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[Imbuing] Another noob making a sampire suit

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by elspeth, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. elspeth

    elspeth Guest

    First off, thanks to NuSair - I snagged his general idea for the spreadsheet layout.
    I am working on fencing sampire and had stormgrips and leggings of bane arties already. So I've decided to craft 3 woodland pieces to complete the set and include here a general idea of what I will imbue. What do you all think of it?

    I've got a couple questions for the experts.
    1. I have enough stamina for 1.5 swing speed on leafblade. I plan to use Gr. Agility potion. How much dex will that add and will it be enough to swing leafblade at max speed, deal with some stamina loss and not require SSI on weapon or do I need to add some SSI into this suit? An alternative to SSI would be drop str to 120, dex up to 125, imbue 8 dex on ring and bracelet instead of str and use Gr. Strength potions and/or petals to bring str back up again however then I will still be only 178, 2 shy of 180.
    2. Do I have enough HP? Are there "magic" numbers that people use for all stats? e.g. I assume I want 150 str if at all possible because this is max str and gives damage bonus that is not capped.
    3. The spell focusing sash won't do something wonky to my chiv spells like EoO wil it?
    4. 120 fence, bush, tact, anat, 60 parry 99 necro, 81 chiv - is that enough chiv or do I need 84?
    5. Besides gm carp, woodworker's bench and 30 exceptional talisman, anything else I can do to increase my chance of making exceptional woodland armor? Any hints on how to get a +30 talisman? Should I see if I can buy one? Would it be horribly expensive (on Pacific)?
    6. (apologies beforehand - this is my thinking out loud question) I was thinking to use stormgrips in hopes of getting 100 DI on suit and freeing up another spot on weapons (especially nice if I also don't need SSI). But they are definitely not helping my fire resist much and I didn't actually manage to make 100 DI, I have 84 though which means only need 16DI on weapons. It looks like this way I can max out HML, HSL, HLA and use a major slayer and I'll still be under weight. If I take out the stormgrips I won't be able to do that even if I max out DI on my jewelry (this way I'd be 65DI and need to imbue 35DI on weapon but I can only use up to 25 DI and still max those properties). Of course, if I'm wrong and I would actually want HLD instead of HLA I can put only 16DI on weapon to get nearly max (49) since it has higher weight. This is with a super slayer though. If I do a minor slayer then I can have HLD with 25 DI and go up to 35 DI using HLA.
    6a. So an actual question is do I want HLA or HLD on weapon as a final property?
    6b. The above rumination is for my leafblade. My kama I should put a hit area instead of HLA/HLD. With max hit area, HML, HSL and major slayer I can have up to 30 DI and stay under weight. So I can have all max if I keep the stormgrips but not if I get rid of them. Hmm. Perhaps I should look into reforging pieces for DI.
  2. elspeth

    elspeth Guest

    Hmm. So I looked up reforging again and realized I can't reforge for DI on armor. Thus my only option would be to craft lots and lots of woodland armor out of heartwood hoping for DI but that seems like a very expensive route since it must be exceptional, randomly have good resist spread and randomly have DI. (The other option of enhancing after imbuing hoping for DI is even worse as far as expense).
    But I could try to replace the bane leggings by reforging my pieces looking for 5HCI, then pof and imbue and then perhaps enhance (with forged metal tool) using heartwood in hopes of getting either more HCI or adding DI. But to get the needed fire resists without using bloodwood I might need to replace the gloves as well and have 5 crafted pieces so I can have 5 fire resist imbues. Maybe I should try putting together a spreadsheet for this option. hmmmm . . .
  3. CorwinXX

    CorwinXX Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran

    Aug 8, 2011
    Likes Received:
    1. I think it gives you 20 dex for 2 minutes (30 dex for 3 min if you have 50 EP). You can't have over 150 dex (150 dex from suit + potion = 150 dex).
    The best option for you is to imubue 50 EP on jewels (instead of 16 dex or str) and get 150 str and 150 dex with potions.

    2. As for me 128 hp is too low. You need 140-150 hp. I counter everyone who is going to fight big monsters must have 25 hpi on his suit. (And 130-150 str)

    4. There's no much difference between 81 and 84 chivalry

    5. You can get a talisman from a quest in heartwood. I think 30 exc talisman costs over 5m if it has good crafting bonus.

    6. Do you have a whetstone to remove DI from your weapon? You can do well without max HLA/HSL on your weapon. You already have HLD on your helm. Stormgrips gives you 8 int and 25 di, while you could get 8 MI, 8 SI, 5 HPI, 5 LMC and 15 resist from a crafted gloves.

    6a. HLA

    6b. You needn't max HML/HSL on your WW weapon.
  4. Gorbs

    Gorbs Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    Nov 5, 2009
    Likes Received:
    5. On talismans there is some advice in existing threads in the forum. If you have patience and some boards you can crank out carpentry or bowcraft quests in Heartwood hoping for good talismans and runic tools. Another suggestion is to kill peerless and hope for a good talisman drop. A third I've seen is to do the reptilian dentist quest. Once on the quest you can go and kill Coil over and over again to collect the tooth to turnin. You can easily farm this in the abyss - I don't recall where /which ML dungeon he spawns.
  5. CorwinXX

    CorwinXX Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran

    Aug 8, 2011
    Likes Received:
    1. Get artifacts
    Mana Orb with hci and di
    Focusing or Corgul's
    Infinity (Ranger's *)

    2. Get jewels
    5% ssi ring (20% dci *)
    20% dci bracelet

    * You can use Infinity + 5% ssi ring or Ranger's + 20% dci ring to get 45 dci + 5 ssi

    3. Craft hpi armor pieces
    8 mi, 8 si, 4 hpi, 6 lmc, max fire resist
    The cheapest way is to do them from frostwood because you needn't Forged tools in this case
    Other way is to use Forged tool for post-imbue enchanting. You can enchant them with Bloodwood for useless hpr or Heartwood for some chance to get hci/di.
    The more expensive way is to do them from heartwood till you get hci/di. It usually takes you 4-5 attempts per item. (But onetimes I got crap mod 14 times in a raw)

    I suggest you to make frostwood items if you haven't a plenty of gold.
    If you want to save frostwood - craft item from normal wood then enchance it with frostwood if it has resists you need (~7/3/7/7/8). I believe you chances to lose it are about 3 : 1, but they are cheap so you don't lose much money.
    If you want to save barks - craft them from frostwood. The cost will be about the same.

    4. Craft hci armor pieces
    8 mi, 8 si, 5 hci, 8 lmc, max some resist

    4.1. Craft an item from normal wood with resists you need.
    4.2. Reforge it with an Oak saw to get 5 hci. Go to 4.1. if you get something useless on reforging.
    4.3. PoF
    4.4. Imbue
    4.5. Enchant using Forged tool (see above about wood selection)

    5. Imbue jewels
    hci, dci, ep, di (all max)

    6. Craft weapon
    35 di, Syper Slayer, ~85 hml, ~40 hsl, ~30 hla

    6.1. craft leafblade from normal ingots
    6.2. reforge it with Copper runic to get 85+ hml
    6.3. pof
    6.4 imbue

    As a result you will get a suit with
    45 hci, 45 dci, 100 di, 40 mi, 40 si, 25 hpi, 5 ssi, ~85 hml, ~40 hsl, ~30 hla, 30 hld, super slayer
    (you need 5 ssi to get 1.25s with 150 stam and 1.5s with 120 stam)
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