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Another Post On GM+ tailoring!!

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by Bolvai, Oct 5, 2002.

  1. Bolvai

    Bolvai Guest

    Ok my next session was interrupted alot. Got more hides and more friends began to log in. However probably used about 3 hours total and 8k hides or so.

    102.8-104.1 At 103.5 stopped with gorgets and went to gloves. I think i should have stayed until 103.7 though. First gain off of gloves came quick but 2nd burned aout 1k hides. Wont see sweet spot for gloves until about 104.5 though anyway.

    Flint- Atlantic
  2. Bolvai

    Bolvai Guest

    Ok Well the good news is it took me about an hour to go from 104.1 to 105. The bad news is I need to go hunt down a 10 or 15 scroll heh. Anyone On Atlantic wanna drop one on my lap for a good cause? Of course my buddy Bertrand dropped this 5 on my lap so I guess I cant complain.

    104.1-105 (+.9) 2600 Hides (recycle) 1 hour making studded gloves.

    Flint- Atlantic
  3. ufa

    ufa Guest

    OMG. I just wanna say thanks for the info. i musta used up 15k in hides going from gm to 104 making studded leggings and tunics. in about 40 mins with your method i spent a little over 2k in hides and got a .6 gain.
  4. Bolvai

    Bolvai Guest

    Great! Wanna help me out and send another scroll my way? Hehe I havent been able to log on much this week so far to farm any gold for a scroll. Feel free to post your gains here though as you will probably surpass my paltry 105 tailoring *wha, wha* *sniff* *gasp*
  5. <blockquote><hr>

    Wont see sweet spot for gloves until about 104.5 though anyway <blockquote><hr>

    Can you explain that bit a bit ?
  6. Bolvai

    Bolvai Guest

    Ok reasoning behind sweet spot is you hit 95% success which seems to a nice spot for getting gains. When you first start on a new piece i.e. the gloves your gains tend to be a little slower until you hit that "sweet spot where gains can go from .4 per 2k to .6 per 2k of leather. Today I managed to purchase a 15 tailoring scroll. I bought it for too much but I was in a hurry to continue the gains. I definetely hit a wall today at 105.4 while continuing with gloves. I must have burned through about 2k just to see another gain. Then I seemed to start gaining well again after that. Still the wall reflects the small amount of gain tonight I know I can do better tomorrow. BTW Great Maker if you are working tailoring and getting bored PM me and we can keep eachother company.

    Flint- Atlantic

    105-105.6 +.6 burned 4k hides!! yikes. will continue with gloves tomorrow though, I refuse to be discouraged. Hope everyone else is doing better. Let me know if you are beating my figures as far as hide useage.
  7. I havent been working alot on tailoring. Just 30min here and there when I got the time. Im currently at 103,2 and doing studded gorgets and been gaining fine, 0,3 per 1k so far.
    I have 12k of hides left so we will see how far they will get me. Ive also been thinking about working tailoring every other day so I can also get a GGS gain.
  8. Bolvai

    Bolvai Guest

    Woohoo! Ok much better gains today. I knew the bad luck wouldnt last long. Continued with gloves for some more fun.

    105.6-107.6 (+2.0)
    Used 6760 hides
    Made only Studded Gloves
    Figures denote an avg gain of .1 per 338 hides!! Outstanding
    Next session I plan on starting on sleeves. We'll see how that turns out. Good Luck All.

    Flint- Atlantic
  9. dageyap

    dageyap Guest

    hi, I have my GM tailor since 9 months ago , and untill now I still have not get any PS for tailoring, damn no one in Balhae selling the tailor PS hehehe, and all the Lbod I gave to the npc did not give me any PS all I got were blaze sandal, ice blue sandal,pink/red sandal and 200 yards of white cloth and 100 yards of blaze cloth. I now have some LBOD which I think is really hard to complete it unless I spend gold on buying the small bods. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif
    /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif /php-bin/shared/images/icons/tongue.gif /php-bin/shared/images/icons/laugh.gif /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif
  10. Bolvai

    Bolvai Guest

    Aah take heart! I payed 900k for mine which i know was too much. However the fact that I never had to sit at the bank with all the spam and nonsene? Priceless... I dont know the exact odds of getting a tailor scroll from the bods but they must be pretty slim at the moment with the bods being bugged and all.
  11. Whats the success rate at making gloves at 107,6?
  12. Ponapalt

    Ponapalt Guest

    Gooday fellow tailors :p

    Well a lil update on the past 105 since i haven't seen a new post in a while i decided i would help out a bit. From 103.7 to 105.8 whihc is where i am right now.. making studded gloves is the best so far.. altho i have not gained past 105.8 yet making gloves and have burned almsot 2k leather already... i will jump to making the sleeves and post on how it went

    Ponapalt, Pac
  13. Ponapalt

    Ponapalt Guest

    scratch that last one /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif lil new to this whole forums thing
  14. Bolvai

    Bolvai Guest

    99.4% success on making gloves at 107.6 I could hold out theoretically until about 107.8 where it would be 100%. Definietely not to go past that though. 1007.8 is absolute last gain you can reach off of gloves then its time for sleeves.

    Edit: the success rate at 107.9 is 100% not at 107.8. So you can if you wish continue making gloves until 107.9 then switch to sleeves
  15. Bolvai

    Bolvai Guest

    Whew its late again and I am tailoring. Today I was off and on basically dnt think I ever tailored more than an hour straight at all. Gains were still pretty darn impressive though. After yesterdays records I made .03 making some armor for my vendor which boosted me to 107.9 and at 100% success for making studded gloves. So I plugged on with making studded sleeves.

    107.9- 109.3 (+1.4)
    Used 4680 hides in the process recycled
    Made only studded sleeves
    334 hides per gain another outstanding day. Although I did notice that when gains came they came in pairs. I lucked out one time and gained .3 within one cycle of 260 hides.

    Flint- Atlantic
  16. Medea.

    Medea. Guest

    Are you reeeeeeally reeeeally sure this works?? *grins*...just burned 1K hides and not a single gain...I'm only 101.4 its a bit demoralising /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif...
  17. Bolvai

    Bolvai Guest

    Heh dont give up as you can see I hit walls as well. If you burn through 2k hides take a break maybe and make some armor to sell or something. Or go kill some stuff to let off steam. I have had three others confirm that this method is great so you'll just have to give it some more time heh. Discouragment can be heartbraeaking but you just got to keep on keepin on. Life's a garden dig it? You make with it what you can.
  18. Bolvai

    Bolvai Guest

    Aah made it to 110 this morning making only sleeves. Gains were still going relatively strong although I didnt gain off of first 600 hides.

    109.3-110 (+.7)
    used 2600 hides
    Made only studded sleeves
    371 hides per gain on average.

    Flint- Atlantic
  19. AgentS

    AgentS Guest

    I'm having some difficulty getting -any- raises in tailoring! I started at 100 making studded gorgets. Not a single gain, not even .1, nothing, after 3k hides. I wasn't failing often with the gorgets so I switched to studded gloves..still no gains 1k hides later. I'd swear I hadn't used a scroll if it didn't show my cap as 115. Am I just very unlucky or is it taking that long for anyone else?
  20. Medea.

    Medea. Guest

    Ok..you were right...spent just about an hour..went through not quite 2K hides...made gloves...and got .6 gains.. all I need now is the hides /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif..thanks a LOT !...got a looooooong way to go ! *smiles*..
  21. Bolvai

    Bolvai Guest

    Ok Take heart. As I said above. I hit walls where I didnt gain for 2k or so. You just have to take a break. You may try and "unlock" your gains by making some armor to sell or something. Above all though if you dont gain after 2k you should perhaps take a break from it. As for gathering hides heres my method.

    Visit every town on fel side and buy out all the hides in the tanner shops. I have a runebook that takes me to each tanner. You must buy out all the hides so the supply and demand engine kicks in. Every 25-30 min the vendors will respawn double the amount you bought until finally you are buying 999 hides from every vendor!! I gathered 50k hides in like half a day with that method. BTW stay away from those towns where the faction ministers have bumped prices of like 12gp per hide. I was only buying them for 2-4gp tops. I even stopped at bucs there are two vendors selling hides there! Just watch for pks. BTW I took my bonded beetle shopping with me to carry all the hides. Also there is a macro I use to cut a pile of hides, not sure if it is well known so I'll post it.

    set up uo macro to use last object
    wait for target
    last target.

    now before you run macro use scissors and target the hides at your feet. You will get message that they have to be in pack. then pick the hides up and leave them on your cursor and hit your macro key and watch every hide be cut and placed safely in your pack! Off to more tailoring got 5 more to go until 115. Good Luck all!
  22. Bolvai

    Bolvai Guest

    Ok I have results from a little tailoring last night and a little tailoring this afternoon. Thought I might do some more this evening but decided against logging in at all after 9pm.

    Last night
    110-111.1 (+1.1)
    Used 4420 hides
    Made Only Studded Sleeves
    401 hides per gain on average

    This Afternoon
    111.1-111.7 (+.6)
    Used 2600 Hides
    Made Only Studded Sleeves
    433 hides per gain on average. Heh and that is probably big reason I stopped. Wasnt totally impressed with todays stats. I'll continue on with sleeves tomorrow though. Pretty soon though I will have to move on to leggings.

    Flint- Atlantic
  23. ufa

    ufa Guest

    wooohooo 108.1-109.3 with 1k worth of leather making studded sleeves. what a run. hopefully ill reach 110 by tomorrow. thanks again bolvai id still be trudging along making leggings and tunics if it wasnt for your advice.
  24. Bolvai

    Bolvai Guest

    Alright first off I have to apologize for not writing down or taking note of when I switched to leggings. I know it was around 111.9 or so. It was when I had a 99.8% chance of making sleeves that I switched to Leggings.

    Two Nights ago.
    111.7-112.2 (+.5)
    2600 Hides made gloves until 99.8% chance of success then switched to gloves somewhere in there. If anyone can get that exact point it would be beneficial to all.
    Gains were more average at this point only a gain per 520 hides

    Last Night
    112.2-112.3 (+.1)
    Used 1560 hides
    Making studded leggings and as you can see I quit after I saw gains were not up to par.

    112.3-113.0 (+.7)
    2600 hides
    Made only studded leggings
    371 hides per gain, got back into a nice little run of skill gains here and stopped to cook some supper.

    Flint- Atlantic
  25. Bolvai

    Bolvai Guest

    Nooo00oo!! I polished the last of my leather today and wept as I stared at my skill of 114.3. I hate buying leather.

    113-114.3 (+1.3)
    4680 hides used on this final drive.
    Made Only Studded Leggings
    A gain every 360 hides on avg.

    I need hides!!

    Flint- Atlantic
  26. Bolvai

    Bolvai Guest

    Was extremely determined to get to 115 today. Now of course the bods are fixed so the 20 scroll exists. I can't see myself getting one of them though for quite a while unless my bod luck gets much better. I really had horrible gains today and normally I would have stopped and taken a break but once I reached 114.5 there was no turning back so I gritted my teeth a burned some hides.

    114.3-115 (+.7)
    4160 Hides *weeps*
    Made Only Studded Leggings
    A gain every.....594 hides I really need a tissue.

    Grand total from GM to 115
    56260 hides
    Denotes on Avg I gained .1 per every 375 hides. That says it all right there does it not? Those are good gains. Yeah my last setting was horrible and I hit some walls here and there. Overall though this method works. Now I need some more imput from the rest of you to at least verify that I am not just incredibly lucky.
  27. rileyrat

    rileyrat Guest

    Just wanted to say thank you for the info on GM+ tailoring. I am quickly closing in on GM tailor and have already used a +5 pscroll. Everyone keeps telling to switch to studded leather now (96.1 real) instead of running oil cloth to 99.6 like I have heard about here. I am making my money back and then some off of selling bandages to the healers. This is my main concern as I spent all the money my mule had on getting supplies to finnish bowcrafting and carpentry. I obtained roughly 60k boards for those two skills. While I doubt that it will take me to GM in both I know I wil atleast get close with bowcrafting being at 87.9 and carp being at 44 or so. I have about 8k leather in my bank now. Do you think it would be wise for me to change over now? Or should I wait until 99.6 to conserve the hides?
  28. Bolvai

    Bolvai Guest

    I dont think the leather is as big an issue as you may think. If you want a gauranteed gm off of those 8k hides then you are going to have to stick to oil cloths. Hear me out though... Time is money, even in uo. The time you waste waiting for those gains working oil cloths you could be out making more gold so you can purchase more hides. Yes you say you get some money off of selling your bandages to healers. Just out of curiousity couldn't you have made more money elsewhere? Gains will be faster using studded leather and that is pretty obvious. In your shoes I would definetely burn through 4k of those hides and see how you like it. If you arent convinced that hides are the way to go, then by all means keep at oil cloths till 99.6. Just remember you ARE wasting time doing oil cloths for that long, and time = money. I gmd tailor 2 years ago or so, and no way did I stick with oil cloths till 99.6. I'm sure you have better things to do then make thousands of oil cloths.
  29. Medea.

    Medea. Guest

    Go to Felucca...during the day...you can get double resources...I made over 1K of leather in about 15 minutes...Delucia...loooooooooads of cows and goats...*grins*...not that its helping me much...I got 4 gains last night...today,...not a one.. !...this is HARD work !.. not that I'm nearly half as high as you lot !...only 103 something...I despair too easily...and get bored whacking cows.....good luck to you all..I'll keep at it *smiles*
  30. Bolvai

    Bolvai Guest

    That is not a bad way to get hides but buying them wastes less time I'm afraid. Most towns in fel sell hides between 2-4g per hide. If you force them to restock eventually they all restock at 999. Think about it. 999 x 2g = 1998g. It takes you roughly 10 minutes to hit each and every npc exculding brit cause on Atlantic they charge too much lol. There are a total of 8 npc tanners on my route, that is 8k hides costing on avg of 3g per = 24k. Can no one raise 24k? True it does take a bit of time to get them respawning to 999 each but it is well worth it. You will have all the hides necessary in one nights time spending only 150k. That is 150k for 50k hides. Not expensive at all. Not compared to what I see players sell for.

    Flint- Atlantic
  31. rileyrat

    rileyrat Guest

    Well in the last 2 days, thats including today that is not over yet and the fact that I didn't start until late yesturday evening. I have gone from the low 60's to the high 90's. I burned a few leather getting to the point wehre I could acctually make oil cloths. The money I make off of selling bandages to the ehalers is basically enough to keep me from dipping into the lil bit of gold I have left on this character.I have tons of money saved up on my other characters, several mil infact. Its not the income that I want to watch. Its the fact that I want to push the cheap oil cloths as fat as I can so that I don't run out of hides before I reach GM. I ahve also use a 105 tailor scroll on this guy. I can easily go out and collect hides with my warrior or mage simply by hitting an out of the way area in fel and taking a packy with me. Bulls and such give awsome amounts of leather. I jsut don't wannt interrupt this big push.
  32. Bolvai

    Bolvai Guest

    Actually what I did for the first few points above gm (100-103) I would tailor for 20minutes then go buy hides. I think tailoring in spurts like that can give you some nice gains. Unfortunately I'm way too impatient to keep doing it like that. At the end of first night I had 50k in hides to burn up though and had gained quite a few points as well. Again apparently you have the money and you want to gm. Take the shortcut, use the hides, get more hides. you will need to gather more hides anyway for your push to 105 so you might as well stop delaying bro. Again you want to spend alot of time on oil cloths thats your choice, but time is money.
  33. Suby Indraha

    Suby Indraha Guest

    I'm gaining fairly well making studded sleeves. At 107 right now, I haven't worked tailoring since no time for UO :p.

    If studded gorgets don't work switch to studded gloves then go back to gorgets.

    If your not gaining off of that 1 leather item, make everything in the studded armor menu (variety) and it will get you a .1 then make your gorgets.

    Once the GGS hits, gains should be coming along decently.
  34. YoungTamer

    YoungTamer Guest

    Great Post - Let me see if I can summarize your progress to date - please correct me if I misinterpreted someting.

    100 - 103.7 - Studded Gorgets (13K leather used- roughly)
    103.8 - 107.8 - Studded Gloves (14K leather used - roughly)
    107.9 - 110 (to date) - Studded Sleeves (7280 leather used)

    Total Leather useage roughly - 34,280 (for 100-110 Skill Gain)

    I'll give this a go - It's gotta be better than burning through bulk Spined leather and bones trying to fill BODs.

    btw: Anyone selling bulk leather on Atlantic to sell me? /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif (ICQ 113373684)
  35. YoungTamer

    YoungTamer Guest

    ok that's what I get for replying to a search message - missed post 110 gains. Could someone summarize post 110?
  36. Suby Indraha

    Suby Indraha Guest

    Ok, i burned the same about on leather Bolvai did :p.

    Here is a little info I can add:

    If you are having trouble gaining (you will trust me), make a harder item.

    If your not gaining off studded sleeves, make studded leggings, once you gain .1, go back to sleeves and alternate 1 bag of studded sleeves, next bag of studded armor.

    If you alternate beteween studded armor and sleeves, you can keep your gains somewhat fresh and thus continue gaining at a reasonable rate.

    Avg rate of gain is between 350-600 hides.

    This is all the way up to 110! I haven't gotten to 115 yet but when I do, I'll post my results.
  37. Bolvai

    Bolvai Guest

    Right on brother keep it up. The more results the better. If we can all prove this thing works it should go to the faq so people can once again just look up there for the info. Saw a 20 tailoring scroll going for 2 mill and my pockets started to burn lol. I think I will wait till they come down a bit though.
  38. Aereas

    Aereas Guest

    Ok, I started at 100.8(got the .8 filling bone bods. lol) I went from 100.8 to 101.3 using 2.2K hides after recycling the gorgets. Still making them. I will repost what I get from here...Works great so far.
  39. Monsignore

    Monsignore Guest

    Hello, Bolvai ... nice thread! Just got a 110 tailor ps and am trying to replicate your results. So far: 100-103.5 (studded gorgets) ... 9636 hides in 200 minutes -- about 275 hides per point (6 minutes/point). Includes recovering hides.

    About recovering hides: UOAssist automates the process ... very simple to use. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the UOA recycling: Put a bag inside your backpack and use UOA to designate it as your "recycle bag." Use UOA again to assign a hot key for "unravel" ... the term UOA uses for recovering cloth or hides from finished products. Put the leather you will use to produce the gorgets, say, inside the recycle bag. (This guarantees that the gorgets you are making will go to the recycle bag as well.) When you've hit the weight or item limit, just hit the hot key and sit back while UOA turns those pesky gorgets into leather hides again!
  40. Bolvai

    Bolvai Guest

    Aah and how are you buddy? Long time no see. Yep you are correct about the recycle agent, very handy indeed. I used the agent as well. You seem to be getting some nice gains in there. I hope it keeps up for yah.
  41. Monsignore

    Monsignore Guest

    Heh. How likely is that?

    The algorythm OSI uses to determine gains seems more than a little ********. Way too much scatter (best .5 gain took 152 hides/click; worst took a whopping 440 hides/click). If you broke it down finer, say, by 0.1 gains, the divergence is even worse. (As you said, it's not unusual to burn a couple of thousand hides without even 1 gain.) And absolutely no consistency in the learning curve that I can see (you get better at producing stuff the more stuff you make, but the assignment of numerical skill gains to quantify it all seems random).

    The game is designed for ppl with strong masochistic tendencies (present company excluded, of course). LOL
  42. Medea.

    Medea. Guest

    Still only about 104...I suppose I should start buying hides...I log in to raise skill..and find about 3K hides...not enough to get into a run...and my poor macer is sooooo tired of shedding all her amazing armour and running into Fell in rubbish stuff with an empty bag collecting double resources...takes too long...and she's forgotten what she was created for anywayl..she has become a slave to her tailor sister *grins*...and then *sighs again*
  43. Trelim

    Trelim Guest

    Another neat trick is, set your main pack as the recycle bag, then while the agent is recycling and continue making (cant use a macro, but you can manually) more gains, less time, same hide consumption.

    Oh and why is everyone working tailoring, just fill bods, even if you sell them, just charge a little more to account for the resources, it works out in the end.
  44. Bolvai

    Bolvai Guest

    An interesting concept is to load yourself with as many hides as you can and send to bank through bag of sending if you are going to gather your own hides. This way you arent always running back and forth. Or do what I do and just buy them from an npc for 2-4gp a hide. Poor macer although I can just picture you swinging that mace at a poor cow lol.
  45. Lemia

    Lemia Guest

    Thank you very much for this info!
    I wondered why I was getting really bad gains, I was making things that were too hard (studded legs + tunics). :p
  46. Bolvai

    Bolvai Guest

    AAh yes I posted a while ago my gains to legendary smith on the smith forum and decided that I might as well do the same for tailoring. Another reason is because I didnt find too many posts on the subject and i am sure people have questions. My strategy is the same as I used on Smithy. I will make studded gorgets until I can make them 100% of the time, then switch to gloves etc.

    In between runs to get hides I have been tailoring. Sor roughly been going 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off since 1pm and it is now 5pm.

    Current skill is 102.8 been making studded gorgets since 100. As my stash of hides continues to grow though it is hard to say how many I have used. Roughly 5k though so far by cutting up gorgets and using over.

    Flint- Atlantic
  47. Suby Indraha

    Suby Indraha Guest

    At 110.1 right now, LOL!

    Got sick and tired of burning leather and spending time again and again killing elder gazers to get the money back :p

    Doing GGS for now then I will get back to it. Till then, no more gains :/.
  48. Bolvai

    Bolvai Guest

    Rofl... Omg where did this come from? Some ones been digging in the stratics archives.

    -Flint Atlantic
  49. Feenicks

    Feenicks Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Aug 1, 2000
    Likes Received:
    I wanna take the info and put it in the FAQ but havent found the time just yet so ive stickified it for now... hope you dont mind
  50. Hornace

    Hornace Guest

    I remember to have bought hides from some NPC one time. I even could by him up to offer 999 hides. Now I couldnt find a NPC selling hides anymore. Isn't it possible to buy hides from NPCs anymore?

    I'm around 94 tailoring now and think I have to start tailoring some leather parts. I have enough bandies for my warriors already...