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Annual Threshold RPG Spring Fling Events

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Muckbeast, Mar 20, 2010.

  1. Muckbeast

    Muckbeast Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    Aug 27, 2008
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    Threshold RPG - http://www.thresholdrpg.com

    Every spring Threshold RPG likes to spice things up by putting on tons of special events for its players.

    Plannned for the next 6 weeks:

    1) Double XP Teaser: Friday (March 20) night and all day Saturday (March 21) players earn double experience points.

    2) Double XP Weekend: Friday, March 26 through Sunday, March 28 will be double experience points for players as well as some additional special events to make your time online particularly fun and exciting.

    3) Guild Contest: There will be a contest that puts all the guilds in competition with each other. This contest will measure a combination of activity along with donations of elemental stones, resources, and coin. This event will start in mid-March and end April 25th.

    4) Keliburn the Traveler: Kleiburn will visit at the end of April. Kleiburn will visit the home city of whichever guild wins the guild contest.

    5) April will be an Event Extravaganza. The STEA will be hosting at least 15 events during the month of April. Make sure to watch the calendar (http://www.thresholdrpg.com/calendar/) and check it often. King Borgia and Emperor of Thrace will contribute prizes of their own to the STEA coffers which should make things very interesting and exciting.

    6) History Contest: The Grand Sable Library wants to expand its history section. Adventurers are invited to submit detailed accounts and analyses of major historical events from the past 200 years. Ability to draw similarities to historical events and modern events is a plus, or the ability to show how society learned from and moved beyond past events. Minimum 1,000 words, Maximum 10,000. (Submissions should be sent via email to [email protected] and are due by April 30, 2010. Use the subject THRESHOLD HISTORY CONTEST.)

    Whether you are a brand new player or an old timer, the next 6 weeks are a great time to put in some serious Threshold time.



    Threshold RPG has been in continual operation, development, and expansion since 1994. Role Playing is required and players must stay In Character within the game. Out of Character communication takes place on special channels that are separate from the game world. This policy is actively enforced by the administration, which makes Threshold RPG unique among commercial MMORPGs.

    Threshold has an extremely strong and devoted community. The number of active players who have been members for 5-10+ years is significant. New players are welcomed and embraced for the new ideas and storylines they bring to the game.

    Threshold is free to play and is supported by optional extras and perks people can choose to purchase if they wish. No perks are needed, however, to advance your character to any level.