Community News [UoForums]

    These issues will also be available in game on vendors but please note that the in game version will be completely In Character. So some news stories posted on the forums will not be included. The reason for this is to give those who Roleplay an actual In Game way of receiving information and those who don’t can read the forum Herald.

    The Imperium Herald is currently being managed by Lord Gareth under the name Merik. There will NOT be a reporter guild because…well… all that does is take your character away from your guilds communication and we don’t need more separated guilds for ingame services.

    To write for the Imperium Herald all you have to do is send in a story. Stories do not always have to be about roleplay or city business… if your guild went out on a massive hunt and you all killed Medusa, went to doom and pulled an ornament of the Magician for the first time, opened up a new vendor, spent days building a new house that you are proud of, want to welcome a new guild member, advertise your mall or auction, We Want To Hear About It!!!!
    If you would like to have your own column in the Herald, some column names for example: Elvis’s Hits Of The Week, Horoscopes, Hall Rantz, Cooking With Lemons, Citizen Of The Week etc etc. Contact Lord Gareth to get that arranged

    To submit your story or column you send it in a Private Message to Lord Gareth on stratics or email it to [email protected] Your news stories format may be adjusted. The Herald is usually but not always put together Saturday and Sunday Nights. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to post them here or use one of the two options above.

    News stories do not have to be four or five paragraphs long, many have that misconception. We welcome any size story even if it is one sentence.

    Please Note
    Ethereal Void Imperium [EVNS] guild is NOT part of the Herald or the Ethereal Void Imperium at all. The guildleader left the Imperium to remain in USA alliance. The leader wishes to keep the guild name which is his right to do. So be sure to remember the guild does not speak for the community nor is it a part of it.