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Another ONE of a KIND Robe by EM Thomas Pyewacket

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by RedRum, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. RedRum

    RedRum Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    My story on how I got a rare robe from an EM

    *Atlantic shard and I am on my character Page during this event*

    I started at the very back of the line behind Lady Star, waiting in line for 30+minutes. By the time we got to the first turn, people had started crowding in and standing on top of each other, namely an individual we'll call "Grim". By the time Lady Star is in front of EM Thomas Pyewacket, Grim had taken it upon himself to stand on top of me, no matter how I protested.
    So, when Lady Star was done, I stepped forward, and amazingly enough, Grim stayed in the #2 slot, behind me.
    I gave EM Thomas Pyewacket a backpack with 25 Abyssal Coth, 25 Event 2-color Cloth, 30 regular leather and a sewing kit. I asked him to make me a fur sarong (hadn't seen anyone ask for one and figured it would be a unique item) and 1 item from each of the 2 types of cloth, his choice.
    About the time I finished typing and hitting enter, Grim steps on top of me. I don't think anything of it because EM Thomas Pyewacket, I "a$$-u-me-d", had seen me and paid attention to who he had received the pack from (clearly says both names in a trade window).
    You could hear the Tailoring sounds for an extended period of time and I'm waiting away...suddenly Grim says "This is the best EM gift ever!" and takes off running.
    EM Thomas Pyewacket says..."Page, do you have any cloth and what would you like me to make for you?"
    I tell him that "I handed you a backpack with 25 Abyssal Cloth, 25 Event Cloth, 25 leather and a sewing kit and I'm waiting on you to hand it back to me."
    EM - "UHOH! I gave it to the other person."
    me - "Well that sucks! What should I do now"
    EM - "What do you want?"
    me - "Well, I want my rare event 2-color cloth back and we'll call it good"
    EM - "Let me do something for you."
    -Tailoring sounds clipping away-
    EM Thomas Pyewacket - "I'm sorry I gave your stuff to that other person Page. I hope that this makes up for it"

    He hands me a pure white Fancy Dress Crafted by EM Thomas Pyewacket and he also hands me a robe (that is death robe grey) that says-
    Signed By "Em Thomas Pyewacket"

    me - "We're all good Thomas. Just glad we have an EM that is willing to spend time with us and makes good on mistakes."

    We chat a bit longer while he's making other peoples items and then I leave.

    Now after all this goes down, I don't realize exactly what I have...I just figured it was a cool robe that he gave me, and I wear it to Yible's Auction today.
    I got a few comments on it from some people. Then people start pi$$ing and moaning about how there are going to be more given out, it was unfair that THEY didn't get anything special, etc. etc. etc.
    So, this is on hold until we find out if it's one of a kind or not, gets deleted, turned in to Mesanna, etc.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]