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Another day, another dev hangout recap (4/15/13)...

Discussion in 'Shroud of the Avatar Discussion Hall' started by Dermott of LS, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. Dermott of LS

    Dermott of LS UOEC Modder
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
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    (As always, credit to the SotA forum posters who provide)

    Map and Travel
    - Considering replacing the cloud fog of war with a ‘cloth map’ overlay, so as you walk along the map it will become rich and detailed but you will only see the ‘cloth map’ style for the places you have not yet been to.
    - The map will be big, but they are not looking for realistic long distance travel time on the overland map.
    - Travel will be hazardous, but will not take as much time as it would take to physically walk across the world. The world will be doubled with each expansion and they don’t want it to be tedious.
    - You can not simply pop across the map unless you use the lunar rifts (which will be important for island to island or continent to continent) but even those will take planning and time to use.
    - There will be things walking around on the overland map (larger mobs – some friendly, some hostile)
    - It is likely you may encounter something that is beyond your level on the map. You can debate whether you want to take on the higher level areas, vs. everything automatically being scaled to your level.

    - Going to try to get monthly game builds out (gameplay, screenshots). May take a while to progress on the art since they do not have their art team in place and want to settle on the story first. Trying to get some milestone progress videos every 2 weeks.
    - Merchandise sales WILL count towards stretch goals. They will release new stretch goals soon (and will take cost of goods into account when creating the stretch goals.)
    - They are still handling SotA site registrations so they are extending the current tiers til at least Wednesday night and will re-evaluate then. They are opening the store once it is all settled.
    - They will monitor the different online play modes to make sure no one swaps between SPO/FPO and OPO to grief or cheat.

    - They want to allow you to place items in your house wherever you want (vs. set slots)
    - They don’t think they will need to restrict the same houses being built close together because the types of houses are vast and the places to put them are as well. It is up to the community to figure out how to handle it.

    - You will only be able to get PVP contraband quests and high level resource area scenarios in OPO. You will not be able to switch to escape. They will make sure what rewards you get are comparable to what you can get in SPO/FPO but they will have more trophy/prestige/achievement. So it will be more vanity than power gain.
    - There are times in the story where having a 1-on-1 relationship with a character in the story will be important and you will be pulled aside away from your friends for a moment (but will not happen very often)
    - PKs will be able to own homes.

    General Gameplay/Story
    - They are thinking of a ‘scoring’ system for scenarios.. example, what time you take to complete it, what secret things you find, etc. so you can compare ranking to friends. They will test to see if players like it.
    -Lord British will be in the game as an NPC to advance the story. When RG himself is playing, he will roam around. When he logs off, NPC will return.
    - Richard deeply believes the story he is crafting will make everyone comfortable with the idea of protecting newbies from harm, and also embracing danger within the story. He feels people will want to take risks given the nature of the story. They are trying to satisfy both UO players and single player Ultima players.
    - Death penalties – still being discussed- New possible idea – Dante’s inferno-like scenario where you need to play through based on the ways you’ve failed in the virtues. If you have no death penalty – it takes the excitement out of adventuring. They are going to experiment.
    - Darkness, weather, astronomy all matter immensely in the story. Daylight, light sources favor the good. Darkness, nighttime favor the bad. Weather similarly have effects on resources, and the kinds of mobs that appear. Planetary alignments as well.
    - They are looking to parallel cooking with alchemy by giving buffs for food, etc.
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