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Another noob question from the "old" man

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by grandpa otis, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. grandpa otis

    grandpa otis Guest

    Why does the UO play guide and website "uo-guide" both say that 4th circle magery spells use 11 mana pts and no mention is made of exception for recall,, but my recalls are burning up 64 mana pts???? With suit and items my mana is 194 with LMC 40%,,,,invis burns 12,, gate spell burns 24 mana,, recall burns 64 ??? Actually thts not quite true ,, the FIRST recall burns 64,,,I now see tht no matter wht my mana lvl is, upon recall it drops to 130,, it only burns just 11 mana IF my mana lvl is under 140,,, no other spell seems to have this effect on mana???
  2. Are you wearing any jewelery that increases your int? When you recall you loose the bonus for a split second, then gain it back but the lost mana doesn't come back instantly, makin it look like u used a bunch of mana on recall.
  3. grandpa otis

    grandpa otis Guest

    been experimenting with the diff toons and its not just the jewelry , evidently the mana increase on suit also is involved,, one toon drops from 158 to 106.... thts 52 pts,, but also noticed tht only seems to happen whn crossing server lines??,,, when recalled just 2 houses away it only used 7 pts...
    well, live and learn I guess... thx for the input. Have learned the hard way tht whn recalling to destard with 194 mana with no medi it is advisable to tarry outside til mana rebuilds if intend to chain gheal my grtr while doing multi-invises..... :)
  4. Wow, i've never seen a recall use that much mana! I think there might be a problem somewhere. I see all 4th circle spells use the same, relatively low, amount of mana.
  5. Capt.E

    Capt.E Guest

    It's due to any intel or mana increase items on your suit when you cross a server line. If you have str or hp increase items you will see a drop in health also, same for stam increase or dex bonus items.

    It was a bug fix for people fighting in buc's den, getting cursed and crossing the server line and instantly dieing.

    Or maybe it was blessed... It was a long time ago
  6. [JD]

    [JD] Guest

    Yep. Recall doesnt cost 50+ mana. It costs what it costs, but then if you cross a server line any HP, STA, or Mana bonuses you have will need to regenerate. Test by recalling from one spot to another right next to you. No loss. Now recall across server line. See the difference