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Another one bites the dust

Discussion in 'EA Land/The Sims Online Stratics Forums' started by Caesar, May 13, 2008.

  1. Caesar

    Caesar Guest

    I haven't logged into TC3 or EAL for a few weeks now. I figured I'd come here before logging in to see what was new, and how things were developing.

    Well to my surprise I find an announcement, and it's not so purty.

    So, if I may, let me go back about 5 years. The date is around February 14, 2003. I'm an avid member of an online community called Motor City Online. MCO was an EA Creation. A one of a kind, online racing community. Google it if you need to. I remember logging in, and seeing a popup about an important announcement directing me to the main website.

    I remember the dismay, the doubt, the ****ed off-ness, and mostly regret. Reading the reasons on the forums, the curses to EA, and the promises to never touch another EA Game, ever! I too, was one of the main contributors of the hateful words.

    But I kept on, taking advantage of their free play and enjoying the remainder of my gametime.

    For those threatening to quit the game, and take whatever EA offers them, my advice to you...DON'T. If you love this game, take advantage of it. Play it to the fullest. Make many friends and do whatever it takes to make your last three months worthwhile.
  2. labyrinth

    labyrinth Guest

    LoL. "IF" we could play we might not be thinking about leaving.
    But, the game is whack now because of all the freezing in EA-Land.
    So, you think: "I'll go over to TC3, who isn't experiencing the freezing"
    BUT! They still have the freaking 3000 dollar or whatever cap over there.
    Which, now you don't need lots of money anyways, but you might want to go to sim job or money houses, but you sure don't want to be making only a dollar at time.


    I really just want the freezing to stop, and to be able to land on my own lot and be able to go to sim work.
  3. nellie233

    nellie233 Guest

    I hear you there been trying to play all week... I make it to my house and not much place else. Yesterday I bought a fruit becuse my girl is kinda high on the skills so I have been trying to avoid a lot with a good amount of people on it.... and that's when EA froze for me; lost that money and never got the skill point.